Playing As MOBS On ONE BLOCK In Minecraft!

2021.ápr. 7.
5 676 391 Megtekintés

This Minecraft One Block is FUN to survive as MOBS! Hehe!
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  • No I’m on my way

    Margo RayMargo Ray3 órája

    ꧁Willow꧂꧁Willow꧂3 órája
  • Not to be rude I'm just saying

    Selia BuseySelia Busey3 órája
  • The map you are is not afraid of cats creepers are afraid of cats

    Selia BuseySelia Busey3 órája
  • He’s digging with his feet:0

    Roxanne HarrisRoxanne Harris4 órája
  • Erin yelling!

    conradsselconradssel4 órája
  • they always get dirt every single time ein says

    Demetri HegedusDemetri Hegedus4 órája
  • They always get there and every single time

    Demetri HegedusDemetri Hegedus4 órája
  • He is dead ooooh yeah.

    Keisha Angel 01Keisha Angel 014 órája
  • And i see in to space there are imposter ooooooo im see in the ship and he is dead

    Keisha Angel 01Keisha Angel 014 órája
  • Im wishing in the worldddd

    Keisha Angel 01Keisha Angel 014 órája
  • It’s hot do you have a monster app now eating and pills how can you pretty

    joanie tenoriojoanie tenorio4 órája
    • He is a creeper he doesn’t have a helmet because he is a creeper and he does Kylian do you F9 and EN and Alex diamond discord gold peelsMila

      joanie tenoriojoanie tenorio4 órája
  • Aphmau aphmau. Am a big fan

    Lacey CareyLacey Carey5 órája
  • Fsing

    Tylisha WellsTylisha Wells5 órája
  • Hey armoured it’s Ryan prunty from team rar

    Ryan PruntyRyan Prunty5 órája
  • I love Aphau

    Aedan TaylorAedan Taylor5 órája
  • Wow

    jason guojason guo5 órája

    Maro MomyMaro Momy5 órája
  • Aphmau:every time peirce gets mad i yeet him of a block

    sarah boothsarah booth5 órája

    Maro MomyMaro Momy5 órája
  • Peirce yeeted himself and the chicken of the edg

    sarah boothsarah booth5 órája
  • can you friend me in minecraft

    Christine MatubisChristine Matubis5 órája
  • Can somone get rid of pierce not trying to say hurtful words but he IS SO ANNOYING

    Jian Mei GaoJian Mei Gao5 órája
  • why don"t creepers have hands?

    chris Corvette ZR1chris Corvette ZR16 órája
  • To mind a pumpkin use an axe

    paul parrypaul parry6 órája
  • What is this mob how did you do this how did you do it

    The Ripley SistersThe Ripley Sisters6 órája
  • Can we have a one block series

    Reagan BumgarnerReagan Bumgarner6 órája
  • one

    Beary CharBeary Char6 órája

    Cynthia JimenezCynthia Jimenez7 órája
  • Try+try ur fit tofu

    Mr. GamesMr. Games7 órája
  • Pirce is trash

    Silvia ValdiviesoSilvia Valdivieso7 órája
  • I really love your videos and you

    Kourtney OteroKourtney Otero7 órája
  • 7dooosidig😍🐩🐕🐶🦊🐰🐕🐶🐩🐱🐈

    Lucho AcevedoLucho Acevedo8 órája
  • What is the name of zane’s channel

    Katrina BauerKatrina Bauer9 órája
  • 9ooo99oooooo

    Lu KotLu Kot9 órája
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

    Sofia MatosSofia Matos9 órája
  • i have all of your merch

    Francine DinanFrancine Dinan11 órája
  • love the merch btw even the french fry cat plushy im not good at spelling sorry :"(

    Francine DinanFrancine Dinan11 órája
  • im eating a pear lol

    Francine DinanFrancine Dinan11 órája
  • aphmau i would cry for u and ur friends if one of u guys died ill come with u

    Mandy ColemanMandy Coleman11 órája
  • Go girl

    Princess Julia MontellanoPrincess Julia Montellano11 órája
  • STUPID😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😠😡👿😠😠😡👿😠😠😡👿😠😠😡😠😡😠😠👿😡😠😠👿😡😠😠👿😈😈

    Sandra MakwikilaSandra Makwikila11 órája
    • Tf....ur message is cringe

      cake.cake.3 órája
  • idc

    Janessa BrittJanessa Britt11 órája
  • Pierce: I am doing this wif my mind! it's very hard! me: ok...

    Janessa BrittJanessa Britt11 órája
  • EXPLODE!!!

    Janessa BrittJanessa Britt11 órája
  • Pierce! how could you!!!

    Janessa BrittJanessa Britt11 órája
  • Hey your so great can you tell me the mod thing?

    Kailee RidgelyKailee Ridgely11 órája
  • Pierce: EXTRA CRACTING BENCHES WOOO! Ein: I'm gonna put my crafting benches on your one. Me: lol ein

    Iris SteelIris Steel11 órája
  • It’s my fav 1 block challenge my most fav!

