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Funny moments from TikTok 😂. This is funny video like others on TikTok: with some stuff, tricks, jokes, comedy, fun. I have compiled many videos from TikTok, check out TikTok Compilation! TikTok videos like this can really make people entertain and laugh, provides a good mood.
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    ZutiGangZutiGang13 napja
    • @tobias rieper his video are not trase

      Bina ShrivastavaBina Shrivastava43 perccel
    • لابةجصخموب

      nn طين Najmnn طين Najm5 órája
    • WOE

      Eddie AdamsEddie Adams10 órája
    • Ooooóóooooooooooooooooooooo Maga

      Ninet GonzalezNinet GonzalezNapja
    • Oooooooooóooooooooooóooooóoomaga

      Ninet GonzalezNinet GonzalezNapja
  • Sooooooooo clickbait

    pigeonpigeon9 perccel
  • He’s the type of Guy that calls his friend on the other side of the world to tell it’s night even though it’s day time for the friend

    lol plays gameslol plays games20 perccel
  • It literally says at the bottom right corner "Its in reverse" bruh who you tryna fool man?? ._.

    fqackityy738fqackityy73821 perce
  • Guys he put a wireless charging pad under the table so it can charge

    Haseeb RahatHaseeb Rahat35 perccel
  • He's the type of guy who asks a person is he crying while the person is crying....

    Gauri KGauri KÓrája
  • 😱😱

    bayarshogt erhsaranbayarshogt erhsaranÓrája
  • *Hey guys welcome back to another episode of ' He's the type of guy'*

  • This happens when you don't focus on science.

    Jagdish KumarJagdish KumarÓrája
  • Kuch v

  • ワイヤレス充電 ⸝⸝⸝⸝じゃねえこ?

  • تجروبا بنت فشلا زيكو

    Tbarak MohamedTbarak Mohamed2 órája
  • Yes, it's fake.

    Baked PotatoesBaked Potatoes2 órája
  • Y u always jealous to others video🙄

    SOLOSOLO2 órája
  • 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

    Ipoel NAIpoel NA2 órája
  • U got 1M likes now, please stop

    DeviLanceDeviLance2 órája
  • He's the type of guy

    Mattia MurèMattia Murè2 órája
  • Bruh I love how this has 1.7m likes and it’s so fake you can see the edits that he does

    KrakheadzzzKrakheadzzz2 órája
  • I try that and that fake she is the guy who type so ewwww

    Brax CalvoBrax Calvo2 órája
  • When you get like 5x more likes LOOL

    Whis69Whis693 órája
  • Pintar kali

    Sri HandayaniSri Handayani3 órája
  • All people saying start with "he is a type of a guy"😅

    Mica LagmanMica Lagman3 órája
  • wow!

    kitty lir-ikitty lir-i3 órája
  • Wow it’s cool 🤩😱

    Ali TurkmenAli Turkmen3 órája
  • Okay! Is it just me or is this guy making "Cradles" annoying for everyone?

    Huzaifa AbbasiHuzaifa Abbasi3 órája

    Hammad KingHammad King3 órája
  • Omg no way

    Anne marielle NieloAnne marielle Nielo4 órája
  • He is the type of guy who would search for his watch to know the time while he is wearing and looking at it

    Attie YakittyAttie Yakitty4 órája
  • Idiot

    Yusuf MuhammadYusuf Muhammad4 órája
  • Why is his like button on the left? WTF

    big yes successbig yes success4 órája
  • OMG!

    Yaretzi LopezYaretzi Lopez4 órája
  • I smell cap

    James Games101James Games1015 órája
  • he's the type of guy that write “he's the type of guy” comments 😐

    pacificean.pacificean.5 órája
  • Chul jhootha

    Lakhbir SinghLakhbir Singh6 órája
  • wow

    Peppa PigPeppa Pig6 órája
  • Fake

    Elizabete OliveiraElizabete Oliveira6 órája
  • It's a blutooth charger may be

    HIP_HOP_ TruthHIP_HOP_ Truth6 órája
  • Leave me please

  • Isso e rela gente eu em

    Dhemisom BarrosDhemisom Barros7 órája
  • 😂كلاوات

    زياد طارق عليزياد طارق علي9 órája
  • He's the type of guy who would drink a windex bottle for 1 million dollars from a man who lives on the streets

    MLAST78MLAST789 órája
  • you got more then what he got

    Cody RegaspiCody Regaspi9 órája
  • It’s just a Bluetooth charger 🙄🙄🙄

    Your average foxboy with a pistolYour average foxboy with a pistol10 órája
  • Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que vc proucura

