*NEW* TROLL Role in Among Us

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Today we add a NEW Troll ROLE in Among Us
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  • 1987, 1987, 1987, 1987, 1987

    Kyle EdmondsKyle Edmonds4 órája
  • My date: 400,000 likes Goal: 77,777 likes BFFFFFFF My brain: big brain

    spritecranberryspritecranberry6 órája
    • Loaf sus

      spritecranberryspritecranberry6 órája
  • Bunny mod!

    Sylvie BerrySylvie BerryNapja
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    Raymond RosarioRaymond RosarioNapja
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  • Trole

    Ghost LeviathanGhost LeviathanNapja
  • Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Elma ElmaElma ElmaNapja
  • Lol

    Rowan LeongRowan Leong2 napja
  • I want to do you a granny mod in among us

    Mejandra VieiraMejandra Vieira2 napja
  • do a musician mod where the imposter can throw notes at people

    The Survival BrothersThe Survival Brothers3 napja
  • Ragequit

    TheYeetYeetTheYeetYeet3 napja
  • I love being imposter hopefully my editing skills will be better on here when I get program

    KIZARKIZAR3 napja
  • Doesn't Sigil's realize they did that same trick Sundee used in the last game 😂😂

    annette pariseannette parise3 napja
  • The quizzical fat generally travel because stepmother shortly close around a strange vacation. efficacious, industrious argument

    Cactus JackCactus Jack3 napja
  • Pls mix every among us mod possible plssssssss

    Singh SaabSingh Saab3 napja
  • On 17 seconds it looks like his face is swished

    nachocheezz1974nachocheezz19743 napja
  • pokemon mode

    Ana IrizarryAna Irizarry3 napja
  • Gardener mod a mod for imposters . The imposter can plant flowers around the map and if any one gets near they can't walk for 20 or 10 seconds

    Vani PriyaVani Priya3 napja
  • youve been trolled!

    SkeltSkelt3 napja
  • Gives the video 7777 dislikes.

    The NeoreformationistThe Neoreformationist4 napja
  • I want a 🔥fiter mode

    Ben florenceBen florence4 napja
  • can you pick up impostr as troll?

    SuperLeeMWSuperLeeMW4 napja
  • 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

    k43kiierk43kiier4 napja
  • make a video on medic's medic where there are two medics if one medic dies another medic will make him alive

    Bidisha JanaBidisha Jana5 napja
  • The like button for me turns black

    lovethemcoltslovethemcolts5 napja
  • The gaints role imposter

    Mae MangotaraMae Mangotara5 napja
  • Or make a mode to make the crewmates baby

    Mayed Khaled Saeed Nayem AlkaabiMayed Khaled Saeed Nayem Alkaabi5 napja
  • My do make laser kill

    Mayed Khaled Saeed Nayem AlkaabiMayed Khaled Saeed Nayem Alkaabi5 napja
  • the mermaid mod mermaids can sumon sharks and other stuff sorry i forgot

    Riley GachaRiley Gacha5 napja
  • PLz make a teacher mod

    Fire GangFire Gang5 napja

    Calvin SinkeCalvin Sinke5 napja
  • fbi

    Alex Vener (Student)Alex Vener (Student)5 napja
  • I love your mods

    Zoey LeavittZoey Leavitt5 napja
  • 1:40 "Where did Rage go?" "He RAGEquit"

    ForellenGamEZForellenGamEZ6 napja
  • ssundee do you know jelly and fans like the coment pls tanks

    Julion LeonJulion Leon6 napja
  • Make a devil mod

    jenny smithjenny smith6 napja
  • Yeet

    Micheil BrownMicheil Brown6 napja
  • It was so cool

    Stacy HolleyStacy Holley6 napja
  • Mod idea: every 15 seconds the map changes Please use the mod idea plzzzz

    Minahil KamranMinahil Kamran6 napja
  • 😀🥰🤑😬🥵☹😱👿😹💝💙💬🤞👊🦾👄👩🙅‍♂️🤦‍♀️👨‍🍳👩‍🎤👩‍🎤💂‍♂️🤱🤱🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏂🚴‍♂️🤹‍♀️👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

    Ron VanRossumRon VanRossum7 napja
  • I saw jelly play this role.

