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Paddy Lowe’s career in F1 took him from Williams to McLaren to Mercedes and then back to Williams. Over the course of that journey Paddy developed some of the biggest tech innovations the sport has seen - including active suspension - as well as working with the likes of Senna, Prost, Hakkinen, Mansell and current superstar Lewis Hamilton. On this week’s show he’s open and honest about it all - including his departure from Williams in 2019 and the new mission he’s on…
Topics in this episode:
0:00 - Wise words from F1 modern great, Paddy Lowe
6:00 - Records, rivalries and tense radio exchanges with Lewis Hamilton
14:01 - Paddy compares Hamilton, Mansell and Hakkinen
20:11 - The pub chat that took Paddy from a packaging company to Formula 1
27:09 - Race-winning inventions and a bizarre moment with Patrese
36:27 - Paddy’s big move from Williams to McLaren
47:34 - Hunting for championships with Mercedes
59:17 - Why Paddy’s return to Williams didn’t work out
1:07:17 - Paddy’s new project: replacing fossil fuels
1:14:52 - Tom reads your messages about Jost Capito’s Beyond The Grid interview
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  • seeing the look on paddy's face during testing with williams hurt my soul. it was a man who was taking all the blame and embarassment for a team that had no right using him as a scapegoat.

    Micro SoftMicro Soft2 napja
  • He should have been fired a long time ago. You MUST take responsibility for your f -ups. He didn’t.

    Donn PughDonn Pugh4 napja
  • I like they way he analyzed to find the gap to improve.

    KNMK259KNMK2595 napja
  • One of the better interviews in this series. And interesting to hear how much better Mercedes was all these does take some luster away from Lewis’s championships though. And telling how the Williams years were more or less skipped over. Wisely....No point in starting a war of words. I appreciate Pady a bit more now😅. He has had a rough time. Hopefully smooth sailing from now on.

    Michael S240F360Michael S240F3606 napja
  • Great Interview, really shows his many achievements in the sport, just surprised that he did not foresee the structural and financial problems at William’s were beyond a major come back even by him, sad ending to a long career in F1 where he achieved to much

    Colin DixonColin Dixon10 napja
  • What a fascinating podcast. I feel like I learned decades of F1 in 1 hour. Well done

    Harshal ParmarHarshal Parmar11 napja
  • These are great interviews it’s just such a shame about the interviewers voice and personality.

    tim yotim yo12 napja
  • Brilliant interview as always Tom 👍

    Peter HPeter H13 napja
  • Not listening to this person worming his way out of the mess he was so very guilty of causing. Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame. Killed Williams. Shame, shame, shame!

    lizardywizardlizardywizard13 napja
  • Please please please get Will Buxton on one of the podcasts!!

    Jay PaliwalJay Paliwal14 napja
  • Great to hear his thoughts and memories on f1. But he’s a lot to learn about the future of the planet.

    Spitfire67UKSpitfire67UK14 napja
  • "Nigel... STAND UP" Hahahaha... what a wonderful episode.

    Blacktooth FoxBlacktooth Fox14 napja
  • He created a car that was not only slow and fundamentally flawed, it was unfinished for the first test and illegal as well! There is no excuse for that.

    Dread to ThinkDread to Think14 napja
  • You won't see Paddy in the pit lane again. unless he is there as a supplier of his fuel.

    Duncan CunninghamDuncan Cunningham14 napja
  • Thank you for this insight, entertainment and wisdom F1 and Paddy 🙏

    Eliot Salandy BrownEliot Salandy Brown14 napja
  • I need a trasncript of this. "Display of energy." Will be thinking about that for a while. Brilliant.

    P BP B14 napja
  • Fantastic interview! Really enjoyed that, and how exciting re zero petroleum!

    L AL A14 napja
  • Key mistakes in Bahrain were made by Lewis (T10 in qualifying & race), RedBull strategists and Masi.

    philipp ruestphilipp ruest14 napja
  • pls release the video too

    DodobetesDodobetes14 napja
  • Active suspension = BADASS

    William StephensWilliam Stephens14 napja
  • Definitely one of my favourite Beyond The Grid episode. He gave us so much gold.

