Orochimaru's Autograph | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

2020.nov. 1.
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Ep 172: Team 5 ask Orochimaru for his autograph! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-Boruto
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  • Remember when Orochimaru used to be the scariest character?

    Otaku 66Otaku 6610 órája
  • 1:17 at this very moment Orochimaru is considering planning to destroy konoha again

    TSU OSTTSU OST14 órája
  • This is literally like trying to get Hitler's autograph in the middle of ww2

    thejuicerisgone321thejuicerisgone32119 órája
  • :v

  • Orochimaru

    Dominque BenavidezDominque BenavidezNapja
  • I still cant believe that they just let this guy walk free like he did nothing. I mean this guy killed hundreds maybe thousands of people.. and nearly destroyed the leaf.

    Siale FinauSiale Finau2 napja
  • They turned this series into a joke

    Gabe GutzGabe Gutz2 napja
  • Orochimaru looks at himself in photo I really looked like this back then my hair it’s everywhere I look like a insane person

    MyHeroBeastEMyHeroBeastE2 napja
  • 0:41

    Ajei TanglaoAjei Tanglao3 napja
  • Remember when he was a cold blooded murderer...

    This Beautiful Crazy LifeThis Beautiful Crazy Life3 napja
  • CAN WE HAVE A AUTOGRAPH OROCHIMARU?! Orochimaru: 😐 *dramatic Background music dies in confusion*

    hlaverhlaver3 napja
  • 0:43 lol

    Afrazur RahmanAfrazur Rahman4 napja
  • Those shiny snake eyes

    Afrazur RahmanAfrazur Rahman4 napja
  • These three actually managed to surprise Orochimaru enough to get a comedy background out of him. That's rare.

    AoshaAosha4 napja
  • If this was any time during shippuden, those kids woulda had their bodies dismembered or taken over

    Alvin LeeAlvin Lee4 napja
  • Episode please?

    Otaku UchihaOtaku Uchiha4 napja
  • Maybe for us just how much Orochimaru has changed ever since in Shippuden Sasuke resurrected him, but in this episode, somehow just reminded us How deadly Orochimaru used to be, but now seeing him messing around with kids just seems I dunno, funny and playful.

    Andrew SYHAndrew SYH4 napja
  • oh what they have done to my boi...

    Gabriel OrtizGabriel Ortiz4 napja
  • 1:09 Orochimaru: damn, they didn't get my good side.

    just an average nerdjust an average nerd5 napja
  • People who skipped Boruto fillers missing out on Orochimarus Autograph

    ShamanzShamanz5 napja
    • This wasn’t a filler I think; maybe it was half half

      Kane LawKane Law3 napja

    Aaliyah HernandezAaliyah Hernandez5 napja
    • I call that character development

      lucky nooblucky noob5 napja
  • After last episode everyone wants Orochimaru’s autograph ✍🏻

    Stoke ManStoke Man6 napja
  • It’s the music cutting off for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    trevor bolintrevor bolin6 napja
    • This honestly made me laugh just as much as Naruto pulling that reverse stuff on Kaguya

      Kane LawKane Law3 napja
  • Does Orochimaru just keep an ink-dipped paintbrush up his sleeve?? I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since he's a passionate scientist but....how??

    YourAveragePsychicNarratorYourAveragePsychicNarrator6 napja
  • did he just make a seal!?

    LynchMobbinLynchMobbin6 napja
  • They are lucky that it wasn't the old orochimaru.

    Justin PughJustin Pugh6 napja
  • This episode was so funny

    vzijah !vzijah !6 napja
  • why is boruto becoming yugi oh....

    nagito komaedanagito komaeda6 napja
  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 I thought they were going to ask for mitsuki

    Dark HeartDark Heart6 napja
  • Lets not forget they did have ninja info cards

    10RexTheWolf0110RexTheWolf017 napja
  • ...I think... It may be my imagination, or just a wrong interpretation, but I'm pretty sure he read the card effect and got mad at how weak it was compared to how dangerous he actually is. I really hope that's why he said that they were underestimating him, because that reality is perfect for me.

    Mk6-TWAGGYMk6-TWAGGY7 napja
  • Bro orochimaru is basically one of the most powerful people on that planet he's still not even close to like 1/1000'th of naruto's power but he's still incredibly powerful and these three gennin come up and are "like hey mr. Ultra super immortal super ultra terrorist yeah can you sign this card"

    ZeR0_Ta1enTZeR0_Ta1enT7 napja
  • Quien hable español , dele Like al vídeo .

