Nico Hulkenberg's 'Hanging Here Like A Cow!' #Shorts

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Nico Hulkenberg has always had a way with words, including this memorable 2018 Abu Dhabi GP quote: "I'm hanging here like a cow!" after being left upside down in his car. The Renault had completed a barrel roll into the barriers due to a collision with the Haas of Romain Grosjean. Luckily the German walked away unscathed.
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  • I like how they made the words shake when he swore

    TiggerTigger13 napja
  • F1 marshalls should have Headsets, so when there’s an accident the control will connect the radio of the driver and the radio of the marshalls on scene so that the marshalls get to know more about the driver in an accident.

    JrPJrP14 napja
  • The one thing no driver wants to say ! There's fire !😨

    APM MAPM M14 napja
  • Hanging like a cow? Is this like a German saying?

    Googl ReviewsGoogl Reviews15 napja
  • Yeah, and thanks to the halo he almost was burned alive!!

    happydollar1982happydollar198215 napja
  • That is massive big crash, i don't ever see, wow.

    Isma WatiIsma Wati16 napja
  • It was Grosjean’s fault. I think Grosjean will be the next torpedo at indy car.

    Perkey0597Perkey059716 napja
  • Nossa que Deus abençoe 🙌🙏

    si enasi ena16 napja
  • É muito difícil não 😕😔😕😕

    si enasi ena16 napja
  • *HÜlkenberg🧐☝

    A.S. CirilloA.S. Cirillo16 napja
  • I'm hanging here like a cåõw

    MattMatt16 napja
  • I love his voice

    Fahad AFahad A16 napja
  • the voucecrack makes it better

    RapipRapip17 napja
  • Have we really come to a point where even official F1 HUworld channels are taking professionally recorded TV footage, cropping them to make them look like they were recorded on a mobile phone and posting them to appeal to the people who have dangerously short attention spans?

    1911marmonwasp1911marmonwasp17 napja
  • Haha my friend likes the part where he said holy sh*t I’m hanging here like a cow

    Zukile RanganaZukile Rangana17 napja
  • After this: but here come Sebastian vettel

    rzklh hqhrzklh hqh17 napja
  • "completed a barrel roll due to a collision with.....wait for it.....Romain Grosjean.....;-).....ask Kimi and Seb what they said after watching massive start crash in Spa....yes....vou know who started that.....well he finished his f1 career in a very fitting "manner".....i bet there was one big sigh of relieve going through the paddock...

    stratmanstratman17 napja
  • Now that this is posted, I’m waiting for MEIN GOTT MUSS DAS EIN!

    hup lim oonhup lim oon17 napja
  • Please *stop* recycling your TikToks on HUworld. 🛑♻

    Snowcone GuySnowcone Guy17 napja
  • Accidents are boring, please focus on real racing😁

    Fabio FerrariFabio Ferrari17 napja
  • Give hulkenberg a seat for next year

    SvennootjeSvennootje17 napja
  • *cOw*

    GeorgeHasAniPhoneGeorgeHasAniPhone17 napja
  • “Punted off the track” *pLeAse no PunTerINO RomAin*

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castillo17 napja
  • That was a very serious accident, but he just takes the fun out of it

    Barbara CastellariBarbara Castellari17 napja
  • The Renault car is the 🐮 (cows unable to stand up on its own sort of thing) that Romain's car tipped over which the Hulk is riding like a 🤠. When hanging upside down, the tendency to jumble things up is much greater sad to say.

    l Sl S17 napja

    Yiannis HayabusaYiannis Hayabusa17 napja
  • Dude seriously, highlighting crashes again 🤦‍♂️

    Esteban VelillaEsteban Velilla17 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍

    Basant FoodBasant Food17 napja
  • That was so scary

    HuntingB3arHuntingB3ar17 napja
  • If i wanted to see instagram clips i'd be on instagram. This is youtube, at least show the full width clip.

    shawa666shawa66617 napja
  • This video just made me think where I've seen a cow hanging before.

    Mariel FernandezMariel Fernandez17 napja
  • ***** im here hanging like a 🐄

    Emery AbisatyaEmery Abisatya17 napja
  • The man who started it all - Maldonator

    40 - Anirudh R40 - Anirudh R17 napja
  • come on Formula 1, this video is cheap and disgusting, what happened to you!!!!