    Azran YusofAzran Yusof14 napja
  • Paddy brought Williams to new levels of Lowe

    Gracefully GracefulGracefully Graceful14 napja
    • @Micro Soft 😂😂😂

      Gracefully GracefulGracefully Graceful2 napja
    • thats a lowe blow

      Micro SoftMicro Soft2 napja
    • Claire is to blame. Her fault

      Nicholas JonhsonNicholas Jonhson6 napja
    • 😂

      Michael LeMichael Le14 napja
  • Have much more appreciation of Paddy's career and success after listening to this. Thanks

    Stewart NoelStewart Noel14 napja
  • Paddy Lowe was and is a genius !

    Ann FieldAnn Field14 napja
  • The only thing that i remember about this guy is: Paddy: Lewis this is Paddy, we need you to pick up the pace, thats an instruction! Lewis: Im actually in the lead right now and im quite confortable where i am! Right now im losing a world championship so im not really bothered if i win or lose this race! Abu Dhabi 2016

    Fellipe MirandaFellipe Miranda14 napja
  • Paddy is a gangster

    Mista FiftyoneMista Fiftyone15 napja
  • He is right about “Synthetic petroleum, airplanes and racing!

    Roberto DelgadilloRoberto Delgadillo15 napja
  • Williams will have a big comeback

    Gauner in LacosteGauner in Lacoste15 napja
  • Paddy was great. Thanks, Tom.

    LeeyatapweeLeeyatapwee15 napja
  • Amazing interview, what a great career in F1 Paddy has had …

    Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith15 napja
  • Great interviews. I'm glad Paddy could have a go after what seems he was thrown under the bus.. Listen to every pod yet there is one missing. Nigel baby! come on Nige do it for the fans...

    CoandaCoanda15 napja
  • I totally understand why he was saying that the car was holding him back with traction control. The scenario is that he wants to apply more power, but the traction control is denying him (because it's about to slip). In the end he is painfully aware that there was more power that could have been used, but the fact that he would have slipped (and lost time) is only apparent as a possibility.

    Elias F. FyksenElias F. Fyksen15 napja
  • _Williams_ could do with him...

    y1521t21b5y1521t21b515 napja
  • Brilliant chat. I loved the history but the highlight for me was the last seven minutes on synthetic petroleum. Have been following this development for some time and how it could relate to motorsport in the future, and then road cars. So was fascinating to learn that he's putting his decades of F1 experience to work in this direction.

    Damien ReidDamien Reid15 napja
  • Great interview

    Ricardo PiresRicardo Pires16 napja
  • The way Claire treated Low was appalling. I’m glad she’s out.

    Terrence KlaverweideTerrence Klaverweide16 napja
  • 1:06, late nineties & early naughties...😁

    Pandit ThanosPandit Thanos16 napja
  • That was brilliant. Thank you!

    zabana 16zabana 1616 napja
  • Paddy Lowe was painted as the scapegoat by the F1 media, but Williams problem is more deep rooted than that. By cross referencing this interview with Jost Capito's interview, we can see one of the main issue was particularly the company's leadership and how it ended up affect the funding, organizational process, and moral. Unfortunately, most F1 viewers allow media sensationalism like Netflix to form their belief.

    ⸻d⸻u⸻k⸻e⸻m⸻a⸻n⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻d⸻u⸻k⸻e⸻m⸻a⸻n⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻16 napja
    • Well said . Paddy is a boss he did his shift time to move on.

      King Placide WilliamKing Placide William9 napja
    • Money was Williams problem. They were running on fumes for years.

      IanIan13 napja
    • As a pole I blame mainly C. Williams not Paddy

      KubhakKubhak15 napja
  • Wow! What an interview,,, This is definitely one of the best chats that I have heard, for a long time! Hat´s off to both of you! Paddy Lowe,,, I knew that you are an amazing engineer and person,, but never realised, just how much!

    Sam SmithSam Smith16 napja
  • 13:30 yeah but don't expect haters on social media to understand that. All of them pretend to be engineer's

    Nicholas JonhsonNicholas Jonhson16 napja
  • It’s easy to help Mercedes. Why don’t you prove yourself by saving Williams?

