Obama Speedruns Minecraft

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Barack Obama (no cheats, no hacks) 100% speedruns Minecraft in 17.27 seconds. Dream is literally shaking right now...
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"I confess, I'm not very good at video games." Uh huh, rigghttt....

  • Song?

    Teletubbies on PlayStationTeletubbies on PlayStation15 perccel
  • He dont need to press any button of the keyboard he play with the mind

    Gonzalo VallejoGonzalo VallejoÓrája
  • And he's playing on a loptop wow that's crazy

    Don is happyDon is happyÓrája
  • Musi pls

    doges mandoges manÓrája
  • this video: 40 sec Ad: 10 sec That's genius

    sweet heartsweet heart2 órája
  • He used netherite items. HAHA FUNNY. Who love: 👍👍 like my comment now

    Learning with Abdul SamadLearning with Abdul Samad2 órája
    • Again like me

      Learning with Abdul SamadLearning with Abdul Samad2 órája
    • Again like me

      Learning with Abdul SamadLearning with Abdul Samad2 órája
    • like me

      Learning with Abdul SamadLearning with Abdul Samad2 órája
  • You can see Barack Obama's ign at 0:20

    Coral049Coral0492 órája
  • awesome

    AstormiNAstormiN2 órája
  • Sheesh Obama that’s impresive imagine reed this what you got to say

    Shxxsch SchShxxsch Sch3 órája
  • 0:15Who realises that obama is not moving his hands still he is playing.

    Saqhib MohammadSaqhib Mohammad4 órája
  • I love Obama

    Son- DonutSon- Donut4 órája
  • This says a lot about pakistani human rights

    a dude that promotes channelsa dude that promotes channels4 órája
  • I love obama

    Hanna RedWither0Hanna RedWither04 órája
  • Fake

    Satyam GuptaSatyam Gupta5 órája
  • Its not actually him playing is it

    Jacob Jenkins3108Jacob Jenkins31085 órája
  • Obama is the first one to tie the human element Todd Roger's 17.27 Speedrun. This is a milestone that will be immortalized for centuries to come of this great art that is video games. What an absolute legend.

    José Esparta MarínJosé Esparta Marín7 órája
  • this is real

    FBIFBI7 órája
  • The Obama is a just picture 😂😂😂😂XD

  • Joe Biden speed run:29:1 Obama speedrun:17:27

    Rosey SyafienieRosey Syafienie7 órája
  • Wow he must be rly good, he doesn’t even need to touch his keyboard

    Coke_LordCoke_Lord8 órája
  • Did anyone else notice that he went from wooden gear to enchanted netherite armour in like half a second

    Coke_LordCoke_Lord8 órája
  • He is soo good in Minecraft he doesn't even blink

  • the fact that he keyboard only makes him a true gamer

    Gasa BurGasa Bur8 órája
  • He so good that he doesn't need to move

    NoAnime NoLifeNoAnime NoLife8 órája
  • Um this is obviously fake. Obama isn't a shit a player as this. He could beat minecraft faster than my dad beat me. And that's hella fucking fast.....Like 7 fast

    Arnas BananasArnas Bananas9 órája

    Global Gaming DirectGlobal Gaming Direct11 órája
  • Why his fingers are not moving

    Oly's CraftOly's Craft11 órája
  • someone: wait how did he suddenly get all the netherite tools? is he cheating? others: nah hes not cheating he is just too god

    一顆橘子一顆橘子12 órája
  • Watch at two times speed 🤣😂😆

    Mirlene BenjaminMirlene Benjamin12 órája
  • My phone is error 😡🤬 when listening a music

    Hafiz. exproHafiz. expro13 órája
  • He cheated! Between 6-7 seconds! His things got enchanted!

    Deadend DoDeadend Do13 órája

    ¿deadish?¿deadish?14 órája
  • Bullshit man

    Hafshah NasywaHafshah Nasywa14 órája
  • the hands of god

    XxRandyBobandy 420xXXxRandyBobandy 420xX14 órája
  • Trump!!!

    Paulino Waterkemper MachadoPaulino Waterkemper Machado16 órája
  • whats the name of the song???

    BrunOwOBrunOwO17 órája
  • The reason he is fast is because he has been kissing sonic

    Sam PoundSam Pound18 órája
  • He type so fast that you can’t see him even playing

    iTeslaiTesla18 órája
  • 0:03 *Fastest Netherite tools & enchantments speedrun*

    Gabriel PernadaGabriel Pernada18 órája
  • it's not sped up, it's slowed down.

    Just CloverJust Clover19 órája
  • Tooooooooo fake

    AnFyx_HardwareAnFyx_Hardware19 órája
    • It's real idiot

      D DD D19 órája
  • 😂😂😂

    To BiTo Bi23 órája
  • Bruh if only this was real

    kyle deveaukyle deveauNapja
    • It is real

      IcyPenguin268IcyPenguin26821 órája
  • I like how the caracter from minecraft walk, shoot, build and the hands over the keys not even are pressed

    Richiteanu Ionut StefanRichiteanu Ionut StefanNapja
  • Fake.

    David D.David D.Napja
    • Its real

      IcyPenguin268IcyPenguin26821 órája
  • Wtf

    Jakob BrugJakob BrugNapja
  • There's no way this is real he has enchanted golden apples

    Vincent GonzalesVincent GonzalesNapja
  • Is that....The White House ?.

