Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

2021.jan. 7.
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

  • I thought Sabrina was dating farkle from gmw Edit: ik his name is Cory but like saying farkle

    Precious PlangePrecious Plange5 órája
  • Lol why is Sabrina pissed off about this song? Girls team up and beat the shit outta the world stop fighting over a goddamn boy who doesn't deserve either of you queens

    chhavi Sharmachhavi Sharma5 órája
  • I can’t even imagine how heartbroken she must have been to write and sing this song...I’m emotional listening to it

    Jades WasabiJades Wasabi5 órája
  • Kicking himself now

    kayleigh eastkayleigh east5 órája
  • A true fact: No one can sing this song the way Olivia does.

    tannistha ashtannistha ash5 órája
  • İ'm just addicted to this song🖤

    Nour elhouda AtigNour elhouda Atig5 órája
  • I never noticed u till I saw u were from BIZARDVARK

    crazy feetcrazy feet5 órája

    crazy feetcrazy feet5 órája
  • queen

    amandaamanda5 órája
  • Minor

  • 2021 needed someone like you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Samantha BissonetteSamantha Bissonette5 órája
  • Sabrina 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

    Pamela Laurita JeimalePamela Laurita Jeimale5 órája
  • Joshua sok ganteng anjink

    Rheina ZaskiaRheina Zaskia5 órája
  • This song is overrated

    Chloé Roy-RousselotChloé Roy-Rousselot5 órája
  • I can't wait to see you in Wish Bus!

    Lance PCLance PC5 órája
  • nice

    pastelsinsspastelsinss5 órája
  • This is a MOVIE

    Brooke SlottyBrooke Slotty5 órája
  • I’ve been listening to this for 2 weeks straight 😭

    Shauna KShauna K5 órája
  • Omg Sabrina just released a song about this this is sooooo much better

    Nilu1aNilu1a5 órája
  • Before this video came out Olivia had 200k subs. Now she has 1.16 mil. GO OLIVIA I LOVE YOU YOUR FINALLY GETTING THE ATTENTION YOU DESERVE. GO QUEEN!!!! :D

    Zainab JafferyZainab Jaffery5 órája

    不知道要叫什麼不知道要叫什麼5 órája
  • who’s here after skins? 👁👁

    saeesha santoshsaeesha santosh5 órája
  • this song is so overrated dude

    Immaculate EditsImmaculate Edits5 órája
  • Omgggg I love it

  • Olivia: hey guys let’s all write a song and pretend there’s a love triangle. Josh and Sabrina: ok sounds like fun you go first. Radio plays drivers licence. Josh and Sabrina: Oh fuck.

    Screen HairScreen Hair5 órája
  • 1:00 thank me later 🤍

    Xxminty_vibesxXXxminty_vibesxX5 órája
  • she swore.... oop- where did that disney channel pg olivia go?

    anaum khananaum khan5 órája
  • Ilove song

    Eulises ManuelEulises Manuel5 órája
  • If vocals could kill I would be dead now thanks to Olivia-

    Kpop Kai ChelseaFCKpop Kai ChelseaFC5 órája
  • I loved it when I Heard It the first time and I always listen to it if I need to

    ꧁Břøĸëņ ɦėāŗť꧂꧁Břøĸëņ ɦėāŗť꧂5 órája
  • Come to Brazil 🇧🇷

    Gabriel RamosGabriel Ramos5 órája
  • I can't stop listening to this song :>

  • Definitely my favorite song rn you are so amazing and your voice...ahhhhhhh

    Those Random WeirdosThose Random Weirdos5 órája
  • Perfeito

  • Imagine how many people come here every second.... Like if you are one...

    Erving RodriguezErving Rodriguez5 órája
  • Here before 100M :D !

    Muneera AliMuneera Ali5 órája
  • *"How you could be so okay now that I'm gone"* Me: 💔

    itsOhKayeKarenitsOhKayeKaren5 órája
  • Oliva Rodrigo You have so much talent !! *flaps happy hands !! this is so good !! you know millons of people are watching this right now !!

    Peter LutzPeter Lutz5 órája
  • I’m not sure at what point in this song Sabrina or Joshua felt attacked and then felt the need to write a song in petty response🙄. This is a great song about raw emotions. Period.😑

    Sarah KuhnSarah Kuhn5 órája
  • we are with you liv

    Luana PaivaLuana Paiva5 órája
  • Musica foda tradução melhor ainda mds do céu artista

    maisa marianamaisa mariana5 órája
  • The lyrics hurts but you're too young for this drama. "Forever" in that age is just a joke.

    balalaikabalalaika5 órája
  • This song is my worst imaginary break up

    Eun jae ChaEun jae Cha5 órája
  • I wonder what she was thinking about during this whole video

    SimplyPusheenSimplyPusheen5 órája
  • I'm here because i want to have a new friend and tell him/her what my problem is, plss :((

    Ella GarotcheElla Garotche5 órája
    • I'm here for you

      Havila SunHavila Sun5 órája
  • I don't stop listening to her, this song is soo good!!

    Ronny ParedesRonny Paredes5 órája
  • Who hurt you ?

    Flixy FixedFlixy Fixed5 órája
  • Brasil


    yy7ywyy7yw5 órája
  • Her voice is just amazing and unbelievable

    ValeriaValeria5 órája
  • when she said " And i just can't imagine how you could be so ok now that im gone" Hits different urghhh y naman ganern

    Jenelyn SalangJenelyn Salang5 órája
  • Essa é a melhor música que já escutei na minha vida, tô viciada 😔✋✨

    Bianca ScheibelBianca Scheibel5 órája
  • Sabrina tried

    French TheoryFrench Theory5 órája
  • Great song! But this reminds that I need to get my license.

