overly animated popcat

2021.febr. 4.
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when the animation takes so long that the meme isn't even relevant anymore
FUN FACT the original popcat's name is Oatmeal and he has 2 siblings, go check out their instagram! instagram.com/oatmealpopcat/?hl=en

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  • POP

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  • Mmmmmmm yes it took you a month to make that

    Unno Franco C. de LeonUnno Franco C. de Leon2 órája
  • Pop

    Accalia_YT123Accalia_YT1232 órája
  • me putting this on .25 speed so i can admire all the frames

    JackaloperJackaloper3 órája
  • Wiat he’s a furry right?

    Kid CeedayKid Ceeday3 órája

    Damien CollettiDamien Colletti4 órája
  • Yes

    kittycatzkittycatz4 órája
  • MAKE MORE VIDEOS AND FASTER *Autistic screeching*

    gary holdergary holder7 órája
  • 00:10 so many

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  • Pop cat: Pops for 10 seconds 10m people: I must see this

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  • Pop

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  • You now have given me a reason to sub

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  • A.k.a. perfectly animated

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  • Popflake

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  • 0:07 if u can pause it at 0:07 u see a super happy popcat

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  • Never again

    Rockin RobinRockin Robin20 órája
  • No more stories?

    Commit self deletus crap im a furry now Diddly darnCommit self deletus crap im a furry now Diddly darn22 órája
  • lies, this isn't overly animated, it's barely not an animatic

    nottakenawaynottakenaway22 órája
  • Wise words

  • that was 5 frames over and over

  • It's been 3 weeks since a new upload

    Leopard 2a7Leopard 2a7Napja
  • how do i draw

  • hello i would like an draw of me please i can pay of a art of you i promise its gonna be good

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  • Always a great work keep it up

  • Cute catto! Keep it up Chip!😍

    Nightmare DSNightmare DSNapja
  • Popflake the cat. Brilliant.

    Kori The IcewingKori The IcewingNapja
  • Dead ?


  • It’s.....beautiful

    Exran StlicenExran StlicenNapja
  • Haha Chip go pop

    Dusty AnimatesDusty AnimatesNapja
  • How many hours did it take you to make this?

    Terdy With his YouTuber and roblox friendsTerdy With his YouTuber and roblox friendsNapja
  • That was just super cute

    gaming pandasgaming pandasNapja
  • I kept trying to pause it when the cat closed their mouth lol

    a cata catNapja
  • Literally don’t even have words

    Event HoriXZ0nEvent HoriXZ0nNapja
  • I refuse to think this is from 3 weeks ago

    Asriel DreemurrAsriel DreemurrNapja
  • *M o r e* *G i v e m e m o r e*

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  • Lag

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  • I don’t know what to say... ... ... I’ll just subscribe...

  • Hi I love ur vids :)

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  • i feel so old and in the way

  • plz do a longer vid next vid

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  • Put it at 0.25 speed. Thank me later

    KK GrumbaKK GrumbaNapja
  • This took too short the world wasnt ready

    blue fox furryblue fox furry2 napja
  • This to too short the world wasnt ready

    blue fox furryblue fox furry2 napja
  • Me: * I hear a noise of things falling * me: it was the cat .... wait a moment, I don't even have a cat

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  • *y e s*

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  • pls make a plush i will like it🥺

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  • Now this is content I have signed up for

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  • pop

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  • Po popolo popolo po popolo pop😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

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  • I remember in i hate summer video that i said in the comments is good for you in a tropical country has no snow all wind and heat

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  • et

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  • Mood

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  • is chipflake a cat or a dog

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  • Hii

    ChipflakeChipflake3 napja
  • poppoppop

    Cas W.Cas W.3 napja
  • I ned moar frames

    Spit DragonSpit Dragon3 napja
  • This brings me joy.

    ChipcatsChipcats3 napja
  • I just want to say... *p o o p*

    esme maffezzini.esme maffezzini.3 napja
  • The inside of the cat's mouth is just void, i love it

    KhrisKhris3 napja
  • Hallo ich bin aus Deutschland

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  • pop

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  • Pop

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  • its perfect

    Lilly QuallsLilly Qualls3 napja
  • Hey hi ammm the truth is that I don't know much English (if something is misspelled that's why) I just wanted to tell you that I love your videos and although I don't understand much it's nice heh

    Caos Studio.Caos Studio.3 napja
  • Oh o m g

    Royal CutlerRoyal Cutler3 napja
  • this is my new favorite thing

    Cezanne AGTCezanne AGT3 napja
  • Beautiful. Like, this is unironically good. I know little about animation but this looks smooth as heck

    breadbread3 napja
  • it being overly animated made me assume it was going to be incredibly smooth and that cat would even slightly move while not doing anything

    Sulam01Sulam014 napja
  • this video is vital to my mental health and wellbeing

    Ryan NicelyRyan Nicely4 napja
  • Was expecting 60 fps

    XaistonsXaistons4 napja
  • *Everyone liked that.*

    Silver Wolf124Silver Wolf1244 napja
  • I would like to squish him

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  • Precious

    Leti LiberatricisimehLeti Liberatricisimeh4 napja

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  • that ear flip at the start, omg. i love it.

    Angry Pepper shakerAngry Pepper shaker4 napja
  • hello sir chipflake i like your animation but what you use to drawing and animate??

    Loris LOLLoris LOL4 napja
  • Its chipflake a boy or a girl.

    Jason PriceJason Price4 napja
  • Question:chip what gender do you Identify with

    ?!r a y!??!r a y!?4 napja
  • Думаю он про нас не забыл... Русских

  • Pop

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  • Hah, love it.

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  • At anytime in this video if you pause it the cat is smiling. Edit : not that end part

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  • 1st vid and I am subbing

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  • I think you mean perfectly animated popcat

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  • Satisfying 😁

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  • i like everything in the merch shop even the old ones

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  • chip i realy want the merch but i dont have enough money and i sub too : ) ( realy want that shirt

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  • Not animated enough!

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  • Closing in on 800k subs y’all

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  • Pop cat

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  • This. Is. ARRRT.

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  • You spent a month to do this nice

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  • Hold down 2 on a microwave and it will silence it for ever

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  • This. beautiful. masterful. yes. it might've taken a long time, but the sweat, effort, and time it took made it perfect.

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  • The D I N G U S cat

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  • smacks lips well watching this video

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  • how fun

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  • It’s a pop chip

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