Niko and the interview - GTA4

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  • Where is niko from SERBIAA🇷🇸🇷🇸

    Veljko MilosevicVeljko Milosevic8 napja
  • Senior executive DEBIL

    ritik nritik n10 napja
  • thank you you are a guy who dosent say belik he says belić

    Nikola ADVANCEDNikola ADVANCEDHónapja
  • Boris you know you can add your own music to gta4 by going into documents/ rockstargames/gta4/usermusic and drag drop your music files into the usermusic folder then go in game to the audio menu and press full scan at the bottom and when you select independencefm radio station while in car your hard bass will play or whatever music you put in there

  • 5:40 is this made from Stalin or Steel?

    Szymi GamingSzymi GamingHónapja
  • He dropped the kalashnikov can let it go to waste🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    m mm m2 hónapja
  • your definition of a the blista (the hatchback) is actually very accurate. It has the front of the volkswagon and the size and rear of the honda

    Jack SkoskiewiczJack Skoskiewicz3 hónapja
  • Android shoes will be a reality one day

    SDRIFTER AbdlmounaimSDRIFTER Abdlmounaim3 hónapja
  • S enior E xecutive D ebil

    Cyrcuts GDCyrcuts GD3 hónapja
  • 1 Like = *1 BLYAT*

    Slav GuySlav Guy4 hónapja
  • We need more gta 4 Boris

    Squat ManSquat Man4 hónapja
  • Where I can get android shoes

    Eshvara KrupaEshvara Krupa4 hónapja

    Alexeyev Vasilyevich LarionovAlexeyev Vasilyevich Larionov4 hónapja
  • Anatoli: Let's go bowling

    Bao BuiBao Bui5 hónapja
  • 5:20 teachmeslavking

    xhlcus88xhlcus885 hónapja
  • 0:58 that scream is funny XD

    Mister SimonasMister Simonas6 hónapja
  • Im confused by gta 4. What do they do at 6 stars? Drop the nuke on you?

    Hristos DimitrovskiHristos Dimitrovski6 hónapja
  • Remember when you could crouch in gta

    U Cannot Defeat My ShmeetU Cannot Defeat My Shmeet6 hónapja
  • 1:13 now I know that you are not russian)

    Denis LesinDenis Lesin6 hónapja
  • 🇷🇸❤🇷🇺

    MatkeMatke6 hónapja
  • Plot twist: Boris is Radal

    SUDARSH S 8- CSUDARSH S 8- C6 hónapja
  • Niko is serb and his actual second name is Belić

    lickow3lickow36 hónapja
  • 1:01 and 3:49

    ObamnaObamna6 hónapja
    • and 4:39

      ObamnaObamna6 hónapja
  • Heavy Breathing killed me.

    Cheeki BreekiCheeki Breeki7 hónapja
  • He has a Russian accent

    Aidan MarxAidan Marx7 hónapja
  • 3:33 i thought he gonna take the right one car lol, that would have been funny

    RoxyDzeyRoxyDzey7 hónapja

    999 Forever999 Forever7 hónapja
  • at 1:13 what language was that

    dortokadortoka8 hónapja
  • Like Commissar Letlev once said, "..real grenades are valuable. In fact, they're a lot more worth than you are."

    Sour CreamSour Cream8 hónapja
  • 6:14 still gets me

    bas damenbas damen8 hónapja
  • 4.30 joe golberd

    kaan geyikkaan geyik9 hónapja
  • niko slav

    Daris MuratovićDaris Muratović9 hónapja
  • i am serb and i can confrirm we are people like that...We make al lot of shit and screw up

    Filip MimovicFilip Mimovic9 hónapja
  • Does anybody knows what Boris said when he was cursing?

    Aoba BaikaAoba Baika9 hónapja
  • 4:05 Get it from Google Boris!!! Loaded up with Android 11 Beta version!!!

    Parag SawaleParag Sawale9 hónapja
  • Can we appreciate how he drove from the building to the shop and back without a scratch on the car

    marmickmarmick9 hónapja
    • Idk

      MEREFMEREF3 hónapja
    • Flash ً I love sex too

      StacyStacy4 hónapja
    • I always crashed cars because i rlly liked the Damage Model and the Carnage was satisfying

      NFS PSNFS PS5 hónapja
  • По

    Agnieszka MichalakAgnieszka Michalak9 hónapja
  • every russian in western job place: guess i didnt get the job

    amuski zkivorskyamuski zkivorsky9 hónapja
  • Now THIS is soviet russia

    pro gamer 123pro gamer 12310 hónapja
  • Niko BORIS

    FCJ PlaysFCJ Plays10 hónapja
  • Hey niko lets go bowling

    baypislikadambaypislikadam10 hónapja
  • 1:17 Че такое блять. Оружие где!

