Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22

2021.ápr. 3.
16 947 615 Megtekintés

Nothing bad ever happens in a friendly parkour competition, right?
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  • Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:

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    • Error

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    • Well why didn’t you say in the first half?

      ToHToH4 napja
    • Eh here is a thing I thought some one was going to have creative mode no no no the king has a command block

      Arlene BacusArlene Bacus6 napja
    • I'm waiting next episode 13

      Aejay NadelaAejay Nadela8 napja
    • Sr Alan Becker você é dimais

      Dayane RodriguesDayane Rodrigues8 napja
  • Alaln i like you vids

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  • Why do I have a crush on these characters? One of the greatest questions of the universe.

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  • I'm crying with that end

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  • Alan Becker __15 Millions Subscribes__

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  • i translatled it from google medyum' da in dont know english

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  • I am from turkey

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  • Turkey turkey you turkey

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  • Me encantan tus ani maciones sosn son las mejores 😁😁

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  • Jajakakajajajajsjsjs

  • i hate when it say to be continue, we need know the end bud

    Miguel s.f brMiguel s.f br5 órája
  • If Alan Abi team disbands , then the only solution os to go to the pleace where Blue and Yellow adn Green enter , go through the nether portal and take the minecrafte before Purple and beath the Father of Purple and Purple

    Rahime Özlem ArabacıRahime Özlem Arabacı5 órája
  • you are the best animator

    Gloria MuñozGloria Muñoz6 órája
  • Alan your the best animator

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  • Hmmm that Oregon is a new stick man he's relley powrful cuz he have the command block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi

  • nice

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  • Episode 23 now pls

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  • 15:27 OMG they are so cute

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  • So red, yea red is the parkour player and all of them!

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  • Congrats for reaching to 15m

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  • Part2

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  • Can u do Ep. 23

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  • Plase 3D animation

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  • omg

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  • This is better than Inception.

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    • It's a joke, ok?

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  • İt is sad that green didn’t survive

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  • Awesome!

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  • İts very good. Please Fast episodes

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  • ;( trop beau la fin ; vivement la suite !!!!!!

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  • Please make a part two to this video. I’m worried about green, and sus. (sus means pig)

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  • Part 2 please

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  • WoW

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  • Green is so smart and skilled...I liked it

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  • Andres Andres

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  • Alan posta o ep 23

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  • bed wars animation plss

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  • Pls make a game

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  • orange (not the second coming): has command block staff. me: has a webcam screen in mincecraft server. (no truly. it just has only about 100 pixels and a 1 frame per two seconds frame rate so it looks horrible.) finally. someone who can have a legendary battle! edit: if you want me to make a google doc on the code i currently have, get this comment 10 likes and 5 dislikes.

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  • animation vs wither storm

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  • Алан я твой фанааат

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  • I love blue

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    • Alen backer vs loggy

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  • Классная анимация...

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  • Blue is the best!💙

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  • 3:14 dance of yellow

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  • Omg I loved it the music direction the like reality warping part just the entire story it’s amazing keep going don’t stop and also start your own show of this please

    Carlos OrdonezCarlos Ordonez8 órája
  • the episode 23 dont exist

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  • The best animation i've ever seen ♥ hope you make more alan becker :DD

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  • Kjyhf

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  • this is why Alan is professional!!!

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  • .....!!!!!!!!!!!!! Animation vs Brawl Stars !!!!!!!!!....... 🙏PLACE🙏

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    • no

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  • Algún día el morado ya no los traicionará :,,v y los cuatro lo perdonen :,u

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  • You are a man

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  • Now we wait for another 1 or 2 months simple! Since when was simple a word

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  • WOW!!!!!!! 15 M subscribe

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  • Are you going to make the continuing of the vid becuse I LOVE THEM

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  • ta potente

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  • The pig man and green stickman looks like dream and tenchoblade fighting

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  • Fas um com o link eo majora's mask

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  • Nice

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  • I hate that pig

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  • 哈哈 很好看

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  • Poor piggy :,(

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  • sad :c 16:33

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  • *lol*

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  • Why does orange have a big head?

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  • Going-to-the-Sun Minecraft

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  • Ну ты прям Красава Ту пресс респект из 🇷🇺

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  • Make next episode fast

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  • Alan PLEASE do a attack on titan animation. As it just ended I'm sure alot of people would like the video!

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  • Who else agrees The Second Coming should be in Friday Night Funkin because of newgrounds?

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  • i like how we forgot that the portal had to have led them to the nether

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  • 11:24 Dpider man

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  • wich animation programm you use ?

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  • This needs to be a Netflix series, oh my god.

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  • Alan can you do video in week’s cuz I want to see ep all time and I’m waiting for new ep in month pls so weekly episodes.

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  • Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ep 23

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  • This should literally be a cartoon on tv, it's actually amazing how they keep doing this stuff.

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  • ¿Cuando esta la otra parte?

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  • What's the name of the song on the last part scott buckley use?

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  • Purple man traitor

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  • Im fan of stickman

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  • This serie is fantastic. I love it. When is Ep. 23 ?

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  • 16:23

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