Notorious Pranks, Portuguese GP Memories, And Remembering A Legend | F1 Nation Podcast

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On this week's edition of F1 Nation, hosts Tom and Damon are joined by F1 race winner and notorious prankster Gerhard Berger. Together the two drivers share some of their most memorable moments and hilarious anecdotes from their racing career ahead of our return to Portugal this weekend.
Topics Include:
0:00 - Damon’s met a fan in a very weird way
9:39 - Whacks, wins and flips at Portugal’s old Estoril circuit
14:43 - F1’s infamous prankster Gerhard Berger has joined the chat
17:01 - Gerhard, Damon and a slippery ski run and Portuguese memories
23:49 - “This year we’re seeing a proper race”
32:26 - What did Gerhard tell Sebastian Vettel at the end of 2020?
40:30 - The Champ answers your questions on clashes with Schumacher
50:08 - Barcelona chicane changes, a big engineer transfer and Damon’s audiobook
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    FORMULA 1FORMULA 117 napja
    • If you had to assign one persona each to Tom and Damon.... who would be Smashie and who would be Nicey? (Kids might need to google those names)

      V8HiluxV8Hilux15 napja
    • @CosmicOwl YES. just throw a white border at the bottom.

      RealReal17 napja
    • Can I make a thumbnail suggestion? The bottom bit is the exact same red as the time bar on HUworld. So if I have already watched the episode the red bar shows up at the bottom but I can't see it against the colour of your thumbnail. Was especially frustrating yesterday as I was skimming through older podcasts to see if there's any I missed haha. Just a quality of life complaint, otherwise great show!

      CosmicOwlCosmicOwl17 napja
    • Its RAWE CEEK

      Forza CarguyForza Carguy17 napja
    • Heyyyy f1

      Rebecca FahdRebecca Fahd17 napja
  • 14:46 Berger

    RallyeRacin9RallyeRacin95 napja
  • Lovely jubelly

    Dom #Dom #10 napja
  • Can we have Gerhard Berger on every week please? So many great anecdotes and told in such a humorous way.

    Garth ScholtzGarth Scholtz13 napja
  • These discussions between Damon & Gerhard are solid gold. When he was talking about the waning years of his career, I was thinking of how razor thin winning talent is in F1. The apex of ones career could be a year or it could be several. But when that proper mixture of talent and opportunity runs out, it’s difficult to match others in their prime. Great discussion. Wise thoughts from experience.

    DickNixon19DickNixon1915 napja
  • 38:55 you can tell you took that to heart as it was Wurz tryig to avoid you who hit Diniz and caused him to flip.

    V8HiluxV8Hilux15 napja
  • I love these podcasts, Tom & Hill just come across as a modern day Smashie & Nicey (Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield) especially when they read the adds. Not sure who would be Smashie and who would be Nicey... open to suggestions :P

    V8HiluxV8Hilux15 napja
  • 7.47 : "for those who aren't aware , it's right on the south coast of Portugal , it's probably the most southern bits you can get to in Europe" . Wrong . Parts of Spain are more to the south , one look at the map of the Iberian peninsula will make that clear . Also parts of Italy and Greece are more to the south . "For those who aren't aware" ...... .

    Spike WoltersSpike Wolters16 napja
  • Gerhard's laugh is hilarious. I love it!

    Zee In ChainsZee In Chains16 napja
  • Shouldn't this be a video recording of the podcast?

    Marian CrkonMarian Crkon16 napja
  • G. Berger, the only man to laugh maniacally in the face of catastrophe. 39:40s

    gold333gold33316 napja
  • I wish u would have cameras,.... Did u call Berger "Ur old Macker?"... Am not a native English speaker but we have this word too..

    abcabc16 napja
  • THAT'S GREAT NEWS!! I have Damon and Johnny's audiobook on pre order and I'm so happy that they'll be narrating it themselves 👍👍

    RebornRockerVidsRebornRockerVids16 napja
  • "I just gave up the passion and stopped braking"... I feel you.

    CafeCardCafeCard17 napja
  • Michael: Hey you passed me on the outside, thats dangerous! Also Michael: Ill just try to drive a fellow driver into the pit wall, that's safe. Also Gerhard, Indy raced in the wet just as often as F1...on ROAD COURSES. Just on Ovals they dont and lets be for real, F1 wouldn't do that either.

    RealReal17 napja
  • Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados”

    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez17 napja
  • Listening to 3 millionaires ponder how someone from a poor country could have a harder time reaching f1 than europeans 🙄

    JulesJules17 napja
  • 1991 Adelaide was the race where it lasted 14 laps. 1989 race is where Prost came into the pits.

