Pickup artists in the wild

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  • This comment section is why that 90s sitcom where two guys pretend to be gay so women will let them touch their butts comes with a warning now. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccch snowflakes omg

    Anon AnonAnon Anon51 perce
  • 3rd one was not bad

    Anon AnonAnon AnonÓrája
  • the cringe is unreal

    S1renz ProdS1renz ProdNapja
  • How do these guys not get their ass beat on the spot? Haha

    Rolando SanchezRolando SanchezNapja
  • Girls be like SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Nah it’s not, it’s just them being cringe

    Thomas WegmannThomas Wegmann2 napja
    • That is sexual harassment.

      lilstaargirllilstaargirl20 órája
  • 3 set hopper kid needed some airhorns my man out here tryin' so hard, upstaged cringelord Chad so effortlessly

    Sasha BerkmanSasha Berkman3 napja
  • omg it really is Wayne Campbell

    Katherine MichailidesKatherine Michailides3 napja
  • 9:03 “i only date teenagers”

    JackenapeJackenape3 napja
  • the last one he was super skeeved out by was the one of the tamest ones

    Steve C.Steve C.3 napja
  • You must have never been out to clubs or bars. Arm around her is not a big deal, especially when you're doing a fun, wild night life interview. Its just fun vibes and the girls enjoy it. By midnight or 1am ppl who just met that night are deep tongue kissing each other lmao, these videos are NOTHING compared to what actually goes down in scottsdale or any nightlife city. You seem like a jealous incel sjw tbh

    Borat TopazBorat Topaz3 napja
  • “If there was 3 chicks then we could get married cause we could have 3 sum all the time but if there was a 4th chick one would get jealous.” Lmao 😂 you would have the same problem with 3 girls as you do with 4. If your part of the 3 sum then there cannot be 3 other girls.

    Cameron MonksCameron Monks3 napja
  • I saw one video where a guy chatted a woman up at a rally (possibly BLM) and ended up making out at the back of his beat up old car. It SEEMED consensual, but it also seemed gross and predatory at the same time. Of course he was a hero in the comment section.

    Lauriston SmithLauriston Smith3 napja
    • Cause he is. That video was great, i met my ex because of just francis

      Borat TopazBorat Topaz3 napja
  • 3 plus 1 is 4

    Henry BarronHenry Barron4 napja
    • Stfu Henry

      Henry BarronHenry Barron4 napja
  • it’s content for ppl & they’re getting paid from it. Apparently a lot of ppl that watch it and like it

    TalkSportsTalkSports4 napja
  • WTF there's ppl like dis out there 💀 my nutz shriveled back into my body

    boshbosh4 napja
  • Yo girl looking like a dood

    TwoOreosOneCupTwoOreosOneCup5 napja
  • That last one was the most disarming thing I have ever seen. I feel violated.

    Aaron HoughtonAaron Houghton5 napja
  • this is so hard to watch these guys are the definition of sexual assault

    Jaden SukovaJaden Sukova5 napja
  • you said this was cringe but there was no way I could have been prepared for this. I am 45 seconds in.

    jef minemjef minem6 napja
  • 2:18 the sound of cringe Also 14:21

    Daniel Aguilar.Daniel Aguilar.6 napja
  • Omg that last one is so cringe

    Jordan Gonzalez vlogsJordan Gonzalez vlogs6 napja
  • This makes me so uncomfortable on so many levels. Why do boys like this think sexual harassment is cool???

    Carolina IngramCarolina Ingram6 napja
  • I just realized we call them "pick up ARTISTS" omg they don't deserve it

    Yness !Yness !7 napja
  • we have suffered

    Rachel MontgomeryRachel Montgomery7 napja
  • These guys make girls night out unbearable. They just show a camera to your face ,grab your arm/put their hand on your shoulder to make you feel pressured and ask you very personal questions. There is nothing wrong with approaching someone you like and ask them if they want to hang out but it's another thing to make someone uncomfortable with your dumb shit.

    Rotten CatRotten Cat7 napja
  • A guy literally used "What have you got to offer me" on me before aklsdjfalkjdsf

    3dg3lord3dg3lord7 napja
  • imagine the only way you get attention from women being by shoving a camera in their face when they're out getting drunk

    chris granadochris granado8 napja
  • That Indian dude is an embarrassing to my people

    HarbingerHarbinger9 napja
  • These pick up artist videos show every woman battling between her impulse to be kind and her instinct to do whatever necessary to keep herself safe. PS I agree with Cody that guys should take risks and be bold and approach women but the whole having a camera and being touchy and pushy with drunk girls is too much. These guys must have all been rejected in high school and now are on a 'I"ll show women who's boss' tirade.

