New Year Music Mix 2021 ♫ Best Music 2020 Party Mix ♫ Remixes of Popular Songs

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New Year Music Mix 2021 ♫ Best Music 2020 Party Mix ♫ Remixes of Popular Songs
👉 Check out the new mix:
00:00 Coopex & Yohan Gerber - Radioactive (ft. LUNIS)
02:16 Robbe, New Beat Order & Britt Lari - Kings & Queens
04:43 Coopex - You Broke Me First (ft. Britt Lari)
07:21 Harddope - Heathens (Feat. Halvorsen)
09:34 2Hounds, Derrick Ryan - Break My Heart
12:18 Arc North, New Beat Order, Cour - Faded
14:41 Besomorph & Anthony Keyrouz - Apologize (ft. Lunis)
16:58 BIMONTE & CRIZBI - Whenever, wherever
19:28 Marin Hoxha feat. Tara Louise - Rhythm Of The Night
22:22 Coopex & New Beat Order - Heroes (ft. LUNIS)
24:50 Alban Chela & Britt Lari - Paradise
27:25 Heyder & Navaro & Taylor Mosley - What Is Love
30:28 EQRIC & Finnet - Lights (ft. Polina Grace)
32:54 Harddope & Lunis - Summertime Sadness
35:21 EMDI - We Are Perfect (ft. Britt Lari)
37:58 Arc North x Badjack x Cour - Down
40:18 Besomorph & Anthony Keyrouz - Death Bed (ft. Lunis)
42:36 Coopex - Falling (ft. Tim Moyo)
45:14 Maestro Chives - Play Me
47:46 Despotem & Austin salter - Dont start Now
50:05 Moha, Irma & meqq - ily
52:21 Krayvent ft. BTMX - I Ran (So Far Away)
55:53 EQRIC & Finnet - Lights (ft. Polina Grace)
58:19 Arcando - Habits (feat. LUNIS)
1:00:39 EQRIC & Bottle Flip - Love You Like A Love Song
1:03:38 Arc North, New Beat Order, Cour & Aaron Richards - Numb
1:05:44 Tabba x Dj Goja - Secrets
1:09:15 Arc North - Limbo (ft. Veronica Bravo) [NORTON & Cour Remix]
1:13:07 PRMGH - Stay Here
1:16:00 MOMO Soundz & Julii Romero & Javier Zacharias - There He Goes
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  • Trust me you will love this one too 😊

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    • This is 2018 stuff wtf

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  • dis is good music!!!!!!

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  • sper tare!!! da licke si subscribe la canal!!!!

  • Goodbye 2020 welcome 2021

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  • Love it!

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  • Love Music 🎶

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  • I love these songs i this video it helps me with lots of things like help study, streach, ect. you should really try it helps a lot even though you might to get disctracted easly.

    Hasina KananiHasina Kanani7 órája
  • i like this its nice

    lisa galatilisa galati8 órája
  • Can't tell u how many times we jam out to this in the car and getting ready in the mornings lol 😆

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  • Bro the second song ist from ava max

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  • Im in 2021 BYE 2020! Happy new year!!!

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    • Uh i think that ur a lil late for that?

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  • Can you play my mix in the next video? Please.

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  • Trust me It´s the best song!!!!!

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  • I think these remixes are the coolest. I listen to them every day, I make my neighbors mad because I give it my all😅😐. I love them.

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  • few of my fav songs turned into UPBEAT music thx alot 4 this

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  • Lagu ini memberikan inspirasi & motivasi ketika sedang sendiri merenungkan kembali tentang kehidupan, semua menjadikan alasan kenapa & mengapa saya ada di dunia ini. Karena musik adalah bagian dari Hidup ku !!!

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