    N KN K16 napja
  • Owed it to Nico?! Bull****!! The team had no interest in the finishing order at that point. The constructors championship was already won. The call was abismal and will go down in history as so!

    Kamal SaleemKamal Saleem16 napja
  • "Hi claire"

    DanielDaniel16 napja
  • It was a great episode to listen to. But I must admit, I was a little sad that he didn’t ask Paddy about last year’s DAS and what he thought about it.

    babiiblueboibabiiblueboi16 napja
  • Paddy has shown his class in this podcast

    Jay GeeJay Gee16 napja
  • What a fascinating man. Honest but not disparaging of others when perhaps one might ought to have been. We can often draw the wrong conclusions as to why someone suddenly leaves a team but when it's someone with 30 years of a experience contributing to a successful winning formula then there has to be other factors at play. I loved the interview.

    Graham SerleGraham Serle16 napja
    • @Graham Serle He wanted a bigger role in mercedes amg. Eg low level ownership. Wolff refused, so he walked.

      BahamuttiamatBahamuttiamat16 napja
  • I don't usually comment but I am now because that was brilliant! I learnt a lot. And Paddy spoke so honestly, I guess because he's currently not working in F1 representing a team, sponsors etc. FYI F1 A lot of people like this more grown-up longform content. I know you are getting the views and growth on HUworld with the kind of content you produce... (not really to my taste... it's like watching Saturday morning TV made for teenagers). You need more stuff like this - and in video. It's weird how sport like Boxing (Matchroom etc) produce HUworld content that's made for everyone. It's just feels more grown up. Not like Saturday morning teen magazine shows, which is how a lot of the official F1 content feels these days.

    True MexicoTrue Mexico16 napja
  • oooh just seen the title. Time to get the 🍿

    Balla BallaBalla Balla16 napja
  • I met him in Mexico, very happy to take a picture with him!

    emilioemilio16 napja
  • “Let’s bring both cars home”

    Justin LariviereJustin Lariviere16 napja
  • I think Paddy saying Lewis lost the title in 2016 because he "didn't have enough in him" must be one of the most insulting hypocritical things I've ever heard. PADDY was technical director and not once has he taken responsibility for the pile of junk that on his watch he gave Lewis to drive in 2016 and is now implying that it's somehow Lewis' fault and he left races on the table. What a load of garbage. Lewis' driving in 2016 was one of his strongest years ever. He had to contend with terrible power units and a teammate who's driving was less than ethical imho (and I'm being polite). The fact that Nico had perfect reliability and only managed to scrape the title by 5 points with LESS wins than Lewis shows you how amazingly Lewis drove that year and how undeserved the title was for Nico. The media and pundits constantly try and gaslight the fans and rewrite history trying to paint Nico as some sort of amazing driver who got into Lewis' head but anyone who witnessed that season knows the real truth.

    James TruthJames Truth16 napja
  • Definitely one of the best podcast in the series

    Apophis STRApophis STR16 napja
  • Zoom video wouldn’t hurt

    TomCatInGATomCatInGA16 napja
    • That's like telling the radio station you want footage. That's called television buddy. This is a podcast.....

      TuckerVFXTuckerVFX16 napja
  • One of the biggest cover ups in F1 was Lewis getting Paddy fired when the appalling reliability on ONLY Lewis' car lost him the title by 5 points whilst the other 7 Merc power units were faultless.

    James TruthJames Truth16 napja
    • @Erika His source; "Trust me bro".

      BahamuttiamatBahamuttiamat16 napja
    • That doesnt make much sense. Where did u get that from? Do you have a source?

      ErikaErika16 napja
  • Paddy has most systematic way of answering questions his approach to them is what caught me. I loved it kidos to f1 and tom for this podcast✌🏿👊🏿

    Shivam Pat3lShivam Pat3l16 napja
  • Williams was an Engineering lead company whereas McLaren was a marketing lead company. Jesus Christ.

