Parking Lot - Boris vs uamee (hardbass music video)

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Hardbass track parking Lot by Boris and uamee
Hardbass track with enough kick to jumpstart a Lada. Enjoy.

Lyrics in English:
Haha! Parking lot?
This our spot!
Come on uamee.
Let's show how it is.
Black Volga limousine
We buy beer with money for gasoline
What are we doing under people’s windows?
Put on music and lets chill
In the parking lot
The parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
The bois are agile
Sit in car we wondering
Was it diesel or petrol?
Deep in trunk of blyatmobil
Parking lot, no morons
In the parking lot
We businessmen like chauffeurs
In the parking lot
It's not coffee in our cups!
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
The bois are agile
Some bois are suckers
But we sit in the parking lot
Bass is hitting from the boot
While you eat the carrot
In the parking lot
The parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
The bois are agile
Today this parking lot our home
Right now parking lot is home
Front of local hippodrome
Parking now, business later
In the parking lot
We businessmen like chauffeurs
In the parking lot
It's not coffee in our cups!
It's not coffee in our cups!
Oooooo bois, where is the bass?
Where is the drop?
Give me the drop!
Give me the drop!
Give me the drop!
In the parking lot
the parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
the parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
the parking lot in the courtyard
In the parking lot
the parking lot in the courtyard
It's not coffee in our cups!
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
In the parking lot
It's not coffee in our cups!
Come on let’s go home

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Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem

  • Not know Russian too good? Full English lyrics in description of video. Listen on Spotify:

    Life of BorisLife of Boris9 hónapja
    • @Vadim Novikov VADIM BLYAT!

      RuskiWaffle1991RuskiWaffle199113 napja
    • Does this mean Boris is also from Latvia? because uamee is from Riga which is the capital of Latvia

      Samiu Bin AnwarSamiu Bin Anwar19 napja
    • My two favorite people in the same video.

      Not SureNot Sure29 napja
    • 0

    • Lmfao

      Russian Boy RobloxRussian Boy RobloxHónapja
  • Who knows maybe uamee is anatoly

    ScrumMsScrumMs7 órája
  • One days comrad i want to make a ride of lada with you😸 furry from.Canada love your video

    Ico NovakIco Novak8 órája
  • what kind of mask he have? bird man? xD wish i had one like this for covid crap going on.

    B DuellB Duell15 órája
  • Приятно слышать русский от американцев.

  • Bljat :D Cant STOP to listen 🔥

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    Midwest InactivistMidwest Inactivist3 napja
  • Давай мне дроп

    CharlesCharles4 napja
    • Давай мне дроп give me a drop

      CharlesCharles4 napja
    • Ребята

      CharlesCharles4 napja
    • Where is the bass

      CharlesCharles4 napja
    • А где же бас

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  • I aint russian or understand russian but *y e s*

    AnxietyAnxiety4 napja
  • wait this car isn't slav where is the adidas where is the true slavic wheel where is the comfort its completly false

    some small stuffsome small stuff4 napja
  • I can't speak Rusky, but I love Your videos.

    Randell DarkyRandell Darky5 napja
  • The synchronized dancing is like the Slavic version of that "Night at the Roxbury" routine.

    meum nomenmeum nomen5 napja
  • :) +

    Azztek ADAzztek AD5 napja
  • I watch diz wearing ushanka. DLA POLSKI!

    OK TwinsOK Twins6 napja
  • Nearly 2M views, not 1k dislikes Hardbass power

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  • This Lada is actually very well maintained. It's actually rare.

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  • OKay so, i watched the clip for the first time since i've been listening to it aaand, was like: HOL'UP UAMEE?!?!

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  • 1:54 bird: furry noise* hababab e be take the bus? E tAkE dE bUs? *the bird:furry noise*

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  • I played this song my Corolla in a parking lot, now it’s a Lada

    Sam CohenSam Cohen10 napja
  • I played this song my Corolla in a parking lot, now it’s a Lada

    Sam CohenSam Cohen10 napja
  • I played this song my Corolla in a parking lot, now it’s a Lada

    Sam CohenSam Cohen10 napja
  • Good

    빠루 채널빠루 채널10 napja
  • Played this in my VW.......... .............It's still a VW, but now has 3 stripes of Adidas on the hood 😁

    lowbudgetmotorsportlowbudgetmotorsport10 napja
  • Lada cars are best. Coz they can do DRIFTS

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  • This moment when you don't understand almost every word but the bit is too good

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  • This is about two debils vibing in lada to some hardbass

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  • Да...Ты встретил русский коммент

  • I’m up at 2 am watching this and have no idea why 😺🙀

    Kat PerezKat Perez10 napja
  • *-c a r r o t-*

    Rage GamerRage Gamer11 napja
  • imagine you just want to park at a parking lot but you see two guys with masks in a black lada moving like theyre fucking insane

    YeeterDeleter6YeeterDeleter612 napja
  • Дарова (-;

  • shitt* car we wondering

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  • The bois just be vibin tho

    xX夜神月Vøid GalaxyXxxX夜神月Vøid GalaxyXx21 napja
  • I am late but... Do i the only one thinks Boris face on the thumbnail looks like game main menu ???...

    get bonkedget bonked22 napja
  • its not a parking lot, its our parking lot

    bruhify soldierbruhify soldier23 napja
  • nice beat!!!

    ignacio veraignacio vera23 napja
  • This is Like Swing Hard-Bass, *i like it*

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  • What to with these capitalist pigs and their dislikes

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  • Bylatiful. Truly a 2020 hardbass classic to be remembered throughout this year of cheeki breeki

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  • 10/10 music this is my favourite song

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  • Loitering and encouraging drink driving? You go gulag now BLYAT

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  • this song makes you wonder: _I wish I was russian..._

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  • CS:GO Terrorists win *Terrorists* :

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  • why did you sell lada boris why did you sell it now the lada gods will be mad

  • I laughed soo hard at 2:13 when uamee look at boris and then its the akward moment for a sec and the they both start shaking their heads in the rythm of bass🤣😂🤣😂

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  • hey Boris you meet uamee in Russia tell me in the coment

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  • ourpark is the Soviet union call

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  • well i am wondering, as an eastern german who wants to buy a lada, wich model of lada is boris driving in this video?

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  • Idk what they are talking about but sounds good