    Norman MartinezNorman Martinez5 órája
  • I'm not invested in this drama I'm not invested in this drama I'm not invested in this drama *sips tea* ☕

    mahimamahima5 órája
  • The first time I heard this I was happy and didn't hit me that hard then, But now I'm sad and oh, boy!

    Chaidan SatishChaidan Satish5 órája
  • Late night feels💔

    Vonny ChannelVonny Channel5 órája

    girls gaminggirls gaming5 órája
    • Do u like sabrina?

      Fer GOFer GO5 órája
  • sweetie who hurt you,, i just wanna talk-

    HeyImJey!!HeyImJey!!5 órája
  • Who's here after Sabrina's song ?

    SejdaSejda5 órája
  • Cant talk right now I’m doing hot girl sht☺️💔

    nobodyaskednobodyasked5 órája
  • I lovee❤❤❤

    Roberta Gasparetto ArantesRoberta Gasparetto Arantes5 órája
  • This song makes me feel like I'm heartbroken when I'm not lol

    Kay RoseKay Rose5 órája
  • 62 Million Views in 2 Weeks, you on your way up there.

    NewDayNathanNewDayNathan5 órája
  • Heather 2.0

    Maria KaylaneMaria Kaylane5 órája
    • True

      Arilen LundArilen Lund5 órája
  • fuck got me crying again

    – kireina– kireina5 órája
  • I just got dumped I am crying rn my old boyfriend already has another date

    Chewbie74Chewbie745 órája
  • Woah... this song hits different

    Juliette x LouiseJuliette x Louise5 órája
  • This song is soo good

    No nameNo name5 órája
  • Imagine how manny people are listinging this right now

    Lila HadiLila Hadi5 órája
  • Here before 1b views 👇

    Eve LimEve Lim5 órája
  • I'm crying on my frnds I just don't wanna leave them nor they to leave me 🥺

    suravi gssuravi gs5 órája
  • Olivia Rodrigo looks like a sister of Catriona Grey, is it just me? Well okay

    Rachel Vanrose L. PaglinawanRachel Vanrose L. Paglinawan5 órája
  • " How could you be so okay now that i'm gone? " " She's everything I'm insecure about " " Always made me doubt " This hits diferently

    Kara DuqueKara Duque5 órája
  • Me before listening to song: 👁👄👁 Me after listening to song: 👁💧👄💧👁

    Maithilee VisheMaithilee Vishe5 órája
  • the best song i've ever heard in my life.....

    toto desilvatoto desilva5 órája
  • let's see how many listened to this masterpiece today(2021/1/23)

    rashmika jayawardanarashmika jayawardana5 órája
  • MOIRA, IS THIS YOUR FUCKIN’ SISTER???? Ansakeeet! 🥺❤️🙏🏻

    Ariel AloveraAriel Alovera5 órája
  • lol who hurt her

    TreizeツTreizeツ5 órája
    • This song is about the beat up version of Shawn Mendez aka Joshua Bassett

      Its_EmersynIts_Emersyn5 órája
  • can hear the pain in her voice and love

    Chloe AldaveChloe Aldave5 órája
  • I'm not broken but I feel broken

    Rachel Vanrose L. PaglinawanRachel Vanrose L. Paglinawan5 órája
  • Her deep voice like WTHHHH✊😭

    kaye alonzokaye alonzo5 órája
  • People: how many times did she said 'drivers license' in the song? Also people: once Haha

    suhaimi ramlisuhaimi ramli5 órája
  • I think it was totally fine for Sabrina to speak up for herself in a song.....BUT skin just came out as so shady and invalidated olivia's heartache and feelings. "don't drive yourself insane???" thats SO MEAN for no reason LOL

    Alicia JamesAlicia James5 órája
  • é tão boa a vibe, mas carrega um peso tão grande :(

    Carol SilvaCarol Silva5 órája
  • ok but anyone else here every hour-

    Siera ElliottSiera Elliott5 órája
  • pov: your here from tiktok to see what the hype was about

    karankaran5 órája
  • Imagine a feat. between her and Taylor

    Sofia Le CampionSofia Le Campion5 órája
  • 62,2M

    Joao Cunha CyrinoJoao Cunha Cyrino5 órája
  • “Now I drive alone passes you street” that hit me hard Bc it is true

    Brooklyn ElyBrooklyn Ely5 órája
  • This song basically sums up the movie "After we Collided" But in the end, they are together in the car...

    MelaniaMelania5 órája
  • esse ė o comentario brasileiro que vc procura 🇧🇷

    malumalu5 órája
  • The dislikes are from people that haven't got their drivers license yet

    Rania RazaRania Raza5 órája
  • Turned 50 this month and am divorced from my childhood sweetheart and husband of 20+ yrs, who chose alcohol instead of the blonde. But 6 six years later this song is still relatable. So much so I was in tears hearing for the first time on the radio this morning!!! It’s so beautifully sung and truly touch my 💔 heart

    Shiela PettyShiela Petty5 órája
  • i feel like everybody who listens to this song has a part that hits harder on them, what is yours?? mine is “guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me”

    `; Duda ·`; Duda ·5 órája
  • i don't blame him, blond women are the best

    dad 98dad 985 órája
  • im here again for the 3628628162982 time

    eman akhtareman akhtar5 órája
  • I remember when she was on Bizzardvark. she has come so far

    Vineet MitraVineet Mitra5 órája
  • Why is this being advertised if it’s already a hit?

    Lexij Khein PogoyLexij Khein Pogoy5 órája
  • i have a digital logic exam tomorrow

    dad 98dad 985 órája