    Jahin MahbubJahin Mahbub16 napja
  • This was one of the best episodes of BTG yet. Thanks for the great interview Tom. I feel Paddy was painted in an exceptionally bad light after his spell with Williams, particularly in Drive to Survive. I respect his decision not to go into the details in this interview, but feel like he provided more than enough context for why things didn't work out without necessarily getting into the nitty-gritty of what actually happened. Feel like everything he said rings true regarding Williams, and I guess the sale really didn't come as a surprise to him. As a lifelong fan of the team, I hope they are on their way towards the front of the grid. I also massively appreciated the final few minutes regarding the future, technology and climate change. He is an engineer at heart and is ultimately right, in my view, on the often short-sighted drive for ever-"greener" technology. Pleasing to hear someone break it down in such a simple way while still providing a great deal of optimism for the future and the fundamental human ability to innovate. Wishing him and yourself all the best, and thanks again for a fantastic interview.

    Nick LoneNick Lone16 napja
  • Vert interesting and revealing interview. Thank you for posting.

    AdyAdy16 napja
  • Championship (s) with Williams Championship (s) with McLaren Championship (s) with Mercedes

    Martin ScottMartin Scott16 napja
  • What a great person! Wish he was back in F1 but loving that he involved in synthetic petroleum .

    Gary WilliamsGary Williams16 napja
  • Great podcast 👏. What a fascinating insight in to Formula 1. Thanks Paddy 😊

    Rory SmithRory Smith16 napja
  • If he doesn't ever come back it's still too early.

    DaveMcIroyDaveMcIroy16 napja
  • Awesome paddy, we miss u

    R8 gamingR8 gaming16 napja
  • This podcast should be 5 HOURS LONG lol.

    devon 26devon 2616 napja
  • ''Claire Williams has just subscribed''

    P. I.P. I.16 napja
  • The Silverstone 1992 story is hilarious 😂

    David CaudryDavid Caudry16 napja
  • Oh look, Paddy confirmed what i said since 2016. Lewis lost 2016 because of reliability. Not because Nico outdrove him. Not a fan of either but the statistics showed that.

    RealReal16 napja
    • The same way Fernando, Kimi would have won more titles

      El BonitiilloOEl BonitiilloO15 napja
    • @john don Also incorrect. Lewis DNF'd in singapore and nico in monza and russia. In both instances Lewis was ahead. Even if we gift nico 25 points for an improbable win, he'd still be over 50 points shy. Moot point. In 2014, Lewis actually had more issues and still won. The difference with 2016, is it was persistent throughout the season. While nico has zero issues except a gear box change penalty for crashing in austria fp.

      BahamuttiamatBahamuttiamat15 napja
    • What about all the reliability problems Nico had in 2015 when he out drove lewis.. Lewis groupies are all sore losers...poor sportsmanship that comes from lewis.

      john donjohn don16 napja
    • @RJWilky Well no. You have a valid point but your example is flawed. Max's dnf would not have altered the outcome of the season. He, more than likely would've beaten Valtteri, but was nowhere near lewis. Secondly, in a two car team, if one of those cars has the lion share of the unreliability, it makes a massive difference in the outcome. By all accounts lewis was the better of the two in 2016. Had more poles, wins and podiums. Yet came up 5 points short. How? Well analysing the season it's pretty clear the mammoth lost of potential points in the opening races made it incredible difficult to close the gap. After the first 5 races Lewis was 43 points down on nico, through a mix of various engine related problems in qualifying and their resultant grid penalties. He was always on the back foot, fighting back. Once he got back ahead, the famous malaysian blow up cost him 27 points relative to nico. Put another way, if Lewis had the same amount of bad luck in 2019 as he did in 2016, Valtteri would've been world champion.

      BahamuttiamatBahamuttiamat16 napja
    • Lewis lost 2016 because Nico beat him. Anybody listening to you would think that no other driver suffers from reliability issues during a season. Matter of fact you can say that Max lost the 2020 championship owing to reliability too. Were it not for his 5 DNFs there's no telling how the season would have panned out. Give Rosberg his due and move on.

      RJWilkyRJWilky16 napja
  • That was brilliant, thank you !!

    Rhoda BorrocksRhoda Borrocks16 napja
  • Lewis, this is Paddy!

    Spanish MappingSpanish Mapping16 napja
  • カッコイイ!👍👍👍

    音フェチぷくぷくホッペ音フェチぷくぷくホッペ16 napja
  • That was a really interesting talk with Paddy. Please interview Nigel Stepney next!

