NLE Choppa - Done (Official Music Video) (From Dark To Light)

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Aye, done with the pills I throw away the roxies
Done with the bullshit I don't need nobody
I might just post up with a full clip right in front the projects
I seen the murder before it happened I'm a murder prophet
I'm sitting, chillin, smokin, makin a killin
Tryna make sure they they listen but I don't think that they hearing
Eyes tearing, I'm not god fearing, I just hope that god's steering
Devil interfering but this glizzy in amiri’s
They won't kill me, they won't drill me, won't peel me
Sincerley, from a nigga with no pity, no biggie
Killers killing without it wit me no Mickey
It aint no mouses that's runnin with me
They say Bryson trippin, say he changing, he acting different
Know it's really fiction so I'm changing my chapter with you
Might get in my feelings reminiscing bout past dealings
Meditating and infatuated with peace and real healing
Drug dealing, real killing, we already witnessed it
New deal for a free mill, they asking how I'm feeling
Dont feel real, couple M's, she loving how I'm live
The Shit unreal these hoes they fuccin on me just for thrills
I wish that I could get some time back
Man I gotta rewind that
Lotta shit that sent me back and knocked me off the wrong path
Thuggin check my rough draft
Give your ass a blood bath
We don't even play fair
You come here, you lay here
Hard working young nigga
They don't understand I'm tired though
Bro like what you tired for you supposed to be alive bro
Lotta shit that came to light
I was looking through blindfolds
Livin in the lies like we trapped up in a cycle
Tryna be rich like the white folks, my third eye woke
think I want a white ghost, matte black, or painted purple
Green and blue cheese, geico, blue mike n ikes hoes
Off white in the sunlight, can't forget the nikes though
Living on a tightrope, im balancing survival
Thought the concrete grew a bright rose
I'm on the right road
Potholes we dodge those and foreign whips not tahoes
I'm in a rarri, rarri, go
Calamari for the dish, while she give me deep throat
Let me know
I'm in a rarri, rarri, go
In the car with this choppa and it came with a scope
They like that's the boy from shotta flow
Aye, done with the pills I throw away the roxies
Done with the bullshit I don't need nobody
I might just post up with a full clip right in front the projects
I seen the murder before it happened I'm a murder prophet
I'm sitting, chillin, smokin, makin a killin
Tryna make sure they they listen but I don't think that they hearing
Eyes tearing, I'm not god fearing, I just hope that god's steering
Devil interfering but this glizzy in amiri’s

  • that shit fire

    Vershawn ThomasVershawn ThomasPerce
  • Nice this he will be in the future

    Lil EjLil Ej3 órája

    jose bellojose bello7 órája

    jose bellojose bello7 órája
  • My 2nd favorite nle song

    Travo WoodsTravo Woods9 órája
  • Yo Bryson u should do OnlyFans

    FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq18 órája
  • I remember this was yb making songs that this

    DAMOND WilliamsDAMOND Williams19 órája
  • Imagine NBA YoungBoy and NLE Choppa came together 💙🙏🏾

    Mrs. EcliMrs. Ecli21 órája
  • What's up

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  • so fire

    Faze strucidFaze strucid23 órája
  • Watch this MOVIE FREE before youtube removes it again

    Corrupt PicturesCorrupt PicturesNapja
  • im done with all the bullsh*** at all man thanks cause your music helps me out a lot cause i had a awful day

    arieana masonarieana masonNapja
  • Why man Just ... Why

    Matheus SantosMatheus SantosNapja
    • wht

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq18 órája
  • Yo I hate these new rappers but I like listening to him no lie this is fire

    mark nesbittmark nesbittNapja
  • RIP KING VON 🕊🕊🕊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Dark to light keep going to the light

    the ultmatethe ultmateNapja
  • I have money to buy merch but i have no card i want sum😭😭

  • if you aint feeling this, you aint nvr been thru shit in life. NLE the real goat, not polo g.

  • This must be old song every though he said some peace stuff he said some killing stuff

    Toxic NinjaZxToxic NinjaZxNapja
    • @FHS_Dr4kq oh

      Toxic NinjaZxToxic NinjaZx17 órája
    • its not a old song. but yknow hes gonna throw in some of that stuff here and there. thats wht hes used to. hes just trying to transition

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq18 órája
  • 🙂

    Hobson FudgeHobson FudgeNapja
  • Protect Nle Choppa at all cost we can’t loose more rappers

    Shxdow ClanShxdow ClanNapja
    • ye fr i litteraly made a vid about that 2 dys ago

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq18 órája

  • Do Shotta flow 6ix

    Shelia JacksonShelia JacksonNapja
    • hes not doin any more of those. 5 was the last

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • I love the way NLE CHOPPA changed his hair and NLE are you the wind cuz you blow me away and the beat got more calm

    TAYLOR channelTAYLOR channelNapja
    • ye his hair style looks smooth asf

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • "God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do." Chris Pratt

  • He on that x shit

    Coredae HabibCoredae HabibNapja
    • yep

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • Nle: god, heaven, good person, heathy Nle choppa: guns, murder, drugs

    Too RiskyyToo RiskyyNapja
  • Why NLE liking all verified content creators like show me love too but really NLE ik ur woke and stay woke and positive and being that way will keep u alive and safe unlike other rappers Stay safe and positive no negative energy

  • Nle choppa is one oh my fav rapper

  • Nor coops is the best

    shaad wynnshaad wynnNapja
  • Man this song is the best

    Marsha ReidMarsha Reid2 napja
    • ye

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája

  • he said he finna kill his self on December 30

    K_80K_802 napja
    • @K_80 well hes a changed man now. i dont think thats even on his mind anymore. but for me tho

