Nurburgring Fails, Happy & Unhappy Drivers Compilation Adenauer Forst Nordschleife Touristenfahrten

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Green Hell Driving Days - 4 Tage Touristenfahrten Nürburgring Nordschleife 03.06.2019
Dangerous Crazy Rain Race Nurburgring Touristenfahrten Compilation 27.11.2019

  • BMW no good

  • You come in with a race car Leave with a drift car

    The Gibbs GuyThe Gibbs Guy9 órája
  • Imagine crashing your M3 with an Mk2 punto hanging on your coat tails.

    Ryan ORyan O12 órája
  • So now I understand why BMW used parts are so cheap

    LH 1517LH 151712 órája
  • what mindless damn idiots pure stupidity

    GPGP13 órája
  • 3:37 idol

  • I guess owning a tow company close to the ring is quite lucrative?

    Prosnipe88Prosnipe8818 órája
  • Zusammenfassung Auch die geilsten Autos sind nichts wert, wenn der Fahrer nicht mal einen Einkaufswagen bedienen kann..

    BinoBino21 órája
  • The lesson is: KFZ-Bongard is a millionaire after 1 weekend...

    ProfitaenzerProfitaenzer22 órája
  • 4:17 Just How??!! Poor Golf. But, that‘s a good example! If you can not controll your Car, please, just don‘t drive on the Track.

    Franz RFranz R23 órája
  • immer feste druff alles schrotten an solchen autos wer so eins fährt hat eh zuviel geld,ich würd kotzen wenn ich da hinfahre mich überschätze und mir auto zerschrotte

    maik asmussenmaik asmussenNapja
  • So many BMW's crashing

    Lord Bucket HeadLord Bucket HeadNapja
  • Wenn man Deppen dort fahren lässt !!! Selber schuld !!!!

  • Man sieht es immer wieder, wer das dritte mal durch die Fahrerlaubnis Prüfung gefallen ist bekommt das gelb-schwarze Kennzeichen und wird ausgewiesen! 😜

    Thomas B.Thomas B.Napja

    Carlos Alberto Morales GarcíaCarlos Alberto Morales GarcíaNapja
  • I wanted the juke to crash so bad

    Gabriel XenonGabriel XenonNapja
  • Slow out.

    Cercone FamilyCercone FamilyNapja
  • This video is BMWest!

    JB's CarsJB's CarsNapja
  • Ich find's so fein schlagen die BMW's in die Leitplanken ein. BMW = BUMS MIT WIRKUNG

    Franz WürzlerFranz WürzlerNapja
  • RIP R34 😓

  • What is the brand of the 9:20 car?

    Anne ArchieAnne Archie2 napja
    • @Jimmy thank you

      Anne ArchieAnne Archie18 órája
    • Nissan 300ZX

      JimmyJimmy18 órája
  • Note to self dont buy bmw

    BillyBilly2 napja
  • 7:45 Wow, that 350z so cool and smooth bro 7:57 Hmmm actually i can say that Rx-7 was so cool too 8:00 Bruh..... Nice compilation edit👍😂😂

    Cahyo ArdhiCahyo Ardhi2 napja
  • I can see fb marketplace near the track with BMW ads. Always babied never been wrecked. Clear title. No low balls I know what I have.

    Chris AtkinsonChris Atkinson2 napja
  • Too many amateurs. So apparently BMW drivers are as bad on a track as they are in traffic. That flat bed habdked the track better than the BMWs lol

    Chris AtkinsonChris Atkinson2 napja
  • bring noobs to a race track, then u watch them crashing their cars, such a sanbox game 😉

    GiM 47GiM 472 napja
  • Based on this video, it seems if you have no idea how to drive then you must purchase a BMW..

    kiwitriv666kiwitriv6662 napja
  • Audi guys are fooking hilarious haha!!!

    Duka FitDuka Fit2 napja
  • Beaten by a Vauxhall Chevette in your humiliating :)

    William RaeWilliam Rae2 napja
  • Der Fahrer des Abschleppwagens hat mehr Rennstreckenerfahrung als alle Formel-1-Fahrer zusammen.