    Mónica 11Mónica 117 napja
  • Anybody knows what's exactly written on orochimaru's card that actually annoys him at 1:11?

    Sam SoulSam Soul8 napja
    • Probably weak attributes, similar to what you see on Pokémon cards ig

      Kane LawKane Law3 napja
  • He's the prettier version of Hinata

    AneeshaAneesha8 napja
  • For a second I thought that they spelled his name wrong or something XD But I'd lowkey try to find him just so he would give me his autograph XD

    Farahnaz Gul mohammadiFarahnaz Gul mohammadi8 napja
  • Who knows how scared the kids are

    Xxminecrafpro9006Xxminecrafpro90068 napja
  • anyone noticed he was looking directly at how his name was written in the card with danger aura

    Leonel MolinaresLeonel Molinares8 napja
  • Remember when Orochimaru assassinated The Third Hokage.

    Redhead 2056Redhead 20568 napja
    • assassinated? He did that to the Fourth Kazekage.

      InfinityInfinity8 napja
  • 0:43 Orochimaru's Funny face (his reaction)😂😂😂😂😂

    WildGalaxyWildGalaxy9 napja
  • You gotta give it up for the new generation went all this way to a known killers lab just for a autograph

    ICJMK2ICJMK29 napja
  • Kid that why you don’t smoke or else your voice will be like orochmirau

    Isaiah JonesIsaiah Jones9 napja
  • I love Orochimaru 💜🐍 his heart warmed over time like Piccolo's

    Tabithia MooreTabithia Moore9 napja
  • Little boys asking for autographs to war criminals... looks like the USA to me.

    Francisco Javier Rodríguez GarcíaFrancisco Javier Rodríguez García9 napja
  • What a shame.

    IoSonoAleMIoSonoAleM9 napja
  • I thought it said “Orochimaru’s Paragraph”

    dejadeja9 napja
  • If they're scared of this Orochimaru, wait until they hear stories from Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke

    Lore&LiteratureLore&Literature9 napja
    • @Jessica Sousa Well then, their fear is understandable

      Lore&LiteratureLore&Literature9 napja
    • They saw his criminal report before this scene

      Jessica SousaJessica Sousa9 napja
  • Hey can I ask who’s the white haired dude he pretty handsome 🥰

    Wendy ShayWendy Shay9 napja
  • Orochimaru wasn't prepared for this XD

    sam lukesam luke9 napja
  • 4th great ninja war Neji dyes for the next generation Next generation goes to the man who killed two kages for an autograph on a Pokemon card

    Not SwiftNot Swift10 napja
  • Orochimaru's thoughts: Ah, I was so young, strong and dangerous ...

    Алишер МедетовАлишер Медетов10 napja
  • I want his autograph too ;)

    Waad ElamirWaad Elamir11 napja

    Waad ElamirWaad Elamir11 napja
  • Naruto: *Sasuke goes to Orichimaru to achieve great power Boruto: “Please can we have your autograph!”

    AliAli11 napja
  • Lol Suigetsu is jelly bec orichimaru is famous now

    Naisa UsmanNaisa Usman11 napja
  • I like how he flicks the card to them,they didn't have to animate that..but they did

    puttjeputtje12 napja
  • I don't think it is a wise idea to ask a ninja to autograph anything. After all ut could very well be a seal or jutsu.

    Takezo KimuraTakezo Kimura13 napja
  • I think three people just crapped themselves

    Samuel GreenSamuel Green13 napja
  • Lol

    DeltaXproDeltaXpro13 napja
  • "Hey kids wanna buy some curse marks"

    marc thomasmarc thomas13 napja
  • Orochimaru is so beautiful now

    CrimsonRaijinCrimsonRaijin14 napja
  • What episode?

    New NaturelNew Naturel14 napja
    • 171 or172.

      Orochimaru The SanninOrochimaru The Sannin10 napja
  • Imagine watching this without context. I can practically hear the audience all saying "What?" in unison XD

    New GuestNew Guest14 napja
  • Lol

    Mini TodorokiMini Todoroki14 napja
  • Suigetsu standing there like :👁👄👁

    Damn ItDamn It14 napja
  • Porque le brotan los ojos

    Gladis HerreraGladis Herrera14 napja
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Orochimaru is SSR?

    Incognito AccountIncognito Account14 napja
  • 0:43 That face when the 2020 Calender resets back to January 1, 2020.

    DZ Genesiszero1986DZ Genesiszero198614 napja
    • Or when 11:60 hits on December 31 2020

      Kane LawKane Law3 napja
  • This episode is quite fun but I have officially lost all hope for Boruto

    Honore LeandreHonore Leandre15 napja
    • Then just stop watching, no one else cares

      T.T.10 napja
  • this is seriously what naruto has become...