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
    • hopefully not

      K_80K_802 napja
  • 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️👌🏾 better than what he was saying at first.... keep it up my guy

    Shaleece CarterShaleece Carter2 napja
  • Lololollo9898cripcpcpcpccpcpfp

    godfather FatherLord257godfather FatherLord2572 napja
  • He look serious but trust he is having a whole vibe

    ZyexeZyexe2 napja
    • ye

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • HUworld’s dumbass deleted paradise music video🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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    • @FHS_Dr4kq :(

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    • :(

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  • Yall better wake up frfr💯💯 take some shrooms and have a spiritual learning experience. Pray and accept jesus christ as your savior

    26th ENT26th ENT2 napja
  • no

    Jayden PowellJayden Powell2 napja
  • doing

    Jayden PowellJayden Powell2 napja
  • yes choppa u ding good bro n matter what ima be a fan until i die bro

    Jayden PowellJayden Powell2 napja
  • Nle is a good person and I am happy that he see that good luck Bryson 👍

    i dont edit my vidsi dont edit my vids2 napja
  • Hahahaha NLE got some lit music x 😈👌🏻👌🏻 comment and like if u agreee yall

    Maryam MalikMaryam Malik2 napja
    • yh

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • Do shotta flow 6

    awkend paceawkend pace2 napja
    • hes not going too. 5 was the last

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • Im truly done with 2020

    Jacob BurkhartJacob Burkhart2 napja
  • Claim your ticket before TikTok

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  • #Fromdarktolight NLE Coppa on another level, that da rap game never seen before da new 🌊

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  • My SHIT 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  • Choppa🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • bruh hardddd

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  • All i have to say to this is simple words:👋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌💪👑👑👑🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴😎💥🤙🤘🤟🤟🤟🔫

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  • Who else came here after YT deleted the Paradise video? 😳

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  • i love you

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  • i love you

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  • i love you

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  • i love you

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  • i love you

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    • ty x

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  • Imma do the same Hair as nle choppa, they Are Fire 🔥🔥 This music is some goood shittt

    Matteo PalumboMatteo Palumbo3 napja
    • ye his hair looks smooth asf

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • NLE CHOPPA goes so hard on this, never disappointed. He is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

    Jean PaulJean Paul3 napja
    • @Ashley Brantley yep

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
    • Nle never has had trash songs at all 100 percent

      Ashley BrantleyAshley Brantley20 órája
  • Am glad he changed God bless you please reply choppa 🥺

    Misael OrtegaMisael Ortega3 napja
  • “In the car with a choppa and it came wit a scope... they be like that’s that boy from shotta flow” 🥴🔥

    Jeremy ChastainJeremy Chastain3 napja
    • love that bar

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • hit after hit take out NLE

    〖ṨK〗Seth〖ṨK〗Seth3 napja
  • I like you car bryson

    Minecraftboi8Minecraftboi83 napja
    • same :)

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • i am gona by the black bandana i love it

    master was 55master was 553 napja
    • same

      FHS_Dr4kqFHS_Dr4kq17 órája
  • i wanna play nle one on one inna hoop session

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  • 2:41 last words

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  • He hit all those dances

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  • Nle choppa

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  • 🥫

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  • ok nle choppa

  • choppa this hard my guy they wont accpet this nle but your ture fans love it ....waiting on dg ghost to react to this stay safe ,.

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  • Hellow meaaaaaan, Rassia seee you🤣🤙🤙🤙

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  • Mais uma pessoa que me inspira a fazer rap mais e mais obrigado nle choppa 💚🔵💚

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  • im russian, please explain me why at US rappers clips sometimes some brands blurred?

    ZorkadeZorkade4 napja

    NYC Jayy2KNYC Jayy2K4 napja
  • I like the curly dreads his tight any body else

    Deshawn MathewsDeshawn Mathews4 napja
  • NLE Choppa is the one that inspired me in rapping has and always will be my favorite artist 💙💜

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  • How you get the curls plz tell me

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  • Tooo much meaning 🥺 i love it

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  • I watch this when it was the first hour

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  • Essa musica muda qualquer pessoa nmrl

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  • Best young rapper alive always spitting facts👑💯

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  • The world should not talk about the bad things and talk about good like nle

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  • Check out Vaxi Sa on #SoundCloud

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  • 1.6 K dislikes yall some haters

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  • I love these type of edits, I love your music's so fucking much bro, hug from Portugal❤❤❤

    GuilhermeAndre05GuilhermeAndre055 napja
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  • I approve

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  • anotha John Gabbana situation turnin his life around i fw that shi 💪🏾

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  • I can't take this guy serious at all. He move like a straight Square but talk sum gangsta shit. ? #rapper talk

    56yellaboy56yellaboy5 napja
  • 2020 is for Nile choppa I love him

    Elodia SemereElodia Semere5 napja
  • Gone with the bullshit I don’t need nobody

    Marveion MinterMarveion Minter5 napja
  • I need u to get this don’t let your loyalty become ur slavery fake people will give real reasons to cut them off

    Let’s get to 1000Let’s get to 10005 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥 You all ways putting good songs out. When I get older I want to be like you a (shotta) Crip.

    Justice YarbroughJustice Yarbrough5 napja
    • Dude fire 🔥🔥

      Justice YarbroughJustice Yarbrough5 napja
  • hey boys

    Juliauna BroadJuliauna Broad5 napja