Parking Lot - Boris vs uamee (hardbass music video)

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Hardbass track parking Lot by Boris and uamee
Hardbass track with enough kick to jumpstart a Lada. Enjoy.

Lyrics in English:
Haha! Parking lot?
This our spot!
Come on uamee.
Let's show how it is.
Black Volga limousine
We buy beer with money for gasoline
What are we doing under people’s windows?
Put on music and lets chill
In the parking lot
The parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
The bois are agile
Sit in car we wondering
Was it diesel or petrol?
Deep in trunk of blyatmobil
Parking lot, no morons
In the parking lot
We businessmen like chauffeurs
In the parking lot
It's not coffee in our cups!
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
The bois are agile
Some bois are suckers
But we sit in the parking lot
Bass is hitting from the boot
While you eat the carrot
In the parking lot
The parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
The bois are agile
Today this parking lot our home
Right now parking lot is home
Front of local hippodrome
Parking now, business later
In the parking lot
We businessmen like chauffeurs
In the parking lot
It's not coffee in our cups!
It's not coffee in our cups!
Oooooo bois, where is the bass?
Where is the drop?
Give me the drop!
Give me the drop!
Give me the drop!
In the parking lot
the parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
the parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
the parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
the parking lot in the courtyard
It's not coffee in our cups!
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
It's not coffee in our cups!
Come on let’s go home

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Stay cheeki breeki! Enjoy!
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Outro music:
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  • Not know Russian too good? Full English lyrics in description of video. Listen on Spotify:

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  • I actually got my start with music by making hardbass. It was simple enough and has helped me to make full edm tracks.

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  • 5 months later and Boris and uamee still rule the parking lot

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  • When you are slavic and know what it means, THEN it is a good song.

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  • Alternative Title: 2 debils hump innocent Lada to hardbass. (Still love it though!)

  • Boys: "So, uh, ah, yes, there is a parking spot." Men: "Indeed have I personally found for me and my vehicle a place." Slavic Comrades: 0:07

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  • Who holds the camera??

  • That LADA looks awesome - there has been some serious work and money invested in that one - tires, interior, paintjob... This model falls under the "old timer" classification and it looks this good - that thing ain't cheap, requires a gopnik with a non-gopnik level income XD

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  • wenn i get A+ on cancer test withot any studies .

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  • me a polish person: i understand 90% of it. my ruski firend: xaxaxa

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