Our 400hp Merch Van Beat Ken Block’s 1,400hp Hoonicorn!? // Hoonicorn Vs the World

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As you may already know, our breadbox LS swapped Merch Van remains undefeated out here on the air strip. And dammit, we’re about to keep it that way - at any cost.

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  • Imagine trying to chase that ice cream truck down the street. You have to wait 4 hours for your ice cream sandwich to defrost because it has a 500hp freezer.

    emf 303emf 30322 napja
    • Please, I'm begging you all, stop saying 'like' every other word and ending each statement with inflection in your voices. I have to skip straight to the race bc it's as if I'm listening to a bunch of teenage girls. It also makes the individual sound, well, 'like' they're an idiot. Be men ffs. Is this what we've come to? Speak like men! (notice how I used the word properly)

      Mr. TaintMr. Taint8 napja
    • They really did order them wrong

      Kymarte JacksonKymarte Jackson13 napja
    • 420hp

      Leland ForsterLeland Forster14 napja
    • huworld.info/flow/vide/tnlvrm2XqNHaa2c

      Toney VenterToney Venter19 napja
    • Superbikr

      Elιtε Øρρs ΨElιtε Øρρs Ψ19 napja
  • hahahaha

    fräsch ankafräsch anka16 órája
  • xD 11:53

    Mcstraw420Mcstraw42023 órája
  • he knew 7:03

  • race a tuned supra

    Patrick HamatPatrick HamatNapja
  • Hoonicorn vs F1 car !! I think hoonicorn will lose 😄

    Bömmel KöhnBömmel KöhnNapja
  • The car was built to go sideways yet its destroying everything from drag cars, exotics, tuned cars

    Jeremy FloresJeremy FloresNapja
  • Next video: Hoonicorn vs me sitting down it's going to be the best race if the century!!!!!!

  • You should race DDE's Nissan GTR :) And if you beat that there should be a rematch as soon as the 2000hp huracan and the twin turbo F12 is done :)

  • You should take hoonicorn to the drag strip and see what it runs in the quarter lol

    PatrickScott87lx393wPatrickScott87lx393w2 napja
  • Ken block vs Elon musk in his roadster !

    FuzzipiffenFuzzipiffen2 napja
  • I’m ready to see it race the Tesla roadster

    FuzzipiffenFuzzipiffen2 napja
  • Race the AWD cutlass

    Hippie MillerHippie Miller2 napja
  • Next the hoonicorn vs Ken s truck

    Cain GuzmanCain Guzman2 napja
  • HOONICORN!!! KEN BLOCK. You need to hookup with DeBoss Garage from Canada 🇨🇦 on HUworld channel. I think you may be interested in seeing this video here’s the link: huworld.info/flow/vide/t3ltxaDbibnXa6o He’s had this for years. It’s a AUDI QUATTRO SEDAN AWD POWERED BY A LS CHEVY TURBO GO TO THE LINK ABOVE I THINK YOU WOULD LIKE THIS.

    Eddie PattersonEddie Patterson2 napja
  • What did everyone really expect to happen 😂😂

    Johannes MartinJohannes Martin2 napja
  • Do the demon on drag pack and 840hp please.

    Illia PetrychenkoIllia Petrychenko3 napja
  • This series was just a big excuse to destroy the honnicorn engine before giving back to Ford

    Dinis SilvaDinis Silva3 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/3YRs36-ukaPZj5o

    Osama TarekOsama Tarek3 napja
  • The “yooo yoooooo” always cracks me up😂

    Chad O'FerrellChad O'Ferrell3 napja
  • A race against a drag bike would be cool

    Isael JaraIsael Jara4 napja
  • its funny how the hoonicorn just caught up with the van on 1500

    jacob bergeronjacob bergeron4 napja
  • You guys had a good, interesting series here but the choices of ‘competitors’ (if you could even call them that) are fucking laughable and getting worse by the episode. Race something good or fuck off.

    D RD R4 napja
  • By 6 seconds after the van reached finish line.

    TrialMacameauTrialMacameau4 napja
  • Next up: Hookicorn VS. A quadriplegic 💪

    Devil's AdvocateDevil's Advocate4 napja
  • I wanna se this Mustang vs tesla P100D 😁

    ElitejoseCR lopezElitejoseCR lopez4 napja
  • Why didnt they get Bisimoto out there?

