Niko and the interview - GTA4

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  • your definition of a the blista (the hatchback) is actually very accurate. It has the front of the volkswagon and the size and rear of the honda

    Jack SkoskiewiczJack Skoskiewicz11 napja
  • Android shoes will be a reality one day

    SDRIFTER AbdlmounaimSDRIFTER Abdlmounaim27 napja
  • S enior E xecutive D ebil

    Kra fstoffKra fstoffHónapja
  • 1 Like = *1 BLYAT*

    Slav GuySlav GuyHónapja
  • We need more gta 4 Boris

    Squat ManSquat ManHónapja
  • Where I can get android shoes

    Eshvara KrupaEshvara KrupaHónapja

    Alexeyev Vasilyevich LarionovAlexeyev Vasilyevich LarionovHónapja
  • Anatoli: Let's go bowling

    Bao BuiBao Bui2 hónapja
  • 5:20 teachmeslavking

    xhlcus88xhlcus882 hónapja
  • 0:58 that scream is funny XD

    Mister SimonasMister Simonas3 hónapja
  • Im confused by gta 4. What do they do at 6 stars? Drop the nuke on you?

    Hristos DimitrovskiHristos Dimitrovski3 hónapja
  • Remember when you could crouch in gta

    U Cannot Defeat My ShmeetU Cannot Defeat My Shmeet3 hónapja
  • 1:13 now I know that you are not russian)

    Woo WooWoo Woo3 hónapja
  • 🇷🇸❤🇷🇺

    MatkeMatke3 hónapja
  • Plot twist: Boris is Radal

    SUDARSH S 8- CSUDARSH S 8- C3 hónapja
  • Niko is serb and his actual second name is Belić

    lickow3lickow33 hónapja
  • 1:01 and 3:49

    DucasDucas3 hónapja
    • and 4:39

      DucasDucas3 hónapja
  • Heavy Breathing killed me.

    Cheeki BreekiCheeki Breeki4 hónapja
  • He has a Russian accent

    Aidan MarxAidan Marx4 hónapja
  • 3:33 i thought he gonna take the right one car lol, that would have been funny

    RoxyDzeyRoxyDzey4 hónapja

    999 Forever999 Forever4 hónapja
  • at 1:13 what language was that

    dortokadortoka5 hónapja
  • Like Commissar Letlev once said, "..real grenades are valuable. In fact, they're a lot more worth than you are."

    Javier SalestreJavier Salestre5 hónapja
  • 6:14 still gets me

    bas damenbas damen6 hónapja
  • 4.30 joe golberd

    FIBFIB6 hónapja
  • niko slav

    Daris MuratovićDaris Muratović6 hónapja
  • i am serb and i can confrirm we are people like that...We make al lot of shit and screw up

    Filip MimovicFilip Mimovic6 hónapja
  • Does anybody knows what Boris said when he was cursing?

    Aoba BaikaAoba Baika6 hónapja
  • 4:05 Get it from Google Boris!!! Loaded up with Android 11 Beta version!!!

    Parag SawaleParag Sawale6 hónapja
  • Can we appreciate how he drove from the building to the shop and back without a scratch on the car

    marmick mathurmarmick mathur6 hónapja
    • Idk

      MEREFMEREF14 napja
    • Flash ً I love sex too

      StacyStacy2 hónapja
    • I always crashed cars because i rlly liked the Damage Model and the Carnage was satisfying

      NFS PSNFS PS3 hónapja
    • Sex

      Flash ًFlash ً6 hónapja
  • По

    Agnieszka MichalakAgnieszka Michalak7 hónapja
  • every russian in western job place: guess i didnt get the job

    amuski zkivorskyamuski zkivorsky7 hónapja
  • Now THIS is soviet russia

    Я НУБЯ НУБ7 hónapja
  • Niko BORIS

    FCJ PlaysFCJ Plays7 hónapja
  • Hey niko lets go bowling

    baypislikadambaypislikadam7 hónapja
  • 1:17 Че такое блять. Оружие где!

    Медвед СтепанычМедвед Степаныч7 hónapja
  • If you're a construction worker and you see a serbian man with a bat aproaching you... *RUN*

    Kacper MajKacper Maj7 hónapja
  • People: *Making russian comments about Niko even if he is Serbian* Me: *Sad Serb noises*

    Aleksa GrujicAleksa Grujic8 hónapja
  • You need smart shoes for interview BORIS: Blin, where should I get Android shoes?

    atomicdeathrayatomicdeathray8 hónapja
  • just a normal day in russia

    gabriel noobgabriel noob8 hónapja
  • 6:50 Just a normal interview

    DxdEyezDxdEyez8 hónapja
  • "GTA IV The Lost Gopnik's vodka" is now in Stores! Come and buy thdm beforr they run out!

