Pikes Peak: Racing with NO RULES

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What happens when you let engineers have completely free reign? No regulations, no power limits and whatever mad aero design they can come up with.
Well, you get crazy-powerful, high-downforce - monsters.
This is exactly what they do in the Unlimited Division at Pikes Peak, where we get to see how they stack up against each other, as well as how it can go wrong.
Home-designed and made machines can compete against big-money international car companies to race to the top of the 14,000 foot mountain. A course with no run-off, no barriers, standard road-tarmac and 2000 foot drops.
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The Unlimited Division is like nothing else in motorsport. Taking a look at the regulations, they say as long as you conform to the regular safety rules - you can do anything you like.
As much power as you want, any design and as much downforce as you can create. As long as you have a roll-cage, harnesses, helmets and other standard safety features - you’re good to go.
This leads to some extremely fast cars, and yet all of them are very different.
So what does it take to take the record at Pikes Peak? How quick is it possible to go with no rules?
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