    Dustin MeunierDustin Meunier4 napja
  • haha nice car

    Dunia MayaDunia Maya5 napja
  • Yk what would be an be an even closer match up?! V1 Hoonicorn verse the merch van

    Austin GainesAustin Gaines5 napja
  • You could make a two-stroke car

    Bacon FritoBacon Frito5 napja
  • huworld.info/to/osuG-_8zkvKxfh7zrSrvUA

    Anthony LombardoAnthony Lombardo5 napja
  • Hoonicorn should drage race up against gwaczilla (tanner fox's Nissan gtr r35) that'll be a good race in my opinion

  • Race please: f1 vs hoonicorn mustang :D

    Nicolás RivarolaNicolás Rivarola5 napja
  • that very amazing, you can see movie at my channel

    KingmovieKingmovie5 napja
  • Hoonicorn Vs 1400hp twin turbo SUPRA

    FFA BlackModzFFA BlackModz5 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/xqllsWi6a9jFsGc

    Real life stile of the world vlogReal life stile of the world vlog6 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/xqllsWi6a9jFsGc

    Real life stile of the world vlogReal life stile of the world vlog6 napja
  • This might be the last race against the hoonicorn

    Patrick StarPatrick Star6 napja
  • We need Merch Van in Forza Horizon 4.

    Acura TL GTLMAcura TL GTLM6 napja
  • Try with ducati yamaha Suzuki Aprilia motorcycle I mean super moto sports

    Parminder SinghParminder Singh6 napja
  • Hooonicorn vs supra

    Diego MartínezDiego Martínez6 napja
  • Live Long Hoonicorn🚩

    Jasvir SomalJasvir Somal7 napja
  • Why even race

    Brutal_ GunnerBrutal_ Gunner7 napja
  • Street Outlaws would be a good race !!

    Gerardo SanchezGerardo Sanchez7 napja
  • Misssed Hert, been missing from last epiosode lets Mop🧹 them

    Silver WorksSilver Works7 napja
  • c'est plus une boite ça, c'est une grosse caisse !!! pfff ...

    david vandereeckendavid vandereecken7 napja
  • please add subtitles in Spanish, as we are many followers of Latin America

    Gabo RuizGabo Ruiz7 napja
  • A true challenge would be The Street Outlaws

    Fuego EntertainmentFuego Entertainment7 napja
  • Do a Bugatti Cheron

    Callum HaineyCallum Hainey7 napja
  • Just please. Actually throw this thing on a real dragstrip. What's its time?

    T. Duncan ParkerT. Duncan Parker7 napja
  • Hoonicorn VS F1 .......

    savageZA76savageZA767 napja
  • Two weeks since the last video? And a month since the last donk video?

    GitsumGitsum7 napja
  • So... hear me out...Chrysler Pacifica hellcat...🤷🏻‍♂️

    Zach ChaffeeZach Chaffee7 napja
  • You can't say its faster than the RS-3 when it went 2-2 and had 2 cars on the hoonicorn in the "bonus round"

    Ethan NybergEthan Nyberg8 napja
  • Can you post a this vs that with a Volvo 850 please?

    Troy PughTroy Pugh8 napja
  • can it climb rockS???

    alexander lopesalexander lopes8 napja
  • Cmon y’all. Race a tuned hellcat or sum agora at

    Cary PayneCary Payne8 napja
  • Hoonicorn needs to raise Cletus and Leroy

    James CampbellJames Campbell8 napja
  • Hoonicorn needs to raise Cletus

    James CampbellJames Campbell8 napja
  • Donk paint takes a whole month holy shit this paint better be nice

  • wtf is happening with hoonagen >? no new videos of late ? 2 weeks?

    Josh PJosh P8 napja
    • Ken block broke up with ford

      TopoleTopole8 napja
  • Next episode: Hoonicorn vs a snail.

    phil Lauronphil Lauron8 napja
  • Lol quit dodging the fast people ken ts gets boring rq when you race a awd 1400hp car against some car that makes half your power and rwd🤦‍♂️.. lol i see this series as a joke only. Nothing more🤷🏻‍♂️

    Goten VangGoten Vang8 napja
  • The horn needs to go off like an ice cream van😂

    Craig SteadCraig Stead8 napja
  • Next video. Hoonicorn vs Bugatti veyron

    Dr. WheelDr. Wheel9 napja
  • bruh imagine a Merch Van DLC in Horizon

    CJ SmithCJ Smith9 napja
  • VS Boba motoring golf??

    cioppiaricicioppiarici9 napja
  • As expected, foreigners are bigger than our country. I am Korean.

