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Boris teaches C# and Unity. On a ComputeStick! Good for staying private when away from home. Stay private like Boris, go to and use code LIFEOFBORIS to get 68% off a 2 year plan + 1 month free. Stay safe! Stay cheeki breeki!
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Why I make these videos? So that people, or maybe even just one person in the world, gets interested in programming and gets inspired to start learning programming and to one day even become a professional programmer. I believe that programming is the ultimate digital expression. The process of making something from nothing, feels amazing. No woodwork and cutting trees, no metal casting and exhaust fumes. Just pure virtuality wherever in the world you are. Try it yourself. Do not be afraid to fail. Coding is all about making mistakes. The best way to get started, is to begin.
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    Life of BorisLife of Boris4 hónapja
    • Yo what tags did you set on this video to appear in the middle of a playlist with hololive girls talking about wearing bandaids to school instead of underwear while singing "I'm scatman"

      AzKatAzKat9 órája
    • Vyprvpn better.

      RestushLogicRestushLogic3 napja
    • did you know you can do instead of using a key to yeet a pc, you can have a straight object that is lets say a bean, then attach a camera to it and also those pieces of code for each direction you want the player to go.

      MacCrakerMacCraker14 napja
    • No. Windscribe is _better?_ You get 15GB free and 2€ per month for PRO!

      PovilazPovilaz19 napja
    • shqss7wgs0shsjwlwbabdqbwh1dhdb224wwhs5wfGxhawgdisgspshs0ajsvsgslsv

      annemarie ackermanannemarie ackermanHónapja
  • Omg this is the best guy who can you learn anything from, and the best part that he is hilarious😂.

    SeeN_MiDSeeN_MiD8 órája
  • 1:22 Just use Linux instead. It's so much better!

    yannniQue 17yannniQue 1719 órája

    S - SenpieS - SenpieNapja
  • duuuude! takeovadaworld! xaxaxaaxaxax! chernobylair!......

    Nash BrooklynNash BrooklynNapja
  • i will very excited if u teach us programming language

    Steve SalimSteve SalimNapja
  • Почему у него такой английский, что я его понимаю

    FaceToOmletFaceToOmlet2 napja
  • Бля что у меня в рекомендациях

  • Who needs Brackeys if we've got Брацкейс now!

    [GER] lil'sushiroll[GER] lil'sushiroll2 napja
  • This kinda computer could run godot very smooth

    Amazing CyanAmazing Cyan3 napja
  • See sharp!

    Amazing CyanAmazing Cyan3 napja
  • We need Dani here

    affan Riazaffan Riaz3 napja
  • Does youtube read minds ?

    Prestige GamerPrestige Gamer3 napja
  • Best notification for Games developers from Brasil hahaha

    ProBrStalkerProBrStalker3 napja
  • нахуя XD

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  • dick drive haha

    Brick_HeadBrick_Head3 napja
  • Блин как так можно: чесать на буржуйском по-русски

  • Русский акцент ,дддаааа это жестко

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  • 90s kid - but can it run crisis?

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  • Im amazed !

    Rushikesh RaskarRushikesh Raskar3 napja

    everything about everythingeverything about everything3 napja
  • Waiting for SlavTek

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  • I want to be rich... very rich... and NOT famous. Thankyou.

    brynnusbrynnus4 napja
  • c toiqui a mis grosse saucise

    LudozzicLudozzic4 napja
  • c# and unity so week you need to do c++ with unreal to be real slovik king

    Artem PashinskyArtem Pashinsky4 napja
  • "Don't remind me never button" lol

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  • Говор слишком узнаваемый, с первых слов разгадал)

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    Retr0 Retr0vRetr0 Retr0v5 napja
  • *Fun = Frustration*

    willowhazel_willowhazel_5 napja
  • I left for two years and right as I start programming I find this I wasn’t expecting it lol

    MarcelMarcel5 napja
  • where is the github?

    Brutus Dun KutusBrutus Dun Kutus6 napja
  • This man really can do anything we ask him to do lol.

    HaveproblemzHaveproblemz6 napja
  • Finally, the slavic version of Brackeys

    Jhonny KarismaJhonny Karisma7 napja
  • True Slav doesnt need capitalist advertisements blyat

    M YM Y7 napja
  • You! Yes you, are you rich? No? Don't pay for nordvpn, use TOR

    Twuj znajomyTwuj znajomy7 napja
  • Boris can u please help me recover my old Facebook if i prove im the owner please Boris 😭😭😭

    Gigi OnukGigi Onuk8 napja
  • Learned more shit in 10 minutes of Boris than a 60 minutes tutorial by Lynda 10/10 would recommend.

    DaimyoDaimyo8 napja
  • who else downloaded unity 5.6.7 just to make a booster? or is it just me ?