    Good MemeGood Meme15 napja
  • this is like trumps kids asking bin ladin for a autograph

    Talha TahiatTalha Tahiat15 napja
  • I want to say Orochimaru is a good guy now.. I really do but I can't for some reason lol. Maybe because of all the hundreds of deaths and experiments..

    William FitzGeraldWilliam FitzGerald15 napja
  • Imagine if orochimaru got mad at the stats they gave him 🤣

    NahNah15 napja
  • Not Hokage, but still famous ahah

    Sylferion NightwalkerSylferion Nightwalker15 napja
  • Idk why but Orochimaru reminds me of Neji because of his hair and outfit

    I love. Anime.I love. Anime.15 napja
  • 0:21 the face that suigetsu is making lol

    Kira UchihaKira Uchiha15 napja
  • The real trick is to get an autograph from Jiraiya.

    IPIayIPIay15 napja
  • 10 years ago describing this scene to a naruto fan would be considered dumb fanfic. It's heartwarming see these characters develop in their own unique ways

    Kashimaro ClickclickKashimaro Clickclick15 napja
  • I don't know if i have to cry or laugh anymore :/

    Guifire97Guifire9716 napja
  • Imagine being a major threat to the world only for it to all turn peaceful. Then you're part of a children's card game. Just insulting.

    NRaahNRaah16 napja
  • remember when orochimaru killed loads of people

    Gypsy FreakGypsy Freak16 napja
    • he’s still doing experiments .... the leaf is just happy to ignore it if he agrees to stay under house arrest and be lowkey

      believe itbelieve it11 napja
  • Orochimaru, one of the fiercest and most intimating villains of the Naruto series has been reduced to signing autographs for children.

    SDMIII :SDMIII :16 napja
  • Honestly, I would ask Orochimaru for an autograph

    Nikita KazakevicNikita Kazakevic16 napja
  • i wanna makea vid on the philosphy of orochimaru and how has it changed but idk . it might be a good project for my psychology class

    MiightMiight16 napja
  • Orochimaru did nothing wrong

    Yüce KayzerYüce Kayzer16 napja
  • Bruh orochimaru is sasuke with snake features

    Richard SimbaRichard Simba17 napja
  • "Charles, the world is not the same as it was".

    Nicolas F.Nicolas F.17 napja
  • Oh no what did they do to you Orochimaru

    Rusty CrutchesRusty Crutches17 napja
  • 1:31 how much is that card going to go for in the hidden life market after being autographed by him?

    Jay AriJay Ari17 napja
  • Glad to see that orochimaru is also tired of the new generation

    Anthony Barajas125Anthony Barajas12517 napja
  • So why did I get this garbage in recommended after rewatching madara vs shinobi forces?

    Hristo PavlovHristo Pavlov17 napja
  • Remember when just hearing the name Orochimaru gave you chills? *This is him now.*

    TheFutureEyeTheFutureEye17 napja
  • Did Orochimaru figure out a way to sustain his life without killing people? I was under the assumption that his vessels didn't last very long and that he would have to constantly find a new body like how a Snake sheds its skin.

    NotTheWheelNotTheWheel17 napja
    • Presumably, he is still in the last body we saw him have, the zetsu body which is immortal

      believe itbelieve it11 napja
  • suigetsu is was so jelly

    Sahra UchihaSahra Uchiha17 napja
  • He went through multiple levels of deflation. I wonder what disappointed him more; the card or their request?

    Blasé PunkBlasé Punk17 napja
  • Orochimaru, when kids come to him for an autograph and not power or revenge: *disappointed snake noises*

    Таисия ПросвироваТаисия Просвирова17 napja
    • Tsst tsst tst~

      ShamanzShamanz5 napja
  • I think Orochimaru didn't do anything to them because he got his ego tickled

    TheRealBanditoTheRealBandito17 napja
  • Yeah, Orochimaru has been reduced to being a comic relief; however, the dude is alive and outlived every single naruto villain, so he is a winner after all. I just wish that if they go this route with Orochimaru, the dude unleashes his full power which has to be quite amazing. He has no body limitations like back in the day and now with hashirama cells and access to the sharingan + snake sage mode, the dude has to be a monster.

    Omega StormOmega Storm17 napja
  • How does the orochimaru in the card have better animation then the current one???

    Sameer AshiSameer Ashi17 napja
  • do they not know boruto and sarada walked in there without breaking a sweat

    dark_haker2dark_haker217 napja