    박새로이박새로이9 napja
  • Next episode will be without The Hoonicorn😭😭😭

    _DIMID__DIMID_9 napja
  • Next episode: hoonicorn vs Corvette ZR1

    Kevin2001Kevin20019 napja
  • Avoided Leroy the whole time ..... sad

    Austin's StuffAustin's Stuff9 napja
  • Very nice vid mate :) i'm in drifting now for a few months. Still need some practice with my E60

    steve romeosteve romeo9 napja
  • Next episode against SF90

    MasterF HDMasterF HD9 napja
  • Hoonicorn Vs worlds fastest Mustang

    tyler reedtyler reed10 napja
  • Should. Bring back shitcar i mean sickcar

    VeryUnskilledVeryUnskilled10 napja
  • i want to see hoonicorn vs devel sixteen)

    DeckronDeckron10 napja
  • Go ken vs Koenigsegg^???

    Kroko lektorKroko lektor10 napja
  • Where’s the diesel Camaro? Could it beat the hoonicorn? The world may never know

    ezekiel stauduharezekiel stauduhar10 napja
  • Hey hoonigan I know y’all probably busy I love y’all videos an shows an I need one of yall suggestions on engines I Have a 2002 Ford escort I want to do a engine Swap So it can be a more fun car @hoonigan

    Unknown TVUnknown TV10 napja
  • Tell me why Ken block looks like Rob dyrdek's dad?

    Joseph RolfJoseph Rolf10 napja
  • Their doing cars that they know the hoonicorn can beat. They got scared when the Audi and Nova almost beat them. It’s not entertaining anymore give us a real race like a funny car or f1 or even a super bike for that matter.

    The WillThe Will10 napja
  • NEXT EPISODE: HOONICORN VS SUPRA 1000hp that would be insane

    Juancho RSJuancho RS10 napja
  • Hoonnicorn vs Cletus mcfarlands drag car like if u think that would be a good race

  • what a waste of time

    Sesto GodSesto God10 napja
  • Am I the only one that wonders why they don’t mention racing rob?

    Daniel VasquezDaniel Vasquez10 napja
  • That van is insane 😂

    Erick GarciaErick Garcia10 napja
  • It’s been a straight month since the last video loll

    B.justice96B.justice9611 napja
  • You guys gotta get cleetus and Leroy on here!

    Greg CollinsGreg Collins11 napja
    • Ken block doesn’t have to hoonicorn no more Ford took it

      Tyriq StewartTyriq Stewart11 napja
  • its on steelies yet it racea a mofo race car developed by ford xD

    DanTeDanTe11 napja
  • 🤘💣🚀📹🎤😎🤔🤯😳🤣🙂🤘👍🏻🇺🇦🤘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Игорь БелокИгорь Белок11 napja
  • Where is the race of the Hoonicorn vs Underground Racing Huracan Twin Turbo and the R8 twin turbo? That is what i want to see...

    Ricardo ContrerasRicardo Contreras11 napja
  • Bruh u should race Jake Paul’s lambo

    Avvs_Avvs_11 napja
  • race vs boba golf

    Sergium46Sergium4611 napja
  • Try racing Boba motoring mk2 golf bet you won't win against it

    Emilijus OnusaitisEmilijus Onusaitis11 napja
  • next : the hoonicorn vs madmike

    Farrel rastaFarrel rasta11 napja
  • Next race hoonicorn Vs elderly woman 96 years old ,blind ,no legs ,1 arm in wheel chair with flat tyres and head start of 1318 feet

    jermaine austinjermaine austin11 napja
  • “Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good luck”ig nbg.riah

    Uriah SloanUriah Sloan11 napja
  • Next Episode: Hoonicorn VS a Glacier "Whoa this things got a 400 Trillion Ci of capacity, how can the Ken beat this?"

    bunter6bunter612 napja
  • If you want to handicap the Hoonicorn, have the heaviest guy on your team ride shotgun in the Hoonicorn and man a secondary camera at the same time while you come up with all sorts of crazy different ways to make the drag race interesting.

    Kamen Rider BladeKamen Rider Blade12 napja
  • Well no more hoonicorn.. sucks him and ford split, ford took the hoonicorn like it was a devorsed kid.

    Eric HernandezEric Hernandez12 napja