    ExtremeRacer 879ExtremeRacer 8798 hónapja
  • Do Nothing get money -boris 2018

    《N e c o l o m b u S》《N e c o l o m b u S》8 hónapja
  • 4:40 Boris little bit MAD. "YOU"

    Stefanus Gaming & OthersStefanus Gaming & Others8 hónapja
  • i gladly accept jars of kompot as currency, maybe throw in some cheburek

    Thicc SniccThicc Snicc9 hónapja
  • 6:51 The cops: MINE mine MiNe

    Cushing national weather serviceCushing national weather service9 hónapja
  • 6:22 Nikotine

    Last NameLast Name9 hónapja
  • But... but Niko is Serbian

    the hammerthe hammer9 hónapja
  • You know who gives me inspiration everyday? *НИКО БЕЛИh*

    RedreovichRedreovich9 hónapja
  • “Slavic Killer”

    r e er e e9 hónapja
  • G = Gopnik T = Tracksuit A = Association

    r e er e e9 hónapja
  • What did Boris said at 1:12

    r e er e e9 hónapja
  • *_big titties_*

    ScientificScientific9 hónapja
  • Нико Бели-- блять I can't find the last letter

    AhpieAhpie9 hónapja
    • Ћ

  • Borise kako si?

    SamuraiSamurai9 hónapja
  • Shit with Gta 4 being so cheeki breeki, I wonder why the developers didn't give you the option of roaming around in chernobyl.

    vladimirvladimir9 hónapja
  • Senior Execlusive Debil is my kind of niko bellic

    Ea3yManEa3yMan9 hónapja
  • my bylat

    Ea3yManEa3yMan9 hónapja
  • 5:10 That killed me xD

    SINdromeSINdrome10 hónapja
  • What's messed up is Niko bellic is Serbian where I am Croatian but yet I like niko

    RazorzRazorz10 hónapja
  • 3:20 anyone know the song when niko got in the car?

    SozBozSozBoz10 hónapja
    • Thats radio from car. Radio song. From that red Banshee that's Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem.

      Broderzz CompanyBroderzz Company10 hónapja

    ADAgamesADAgames10 hónapja
  • I died many times playing this mission.

    Jarred JayJarred Jay11 hónapja
  • 3:20 It's Opel Kadett E

    BelialBelial11 hónapja
  • I’ll just check your Windows XP machines for good quality

    David IonescuDavid Ionescu11 hónapja
  • android shoes

    Eej ChuluunEej Chuluun11 hónapja
  • Gores

    Lukas halloLukas hallo11 hónapja
  • 1:32 Boris finally kills Vadim

    General CreeperGeneral CreeperÉvvel
  • O Y He drop kalashnikov

  • 189 where wearing stupid shoes

    Some guySome guyÉvvel
  • Boris is killing union leaders at the beginning yet he is supposed to support communism.

  • Boris playing GTA 4 is like a match made in heaven

  • 0:55 Relachks?

    Adr SngpAdr SngpÉvvel
  • Boris: how could I let that perfectly good Kalashnikov go to waste

  • Niko Bellic cheeki breeki

    Mihai AlexMihai AlexÉvvel
  • 1:12 Boris not speaking English

    LPC Drop The BassLPC Drop The BassÉvvel
  • This was nothing but a massive shitshow... I need an entire playthrough like this

    Devan IllusiveDevan IllusiveÉvvel
  • I refuse to believe that this was made by rockstar

    Luka SamohodLuka SamohodÉvvel
  • first gaming video i watched of Boris' and wow that was exactly what I expected XD

    Emily DiCarloEmily DiCarloÉvvel
  • did u take that from sniper of tf2

  • 0:57 oh pizdec

    Luke Lerdwichagul234Luke Lerdwichagul234Évvel
  • _Hardbass _*_CHEEKI BREEKI_* *_lOl bUt iM GaY_*

    varry now is 8varry now is 8Évvel
  • Goldberg. What ethnicity?

    Henry ReinhartHenry ReinhartÉvvel
  • Now,if you meet somebody from balkan (like me) do not mes with him because Niko is from balkan(Serbia) too

    Neki LikNeki LikÉvvel
  • Play beamng drive

    AaronMisAwesome 101AaronMisAwesome 101Évvel
  • this is probably played on his vodka cooled pc😂

    Arthur Fernandez JrArthur Fernandez JrÉvvel
  • Belić Serbian

    SrbijaTV GamesSrbijaTV GamesÉvvel
  • Niko bellic straight from russia

  • This is actual way the GTA IV is meant to be played. Best part of GTA's!

    Rolands SvētiņšRolands SvētiņšÉvvel
  • pin me plz because i have a game request, pls play gtav

    Federative Mapper HolidayFederative Mapper HolidayÉvvel
  • "This is Niko bellic, chief executive officer of your death" 😅😅😅

    Adhi Rizky PutraAdhi Rizky PutraÉvvel
  • 3:20 Every russian gamer thought that it was a LADA-2108 :D

  • Орнул с "Чо такое блять, оружие где?!"

  • You are probably the best Russian on HUworld but If u are really Russian that is good cause I am too I live in America now because I was adopted from Russia so yeah

    Nicholas DiehlNicholas DiehlÉvvel
  • Сука блйет ма нига ма нига ма мадафакинг нига булгария ис бест

    Alexander KrystevAlexander KrystevÉvvel
  • 6:47 accident

  • hey life of boris what you play games

    charbel chaarcharbel chaarÉvvel
  • Gta4 gopnik with a big gun🕶️🚬💨

    george leonardgeorge leonardÉvvel
  • Белич нико

    эрик борецкиэрик борецкиÉvvel
  • My ranking of all GTA games 1. GTA San Andreas 2. GTA 4 3. GTA 3 4. GTA 5 5. GTA 6. GTA 2 7. GTA Vice city

    Daily ShibaDaily ShibaÉvvel
    • So vice city bad?

      Rustler V6Rustler V6Évvel