    Lurcher260Lurcher26016 napja
    • and... after that... Adrian Newey.

      hann solohann solo15 napja
    • Stepney died a few years ago :(

      MattMatt16 napja
  • He'll always be remembered for Abu Dhabi 2016. The irony of telling the race leader to speed up so that he can win the race.

    Quillian _Quillian _16 napja
    • @hann soloi don't need to watch the race again to know that paddy's message is still wrong. And even more reason for Rosberg to overtake if he was in turbulence. As I said, he and others had two massive straights to overtake if it was a problem. I agree that reliability is part of the sport, but 2014 and 2016 were very different. Plus, you can argue both ways about what Mercedes would or wouldn't have been accused of. If you say they would've been accused of engineering the title for lewis by not telling him to speed up, you can say that they'd engineered it for Rosberg by telling Lewis speed up. That's why I don't blame Lewis for doing what he did, because he was basically being asked to lose the championship.

      Quillian _Quillian _15 napja
    • @Quillian _ As I said earlier, go watch the race again. Those cars were dumping turbulence by the bucket load. Overtaking was a nightmare. Rosberg did what he needed to do, but then found Lewis backing him into Vettel and Max. Mercedes would have been accused of manufacturing a WDC for Lewis. At least Merc were savvy to this. Lewis lost 2016 because he had bad starts, unreliability, overdriving his engine. Many Lewis fans would deny this, but it is an opinion shared by many (including his Merc engineers). We seem to have airbrushed the 2014 final race, where Rosberg lost his steering, thereby handing the race and the WDC to Lewis. So, nobody cried, nobody died, nobody screamed foul and nobody sulked for 7 years (and more, probably) about the one that was 'stolen' from them. Let's get real, Mansell lost a championship at the last race in Australia due to a blown tyre. Hill lost a race in Australia because of an 'accident' with Schumacher. Nobody died, nobody cried and we moved on.... James Hunt won a fortuitous WDC after Lauda nearly died... Nobody cried foul. Some of our Hamilton fanboys are not just sore losers, they are deniers.

      hann solohann solo15 napja
    • @Quillian _ I think you should re-watch that race. If Rosberg had tried to overtake Lewis would have taken him right off the road. It was the only way he could have won the WDC. Neither Vettel, nor Max were keen to overtake Rosberg because they had m ore self respect than Hamilton the spoilt brat. Rosberg figured right after Suzuka that all he needed to do was to turn up, and collect P2 points. Otherwise we would have seen much closer racing and perhaps even more Rosberg wins. Lewis had bad luck in 2016,. but he also had a tendency to oiverdrive the car. We'll see how he performs this year. Will he collect the points or race to win? Time will tell...

      hann solohann solo15 napja
    • @Quillian _ Rosberg getting swamped by Vettel was Mercedes' problem too. They wanted a comfortable 1-2

      Aniket PandeyAniket Pandey16 napja
    • @yapX I disagree. The two obvious overtaking places (both straights) are in sector 2. Rosberg could have overtaken many times, but didn't. Of course though, 2nd place was enough. That's why the message from Paddy is silly, because he told the race leader to speed up to win the race, even though he's winning already?

      Quillian _Quillian _16 napja
  • " is, of course, Paddy Lowe". Yes, we know. His name is in the title.

    Mark IliffMark Iliff16 napja
  • Biggest fraud in F1

    Elliott HaslamElliott Haslam16 napja
    • You cannot last as long as he did at top teams without some talent .

      mark4levmark4lev15 napja
    • Truth!💯💯💯

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock16 napja
    • @badf1opinions. Clearly only watched dts which made him look badly. Do your research next time and see his amazing career in F1 design and development.

      Alan ALI 12Alan ALI 1216 napja
  • He failed badly at his last stint with Williams and that’s what he’ll be remembered for unfortunately.

    davemis40davemis4016 napja
    • Sadly true everyone only remembers your failures especially your last one 😞

      WCADSWCADS16 napja
  • Remember his face at 2016 Spain Grand Prix.