    Onyx CoreOnyx CoreNapja
  • FAKE

    Unkown NameUnkown NameNapja
    • @Unkown Name are you too stupid to get jokes

      D DD D4 órája
    • @D D it’s obviously a photo

      Unkown NameUnkown Name7 órája
    • @D D and also this is a photo of Obama from August 30, 2012

      Unkown NameUnkown Name7 órája
    • @D D you can see he doesn’t move his not moving

      Unkown NameUnkown Name7 órája
    • It's real idiot

      D DD D19 órája
  • obviously this isnt real

    • It is real idiot

      D DD D19 órája
  • лукашенко против обамы супер спидран

  • He broke the speedrun world record of dream

  • Hes better than i will ever be

  • Yo whats the backround music?

    Jotaro JoestardJotaro JoestardNapja
    • Bfg division

      IcyPenguin268IcyPenguin26821 órája
  • Lol

  • his fingers are so fast it looks like they are not moving lol

  • Fake. the pig was a paid actor.

  • Fake. the speedrun was a paid actor.

  • Fake. The &$^#( was a paid actor.

  • Dream is quaking.

  • u have made something truly amazing

  • Yea ok but Walter is better

  • Did anyone saw Obama eat KFC Chicken Wings?

    Irfan BachtiarIrfan BachtiarNapja
  • That is literally fake Obama is dead

    Tanush Rajaravi Krishna (student)Tanush Rajaravi Krishna (student)Napja
  • That 360 end portal jump tho

  • He's so fast that we can only see his clone.

    Rye Adam CaraldeRye Adam CaraldeNapja
  • Meanwhile in the White House Trump still building Large. walls in Minecraft.

  • This is fake

    Nicola ThorntonNicola ThorntonNapja
  • Dream who? Lumina who?

  • dude this speedrun is fake , at 0:12 we can clearly notice he's hiting the U key on his keyboard , and , acording to lately , we can see U is drop , meaning he dropped what ? nothing , he should've dropped something, but nothing dropped , also he's ping spoofing. EDIT: the speed launch jump triangular is actually humanly impossible , TAS only trick , meaning , yes , another proof! EDIT2: also don't get mad about my english i'm french

    • @IcyPenguin268 r u dumb? ik i'm not dumb , can't you just figure my comment as a joke ? ;-;

      duck_itduck_it21 órája
    • Dude its a fucking joke

      IcyPenguin268IcyPenguin26821 órája
  • Never seen faker. Look at the web cam he doesn’t move once and his hands don’t and the headset in photoshopped

    • Woooooooooooooosh

      IcyPenguin268IcyPenguin26821 órája
    • Is this woosh bait¿....

      Redacted ToucanRedacted ToucanNapja
  • He did it with his eyes closed

    [ Content Deleted ][ Content Deleted ]Napja
  • Aww yeah!Go Obama!😎👍

    Kai FoxKai FoxNapja
  • Haters will say it's fake

  • he mined cobblestone and got diamonds

    Joepapa PizzasmanJoepapa PizzasmanNapja
  • Plot twist: He’s using a pirated version of the game and is playing quickly before the FBI finds out

    • OH CRAP

      ObviouslyNotMatiasObviouslyNotMatias12 órája
  • why is this in my notifications tab

    Yeetus FungusYeetus FungusNapja
  • Korbanoes be like.........I’m the new president

    Stephanie EdwardsStephanie EdwardsNapja
  • Obama gamer

  • I bet Trump can't beat Obama in Minecraft

    Conor BrennanConor BrennanNapja
  • Obama is the best minecraft player

    Call Me RaccCall Me RaccNapja
  • Dream has been really quite since obama dropped this banger

    Noah GläßerNoah Gläßer2 napja
  • obama new speedruner best player better than dream

    rexy the Queenrexy the Queen2 napja
  • We all now this fake

    Adrian SherrattAdrian Sherratt2 napja
  • His hands werent moving but its legita because... OBAMA

    Suryaveer Singh TomarSuryaveer Singh Tomar2 napja
  • Faster than dream

    IILolo DrawsIIIILolo DrawsII2 napja
  • He looks like a pro

    Pop CornPop Corn2 napja
  • Guys I’m starting to believe it’s not actually real

    Emilio GaravitoEmilio Garavito2 napja
  • Hes not using a mouse

    Prinsipe MotionsPrinsipe Motions2 napja
  • 0.06 look at his bar

    Otis BroedeletOtis Broedelet2 napja
    • 0:06

      Otis BroedeletOtis Broedelet2 napja
    • O,06

      Otis BroedeletOtis Broedelet2 napja
  • I love how he just sleeps during the whole speedrun.

    ProgamerrrPLProgamerrrPL2 napja
  • When Obama goes sicko mode

    Andrey BTWAndrey BTW2 napja
  • I suddenly realized half way of the video that he has two stacks of notch apples.

  • Its real man? Not fake?

    Mantan Gaming XdMantan Gaming Xd2 napja
  • Thats fake, thats a pic showing Obama and some other is playing

  • Ngl holy s**t

    FrezzePlayZ GamerFrezzePlayZ Gamer2 napja
  • Roadrunner: I am the fastest... Obama: Hold my speedrun.

    Lakshya SanghaviLakshya Sanghavi2 napja
  • Damn he was so fast we couldn't even see when he got the netherite utilary and enchanted golden apples.

    Diego MendezDiego Mendez2 napja
  • BTW what is the name of the music?

    Emanuele RomanoEmanuele Romano2 napja
  • He was the coolest president ever

    United Wolf VaibhavUnited Wolf Vaibhav2 napja