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Boris teaches C# and Unity. On a ComputeStick! Good for staying private when away from home. Stay private like Boris, go to and use code LIFEOFBORIS to get 68% off a 2 year plan + 1 month free. Stay safe! Stay cheeki breeki!
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Why I make these videos? So that people, or maybe even just one person in the world, gets interested in programming and gets inspired to start learning programming and to one day even become a professional programmer. I believe that programming is the ultimate digital expression. The process of making something from nothing, feels amazing. No woodwork and cutting trees, no metal casting and exhaust fumes. Just pure virtuality wherever in the world you are. Try it yourself. Do not be afraid to fail. Coding is all about making mistakes. The best way to get started, is to begin.
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On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
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  • Thanks to NordVPN for keeping the Boris lights on and fuel in Lada. And also keeping browsing safe at same time. Go and use code LIFEOFBORIS for 68% off 2 year plan and extra 1 month free.

    Life of BorisLife of Boris27 napja
    • Ahh yes Thank you Boris for all of your slav ways

    • thx now i can get free wifi

      pls dont see this in light modepls dont see this in light mode10 napja
    • What about a unreal engine

      Marcos RiosMarcos Rios12 napja
    • Are you making game ?

      Daryl DuanisDaryl Duanis13 napja
    • 100

      Laku LukiLaku Luki14 napja

    Victor MaurerVictor Maurer8 órája
  • try to play minecraft on the stick i wonder how it would handle it

    Darkboy64Darkboy649 órája
  • Баженов перестал снимать обзоры на кино и начал заниматься геймдевом?

    Игнат АниковичИгнат Аникович10 órája
  • nord vpn may encrypt there data but they fuckin log.

    BXJhHbRfDEcUhFvDgvJgRvHtDBXJhHbRfDEcUhFvDgvJgRvHtD12 órája
  • *so r u telling me a stick runs unity faster than my samsung notebook does*

    Doomer DrugDoomer Drug15 órája

    Doomer DrugDoomer Drug15 órája
  • still faster than my pc :(

    om gawandeom gawande17 órája
  • I think itc batter then indian akcent (sory im just got an accent :D)

    AsionAsion19 órája
  • Nordvpn srrrssss!!!!!!!!!!

    night shadowsnight shadows20 órája
  • 0:59 i thought it was a fucking cockroach.

    ClémentClément20 órája
  • Братан, роибал. Я чуть не запутался в словах. Вроде русский, но английский... Рашин лангуаге ИТС А БУТИФУЛлл!!!!!!!!!

  • With enough searching you can find 8gb RAM compute stick knock offs. But, yeah. Video performance is still an issue. Also, the internal storage is extremely slow on these things.

    GconduitYTubeAccountGconduitYTubeAccount23 órája
  • Я не знаю английского но понимаю о чём он говорит!

    Red BeardRed Beard23 órája
  • Yes!!

  • Shame the suit sizes all sellout so fast except for ogre and hobbit sizes.

  • Can I react to a video on my HUworld channel?

    Katze mit einen oreo *Katze mit einen oreo *Napja
  • Лол, у меня мой ПК не может запустить сталкер по нормальному.... Кста ты русский? По акценту видно ну и по названию, ну и вообще ты русский, почему не на русскую аудитории.

  • either take this seriously or just stop

    Not OriginalNot OriginalNapja
  • this gay are very funny

  • first time watch this eccentric video. I can't understand what he is saying. -_-

    Asura -Asura -Napja
  • nord vpn is the biggest pile of shit in vpn cosmos

  • Do you like drink vodka comrade?

    Mitanjo RajoelisoloMitanjo RajoelisoloNapja
  • I had one of these thing and it literally took forever to compile anaconda; runs lea at 0-5 fps and forze from time to time. It's good for disposable purposes such as watching porn and destroy the stick afterwards. It leaves absolutely no evidence- of cause, with the NORD VPN

    Ng RoyNg RoyNapja
  • "Mom, can i get bootcamp?" "No, we have bootcamp at home." bootcamp at home:

    The JacekxThe JacekxNapja
  • 9:22 - WOW!