    JLzum ffJLzum ff10 órája
  • impossible noway

    Namjoon FelixNamjoon Felix10 órája
  • So fake

    Trevor FrancisTrevor Francis10 órája
  • Fake

    Elsa Lopez arceElsa Lopez arce10 órája
  • Zutiwan

    2 Benicio Armendano2 Benicio Armendano10 órája
  • I’ts lie

    확킬확킬10 órája
  • Fake

    Herbert ManzHerbert Manz10 órája
  • اكل خرا💩💩💩

    H7〆 AHMEDH7〆 AHMED10 órája
  • والله جذب

    حمودب ياروحيحمودب ياروحي11 órája
  • Eres un mentiroso

    Fan BiaFan Bia11 órája
  • Napewno działa

    Asiula KalekAsiula Kalek11 órája
  • Hahaha even more fake I tried this one

    RILEY govenderRILEY govender11 órája
  • He is the type of guy to read all terms and conditions and press decline

    Atomic Booy1Atomic Booy111 órája
  • My brain when i see this: why this even exists!!!

    Alan MiedzianowskiAlan Miedzianowski11 órája
  • hE iS tYpE oF gUy

    gacha._.dreamxxgacha._.dreamxx12 órája
  • Fake

    Thomasalexander BoyenThomasalexander Boyen12 órája
  • Gente do Céu

    maria silvamaria silva12 órája
  • Cap

    Elord xx10Elord xx1012 órája
  • He's the type of guy who climbs a glass wall to see what's on the other side

    Kōzume KenmaKōzume Kenma13 órája
  • Real fake 🤣🤣🤣

    Anura SanthaAnura Santha13 órája
  • You can see the cord at least the first one was good at editing

    Landon PelkeyLandon Pelkey13 órája
  • This you tuber always uploaded fake shorts... Which has no meaning

    Ibrahim Khan VlogsIbrahim Khan Vlogs13 órája
  • Holly shit omg yduegei fack

    prince jonesprince jones14 órája
  • He’s the type of guy that clickbaits everyone

    Aaron TailorAaron Tailor14 órája
  • Rip science 🙏🙏

    Shalni VermaShalni Verma14 órája

    Cliona mageeCliona magee14 órája
  • He’s the type of guy to make 3am videos in 2017

    Brakadyios XBrakadyios X14 órája
  • Cacaaaaaa de bideo

    Miguel CeballosMiguel Ceballos14 órája
  • wired be like mai kya karu job cbodhdu🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    Samurai GAMINGSamurai GAMING15 órája
  • He's the type of guy who jumps of the roof of his house to see if the fly hack worked

    Dark SpecDark Spec15 órája
  • Plate changer😂😂

    B O TB O T15 órája
  • They really be thinking we’re dumb no one believes this

    Mily JaneMily Jane15 órája
  • "He is the type of guy"what to say now

    QÙÃŔŘØQÙÃŔŘØ16 órája

  • That’s cap

    Shea ClarkShea Clark16 órája
  • he's the type of guy that would go to the toilet when he doesn't need to but still pisses himself

    Maria SlavovskiMaria Slavovski16 órája
  • 😱😱😱😱😱

    Stephanie & Louis ForeverStephanie & Louis Forever17 órája
  • Soooo fake

    Velizar HristovVelizar Hristov17 órája
  • This is electric paint

    Suhail AhamdSuhail Ahamd17 órája
  • Kok pas gw coba hp gw meledak ya🤔

    si kecoa_ngendoksi kecoa_ngendok17 órája
  • Everyone : He is a type of guy... Me : He is not a guy 😎😋

    Ashray RanipaAshray Ranipa17 órája
  • Power bank in ışığı neden yanmıyor

    Ali Sabit AzakAli Sabit Azak17 órája
  • He’s the type chain has started

    Blessing MBlessing M17 órája
  • Hes the type of guy to climb a glass wall to see whats on the other side

  • Bruh

    Cuklev BojanCuklev Bojan18 órája
  • Fact or Cap

    lane darlinglane darling18 órája
  • He is the type of guy to cancel his doctors appointment because he’s sick.

    CradevfxCradevfx18 órája
  • Ты 1,6 млн

    дархан сабетдархан сабет18 órája
  • Claro com certeza isso funciona

    Gabriel ZaninGabriel Zanin18 órája
  • ιт α ωιяєℓєѕѕ ¢нαяgє тнαт тнєу αяє υѕιиg

    Dragon and PheonixDragon and Pheonix18 órája
  • I'm the comment you are looking for🖐️

    Godwin JosephGodwin Joseph18 órája
  • Hahaha it's wireless charger

    Rishi TannaRishi Tanna18 órája
  • Fire xpanding araund my room is hard to break but is alright (sorry I'm Spanish my English is so bad)

    JpedribJpedrib19 órája
  • After seeing these comments, Me also intrested to write something crazy but no idea 💡😅

    vijaya lakshmivijaya lakshmi19 órája
  • He is the type of guy trying to do a magic trick but fails and one person get tricked

    upen Dasupen Das19 órája