Nipsey Hussle - Double Up Ft. Belly & Dom Kennedy [Official Music Video]

2018.okt. 4.
152 174 785 Megtekintés

Directed by :
Film Scored by AVAA
Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny
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  • drive bys that was road rage

    Becca ABecca A4 órája
  • Andrei Deiu make me to come here!

    FittPic AndrewFittPic Andrew5 órája
  • Subtitle or lyrics please i am indian huhu

    Movie Masala1750Movie Masala17505 órája
  • 👏💪🙏

    Pamela AndradePamela Andrade7 órája
  • RIP NIP and damn we Just lost DMX so 😭😭2021!!

    bangbang killbangbang kill8 órája
  • This is wassup frfr!!!!!

    Lakendra ThomasLakendra Thomas10 órája
  • She look at nispy with that double look 🤣🤣

    Reakio GreenReakio Green11 órája
  • Wow I blacked out again lol

    Jason ToscanoJason Toscano11 órája
  • Love you nippsey hustle

    Jason ToscanoJason Toscano11 órája
  • 🖼

    Armando MagdalenoArmando Magdaleno12 órája
  • Damn my nom hit me up for an ounce for a Homegirl nothing major just double up Nippsey was down to earth from East Los to the West 💯💯💯

  • I have no idea what I’m watching

    IngeniumIngenium17 órája
  • Quem aqui veio por causa do Ice blue?kkkkkkkkk

    BRENNER7BRENNER719 órája
  • Rest In Peace

    Osmak AtsouOsmak Atsou22 órája
  • lbh hes terrible

    Thomas WoodThomas WoodNapja
  • Rest UP nip

  • If he owned money he was gona no problem give them double...the game is shit...yall need better standards killed a legend just like that...loom in the mirror fools

    Eric LerouxEric LerouxNapja
  • Y! 100% this question got asked

    Eric LerouxEric LerouxNapja
  • 2021 god dam i miss cuzz

    Yu KongYu KongNapja
  • Shit 3.5 alright

    Izzy LamzIzzy LamzNapja
  • Shit new day , pitch bag

    Izzy LamzIzzy LamzNapja
  • 40 3.7 these dude ripping people off. Know wonder !!!!!!

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  • Who knew🧩

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  • Vim pelo ice blue

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  • Saint George Floyd

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  • Eritrean King in Pirudise. Imagine That!!! Snoopie2 PPBGS

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  • Omg I love this ❤️

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  • Indicação do IceBlue

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  • Vim pelo Ice blue

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  • #$FREASH$420$

    Admin AWOAdmin AWO2 napja
  • It’s been 2 years he been gone and rest easy nipsey ❤️

    Jay BallinJay Ballin2 napja
  • Frl nipsey rip

    Jerome WilsonJerome Wilson2 napja
  • Quem veio por causa do BLUE?

    Jonathan gomesJonathan gomes2 napja
  • This song is everything!! Gives me all the feels 🙏🏾 True legend 💙

    Diva DeeDiva Dee2 napja
  • Music starts at 4:34

    Oscar KingOscar King2 napja
  • Mais alguem depois do podpah do ice blue?? kkk

    1HoraHitsBR1HoraHitsBR2 napja
    • tmj kkkkkkkkkkkkk

      Lucas HenriqueLucas Henrique7 órája
    • Conhecercp oke a lenda escuta

      Papaleguas182Papaleguas18212 órája
    • Eu, até passei a entrevista.

      Júlio InácioJúlio InácioNapja
    • eu kkk

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    • eu

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  • Quem veio pelo podpah 🤜

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  • Rest in power

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  • Forever Young Nipsey 👊🏽

    Strictly ChosenStrictly Chosen2 napja
  • I love Nisey music. Intro be to long for me

    Sindarella_el DineroSindarella_el Dinero2 napja
  • Still keep it alive 🙂🌞💚

    Gerry McVeighGerry McVeigh2 napja
  • That's good one, the kind to open the car door for..,. special💚👍🌞😎

    Gerry McVeighGerry McVeigh2 napja
  • Rip nipsey!!!!🙌

    jahjah wellwildjahjah wellwild2 napja
  • R.I.P big homie much love for waking me up blessings

    mista mistamista mista2 napja
  • 🙏

    TequilaSunriseTequilaSunrise2 napja
  • Wanna know what sells? DEATH.

    Christian FranklinChristian Franklin2 napja
  • Can you say FAKED DEATH any louder?

    Christian FranklinChristian Franklin2 napja
  • 💎💎

    Nunga RochaNunga Rocha2 napja
  • WOW this is tripe lol

    Ste OSte O2 napja
  • I had never heard of him until he was killed. Is this a case of his legend growing after death? Also, the "house tour" storyline would make for an interesting porn video. I've seen it done before but never by a rapper.

    Vinny CarrociaVinny Carrocia3 napja
    • What the fuck 😭😭😭😭😭

      Running Down The WingRunning Down The Wing2 napja
  • HTF! Did I just see an ad in the middle of a music video?????