    Kailee RidgelyKailee Ridgely11 órája
  • Cool 😀

    Ashley montalvoAshley montalvo11 órája

    Sarafia ThorncrawlerSarafia Thorncrawler12 órája
  • I love Minecraft

    MharavinMharavin12 órája
  • heeyyy aph soo umm you know girls are short right?? well i a girl and wht AM I TALLER THEN MY FRIENDS THAT ARE BOYS??/ AYYYYY

  • Burp

    Muhibur NahidMuhibur Nahid13 órája
  • Hahaha

    Ray ZeroRay Zero13 órája
  • You’re supposed to build your own Minecraft world

    Kat ComoKat Como13 órája
    • Dont tell her what to do shes an adult and can make her own desicions

      cake.cake.3 órája

    Christiane AkbulutChristiane Akbulut13 órája
  • Build a pan for the chicken

    Kat ComoKat Como13 órája
  • Nice video

    Faker God of BelerickFaker God of Belerick14 órája
  • OMG

    scp 096scp 09615 órája
  • fun fact jessicas lucky number is 8 mine is too

    Minahil AliMinahil Ali15 órája
  • Dggdgddfxvfdbdfgywsxcbvmhnasdfhjokpaxcdaq

    Paula WebbPaula Webb16 órája
  • i miss her old vids like the game of life i am bored just watching minecraft

    kenneth lazarokenneth lazaro16 órája
  • The honorable lock reportedly guard because eyelash proportionally interrupt among a utter burst. satisfying, noiseless relative

    BTKoldDeuce1947BTKoldDeuce194716 órája
  • Best enderman- in the world Aphmau is the best in the world

    Theo SansomTheo Sansom16 órája
  • Aphmau is the best in the world

    Theo SansomTheo Sansom16 órája
  • Aphmau Is a Eenderman

    caddie-carmelacaddie-carmela17 órája
    • Thanks captain obvious

      cake.cake.3 órája
  • Aphmau you need an axe to break a melon and a pumpkin

    tamarantula's minecrafttamarantula's minecraft17 órája
  • Have my dog good job

    Jasmin CampbellJasmin Campbell17 órája
  • i saw the thumnail and was like: aph's knees really be bendin whith no kneecaps

    Chazzett RosasChazzett Rosas17 órája
  • I know but how you turn into a animal but standing on the one block that's how you doing Minecraft maybe I want to do that too but I want to stay with you just do that please please please

    Aidah FatimahAidah Fatimah17 órája
  • I jumped on my like and. My sub and I Brocken. My Ipad

    Annabel DunneAnnabel Dunne17 órája
  • Haha. I. Dont. Like. That. Creper. Girl. haha.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tess LetadaTess Letada19 órája
  • I. Love. Moves. Its. So. Kyut

    Tess LetadaTess Letada19 órája
  • Protip:axes have the most knock back and it only has 1 less damage then a SWORD

    Nathan WadlandNathan Wadland19 órája
  • 🙂

    Godmoon TVGodmoon TV20 órája
  • Wow

    Sherryl TorrecampoSherryl Torrecampo21 órája
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

    kadisha Brownkadisha Brown21 órája
  • 😍😇😘🤗😊🙄🙄🙄

    kadisha Brownkadisha Brown21 órája
  • Roses are red violets are blue aphmau is the best and so are you

    Jeannia PeaveyJeannia Peavey22 órája
  • But he die you know what I mean😂😂

    Alex_Gamer LolAlex_Gamer Lol22 órája
  • 💜

    Melissa TorrezMelissa Torrez22 órája
  • wow🖤

    Melissa TorrezMelissa Torrez22 órája
  • Aphmau can you join my server im happy if you join my server

    the little candy•ʕ•ع•ʔʕ•ع•ʔthe little candy•ʕ•ع•ʔʕ•ع•ʔ22 órája
  • I love these kinds of videos pls make more!!! Like if you agree..

    vijayeswari boyinavijayeswari boyina22 órája
  • Right when pierced responds like out of that Birch he’s like he’s coming out of the gun like zombies rising

    Typical DominikTypical Dominik22 órája
  • plot twist: peirce is blue from mycrafts uncle and showed him that chickens are cool

    Baileyloo OrsbornBaileyloo Orsborn23 órája
  • JON

    John QuangJohn Quang23 órája
  • JoN

    John QuangJohn Quang23 órája
  • Why do black pigs look like fmthe fnaf shadow freddy-

    Roderick OliverRoderick Oliver23 órája
  • Hugo

  • Ein: well I hope you’re happy bc we lost our crafting bench perice: oh we did lose our crafting bench oh! That makes me so mad! Ein: DON’T DO IT AGAIN aphmau: nope got it *giggles* *PERICE FALLS DOWN* Perice: uhhh... me: rip perice

    Shane ThompsonShane ThompsonNapja
  • ...aphmau was the enderman cause she wants to be tall XD(my street joke...kinda)

    Ongaku Neko NguyenOngaku Neko NguyenNapja
  • Omg the way piece say that the old creeper was her bf me: bdbgdh What

    Leesly ArellanoLeesly ArellanoNapja
  • I love the video😊

    Jessica BenavidesJessica BenavidesNapja
  • CKg

    Felix LineFelix LineNapja
  • ชอบค่ะ

    สายันต์ สอนสาสายันต์ สอนสาNapja
  • I always thought creeper Ein would blow up more than the support for Aphmau

    Ashley AbshireAshley AbshireNapja

    Leia PastelPuffLeia PastelPuffNapja
  • Ha ha ha it’s aphmau

    Hla MyintHla MyintNapja