    Медвед СтепанычМедвед Степаныч10 hónapja
  • If you're a construction worker and you see a serbian man with a bat aproaching you... *RUN*

    Subarashii RoséSubarashii Rosé10 hónapja
  • People: *Making russian comments about Niko even if he is Serbian* Me: *Sad Serb noises*

    Aleksa GrujicAleksa Grujic11 hónapja
  • You need smart shoes for interview BORIS: Blin, where should I get Android shoes?

    atomicdeathrayatomicdeathray11 hónapja
  • just a normal day in russia

    gabriel noobgabriel noob11 hónapja
  • 6:50 Just a normal interview

    DxdEyezDxdEyez11 hónapja
  • "GTA IV The Lost Gopnik's vodka" is now in Stores! Come and buy thdm beforr they run out!

    ExtremeRacer 879ExtremeRacer 87911 hónapja
  • Do Nothing get money -boris 2018

    《N e c o l o m b u S》《N e c o l o m b u S》11 hónapja
  • 4:40 Boris little bit MAD. "YOU"

    Stefanus Gaming & OthersStefanus Gaming & Others11 hónapja
  • i gladly accept jars of kompot as currency, maybe throw in some cheburek

    Thicc SniccThicc Snicc11 hónapja
  • 6:51 The cops: MINE mine MiNe

    Cushing national weather serviceCushing national weather service11 hónapja
  • 6:22 Nikotine

    Ammar DhamiriAmmar Dhamiri11 hónapja
  • But... but Niko is Serbian

    the hammerthe hammerÉvvel
  • You know who gives me inspiration everyday? *НИКО БЕЛИh*

  • “Slavic Killer”

    r e er e eÉvvel
  • G = Gopnik T = Tracksuit A = Association

    r e er e eÉvvel
  • What did Boris said at 1:12

    r e er e eÉvvel
  • *_big titties_*

  • Borise kako si?

  • Shit with Gta 4 being so cheeki breeki, I wonder why the developers didn't give you the option of roaming around in chernobyl.

  • Senior Execlusive Debil is my kind of niko bellic

  • my bylat

  • 5:10 That killed me xD

  • What's messed up is Niko bellic is Serbian where I am Croatian but yet I like niko

  • 3:20 anyone know the song when niko got in the car?

    • Thats radio from car. Radio song. From that red Banshee that's Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem.

      Broderzz CompanyBroderzz CompanyÉvvel

  • I died many times playing this mission.

    Jarred JayJarred JayÉvvel
  • 3:20 It's Opel Kadett E

  • I’ll just check your Windows XP machines for good quality

    David IonescuDavid IonescuÉvvel
  • android shoes

    Eej ChuluunEej ChuluunÉvvel
  • Gores

    Lukas halloLukas halloÉvvel
  • 1:32 Boris finally kills Vadim

    General CreeperGeneral CreeperÉvvel
  • O Y He drop kalashnikov

  • 189 where wearing stupid shoes

    Some guySome guyÉvvel
  • Boris is killing union leaders at the beginning yet he is supposed to support communism.

  • Boris playing GTA 4 is like a match made in heaven

  • 0:55 Relachks?

    Adr SngpAdr SngpÉvvel
  • Boris: how could I let that perfectly good Kalashnikov go to waste

  • Niko Bellic cheeki breeki

    Mihai AlexMihai AlexÉvvel
  • 1:12 Boris not speaking English

    LPC Drop The BassLPC Drop The BassÉvvel
  • This was nothing but a massive shitshow... I need an entire playthrough like this

    Devan IllusiveDevan IllusiveÉvvel
  • I refuse to believe that this was made by rockstar

    Luka SamohodLuka SamohodÉvvel
  • first gaming video i watched of Boris' and wow that was exactly what I expected XD

    Emily DiCarloEmily DiCarloÉvvel
  • did u take that from sniper of tf2

  • 0:57 oh pizdec

    Luke Lerdwichagul234Luke Lerdwichagul234Évvel
  • _Hardbass _*_CHEEKI BREEKI_* *_lOl bUt iM GaY_*

    varry now is 8varry now is 8Évvel
  • Goldberg. What ethnicity?

    Henry ReinhartHenry ReinhartÉvvel
  • Now,if you meet somebody from balkan (like me) do not mes with him because Niko is from balkan(Serbia) too

    Neki LikNeki LikÉvvel
  • Play beamng drive

  • this is probably played on his vodka cooled pc😂

    Arthur Fernandez JrArthur Fernandez JrÉvvel
  • Belić Serbian

    SrbijaTV GamesSrbijaTV GamesÉvvel
  • Niko bellic straight from russia

  • This is actual way the GTA IV is meant to be played. Best part of GTA's!

    Rolands SvētiņšRolands SvētiņšÉvvel
  • pin me plz because i have a game request, pls play gtav

    Federative Mapper HolidayFederative Mapper HolidayÉvvel
  • "This is Niko bellic, chief executive officer of your death" 😅😅😅

    Adhi Rizky PutraAdhi Rizky PutraÉvvel
  • 3:20 Every russian gamer thought that it was a LADA-2108 :D

  • Орнул с "Чо такое блять, оружие где?!"

  • You are probably the best Russian on HUworld but If u are really Russian that is good cause I am too I live in America now because I was adopted from Russia so yeah

    Nicholas DiehlNicholas DiehlÉvvel
  • Сука блйет ма нига ма нига ма мадафакинг нига булгария ис бест

    Alexander KrystevAlexander KrystevÉvvel