    Tommes HäberleTommes Häberle2 napja
  • Don buy bmw

    Knowledge Is FoodKnowledge Is Food2 napja
  • So many completely unskilled drivers... and a few dheads

    FalconXE302FalconXE3023 napja
  • Always great to see the BMW idiots show off their lack of driving skills, lol!

    Graves ClaytonGraves Clayton3 napja
  • Seeing all those BMW drivers that think they're pilots because their cars are fast but instantly crash as soon as they're out of the highway brings me great joy

    ChaosPotatoChaosPotato3 napja
  • 6.42 that TT driver obviously had enough of that bmw in front of him!

    eddthebuildereddthebuilder3 napja
  • Sbaglio o la maggior parte delle macchine che hanno difficoltà in curva sono BMW

    Simone PavesiSimone Pavesi3 napja
  • Naja, werden schon alle ihre driftigen Gründe haben....

    J. Schr.J. Schr.3 napja
  • 2:11 prime example of an inexperienced track driver trying to go fast 8:42 dude bought a rally car without knowing how to handle it lmao

    SporkinstienSporkinstien4 napja
  • 5:11 the real MVP, the Nissan Juke

    Malik CampbellMalik Campbell4 napja
  • Me (owning an E series bmw): *sweats nervously*

    Daniel WhiteDaniel White4 napja
  • 4:10 Why is the Subby covered?

    karlt10karlt104 napja
  • That Navara driver was like ,Let's see how it handles offroad!?' 🤔

    Movsar NaculchanovMovsar Naculchanov4 napja
  • 3:41 I think his limited-slip saved him there.

    mesckomescko4 napja
  • BMW = LOL

    ludo lorioludo lorio4 napja
  • These are the same people who quote lap times turned in by pro drivers to explain why their car is so much better than others.

    M2fiftycalM2fiftycal4 napja
  • 2:31 !!!!! WHY THUS CAR WHY

    Ag PerformanceAg Performance4 napja
  • It's funny how you only censor some cars' plates, specifically German ones

    Giovanni PGiovanni P4 napja
  • Drink every time bmw spins

    S2mpleS2mple4 napja
  • Also I guess learn the track first, a lot of these drivers floored it as if they were heading into a straight only to realise it was a sharp corner.

    Adventures With SeanAdventures With Sean5 napja
  • lauter idioten

    harry zetharry zet5 napja
  • Der einzige BMW der da mal super lief.... Ring Taxi M5 ... alles andere war mehr oder weniger nix!

    TonyTony5 napja
  • 2:22 a maior sorte do mundo

    100Detalhes100Detalhes5 napja

    NoVoidNoVoid5 napja
  • I went there in about 2010 or so. 8 laps in a few days it was an absolute blast. I rented an a75 from a local place there. One lap was in the rain (nothing too heavy) but man it was scarry as hell! Oh and I've read that if you damage the guard rail their prices to fix it are crazy high.

    Gringo EspanaGringo Espana5 napja

    george parkgeorge park5 napja
  • 2:32 heartbreaking moment...

    Lion LokajLion Lokaj5 napja
  • Schon der Hammer wieviel Schrott da produziert wird, da läuft ja der eine oder andere nach Hause...... 😂

    Nils PallagstNils Pallagst5 napja
  • 4:17 you honestly gotta scream like that...

    Daniel MartinDaniel Martin5 napja
    • Typical woman.

      Jimmy MiotkeJimmy MiotkeNapja
  • 3:40 ❤️

    Aqib FREEDAqib FREED5 napja
  • i hope its not compilation from one day

    DustyDusty5 napja
  • 1:29 Me Play Assetto Corsa

    Gilang RamadhanGilang Ramadhan6 napja
  • At 2:31 that Beautiful Skyline R34 GTR

    Daniel MeilandDaniel Meiland6 napja
  • 5:41 he must go straight. gündüz vakti 10.000 binlik oldu araba da rent amk

    Ferit iFerit i6 napja
  • 5:15 wtf

    Ferit iFerit i6 napja
  • 5:00 worst driver ever.

    Ferit iFerit i6 napja
  • Why are all.bmws crashing?