    Miguel MMiguel M17 napja

    Me. once againMe. once again17 napja
  • dodgy edit there..

    Liam CockcroftLiam Cockcroft17 napja
  • Underrated driver

    BenjaminBenjamin17 napja
  • "im hanging here like a cOoOow"

    Henrique MotaHenrique Mota17 napja
  • Gotta keep the channel alive! 😁

    GokulKrish_M51GokulKrish_M5117 napja
  • First race I watched, I've never looked back

    ______17 napja
  • Does he always hang a cow like that?

    ZX WangZX Wang17 napja
  • Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados”

    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez17 napja
  • He says im hanging like a cow🐄🐄🐄

    Eka ErianiEka Eriani17 napja
  • That's was awesome called "Hanging here like a cow!!"

    Donny LaneDonny Lane17 napja
    • Oh yeah 😎

      Donny LaneDonny Lane17 napja
  • Why watch the clip for 100% if you can just watch it for 25% on the screen?

    Lastname FirstnameLastname Firstname17 napja
  • why like a cow tho?

    pjeter wildererpjeter wilderer17 napja
  • But my most favourite Cow 😄

    Worn LyroWorn Lyro17 napja
  • Romain hitting others: "There's fire!" Romain hitting himself: "I'm the phoenix!"

    Aizuddin FahmiAizuddin Fahmi17 napja
  • You have been hit by, you have been flipped by Romain Grosjean

    WolfdogWolfdog17 napja
  • Hes right, iv never seen a cow on the podium either

    Gonzo GB87Gonzo GB8717 napja
  • Grosjean: You call that a fire?

    daviasdfdaviasdf17 napja
  • Nico Huulken(BURP)g This was Ricciardo is saying Hulkenberg moment.

    Burak BULABurak BULA17 napja
  • whats with the phone screen

    Harvey ThornesHarvey Thornes17 napja
  • New to Motorsports, but the guy behind Nico was in the wrong right? He shouldve known better to back off during that turn, correct?

    HauntedRaincoatHauntedRaincoat17 napja
  • Even the phone format 💀😂

    DutchTrainsDutchTrains17 napja
  • Cow

    maryam sajedmaryam sajed17 napja
  • Gives a new meaning to “berg” in his name.... hulkenburger

    My Name is Not RickMy Name is Not Rick17 napja
  • And over and over and over....

    Yakiv KiyYakiv Kiy17 napja
  • "I'm hanging like a cow"+"there's fire"= Bacon 🥓

    Giovanni De fioriGiovanni De fiori17 napja
    • that’s pigs, silly :)

      Kay TeeKay Tee17 napja
  • Awww he sounds terrified when he says there's fire 🔥🥺

    Colby Chaos CovingtonColby Chaos Covington17 napja
  • Romain Grosjean sends his regards

    Some GuySome Guy17 napja
  • ➰🐄 🔥

    MAL 9000MAL 900017 napja
  • Crazy how quickly he flipped over...

    Elias KratochwillElias Kratochwill17 napja

    Cesar De peñaCesar De peña17 napja
  • I'm a cow and i'm offended

    Iggy3Iggy317 napja
  • CHECK IF THERE IS FIRE! Engineer: there is no fire Pierre: 👁 👄 👁

    Matt HMatt H17 napja
  • Cows do like to hang upside down where I come from.

    SteveMHNSteveMHN17 napja
  • cÖw

    The Deamon MeteorThe Deamon Meteor17 napja
  • 😭I want hulk back

    UpliftedUplifted17 napja
  • His fault.

    Shadow LordShadow Lord17 napja
  • I'm hanging here like a cOw I love the way he says cow

    Rebekah LRebekah L17 napja
  • F1: we need more money and views Guy: what do we do F1: post a short guy: why F1: F1+ short = easy 30k views+

  • Short?! 😂 wow

    PitPit17 napja
  • Chance of a crash? Grosjean: "Bonjour!"

