NOSE CAM! A Flying Lap Of Portimao | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

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Join Valtteri Bottas for a low-down nose around the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve during second practice in Portugal.
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  • this cam view makes my head move side to side following the apex

    Jsn SjnJsn Sjn5 napja
  • What an incredible track!

    Claude FortierClaude Fortier9 napja
  • Botas is useless.

    Biswaranjan BeheraBiswaranjan Behera10 napja
  • the Lap could have been so much better!!

    Youtube UniverseYoutube Universe11 napja
  • Not quite a flying third sector... 🤔

    Jorge BetiñoJorge Betiño11 napja
  • If you filmed me driving the track, then sped up the footage 10x; I'd still be slower than Bottas.

    ninjaswordtotheheadninjaswordtothehead11 napja
  • Great track!!

    Prz PaPrz Pa12 napja
  • pottas is chёrt, he gave the race to bh again

    indoorindoor12 napja
  • I hope that the Mercedes will crash one another (without casualties of course) on the 1st lap to see a real fight between a few teams

    Raphaël L.Raphaël L.12 napja
  • Rollercoaster

    AvgeekAvgeek12 napja
  • Knowing the speed at which the cars cross the line it would be interesting to know how many centimetres 0.007 seconds equates to. This would be a very interesting statistic to report at such times.

    Keith ClunkKeith Clunk13 napja
  • That first turn is intense!

    Jonas HSJonas HS13 napja
  • Amazing!!

    Jorge GJorge G13 napja
  • Valterri's lap was exactly as I would do it

    Jay BeeJay Bee13 napja
  • Val is my choice this weekend, Lewis 2nd and Daniel 3rd.

    Jay BeeJay Bee13 napja
  • Really cool to see the front wing working hard for downforce :)

    Jay BeeJay Bee13 napja
  • Which motorcycle is this he's driving?

    Ryan URyan U13 napja
  • Hamilton was just .007 sec "slower" in 2nd place!!!

    Lucas MLucas M13 napja
  • I though the ferrari was a monster truck for a sec

    Lucas IgnaLucas Igna13 napja
  • no deleted

    hardi setyonohardi setyono13 napja
  • Tense. Very Tense. Thanks Guys

    Blinka BotBlinka Bot13 napja
  • 🙌👏

    Tom DavisTom Davis13 napja
  • Yess! Vettel in Q3... U can do it...

    Bob SorBob Sor13 napja

    Goran HamarashidGoran Hamarashid13 napja
  • I dislike this field of view, you should try a wider field of view

    Roy VasRoy Vas13 napja
  • Isn’t it supposed to be invalid?

    FrostbitE Zed Or AFKFrostbitE Zed Or AFK13 napja
  • That’s violent quick. The kinetic energy going through that car is remarkable.

    Owen Edwards Jr.Owen Edwards Jr.13 napja
  • Absolutely Incredible

    Gian66Gian6613 napja
  • The first time I'm seeing Mercedes is a hard car to drive in certain corners and lots of wheel spin says a lot about their pace deficit to Red Bull.

    IR0NM3NIR0NM3N13 napja
  • Kudos to the camera guy keeping it still at that speed!

    Nihal SinghNihal Singh13 napja
  • Bottas watch out - Russell is behind you

    Sky-viewSky-view13 napja
  • And he got pole position

    Shreyas JainShreyas Jain13 napja
  • Guys we need a driver's eye on this track

    Marian RodilăMarian Rodilă13 napja
  • Portimao is quickly building up as one of the BEST F1 tracks. _(Pronounced with maximum disdain):_ *Just beat it, Tilke*

    Serhiy 123Serhiy 12313 napja
  • Wow that last corner before the start/finish straight!

    transitpixtransitpix13 napja
  • Codemasters:Wait that's illegal

    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac13 napja
  • Seems they have a liking to Bottas' nose

    Mohamed MohamudMohamed Mohamud13 napja
  • Epic poggers time

    TheRealBeatMasterTheRealBeatMaster13 napja
  • Yep that's a Merc.

    Dark KnightDark Knight13 napja
  • Merc finally fine tuning their machine, this will be very tight fight with RB

    nvr2serious ccnvr2serious cc13 napja
  • Looks like F1 has been copying IndyCar.

    amjanamjan13 napja
  • props to the cameraman tho

    black niggablack nigga13 napja
  • He exceeded track limits 2 or 3 times

    Nico6967Nico696713 napja
  • This is a great cam!!, Now i think if F1 have rear wing camera like in the Interstellar movie of the spaceship it would be hella cool point of view!! *sorry for my limited english

    MenebMeneb13 napja
  • The W12 is barking 1:02

    arull godwinarull godwin13 napja
  • Portimao is literally the "hidden gem" Of tracks

    Bullet TimeBullet Time14 napja
  • Yep. This is one fast roller coaster

    ken alfredken alfred14 napja
  • I am disappointed, i thought the car was literally flying 😭

    JworkJwork14 napja
  • Exit turn 1: Track limits

    pranvera frasheripranvera frasheri14 napja
    • Also turn 11

      pranvera frasheripranvera frasheri14 napja
  • Do you think they get butterflies in their stomach on this track? Hahahaha. Because of all the elevation changes

    U R A WIZU R A WIZ14 napja
  • My favourite circuit!!

    Prashant ParekhPrashant Parekh14 napja
  • this should be on the F1 calender forever.what a brill track

    Richard ReichRichard Reich14 napja
  • Waiting for turkey for monsoon weather with slippery new asphalt

    The Unexpected JazThe Unexpected Jaz14 napja
  • The track got more flow than water

    hermithermit14 napja
  • I crashed on Turn 1.