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliq17 napja
  • Why put Berger on the thumbnail and remembering a legend? I thought he died! His my favourite driver.

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliq17 napja
  • Loved Damons Recallation about having medals and speaking Portuguese

    Joao BaptistaJoao Baptista17 napja
  • Want Mansell and Coulthard next

    Andrea FAndrea F17 napja
  • Wonderful episode!

    tambuleetambulee17 napja
  • This was amazing!

    Andrea FAndrea F17 napja
  • I love this podcast, but I hate the music.

    RebornRockerVidsRebornRockerVids17 napja
    • Wdym? I like it( ☉д⊙)

      Arya bimaArya bima17 napja
  • Love this Podcast a lot

    Alex GAlex G17 napja
  • That was an awesome podcast. Great to hear from Damon Hill and Gerhard Berger as well.

    Daz CouzDaz Couz17 napja
  • I like Berger!

    William StephensWilliam Stephens17 napja
  • Achievement in being here with you F1

    Love GirlLove Girl17 napja
  • Recardo and Vettel are finding it difficult, probably due cova19 restrictions requirements, isolating for some time. And too early to judge

    matembwere chekaimatembwere chekai17 napja
  • Who else doesn't have anything to say?

    WhiskRLWhiskRL17 napja
  • Savage gerhard hahahaha what a great guy 😂

    Tyrrell 007Tyrrell 00717 napja
  • Perfect Amazing Fantastic Exelent Magical ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️⭐️⭐️

    Yiannis HayabusaYiannis Hayabusa17 napja
  • I just looove Berger's giggles @ 21:54 :D

    12 312 317 napja
  • Its RaWe CeEk !!

    MehmetMehmet17 napja
  • Great track Portimão !!!

    Clint StewartClint Stewart17 napja
  • F1

    Piotr KobielusPiotr Kobielus17 napja
  • Re Tom's jet lag comment. Eat your final meal in the UK at local time before you go - so if you depart early afternoon UK, you have lunch before you go. Don't eat anything on the plane - this is the difficult bit, and you get strange looks from the airline staff trying to serve you meals. When you arrive, eat the meal that's due at local time. I'm guessing Japan is around 15hr flight time, with the 8hr time difference that would also be around lunchtime. It completely gets rid of the jet lag (for me at least), but you do get quite hungry on the way :-)

    Peter ThomasPeter Thomas17 napja
  • Who else is hyped that it’s race week?

    Weekly Dose Of Formula 1Weekly Dose Of Formula 117 napja
    • @ΚΑΤΑΛΗΨΙΑΣ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΡΟΣ I don’t Understand what you mean by this but alright

      Weekly Dose Of Formula 1Weekly Dose Of Formula 117 napja
    • Sweet dreams kiddo 🖐️🤣

  • Jesus christ the title made it sound like someone else just died, don't scare me like that

    Box Car RacerBox Car Racer17 napja
  • the best channel on HUworld at podcast.

    Katia CatarinaKatia Catarina17 napja
  • Last time I was this early, Red Bull still dominated Formula 1.

    Forza CarguyForza Carguy17 napja
  • We all know what is... ITS Rawe Ceek🏎💨

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    • Mercedes

      lakshmivallabhlakshmivallabh16 napja
  • my love suzuka❤️

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  • Can't believe that we can do a QnA with Damon Hills. Exited

    Shiv BajpaiShiv Bajpai17 napja
    • @Yuvraaj Yadav ya

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    • @Xolani Sibeko hahahaha

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    • @Yuvraaj Yadav Rawe ceek was better !

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    • I really hope the dude means ‘excited’

      Yuvraaj YadavYuvraaj Yadav17 napja
    • Where have you gone to?

      Xolani SibekoXolani Sibeko17 napja
  • Lol Damon not just an incredible Racing driver. A Meme Legend on Instagram😂

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  • Rawe ceek

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  • Checo will out qualify max again

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  • YES!

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  • Yes

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  • No Natalie Pinkham no party

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    • Really?

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  • Leclerc vs verstappen Let’s see

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  • Last time I was this early, Catheram was still racing in F1

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  • Hello I love this circuit

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  • First 😃😃😃

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  • I'm faster than Mercedes

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  • Is this about Bottas?

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    • No

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  • First

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  • Yes 1st we hope

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    • @aydan khaliq, rather yours since she's into that kinda stuff 😬

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    • @Xolani Sibeko Joe mama

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    • Who?

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