    Uh-Oh TTVUh-Oh TTV9 napja
  • Ай тхинк итс вери гуд гууд аидеа

    Cinematography of 20th centuryCinematography of 20th century9 napja
  • People like me without pc Stick seems to be an option

    AnirudhAnirudh9 napja
  • nOnooOoooooOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo F no C++ for this at least its better than python

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  • for a few second i was wondering are you RADAL SOSIG ?

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  • 3:40 what was 2

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  • Love The Accent

    Jadam HadesJadam Hades12 napja
  • And here was me, a Linux user, thinking Unity was a desktop environment. [goes back to using Manjaro Linux with Xfce desktop environment]

    WeControlEverything YouSeeAndHearWeControlEverything YouSeeAndHear12 napja
  • Nobody: Boris: *f r u s t r a t i o n*

    Viktorův světViktorův svět13 napja
  • its the simplest yet most understandable unity tutorial on youube.

    Detective BatDetective Bat13 napja
  • It is probably trying to find the resources for the error message 🤣

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  • Wait what when did Chernobyl 2 happen

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  • Where does it say paid advertisement?!!

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  • Terrible advertisement! It is terrible

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  • Boris programing in TV

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  • no, no problem, my boyfriend's russian gopnik ♪♫

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  • Fun fact: you can hack nasa with unity’s particle system

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  • It will be hard to explain how i learned to program

    DnyDny18 napja
  • Finally a tutorial i can understand...

    DingoDingo18 napja
  • Вот так Escape from Tarkov и делали

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  • Haha..I love stalker..can be played by anything lol

    Yer friendly neighborhood scottish bastardYer friendly neighborhood scottish bastard19 napja
  • Unity Only Gives You:Frustration, BSOD's and Caffeine Overdosing

    Matas JonasMatas Jonas19 napja
  • Hey Boris, you are programmer?(russian programmer? Suka.)

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  • me uhhhhh boris numu gua hedsj

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  • that stick is more powerful than my entire pc ._.

    The ThouZandsThe ThouZands22 napja
  • ok but this was better than ANY OTHER TUTORIAL i found

    Noah RobertsNoah Roberts23 napja
  • 11:54 W Key

    Elijah ClementeElijah Clemente27 napja
  • man, to understand this guy you need to know russian english and pc things AAaAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaAA

    Rafe TV GamingRafe TV Gaming27 napja
  • Lol i do have 64-bit system

    Windows InfinityWindows Infinity29 napja
  • Похоже я понял зачем учил английский, лишь для того что бы посмотреть урок по Юнити от Бориса

  • stay smart stay safe use qubes

  • This stick works better than my pc

    Corky 784Corky 784Hónapja
  • Actually better than brackets!!

    Adarsh RavikumarAdarsh RavikumarHónapja

    Овчинников ИльяОвчинников ИльяHónapja
  • You need to install 64 bit windows

  • Can u code on that stick again Boris? But try to use unreal engine this time. It would take up to more than 10 gb of storage. And lots of resources.

    Nhật HuyNhật HuyHónapja
  • "You put in code, directions, and commands, and you get frustration!" -Boris 2020 As someone who's tried making video games before, this applies to any coding language

    Benjamin WeissBenjamin WeissHónapja
  • .NET is terrible

  • Do Unreal ENgine next!

  • I remember last time I saw this vid, he was coding in python, does he have another unity vid?

    cridit master strikes bacj • 85 years agocridit master strikes bacj • 85 years agoHónapja
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  • slav brackeys XD

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  • hey boris, where's your 22.1kg slavic computer?

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  • Ok i am convinced, this guy knows how to do everything.

    Creeper BoyCreeper BoyHónapja
  • Ohhh, smooth sponsored ad transition... Just like Boris does!

  • And I complain that my 4 GB RAM i5 6200u isnt enough

  • infinite iq

    Mohammed IlhamMohammed IlhamHónapja
  • Excellent video. Now I am expressing myself with pure virtuality in digital world using System; class LifeOfBoris { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Откуда мне знать, что ты не западный шпион?"); }}

  • this stick run S.T.A.L.K.E.R ..

    Khairi BloggerKhairi BloggerHónapja
  • Next time. C++ and Unreal Engine 4

  • Great

    Дмитрий СидоренкоДмитрий СидоренкоHónapja
  • *masterful video editing skillz* cut 10 minutes of loading time each step.(visual studio is heavy software)

  • I never thought dirt was this nice.

  • 0.01% - Russian comments 99% - English 0.9 - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Allan _Allan _Hónapja

    Valera key Brown channelValera key Brown channelHónapja
  • твой русский акцент просто убивает уши в хлам

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  • Блять борис

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  • Такие интонации и нотки, словно это Женя Баженов ... подозрительно

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  • 3:39 "VADIM" I DIED :))))))

    Daniel's Game VaultDaniel's Game VaultHónapja
  • Great tutorial! Thanks

  • next time anyone asks me wherer to learn unity i will post this video XD

  • oh hey the type i use but my enter button isnt that wide

    Mathias LurudMathias Lurud2 hónapja
  • i wanna see boris look at yandere simulator source code

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