    Some ScorpioSome Scorpio14 napja
  • He's on it. He just has to deliver on Sundays.

    Nixer DoyleNixer Doyle14 napja
  • What a track!!! This is what we need, as a fan. Stop to Abu Dhabi, Sochi and track like that. We want more Imola, Mugello, Silverstone, Portimao, Turkey. GIVE TO US REAL TRACK WHERE THE DRIVERS CAN DO REAL RACE!!

    alessandro nozzaalessandro nozza14 napja
  • Such a fun track.

    Adam AdvocaatAdam Advocaat14 napja
  • I really hope that codemasters get all the elevation change right or just laser scan the track

    Jex KooJex Koo14 napja
    • They have it pretty accurate on Project Cars, so they'll start from there probably

      shmetshmet14 napja
  • This track is unbelievable! Crazy altitude changes and a brilliant track layout. This is what we want in F1 and not street circuits. Fun fact- Hermann Tillke didn't design this track

    Vyas PonnuriVyas Ponnuri14 napja
  • Wow

    tung tung for Utung tung for U14 napja
  • Great to see the king of free practice back to his best 🌚

    Mridushmoy BaruahMridushmoy Baruah14 napja
  • Up and down like a rolling coaster!

    リhirリhir14 napja
  • 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    Carlos AlvesCarlos Alves14 napja
  • will the camera disturbs the airflow of the car

    Khiêm TrầnKhiêm Trần14 napja
  • I get it now. Bottas drives like a charging bull, meanwhile Lewis drives like a Gazelle !

    Mark EdwardsMark Edwards14 napja
  • was turn 5 flatout???

    marko atfmarko atf14 napja
  • Blistering pace this!

    Declan mukombiwaDeclan mukombiwa14 napja
  • Smooooooooth opperrrrrrrtor

    MALHAAR ParikhMALHAAR Parikh14 napja
  • FP1 - Valterri FP2 - Valterri FP3 - Valterri Qualifying- Lewis Pole

    Jiwhan KimJiwhan Kim14 napja
  • The elevation changes are mesmerizing!

    Hari HarranHari Harran14 napja
  • Loved watching the front wing bend under those massive loads

    KuimPlaysKuimPlays14 napja
  • Please do me a favor : Don't upload tomorrow's pole lap from this angle.

    Deepak ShettigarDeepak Shettigar14 napja
  • I LOVE this camera angle!

    Mauricio TrindadeMauricio Trindade14 napja
  • One of the worst camera angle of all time!hahaha

    Omar CasaliOmar Casali14 napja
  • That's a lot of turns. I'm feeling a little lightheaded.

    mshiangmshiang14 napja
  • 0:54 a shaky boi

    AlienofAndromedaAlienofAndromeda14 napja
  • That was an attempt at a flying lap... Look at 0:53- lost the lap there...

    Mirko BadrovMirko Badrov14 napja
  • Why aren't they sticking to taking the shortest route along the last corner? If I were driving, I would stick right along the curb... 🤭

    Shalem JacksonShalem Jackson14 napja
  • That car is a down force maniac

    Kunal PatilKunal Patil14 napja
  • Love the Heineken 0.0 banner over start finish. Best kon-alcoholic beer in the world!!!!

    PhillyForever 1PhillyForever 114 napja
  • after watch this nose cam video,maybe this is how the real f1 speed looks like and of course the G-force is very big.

    Emir SudarsoEmir Sudarso14 napja
  • Best track in new eraa

    Muhammad RidhwanMuhammad Ridhwan14 napja
  • think you got the wrong footage completely backed out of it halfway through 0:53

    Thomas PierceThomas Pierce14 napja
  • I didn't know he lost that much time. Impressive.

    John MichealJohn Micheal14 napja
    • I have the feeling they posted the wrong lap

      - Random Racing Moments -- Random Racing Moments -13 napja
  • Bottas needs to raise his game otherwise it's Russell Ocon 2022

    Soren IngramSoren Ingram14 napja
  • Friday: get in there valtteri Saturday: bwoahhhh Sunday: triple bwoahhhh

    Kevin EspinozaKevin Espinoza14 napja
  • love the front wing view.

    Maky 6969Maky 696914 napja
  • Best circuit ever made hands down. 🔥

    Resize FilmsResize Films14 napja
  • Fun Fact : 0:25 Ferrari was on a flying lap

    Jabun † OriginalJabun † Original14 napja
  • Short-shift on 00:31

    Gabriel EumGabriel Eum14 napja
  • It's been two years since I discovered this track and every single time I watch an onboard of any vehicle running on it I get goosebumps. It's gorgeous!

    Love PizzaLove Pizza14 napja
  • More of this please!

    Squish PadecainSquish Padecain14 napja
  • i love this track..

    Affanul HakimAffanul Hakim14 napja
  • this track is for Valtteri like finland rallye.

    General P - RexGeneral P - Rex14 napja
  • King of Friday practise

    Flasino FlasinoFlasino Flasino14 napja
  • Track limits

    Colin PowellColin Powell14 napja
  • Flying 2/3 of a lap

    Armchair RacerArmchair Racer14 napja
  • Why doesn't Bottas have an onboard camera like everyone else? Still waiting to see his onboard footage from the Imola crash.

    Tiago DumontTiago Dumont14 napja
    • They took it away. Covering up the incident 😂

      AdamasAdamas14 napja
  • arg, i don't like this POV haha

    Matthew FordMatthew Ford14 napja