    Stadia UnofficialStadia Unofficial2 napja
  • я чисто по акценту и ругательствам понял о чем речь)

    Vasnets0vVasnets0v2 napja
  • Can we please all appreciate that transition to the sponsor?

    MatthiasMatthias2 napja
  • Привет, Борис

    Владимир КейльВладимир Кейль2 napja
  • Now I know I'm doing it right.

    Steven SimsSteven Sims2 napja
  • сука блеать

    Saint PlaySaint Play2 napja
  • So this is a 12:54 long advertisement. DON'T.

    LynxenXLynxenX3 napja
  • 3,000,000 years is a long, long kvass break.

    William RichardsonWilliam Richardson3 napja
  • top russian ever.

  • that ad transition was smooth af

    Francesco VolpiniFrancesco Volpini3 napja
  • Лол,ржачно

    Zark MineZark Mine3 napja
    • Лайк Подписка

      Zark MineZark Mine3 napja
  • Does it run .. Godot?

    moofymoomoofymoo3 napja
  • Comrades, idk about private things staying private, if private things are private, then how KGB will catch spies??

    moofymoomoofymoo3 napja
  • I swear Boris sounds like Peter Griffin Russian version

    Faiz ZaneFaiz Zane4 napja
  • U rock man🤣

    Prytam KevPrytam Kev4 napja
  • Yes i want to be rich but i use UNITY PARTICAL SYSTEM

    Xxgamer timxXXxgamer timxX4 napja
  • Wow I like you man

  • you could have just updated the stick to 64 bit

    Shaharyar AhmedShaharyar Ahmed5 napja
  • Gound

    ConnorConnorConnorConnor5 napja
  • Fun fact, stalker 2 is going to be built with unreal engine and from what i saw in lost alpha dc i'd say Boris wants his model in the main game.

    eivis13eivis136 napja
  • I have 64bit

    Ds ProductionDs Production6 napja
  • Huh, can't do branchless with that

    Joel VuoriJoel Vuori6 napja
  • Whoever said "Programming is fun" You DEBIL

    Mubashir ARMubashir AR7 napja
  • Boris did what Ive always wanted to do...leave programming job out of frustration amd launch a successful youtube channel

    Mubashir ARMubashir AR7 napja
  • Can someone plz tell me what's with his OPAAAA

    Sanket GuptaSanket Gupta7 napja
  • Best segway to sponsor I have ever seen, LTT take note!!

    blu_smokeblu_smoke7 napja
  • That was actually very helpful. Thank you.

    roninwanderingroninwandering7 napja
  • You have fast WiFi downloading a 528MB file takes minutes. Slav

    Linux UbuntuLinux Ubuntu8 napja
  • Omg u did it

    Mcroft LiangMcroft Liang8 napja
  • Today first time I watched the advertising from a HUworldber

    Amit PradhanAmit Pradhan8 napja
  • god, you are gold

    MrDjBigZMrDjBigZ8 napja
  • im danish

    Carl Magnus Jespersson KielCarl Magnus Jespersson Kiel8 napja

    KBAC [DRG]KBAC [DRG]8 napja
  • Amo esse canal HAHA

    Giovanne TakarashiGiovanne Takarashi8 napja
  • Lénux

    OdentaOdenta9 napja
  • Play a lan party of counter strike 1.6 on that stick.