    Courtney ChristoffersonCourtney Christofferson10 napja
  • Bro did you pull music from a lineage ost

    BoomdiotaBoomdiota10 napja
    • I swear I heard the Giran theme there for a second

      BoomdiotaBoomdiota10 napja
  • that guy drunk justin and his australian friend Brad were harrassing girls in mexico and recording them having sex, fucking disgusting

    Fanny TeránFanny Terán10 napja
  • This shows just how an night out for girls is. Cant even have fun without getting harrassed 🥳 i want to punch every single one of them 🥰

    Kate NolanKate Nolan10 napja
  • ok cool thankf

    Conner ChaissonConner Chaisson10 napja
  • this man wakes up every day and chooses cringe

    ImKosieImKosie11 napja
  • Where’s Noel

    Tj JerendazyTj Jerendazy11 napja
  • Its too much cringe for my soul, sorry Cody

    Leonardo PereiraLeonardo Pereira12 napja
  • I bet a lot of the girls they ask literally just walk away or just say something that those boys didn't like.

    hahaha hahahahahahaha hahahaha12 napja
  • Fuck it, i leaned in when cody asked where is his kiss ! :/

    thach nguyenthach nguyen12 napja
  • the last one was literally just sexual harassment, and so many others

    dad daddad dad12 napja
  • Cody you can say what it is-- it's sexual harassment.

    Kirsten Abraham-EgbertKirsten Abraham-Egbert12 napja
  • This was awful. These guys are trash and this is not entertainment. It’s straight up harrassment toward women who are intoxicated clearly. Edit: But hey- love your vids as always Cody

    Renee BullockRenee Bullock12 napja
  • I was confused why noone's watch was getting stolen and then I realized...

    japanesecinemajapanesecinema12 napja
  • 😕

    Ella HedgerElla Hedger13 napja
  • I love MEGAN

    Ella HedgerElla Hedger13 napja
  • Sorry can’t keep watching I’m dying inside

    Ella HedgerElla Hedger13 napja
  • why this girls are so nice to him

    Maayan RamMaayan Ram13 napja
  • Hahhha

    Aiman MustafaAiman Mustafa13 napja
  • so tough

    Matan ShtepelMatan Shtepel13 napja
  • This video was..... really hard and upsetting to watch

    JMBADJMBAD13 napja
  • If this hasn't happened, make it happen now: a collab between cody, noel, danny, drew and curtis

    Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma13 napja
  • 9:57 I saw a deer with that same look once as a wolf howled

    KT GEKT GE14 napja
  • Hope those drunk girls didn't get raped cause these definitely seem like the type of guys to do that

    Joseph Brother bearJoseph Brother bear14 napja
  • Another episode of borderline sexual harassment

    Joseph Brother bearJoseph Brother bear14 napja
  • I’m so fucking disgustedddd

    Dominique LopezDominique Lopez14 napja
  • I remember this one time I was waiting for the bus downtown at my city’s bus plaza in the middle of the afternoon when this guy walks up to me and seriously starts talking to me like he was doing a radio or tv broadcast when he was just asking when the next bus was coming and I guess I looked at him weirdly so he started to explain that he was a dj for a radio show and was like “YOU CAN CATCH ME ON MONDAYS SLASH TUESDAYS AT 9 pm CENTRAL TELL YOUR FRIENDS! PEACE OUT, YO!” and stuff like that. I just remember being really creeped out and thinking “Are you doing your show right now? Is this honestly how you talk to complete strangers out of the blue on a weekday afternoon at the bus stop?” I’ll never forget it and the way this guy talks to girls on the street here reminded me so much of that guy. Another reason it was creepy was I was in the early twenties and he looked straight 50 trying to be 18. lol. I forgot to mention that after I got on my bus I saw him turn to another girl nearby and start up his whole thing again. Lol.

    Skayda LeeSkayda Lee14 napja
  • These dudes are pretty fucking disgusting... guess that's what happens when you never grow up 🤷‍♂️

    NateNate14 napja
  • Dude you had me at the intro. And 2 minutes in I'm hittin' the sub button. My thoughts exactly. Happy to stumble across this. I remember there was a show back in the day where the baby of chris angel and slash would try to do this on actual television

    Tibby DillingerTibby Dillinger14 napja
  • Its just pressure cause their on camera or girls playing up their responses to make an interesting interaction.

    iunnoriunnor14 napja
  • Dudes like this are probably the biggest loser betas

    Every ChannelEvery Channel14 napja
  • i was genuinely scared for some of those girls... especially when the guy would put their arm around her ew

    Hannah StudebakerHannah Studebaker15 napja
  • These douches clearly realize Snapchat is a buffer zone. The fact they don't respect self preservation of the girls is on so many levels is creepy. My dudes, this is crazy fucking creepy. Don't do any of this shit

    Kaity RKaity R15 napja
  • lmfao, love you dude (nohomo)

    Giovanni SapperlotiGiovanni Sapperloti15 napja
  • This whole thing is just disgusting

    zisforzoo16zisforzoo1615 napja
  • These man are actual predators

    A LeeA Lee15 napja
  • everytime i rewatch this video i accidentally unlike and relike at the end

    Max AndersonMax Anderson15 napja
  • The really scary thing is if these guys approach a drunk girl and then they end up sleeping together it be rape

    ShibitoShibito16 napja
  • Sober men ask drunk women if they want to have sex with them. Hmmm🤔