    Umang SrivastavaUmang Srivastava17 napja
  • Shame on you Daniel Ricciardo is right

    Smily PenguinSmily Penguin17 napja
  • Sad .c

    MelodYMelodY17 napja
  • This is exactly what Ricciardo and Seidel were talking about

    geezyX 333geezyX 33317 napja
    • Yeah.. I'm not so sure about it. Because open-wheel racing can be so dangerous, it seems like a bad idea to glorify any worrying accident. This could've been fatal if he landed badly on the barrier. I think NASCAR draws a line when there are obvious injuries or a particularly nasty wreck, but they allow fans to post that and they dont exercise copyright claims (although they probably take any revenue from the video).

      Bill BoppertonBill Bopperton15 napja
    • ​@Georgi Georgiev They're against promoting accidents as entrainment

      LightningLightning15 napja
    • What do you mean

      Georgi GeorgievGeorgi Georgiev17 napja
  • Confirmed, the new name of this channel : Out of context f1

    f1 motogp fans !f1 motogp fans !17 napja
  • Thé Time when other driver stops to help their friend is really far away......

    AirsoftTechnicAirsoftTechnic17 napja
    • @AirsoftTechnic That part after happy to see was pretty confusing.

      MYKMYK17 napja
    • @MYK it seems to be a very constructive discussion 😅 You seems to be a perfect English student. I never faced misunderstanding with other people and that’s the key point for me! Happy to see people like you able to learn other one how the properly text, speak to other!

      AirsoftTechnicAirsoftTechnic17 napja
    • I am not either.

      MYKMYK17 napja
    • @MYK right sorry I’m not native English speaker

      AirsoftTechnicAirsoftTechnic17 napja
    • *stops helping

      MYKMYK17 napja
  • Me liking comment hoping it goes viral

    weird and worthless contentweird and worthless content17 napja
  • Video Title is wrong. He‘s not hanging there like a cow He’s hanging there like a CoWw

    Yirga DamtewYirga Damtew17 napja
  • Daniel was right. Why post this, it’s not relevant.

    OjOj17 napja
  • Hulkiberg:ima get a podium (on the grid) A few moments later hulkiberg:HELP HELP HELP!!!!!

    Prado HomePrado Home17 napja
  • I miss Nico :-(

    Nico vRNico vR17 napja
  • Imagine Stroll's race engineer in this scenario. "Yeah, yeah, on yer roof, fire, bit unpleasant and all that, we get it, shut up."

    azapro911azapro91117 napja
    • @MrGamerxpert Our last resources are gone, we might not make it till the last race in the season, your teammate is a complete bottlejob and your not allowed to fock smash our doors but we still love you and everything is gonna be okay❤️

      Elon MuskElon Musk13 napja
    • VS mick's "It's ok. We'll get you to be pits, rest up and get you a new car. Everything's fine"

      MrGamerxpertMrGamerxpert16 napja
  • If it was lando,he would have been say; I am moving up and down

    Zarif Tazwar Tulika AcademyZarif Tazwar Tulika Academy17 napja
  • I am hanging like a COWard COWard...

    OO17 napja
  • F for Nico............

    Luigi Tubiello RodriguesLuigi Tubiello Rodrigues17 napja
  • Miss him so much on Sundays

    Brossano 22Brossano 2217 napja
  • F

    it's me Egait's me Ega17 napja
  • Legend !!!

    Wesh QüzengWesh Qüzeng17 napja

    Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime17 napja
  • although he said he was hanging like a cow, he wasnt actually.

    Official Akshayghg GamingOfficial Akshayghg Gaming17 napja
  • All the cow jokes made my day😂

    Nicholas MitchellNicholas Mitchell17 napja
  • Guys pleeeeaaaseee make a part two of the Oscar worthy vid that gave me Goosebumps honestly

    BoNo mY TyReSBoNo mY TyReS17 napja
  • netflix

    Kasper KorkmannKasper Korkmann17 napja
  • He's hanging like an cow and Where is the beef the cooked beef

    Agent SmileyAgent Smiley17 napja
  • A hanging cow that's on fire? Guess you could say that's rare lol

    ApolloApollo17 napja

    Metal Gear ZMetal Gear Z17 napja
  • It’s crazy that this was 2 and a half years ago it seems like yesterday when this happened

    ForeverF1ForeverF117 napja
    • strange, to me it seems like at least 5 years ago

      Ted TTed T17 napja