    Daniel MosinyiDaniel Mosinyi3 napja
  • The thoughtless rock ultrasonically wrap because meat suprisingly matter given a weak soy. picayune, overjoyed basement

    Benny AshlyBenny Ashly3 napja
  • Nip was a natural at acting. He killed these acting gigs in his music videos

    MichaelMichael3 napja
  • A true king 💙👑

    Yoso Mejia- MoikYoso Mejia- Moik3 napja
  • Kevin knew

    IDon'tWantYourFilthyMoney IDon'tWantYourFilthyHoesIDon'tWantYourFilthyMoney IDon'tWantYourFilthyHoes3 napja

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  • #LongLiveNIP🔴🔵

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  • 💙🏁

    Shonda MaysShonda Mays3 napja
  • I love this song

    Shonda MaysShonda Mays3 napja
  • This guy's face looks like a mix between Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross lol. And he treated women like pieces of meat. He didn't respect women except for their asses. That's not a real man. Real men respect women and dont look up to guys like him. RIP but I'm just saying...he wasn't that good as y'all make him out to be.

    Marco PoloMarco Polo3 napja
  • 1:16 Nipsey’s reading list is one of the BEST ... Read More

    Moses RabukaMoses Rabuka3 napja
  • April 6 2021 thinking about you NIPSEY for real slapping this one repeat

    Veronica C BuenoVeronica C Bueno4 napja
  • l'intro m'a un peu nrv mais je like

    Lif DeWittLif DeWitt4 napja
  • Who Tf Uses Flip Phones In 2k18 Nipsey😂😭😭 Was always different from the rest my brother😪💔🕊

    YaBoi JosephhhYaBoi Josephhh4 napja
    • You use it for selling drugs, no tracking and shit

      # Karin# KarinNapja
  • Anyone know the sizes and weight of his Cubans?

    Cliff PaulCliff Paul4 napja
  • Loving this song xx vibing all d time to this

    Sarah HairaSarah Haira4 napja
  • Hey nips it's rj rip bro

    Robert Elk NationRobert Elk Nation4 napja
  • Rip.

    Darien LyonsDarien Lyons4 napja
  • Nipsey sure knew how to pick his girls...mmm mmm they sexy. Dom sexy too. We love u Nip 💙

    Jermecia LindseyJermecia Lindsey4 napja
  • if drake turned down a verse on this beat...he should slap himself

    Nunya BidnessNunya Bidness5 napja
    • Definitely has a drake vibe. I coulda seen him on this

      K EPPSK EPPS2 napja
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    ryan hanniganryan hannigan5 napja

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  • Rip nipsey hussle

    Keandra NelsonKeandra Nelson5 napja
  • RIP Nipsey hussle we miss you

    Yanis LolYanis Lol5 napja
  • Who the fuck puts ads in the middle of a music video wtf

    Don BarziniDon Barzini5 napja
  • Classic

    Testimonybomb StrawTestimonybomb Straw5 napja
  • Crazy 🫐🦋

    mawg whymawg why5 napja
  • The $hiT!!!

    Johnny GriffinJohnny Griffin5 napja
  • If ever one was taken too soon...RIP Nip

    Jahi SmithJahi Smith5 napja
  • I love nipsey 💙

    KK From the islandsKK From the islands5 napja
    • Fun fact about my comment I went to the hospital today for ketamine infusions for my anxiety and depression and I was listening to this song while I was medicated and it was a vibe made me wanna cry and hug nipsey. Lmao weird/fun fact

      KK From the islandsKK From the islands5 napja
  • This nigga speaks like snoop dogg

    lionel sangwalionel sangwa5 napja
  • I was looking at the TV interview with nip and Lauren London a couple of days before his death life not promise to no one

    eZ SxtrixeZ Sxtrix6 napja
  • 🏁🏁🏁💙💙

    Skreety OCSkreety OC6 napja
  • RP

    Em PythonsEm Pythons6 napja
  • Manoel Vitorino bahia guarnições e equipes ok assinado filhote pk22-3 exército naza gafanhoto guarda costeira delegado vossa excelência advogado

    Edisio Oliveira britoEdisio Oliveira brito6 napja
  • Cuartinhas de edisiooliveirabrito

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  • O

    Jamel WrightJamel Wright6 napja
  • 🎼😍🙏😭

    Tabitha PatinoTabitha Patino6 napja
  • I understood what he meant when he said neva let a hard time humble us....not saying we not important cuz we are but of course you have to humble yourself to know when your ego is getting in your way...ti become smarter in stronger and accept the things for what they are that you cant change and dealw with accordingly. That's why we #humblebeast cuz we still gotta get what's ours regardless if we gotta change to do it.

    AlmightyMeAlmightyMe6 napja
  • Love this video bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jeffery PaivaJeffery Paiva6 napja
  • R.ip big homie

    damari wedgeworthdamari wedgeworth6 napja
  • Really miss this guy!

    spittaman702spittaman7026 napja
  • Hard to believe that it’s already been two years man

    AOP AlphaAOP Alpha6 napja
  • True time frame

    Breland ParkerBreland Parker6 napja
  • 💙💙

    Ashish SharmaAshish Sharma7 napja
    • 🐝🦐

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