    Православна БалканПравославна Балкан6 napja
  • Araçların %80 i bmw .d

    Muharrem KaplanMuharrem Kaplan6 napja
  • 3:26 , this was actually amazingly well done lol

    midgetmayomidgetmayo6 napja
  • Die ganzen BMW spackos zu köstlich 🤣🤣🤣

    NollerGeissbock78NollerGeissbock786 napja
  • Da wird einem auch klar, weshalb Jahr für Jahr die Preise für die ganzen BMWs bis E90 so enorm steigen.

    Kaukus AnotheroneKaukus Anotherone6 napja
  • 2:42 "Liebhaberfahrzeug, gepflegt und Top Zustand. Dritte Hand, wurde von einem älteren Herren gefahren zuletzt. Fahrzeug wurde immer gewartet, Checkheft gepflegt" Steht dann bei Mobile.

    Kaukus AnotheroneKaukus Anotherone6 napja
  • i love my car.think i will go smash it up on the ring for everyones entertainment!

    jeff moorejeff moore6 napja
  • Green hell eats cars like Chief Wiggum eats donuts

    Mal InoisMal Inois6 napja
  • the best racer is a tow truck ahaha

    Game TvGame Tv6 napja
  • Jajajajaja el del Ford Focus WTF

    Osvaldo OropezaOsvaldo Oropeza6 napja
  • Screw the racing line.. must drift

    Mr.SirMr.Sir6 napja
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but this video proves that thinner sidewall tyre make you much more prone to losing grip

    adib zadib z6 napja
  • BMW Drivers have no Control over there Cars, mostly BMW Cars crashing :D

    Mario ObermaierMario Obermaier6 napja
  • Honda S2000 showed the others how to do the bends

    Turkesh DjahitTurkesh Djahit7 napja
  • How many BMWs losing there shit

    Turkesh DjahitTurkesh Djahit7 napja
  • 4:18 lets get some understeer then floor it..LOL * BMW`s are crap track cars.

    woody Vallallellalungawoody Vallallellalunga7 napja
  • 10:24 take a lesson for driving a bmw

    Kristijan DimitrievskiKristijan Dimitrievski7 napja
  • Note to self: never buy a used car within 75 miles of this track.

    Cold BeerCold Beer7 napja
  • Vipers and bmw’s: HELLO

    Victor SlufnnërVictor Slufnnër7 napja
  • Some people should not be driving. Almost crash, I know I'll keep planting the throttle harder and hope to gain control again. Mr Gran Turismo at @9:00 needs to keep playing his playstation.

    roasthunterroasthunter7 napja
  • If you are not able to drive RWD cars, don't buy them

    Rasera MasteRasera Maste7 napja
  • the rx7 was on pointt but the black hair stylist car fucking up a classic bmw is sad

    PopcornStickerPopcornSticker7 napja
  • 4:44 that BMW and Honda drivers know what they're doing

    Gabriel BenedettiGabriel Benedetti7 napja
  • Snakes bite twice

    Peeter TuimPeeter Tuim7 napja
  • Why BMW? Pls answer

    iwetimer xiwetimer x7 napja
  • 6.44 Can anyone tell me what the outcome of this would be? Is it like hitting someone from behind on a road, and you are liable, or are all bets off when its a track, and its a case of hard luck/sorry/see ya...?

    Paul FinnPaul Finn7 napja
  • Täusche ich mich oder sehe ich hier die allergrößten Experten in den Münchener Proll-Karren?

    The JudgeThe Judge7 napja
  • 2:33 that poor R34🥺🥺🥺

    Valtteri it’s JamesValtteri it’s James7 napja
  • majority of people who own tricked out cars with sports tyres and stickers everywhere don't know how to drive them

    Jordan MntungwaJordan Mntungwa7 napja
  • The sad moment when you realize you are no a racing driver.

    Andy BushAndy Bush7 napja
  • That poor E30 collected by a hairdresser.

    PPC4PPC48 napja
  • The bodyshop owner right outside the Nurburgring is a billionaire.

    Baba BooeyBaba Booey8 napja
  • 셀프로다가 운전 더잘하겠다 ㅋ

    배프로배프로8 napja
  • 0:59 DONT STOP AND GET OUT IN A HOT ZONE, that was a stupid movement

    Renny C.Renny C.8 napja
  • I don’t feel bad for any of them lol

    420sti420sti8 napja