    EKcorpEKcorp16 napja
  • The “speaker” looks like the bag of a Carta focus V(nebula edition I believe)... guy was just off a phat dab

    Chunky MonkeyChunky Monkey16 napja
  • ladies in this video: you are a victim

    ella joyella joy16 napja
  • this dudes would get punched to death here in the Netherlands, gotta watch out bro

    LOL13262LOL1326216 napja
  • Kelsey didn't wanna say her body count cause she's actually the Chainsaw murderer.

    fidel garciafidel garcia16 napja
  • Kelsey so gross bruh

    PataganjaPataganja17 napja
  • The minorities makes the best pick up content

    Isaac CalvilloIsaac Calvillo17 napja
  • Do you ever put pickles in your beer?

    genie365genie36517 napja
  • Guys who say “without me” are the creepiest dudes every stg

    Mah MMah M17 napja
  • Why do they all have their arms around the girls from the get go? What is personal space 😐

    Mah MMah M17 napja
  • I’m afraid to have sex because of all the Down low dudes running around giving A- ID- S to unsuspecting women.. too many dudes on the DL in the closet no thanks!

    JenniferBaby KJenniferBaby K17 napja
  • That last girl was like 16

    Alie BeltAlie Belt17 napja
  • i ended the video Cody are proud of me

    Alemanch1Alemanch117 napja
  • 15:10 ⚠️TW⚠️

    Hasi WufHasi Wuf18 napja
  • Awkward

    The MagicianThe Magician18 napja
  • I was going to write a comment for those people who say "wHy DoNt ThE wOmEn JuSt SaY nO" but I decided not to. These are people you can't get through to. They are either women who have been in easy situations unlike these or some men who don't understand. Ever since the first time I got cat called by someone *three times my age* my mom warned me that I shouldn't do anything that could make the guys become violent. You often don't know what will happen if you say "no" to someone harassing you. Sometimes they'll leave you alone, sometimes they'll follow you to your car or try to corner you. In the news all the time we hear terrifying stories about women stalked, assaulted, by terrifying people who don't take "no" for an answer. Just because a women says "no" does not mean the creeps will listen. I'm not talking about all guys. I actually wanna give a shout-out right now to all the amazing, supportive guys out there who don't harass women, who treat them with respect. You make the world a better place! Also, I wanna address that there are women who act just like the men in this video, and shame on anyone who harasses. Even if the gender is swapped it's never okay. Anyway, just my thoughts on the situation. Thank you for listening to my ted talk.

    Insert UsernameInsert Username18 napja
  • Ok but the girl who wanted to wait until marriage can do whatever she wants

    Straight_up_geek_Straight_up_geek_18 napja
  • This hurts my... Entire body

    Daniel ClayDaniel Clay19 napja
  • what in the sexual harassment

    Kerina ChengKerina Cheng19 napja
  • Cody is this video is fine awesome hilarious love him. But the actual videos are horrible like wtf no wonder girls don’t feel safe talking to guys.

    Han EdwardoHan Edwardo19 napja
  • the beginning was hilarious then it just got really bad. Like these dudes are dressing sexual harassment up as "picking up girls" they are literally shitty people and have no respect for anyone but themselves. it's gross. "it's just a prank" they say as they're slipping something into an unsuspecting woman's drink, "see it's just a joke!" they say as they reassure people that 'she's just drunk, I'll make sure she gets home safe'........I would actually bet my next paycheck that they think they are entitled to a woman's body if she so much as glances in their direction.

    Chelsea BChelsea B19 napja
  • the YEAH at 5:31 😭🤣🤣

    Isaac Winn Jr.Isaac Winn Jr.19 napja
  • These guys look up to durte dom and the vlog squad

    casey brunecasey brune19 napja
  • All those dudes are predators

    Nicholas SimmonsNicholas Simmons19 napja
  • Hey, hey, stop stealing my pick up lines.

    crbox`TVcrbox`TV20 napja
  • when it's just men harassing drunk women

    Bri FBri F22 napja
  • sounds like david dobrik's perfect setup for dom.

    Siriusly, GinnyChaseSiriusly, GinnyChase22 napja
  • 2:09 lol wtf is wrong with me... literally why i am gay.

    Siriusly, GinnyChaseSiriusly, GinnyChase22 napja
  • Oh no the second guy touching her look how uncomfy she is

    average sad person on internetaverage sad person on internet22 napja
  • Honestly anyone who's a "pickup artist" is just a predator

    Quinn Lee-NewburyQuinn Lee-Newbury22 napja
  • 10:11 - 10:14 I'd actually be intrigued if a random person walked up to me saying those exact words in that exact accent

    Zaakiyah ColsonZaakiyah Colson22 napja
  • these guys are also so ugly like the fact some of these girls were like “yeah right this guy i guess” like this is the definition of settling

    ducatiducati22 napja
  • 4:02 when he says “position” so weird

    Bob JonesBob Jones23 napja
  • kailekvntkailekvnt23 napja