Parents Guess What Naughty Items Their Kids Own

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  • This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time lmfaoooo

    Natoshia OstranderNatoshia OstranderNapja
  • i died !! when cody said “nd i be fuckin!!” hahaa

    Destiny MannDestiny MannNapja
  • i laugh soo hard

  • We love your show, thank you!

    Kimberly vanmoorlehemKimberly vanmoorlehem2 napja
  • Do you think you have a shorter middle finger than the average person?

    Kate HKate H2 napja
  • Cody, when are we gonna see you on an episode of cut?

    Sayaka PomeroySayaka Pomeroy2 napja
  • green haired girls dad kinda sounds like unconvincing gay guy from the podcast

    Christian KastounChristian Kastoun2 napja
  • *Age restricted ?*

    A PA P2 napja
  • meth is so awesome like dennis from sunny ...if i could have anything in the world right now it would be meth ...i understand he wanted crack but yee

    cold h20cold h202 napja
  • the do*che is actually for the 🐱

    Young MattYoung Matt3 napja
  • Someone knows the song at 1:58?

    April MafloApril Maflo4 napja
  • What song is at 1:58?

    hec 10 rivhec 10 riv4 napja
  • Roy you sly dog

    That Random GuyThat Random Guy5 napja
  • These people are so much more open with their parents than me, wow

    Blargshark1231Blargshark12315 napja
  • Roy making me feel some type of way

    Grady FrancoGrady Franco5 napja
  • My dad always complains about my thongs

    Cleo GroveCleo Grove5 napja
  • i want the ny dad to adopt me

    hangnalehangnale6 napja
  • Roy is a King

    Noah WelchNoah Welch6 napja
  • Two words "sausage party"

    John AcuraJohn Acura6 napja
  • god my lungs fuckin hurt from laughing

    ♪ Ebony Rose ♪♪ Ebony Rose ♪6 napja
  • did you just willingly walk in front of the camera in high waters and socks with slides???

    heather jheather j6 napja
  • Dude this made me laugh harder than i've laughed in a long time

    Yo MamaYo Mama6 napja
  • Roy is the most alpha Chad ever

    Josh456Josh4566 napja
  • someone tell that mom and daughter not to douche

    r0bpattzfanr0bpattzfan6 napja
  • Yeah he definitely doesn’t burn

    Christian GarzaChristian Garza6 napja
  • cody has watched so many of the cut videos that he genuinely belly laughs and enjoys them now 😂

    Cam SandersCam Sanders7 napja
  • Cody being surprised that a Cut video is at least entertaining is so funny

    ArifArif7 napja
  • A Cody Ko OF account would be lit. He'd be the first(?) HUworldr to do so

    ArifArif7 napja
  • Roy going craaazzzyyyy 😭😭😭😭

    Alyssa SAlyssa S7 napja
  • please don't stop the Cut videos

    Emma BakerEmma Baker7 napja
  • Really repping Alberta with that mullet there Cody

    KineticwizzyKineticwizzy7 napja
  • Alternative title: Boomer reacts to "naughty" items

    Ntinos KazaNtinos Kaza7 napja
  • 8:08 douching is very not healthy for you at all and can lead to messing ur ph up and infection PLZ RESEARCH N DONT DO IT BRUH

    Alyssa RomeroAlyssa Romero7 napja
  • Roy is fucking wild dude

    jerrod Ljerrod L8 napja
  • With de gag ball

    Josh FergusonJosh Ferguson8 napja
  • Where is my weirded Middle-easterners at??

    toastmalonetoastmalone8 napja
  • Me and Roy have a lot in common tbh....

  • Roy's daughter looks like Boo from Monster's Inc.

    Joan AttanasioJoan Attanasio8 napja
  • i nearly cried

    Rachel MontgomeryRachel Montgomery8 napja
  • or a bottle like a big mon

    Rachel MontgomeryRachel Montgomery8 napja
  • use a glass

    Rachel MontgomeryRachel Montgomery8 napja
  • nein

    Rachel MontgomeryRachel Montgomery8 napja
  • it’s water in a can it will disintegrate in a billion years

    Rachel MontgomeryRachel Montgomery8 napja
  • you drink liquid death water mon

    Rachel MontgomeryRachel Montgomery8 napja

    MIMI KUMIMI KU8 napja
  • I warmed up the douche 😭😭😭😭🤣

    SilverxdiamondSilverxdiamond8 napja
  • DAMN COdy.. wish I could watch the video. but I pass on uploading my id to youtube.. WTF

    Piggy PenelopePiggy Penelope8 napja
  • "I warmed up the douche ! "

    Akerly DysticAkerly Dystic8 napja
  • why is nobody talking about the white socks and SLIDERS combo on Cody? not even sandals, sliders.

