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  • I love how John kept a straight face until the very end

    violatrioviolatrio15 órája
  • Wtf if I don't comment will you hunt me down

    Brooke HerringBrooke Herring16 órája

    bill cipherbill cipher17 órája
  • Mykull is something else... hes... special..?

    HoneyBee QueenHoneyBee Queen19 órája
  • where tf is toast's pillow

  • I am the Spy

    Alejandro GallegosAlejandro GallegosNapja
  • It is off putting that Toast has no pillow.

    I is AnfrewI is Anfrew2 napja
  • Toast sleeping with no pillow 0:51

    RoyowawRoyowaw2 napja
  • Michael reminds me of the meme with the veiny eyed emoji with muscular man hands

    Plasma N9erPlasma N9er2 napja
  • 6:40 those were habaneros

    Héctor LópezHéctor López2 napja
  • What is the name of the song of the christmas merh song

    Cisse TytgatCisse Tytgat2 napja
  • This is for anyone if they have heard the intro music could you please tell me if so thank you very much

    FJ ZamoraFJ Zamora2 napja
  • I just realized it was the nerf gun Michael build in the live stream

    Nicholas AxelNicholas Axel3 napja
  • Toast has no pillow wtf

    nicknick3 napja
  • What music did they use in the intro wtf

    Tom Jomar Sibulo TorresTom Jomar Sibulo Torres3 napja
  • at 0:58 michael's face be like "WTF... oh wait im a youtuber"

    ZackTheNub Official YTZackTheNub Official YT3 napja
  • im more concerned on how toast sleeps without a pillow

    Dylan HarrellDylan Harrell4 napja
  • Lol eggs go bad, good thing we've always had refrigerators..

    podunkestpodunkest4 napja
  • i feel bar for brodin always blame him XD when your toilet is plugged blame it on brodin when your chocolate is lost blame brodin 1=Pray for brodin

    ItsWierdLife_iwlItsWierdLife_iwl4 napja
  • 12:53 I laughed at this face for 10 minutes.

    Давид СтанковићДавид Станковић4 napja
  • Dammnnnnnnnnnn ....this is coollllll this video it’s nut 😂😂😂🔥

    AW 911AW 9115 napja
  • michael being shot by a gun of his own creation. *insert flashback here*

    Thijs FilmsThijs Films5 napja
  • Why is the letters god damn calling cards from Persona 5?

    SnadSnad6 napja
  • Why the fck michael resembles of elmo

    SolariusSolarius6 napja
  • Look at John he looks pretty cool

    ThatOneDude579ThatOneDude5796 napja
  • Who’s watching this in 2021 🤌

    Ethan on TinderEthan on Tinder6 napja
  • Ay toast sleeps with no pillow i also dont use neck rest

    iCantThinkOfNameiCantThinkOfName6 napja
  • Yoo that Pokémon xd/coliseum purification chamber music at 18:30

    Lucas JansenLucas Jansen6 napja
  • how can you sleep without a pillow

    Adrian AmigoAdrian Amigo7 napja
  • Michael somehow looks like a small Asian woman and an abusive stepfather at the same time when he wakes.

    picapupxypicapupxy7 napja
  • the beginning was pretty creepy

  • Enemy spy: aims gun Michael: finally a new test subject (Pulls out taser attached to a roomba)

    yes I’m a furryyes I’m a furry7 napja
  • lily's pepper is a habanero not a jalapeno

    AaronAaron7 napja
  • i have the same bed as toast

    mayo manmayo man8 napja
  • the twilight princess music omg

    Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson8 napja
  • "I trust Toast" that was your first mistake.

    Cece ElizabethCece Elizabeth8 napja
  • “Sandvich is good”

    Hunter BorowskiHunter Borowski8 napja
  • o n i o n

    buddy manbuddy man8 napja
  • Uhhhhh, is nobody gonna ask why toast doesn’t sleep with any pillows??? Nah?????Okay then

    Daisy BuellDaisy Buell8 napja
  • lily: now we can setup a punishment for scarra scarra: what

    Dragnom GamingDragnom Gaming8 napja
  • Nice

    Austin MillerAustin Miller8 napja
  • That’s a habanero

    CreepStelmCreepStelm8 napja
  • Michael's pipe gun will now be used against him

    Daniel PeraltaDaniel Peralta9 napja
  • i like to imagine thats a real glock 17 he had

    JifferinoJifferino9 napja
  • Toast doesn’t use a pillow cuz his brain is so large it makes up for it

    Robert DaigleRobert Daigle9 napja
  • Toast sleeps with no pillow

    GrapeSpaghettiGrapeSpaghetti9 napja
  • Ok but licking the eggs was a galaxy brain iq play

    GaryGary9 napja
  • I have the exact same bed as toast :O

    yes. I willyes. I will9 napja
  • Wow, I've heard the music being used at like 4:30 in the video and at some transitions on a 007 game on my Nintendo 64

    MrTsakMrTsak9 napja
  • 0:01 Intro + merch 0:37 Skit thing 1:39 After everyone woke up 2:35 Introduction 3:09 Broadin explains what's going to happen on the video 4:29 Scarra (Apple 🍎) 5:07 Yvonne (Potato 🥔) 6:05 Toast (Cucumber 🥒) 6:40 Lilly (Jalapeno 🌶️) 7:33 Micheal (Eggs 🥚) 8:40 Yvonne and Scarra (Watermelon 🍉) 9:24 Micheal and Yvonne (Onion 🧅) 10:25 Yvonne and Lilly (Ginger ▫️) 11:20 Lilly and toast (Eggplant 🍆) 12:57 Toast and Michael (Cassava 🟫) 14:41 Stage 3 Eliminating other spies 18:27 Final Scores 18:30 Outro 👋

    Luna XLuna X9 napja
  • How did Micheal not know his was Blue??

    peachopeacho9 napja
  • 0:10 Wait is that Hyper Potions? I know this tune - dude from Pokemon community also uses it as outro. It's Porta Vista?