    MalteMalte17 napja
  • best podcast.👍👌

    Katia CatarinaKatia Catarina17 napja
  • "Lewis, this is Paddy, we need you to pick up the pace to win the race. That's an instruction"

    maxamammaxamam17 napja
  • Returning to Williams and turning up at the first test of the season without a car is kind of not great.

    Fast H RacingFast H Racing17 napja
    • i forgot that happened, horror stories.

      FanuelFanuel16 napja
    • @Alan ALI 12 It was his job to get the car ready. He is definitely partly to blame.

      Benn87Benn8716 napja
    • Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Paddy is not at fault.

      Alan ALI 12Alan ALI 1216 napja
    • mild understatement

      davemis40davemis4016 napja
  • F1

    Piotr KobielusPiotr Kobielus17 napja
  • No suprice no potencial for Williams sorry

    Kimi FierymanKimi Fieryman17 napja
  • I thought this interview came up before. 🤔

    WiseGuy02WiseGuy0217 napja
  • Can he just leave all together. If youre ideas are gone then youre done. The way he was in the netflix serie was just pathethic. Take a look back. Looked like a man who want to kiss claire's shoes. Polish them too haha

    Robert MaarseRobert Maarse17 napja
  • Everyone has a shelf life

    Geert MatthysGeert Matthys17 napja
  • how paddy lowe killed one of the greatest race teams in f1 history

    TesseracTTesseracT17 napja
    • Sorry Mate! Claire did

      Nicholas JonhsonNicholas Jonhson16 napja
    • @flatoutflatbroke Great comment. DTS has really clouded people's perception on f1. A shame.

      BahamuttiamatBahamuttiamat16 napja
    • @flatoutflatbroke yep. People think one guy "designs" the car and hands over all the drawings and it gets built. It's a multi discipline group engineering effort and if Paddy didn't have the supporting staff around him to execute his vision at the highest level it wouldn't matter how brilliant his ideas or direction was.

      TheSlimeyLimeyTheSlimeyLimey16 napja
    • Yeah because Williams were in such rude health before he joined!? Lowe, Smedley, Symonds, de Beer all hired and all left Williams, at some point you need to look at the person in defacto charge of the hiring (plus losing Martini as a sponsor). The Mercedes engine in 2014/15 papered over the gaping cracks and then it all fell apart and now it's merely just a name.

      flatoutflatbrokeflatoutflatbroke16 napja
    • @Alan ALI 12 Paddy Lowe will have to accept at least partial blame. There is never only one person to blame in such a big company. The fact is, under his leadership the team has really tanked. He didn't manage to get the car ready for the first tests. Of course, there are a lot of other factors involved. But you could have expected more from a man with his experience...

      Benn87Benn8716 napja
  • I still don’t understand how he was the one to displace Ross Brawn but now has no place on the grid. How is that possible, what is the story behind this?

    Peter FreemanPeter Freeman17 napja
    • @Jay Gee Stroll wasn't impatient , but wanted to buy the team. So he left

      IanIan13 napja
    • Wasn’t it Toto that displaced Brawn ?

      Dan WardDan Ward14 napja
    • @Jay Gee Sure but that doesn't excuse an inherently bad car design

      KilikKilik15 napja
    • @Kilik they were already in a downward spiral, if you’ve ever worked with a team that is lacking depth and then add to that an awful budget.. you would know the leader has very little influence. Add to that Mr impatient Stroll and you have a toxic blame culture with very limited creativity. Blaming it all on one person is short sighted

      Jay GeeJay Gee15 napja
    • @Peter Freeman I agree

      KilikKilik16 napja
  • Whenever I hear the name Paddy Lowe, I remember of the famous "Lewis this is Paddy, We need to puck up the pace, to win this race"

    The Deamon MeteorThe Deamon Meteor17 napja
  • Hi

    Allen Gregory AlmarioAllen Gregory Almario17 napja
  • I am ready for the TEA

    Keira Megan F1Keira Megan F117 napja
    • 😆

      J BJ B16 napja
  • Max max max super max max

    DaanSpeeltSpelletjesDaanSpeeltSpelletjes17 napja
  • get this man an award

    Rushil RathodRushil Rathod17 napja
  • When Paddy moved to Williams, the car became the slowest. It's a fact.