    PupPup8 napja

    cadence glickcadence glick8 napja
  • Fucking love Roy🤣

    Tebogo MoatsheTebogo Moatshe9 napja
  • This video would kill Prince Charles

    Riley UreRiley Ure9 napja
  • i love he's just sippin a brewskie while filming lmfao

    Hailey BreitensteinHailey Breitenstein9 napja
  • Obligatory comment: you should not douche 👍

    geloragelora9 napja
  • 11:21 this mum looks like a fucking nightmare. like yOU KNOW that fam fights a lot

    Shannon ElizabethShannon Elizabeth10 napja
  • The winners are the friends we made along the way

    divedive10 napja
  • This is one of your funniest vids since that’s cringe 😂

    Ben WhiteBen White10 napja
  • Roy is a champ

    Tait CarrilloTait Carrillo10 napja
  • My mom better not go on a show wearing a crop top lol

    Lauren NicoleLauren Nicole10 napja
  • Are these HS students or like college age? That effects my answers because who in hs has the knowledge to own some “naughty” things haha

    Lauren NicoleLauren Nicole10 napja
  • Now when he smiles he looked like a uncle

    Hi CowHi Cow10 napja
  • I aspire to be as much as a chad as our boy Roy one day. Legend.

    Vic RVic R10 napja
  • Imagine they unveil a bloody knife or something "I don't know, I just can't picture you brutally killing someone"

    Bacon EaterBacon Eater10 napja
  • when it’s age restricted 😐

    Halie MarshHalie Marsh10 napja
  • Roy ain't playing games

    Wisdom MurrayWisdom Murray10 napja
  • roy is a dilf.

    amber leeamber lee11 napja
  • The bitter area diagnostically search because kick sporadically shrug to a scattered sphere. sordid, agreeable desert

    Hi GuysHi Guys11 napja
  • The spiteful mother-in-law summatively step because birthday analytically sound throughout a amusing lamp. absurd, lazy millisecond

    Hi GuysHi Guys11 napja
  • Roy Is The Best.

    Skarloey1.Skarloey1.11 napja
  • Roy = Stock photo dad 😃 by day 👕 👖 Kinky lil freak 😈 by night 🏏 🩲

    Sian ThompsonSian Thompson11 napja
  • 11:02 * Unus Annus flashbacks *

    The pink pencilThe pink pencil11 napja
    • That shouldn't have been in the video, it's a cooking utensil

      Brendan DeRomaBrendan DeRoma10 napja
  • I would never admit to being sexually active in front of my dad and I’ve been married for over 2 years.

    genesiscdagenesiscda11 napja
    • @Good Name haha good one

      thatonecoolpiratethatonecoolpirate5 napja
    • @Good Name Nice

      KenyattaKenyatta6 napja
    • Holy fuck you married your Dad?!?!?

      Good NameGood Name8 napja
  • so im guessing we all love roy

    mel imel i11 napja
  • Roy literally made a cry for help

    Jonathan PerezJonathan Perez11 napja
  • Roy is Elliot Birch from bigmouth change my MIND

    Eva FiorinaEva Fiorina12 napja
  • 6:32

    Danny BrandonDanny Brandon12 napja
  • It's always the quiet ones that look like they're from Wisconsin. Roy, you are a precious creature. Continue thriving.

    JackieJackie12 napja
  • I want Roy to be my dad

    Kgn CzyKgn Czy12 napja
  • Roy just Roy

    Ismael RamosIsmael Ramos12 napja
  • Cody ko why r u wearing slides in your house

    Monte MissentzisMonte Missentzis12 napja
  • Ahahaha “ITS A GAG BALL”

    Ashley GAshley G12 napja
  • hahaha Roy’s laundry bit took me out. elite humor

    Ashley GAshley G12 napja
  • cut your hair cody

    Bianka GrdjanBianka Grdjan12 napja
  • stoner dad needs to be a regular

    Whitney EvansWhitney Evans12 napja
  • can someone tell me where i can buy this shirt i need it

    Samantha CardonaSamantha Cardona12 napja
  • i love that he said ‘now we are talking’ about the ball gag, but indeed they would not be talking

    Rachel AntidormiRachel Antidormi12 napja
  • I love when you react to the cut videos

    Bella BaysBella Bays12 napja
  • roy is my spirit animal

    Buddy_BankBuddy_Bank12 napja
  • not a poop ad right after the douche part LMAO

    Molly WissingMolly Wissing12 napja
  • fuck y’all roy is the man lol

    jillian cjillian c12 napja
  • i would be so surprised if all of this was improv

    wowokwowwowokwow12 napja
  • Roy's a god damn G

    sonializbethsonializbeth13 napja
  • Roy does the laundry so you know he's a freak

    Hayley PatinHayley Patin13 napja
  • i need one video of you doin what you´re doin while watching the cut videos every day!!!

    Liza WederLiza Weder13 napja

    M KM K13 napja
  • or the dads like I WANNA PUNCH HIS FACE

    M KM K13 napja
  • douches are actually so bad for you 😂

    M KM K13 napja
  • YOOOOO Roy fuckin outed himself multiple times lol wtf?

    Saaim SohailSaaim Sohail13 napja
  • Love these videos keep em coming lmao

    Ray KonopkaRay Konopka13 napja
  • the music at 4:35 made it so much funnier

    Alexandre BrosselinAlexandre Brosselin13 napja