    MJMMJM10 napja
  • Hmmm yes. No fed. He annoys me with his impudent being

    Perc4lifePerc4life10 napja
  • 4:12

    alyaly10 napja
  • Toast: whhhhhaaaatttt

    Gavin BissettGavin Bissett10 napja
  • when i saw lilly and mikull in bed

    Atreides FinlaysonAtreides Finlayson10 napja
  • Looks more like habanero than a jalapeno

    Isaiah HigginsIsaiah Higgins10 napja
  • that's a weird looking jalapeno

    ACF ZENACF ZEN10 napja
  • That’s a habanero you fools

    Coolguy12 3Coolguy12 310 napja
  • 18:39 I want to know what he said.

    See OnagaSee Onaga10 napja
  • jon exuding sooo much power

    redgemredgem11 napja
  • 6:41 Has to pick out the jalapeño. I see no jalapeños. Those aren’t jalapeños. Dear god why do you test me like this

    Moira ShoffstallMoira Shoffstall11 napja
  • Lol toast face with Michaels outro😂😂

    Nerd BanditNerd Bandit11 napja
  • Lol lily instantly starts eating

    Nerd BanditNerd Bandit11 napja
  • Anyone gunna acknowledge Toast not having a pillow?

    Charli RaceCharli Race11 napja
  • John cosplaying gojo hahahhaa

    Alecs A.Alecs A.11 napja
  • love how two of them instantly said brodin was a serial killer lmao

    ItsjohnnelsonItsjohnnelson11 napja
  • 0:25 what!!!

    INSTINCT ShogunXINSTINCT ShogunX11 napja
  • is no one gonna talk about how toast cheated on the cucumber and checked LMAO

    Kiera GallacherKiera Gallacher11 napja
  • 1:54 todlers brawling

    Isabel HortonIsabel Horton11 napja
  • 16:24 this is actually true this is what ive been taught when i was a kid

    RusydinulRusydinul12 napja
  • what is the spy doing with michaels gun

    TunaTuna12 napja
  • So toast just doesn’t use a pillow?

    Master Shifus dadMaster Shifus dad12 napja
  • Just realized that that’s the gun mykull made on his stream

    Myrtle AirsoftMyrtle Airsoft12 napja
  • Toast: gives a good discription Michael: I’ll tell you once more LOOK FOR THE ONE I LICKED

    Shane RShane R12 napja
  • Bro toast funny af

    yusyus12 napja
  • im so curious what michael said at the end

    EnderSpy007EnderSpy00712 napja
  • "dude, I don't know this eggplant" -Toast 2020

    IssieIssie12 napja
  • Yvonne + Michael: arguing John: 🔫 Michael: Ahhhhh

    IssieIssie12 napja
  • I think it’s funny that toast does have any pillows

    Bean NailoBean Nailo12 napja
  • its a fucken habenero not a jalapeno

    Collin KurznerCollin Kurzner13 napja
  • Watching all offlineTV videos for Disguise Toast 😎🔥

    Rohit SainiRohit Saini13 napja
  • Are we not talking about how Toast DOESNT USE PILLOWS

    tessa -tessa -13 napja
  • plz John is just standing there barely saying anything 😭

    Nevaeh CFNevaeh CF13 napja
  • Why does toast sleep without a pillow

    DCdangerDCdanger13 napja
  • Bro I have the same bed as mkully and Lilly pog

    Caleb CaudleCaleb Caudle13 napja
  • I learned something new Toast sleeps without pillows

    Mr SchneiderMr Schneider13 napja
  • 13:07 that looks like poop

    BongoPlayzYTBongoPlayzYT13 napja
  • Isn’t that Michael reeves Nerf gun?

    Makuta DuranMakuta Duran13 napja
  • 10:15 my parents in the other room

  • john must have had so much fun xD

    Lukas BaumLukas Baum14 napja
  • so glad Fed is gone. igoring the things he did to other members, he was so basic and boring to watch.

    SIBNHSIBNH14 napja
  • 2:44 the creepy zelda music in the background still gives me chills like it did when i was a kid

    제임스제임스14 napja
  • Michael was shot by the same gun he made

    MikeslifeMikeslife14 napja
  • I love how they used the Nintendo eshop opening sound as the correct answer sound🤣

    Joshua StringerJoshua Stringer14 napja
  • Michael looking at the gun: “I built that” *in a western accent*

    Unwieldy GamingUnwieldy Gaming14 napja
  • This is just proof that Brodin is racist saying that all of their children look the same

    Originalname.mp4Originalname.mp414 napja
  • *wait does toast actually have a photographic memory? that’s so cool :o*

    mira chenmira chen14 napja
  • Toast sleeps with no pillow Another thing to add to the "Toast is weird" List

    Μάριος ΠαντερήςΜάριος Παντερής14 napja
  • I love that toast didn’t have a pillow

    HeyGuysIWatchALotOfAnimeForIAmAWeebDontHatePlease!HeyGuysIWatchALotOfAnimeForIAmAWeebDontHatePlease!14 napja