    Botond RutkaiBotond Rutkai17 napja
    • ​@Grant Challinor Well said on Frank and Patrick failing to move with the times. After 2003 was when they really went into a spiral. Both were living off their past glories way too much to have self-awareness on their own problems; you only need to read Mark Webber's book on his time there to understand how stubborn those two were. Endlessly pointing fingers at BMW, rotation of driver changes since Ralf and JPM left, over-reliance on pay drivers and changing engines to Cosworth, Toyota, back to Cosworth, Renault and now Mercedes. I feel you can apply these issues similarly to Ron Dennis and McLaren before Andreas, Carlos and Lando joined.

      Alex PeakAlex Peak9 napja
    • @Patryk Klimczak no, chassis has been flawed for years. Williams own engineers have said an internal analysis revealed that the engine covered for a flawed chassis and wind tunnel data for many years until the other caught up.

      IanIan13 napja
    • @Dilip M Williams was sadly on a downward spiral before Claire came onto the scene. Frank Williams and Patrick Head (despite their brilliance) failed to adapt to what was required to stay at/near the top of F1 as times changed..................... Frank and Patrick allowed Adrian Newey to leave Williams in 1997 rather than giving Adrian a shareholding in the team - one of several missed opportunities Williams that slipped-through their fingers.....

      Grant ChallinorGrant Challinor14 napja
    • @Kilik Can't forget about the enormous advantage of mercedes power unit in 2014 when judging Williams strength at that time though.

      Patryk KlimczakPatryk Klimczak15 napja
    • @Frank Perales that's assuming everything is under her control with no external influence. Yes she's in charge but there are so many factors that can cause the issues Williams have and sounds like fundamentally Williams was already struggling to keep up with the expensive sport that is formula 1. Like Paddy said, Williams is an engineering company not a marketing company and without the stable cash flow they're severely limited by what they can do and the people the have around them.

      SpektrikSpektrik15 napja
  • mans a legend. full stop.

    BrigdzzBrigdzz17 napja
    • Okay Cyril

      Kyle KraemerKyle Kraemer16 napja
  • He did do a lot for Merc in all fairness

    Michael WazowskiMichael Wazowski17 napja
    • Don’t forget Williams and his ingenious active suspension

      Krappy FrappeKrappy Frappe17 napja

    ACCURXT3ACCURXT317 napja
    • What do you want? A medal?

      Gryph LaneGryph Lane16 napja
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • “Lewis this is paddy” “We need you to pick up the pace”

    Earl HenerzEarl Henerz17 napja
    • @Earl Henerz Lewis had mechanical DNFs in Australia and Canada; had to start from the back because of reliability in Germany and Hungary; was punted out of the lead by Nico in Belgium; had pole stolen thanks to Rosberg's dodgy tactics in Monaco; and yet STILL took 11 wins to Nico's 5 and won the title by 42 points (that's excluding double points in Abu Dhabi). 2014 was actually the year when Lewis' racepace advantage over Nico was most extreme.

      Elliot CrossanElliot Crossan11 napja
    • @M T Even if so, what's so wrong about that? Team orders happen every other day and once in a while they might happen against a driver that you like, get over it.

      TheLuckyluke211TheLuckyluke21114 napja
    • @M T rosberg deserved it in 2014

      Earl HenerzEarl Henerz15 napja
    • Nobody wants to admit it but this was essentially a team order for Hamilton to give the championship to Rosberg in the final race of the season when Mercedes had already won the constructors and guaranteed that no other team could win the drivers title. They had zero reason to intervene but did exactly that and gave an order for Hamilton to let Rosberg win. That's a fact. But everyone knows that was a dodgy season. The Hamilton hate brigade will never admit it but Mercedes clearly wanted Rosberg to win. It was a sympathy title for his years of service, which makes the fact that he left them high and dry at the end of the season even more hilarious.

      M TM T15 napja
    • Paddy, I'm actually in the lead right now, I'm quite comfortable of where I am"

      Peter FighterPeter Fighter16 napja
  • Sad

    Rodina JarošoviRodina Jarošovi17 napja
  • Wow this is going to be interesting