    Lucas AndreaLucas Andrea9 napja
  • For this stick you need a slavic tv

    happy cursorhappy cursor9 napja
  • Gopnik Space Program

    PalkerPalker9 napja
  • i have learned more code in this one video than in the entire brackeys channel

    Old Computer 10 Windows HaOld Computer 10 Windows Ha9 napja
  • I know nothing about coding and was still entertained the entire vidio

    The_man_who_speaks_in_hands GasterThe_man_who_speaks_in_hands Gaster9 napja
  • boris cyka good blyat

    jack Duanjack Duan10 napja
  • Doge approves

    Vince SanityVince Sanity10 napja
  • boris codes better than yanderedev

    Adam246KAdam246K10 napja
  • My God he is so funny but educative at the same time

    HariSai Senthil KumarHariSai Senthil Kumar10 napja
  • Прикольно смотреть это видео, когда ты делал игры на Unity.

    PlayerZheroPlayerZhero10 napja
  • stay safe, don't buy, tor protects better, than nordvpn

    Zephyr Music & TutorialsZephyr Music & Tutorials10 napja
  • Nice

    Nitro ZeusNitro Zeus11 napja
  • Technology is simply amazing 🖥️😄❤️👍

    CM - 20CM - 2011 napja
  • I just found out about compute sticks and i 'm already wondering... who needed this? In what kind of profession did you get a compute stick rather than a laptop? Oo I mean there must have been a reason Intel developed this... right?

    I am Not meI am Not me11 napja
  • As a game dev, the Fun - Frustration is totally true.

    Alex RamosAlex Ramos11 napja
  • u have terrain need for a cube

    mvdlele29mvdlele2911 napja
  • 😔 sponsorships got to him too

    MobileGamer NickMobileGamer Nick12 napja
  • Think nikita needs to watch this.

    univercleunivercle12 napja
  • Boris has finally got a sponsor. We have reached peak 2020

    SML 2K18SML 2K1812 napja
  • Lol Russian Brackeys

    Naughty BananaNaughty Banana12 napja
  • He will make S.T.A.L.K.E.R Slav version soon

    Toro BlyatToro Blyat12 napja
  • Жду субтитры

    UralFanSoftwareUralFanSoftware12 napja
  • Nobody: Boris: OPAAAA

    Sir KnightySir Knighty12 napja
  • You need to work with Ubisoft to make a Slavic event

    Sir KnightySir Knighty12 napja
  • c++ tutorial when

    SwapySwapy12 napja
  • Please make of C

    Jaspreet KaurJaspreet Kaur12 napja
  • No te entiendo ni un choto pero me gusta tu contenido igual JAJQJQJ xD

    777712 napja
  • I swear this computerstick works better than my laptop

    Tyandra WistaraTyandra Wistara12 napja
  • Slavik cube satalaite program XD

    BlopklopBlopklop12 napja
  • ват зээ ГАВНО!? гениально!!!

    ЖАБЭНЖАБЭН12 napja
  • In mother russia, you don't make a game, a games makes you

    Blender GeekBlender Geek12 napja
    • @Dmitry Grishin whatever you say, man.

      Oka namora Miolo.Oka namora Miolo.12 napja
    • No one has ever heard of him in Russia, he's just a clown

      Dmitry GrishinDmitry Grishin12 napja
  • Cook with kalishnakov

    idk idkidk idk12 napja
  • Im so excited to be motivated to learn unity

    Oscar MichelOscar Michel13 napja
  • Unity is for capitalist pigs. Real slavs write their own game engine in C using OpenGL and SDL2

    kotkot13 napja
  • Тебе надо работать у КГБ

    Красный_Медведь_генерал CCCPКрасный_Медведь_генерал CCCP13 napja
  • boo nordvpn suxxx they got hacc already

    Qu0thTheRavenQu0thTheRaven13 napja
  • Fun=Frustration

    Shane OShane O13 napja
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, aaaaaaawesoooomeeee hahahahhahha... greetings from Dom. Rep.

    Hector GalvaHector Galva13 napja
    • What do you think of Haiti?

      Oka namora Miolo.Oka namora Miolo.12 napja
  • 11:31 that was funny af😂😂😂😂😂

    Hunters sHunters s13 napja
  • Best unity tutorial ever!!

    s as a13 napja