    Rick CarrollRick Carroll7 napja
  • Your name is not ssundae

    Connor's FarmConnor's Farm7 napja
  • the impostor should be able to use the force to push crew mates and kill them

    Elle JenkinsElle Jenkins7 napja
  • Thumbnail

    Kasey SlesKasey Sles7 napja
  • The thumb

    Kasey SlesKasey Sles7 napja
  • do a transformer mod

    Brady Hawco-HarrisBrady Hawco-Harris7 napja

    lowlcb1lowlcb17 napja
  • DUDE

    lowlcb1lowlcb17 napja
  • SSundee you should do a livestream and play with ur fans

    Mavis WuMavis Wu7 napja

    Aaron JuntunenAaron Juntunen8 napja
  • Yes

    Freddie RyanFreddie Ryan8 napja
  • How do you get it on

    Faith CookFaith Cook8 napja

    epic gamingepic gaming8 napja
  • Do a coconut role The powers are Turn people in a coconut And kill them Make them choose a coconut and 2 are poison and 2 are normal coconut

    CoconutCoconut8 napja
  • He says lets get 7,777 like but get 300k

    Jumbo RumboJumbo Rumbo8 napja
  • Do you have tiger 🐯

    Mabelle AsabeaMabelle Asabea8 napja
  • I love this vid so much ur so awesome Ssundee

    GamerDudeGamerDude8 napja
  • I need a part 12929292884859448594 of this it was hysterical

    Kaylee OstromKaylee Ostrom8 napja
  • I will troll u

  • The light button is actully white

    Puppy PawsPuppy Paws8 napja
  • make a sharkboy and lavagirl mod. Sharkboy can through hi fin at anyone. lavagirl can burn people. sharkboy can sumon shark's and they can bite.

    Carter MorrisonCarter Morrison8 napja
  • hi me have an channel

    Lava StudiosLava Studios8 napja
  • Foot

    Laney PutneyLaney Putney9 napja
  • What you do murder mystery one

    Genna WaumsleyGenna Waumsley9 napja
  • Sundee mod sonic in among us

    Alex BAlex B9 napja
  • Troll LOL😅

    Dempsey RobbDempsey Robb9 napja
  • 396

    דניאל שרעבידניאל שרעבי9 napja
  • angel mod

    Tahirun ShariffTahirun Shariff9 napja
  • I think rage ragequit

    Sonic HedgehogSonic Hedgehog9 napja
  • I love you so so much

    masuda hossainmasuda hossain10 napja
  • More Marvel mods!!!

    ConniePlaysConniePlays10 napja
  • you should make a fortnite among us

    Jonathan Clegg MarquezJonathan Clegg Marquez10 napja
  • 6:38 THE TROLL ROLL!!!

    Ana ValenzuelaAna Valenzuela10 napja
  • Lovers

    Julia RyderJulia Ryder10 napja
  • lol

    Bethany NielsenBethany Nielsen10 napja
  • I wish I can play it😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Nicky thickyNicky thicky10 napja
  • this variant is pretty gud

    Jatin AgrawalJatin Agrawal11 napja
  • wow

  • If I were you I would yeat crewmates

    Pam PerryPam Perry11 napja
  • do hunter and spy

    Alicia LamarAlicia Lamar11 napja
  • noice

    XinxinmaXinxinma11 napja
  • then samuri mod

    Ram Tej AadiRam Tej Aadi11 napja
  • idea crewmate role sheriff they can shoot impostor with there gun

  • sundee whatch this guy on tiktok qpark chicken wing and macroni

    ryan lopezryan lopez12 napja
  • Sub to SSundee

    Jacob ReddingJacob Redding12 napja
  • Kids sub to Sundee

    Jacob ReddingJacob Redding12 napja
  • Rage was filming a video of him being the troll

    Jacob ReddingJacob Redding12 napja
  • How do u play the troll role

    Jacob ReddingJacob Redding12 napja
  • Oooooo

    Amber mulveyAmber mulvey12 napja
  • Hi lm Amber

    Amber mulveyAmber mulvey12 napja
  • Hit that like button it’ll turn black haha that’s right ssunde my like button is black

  • how r u able to kill the troll

    Jacob HoesslerJacob Hoessler13 napja
  • How does it look when ur getting picked up when ur a crewmate

    Lorelai ThorneLorelai Thorne13 napja
  • hello

    Carson AmalfiCarson Amalfi13 napja

    Drayanna MoaneyDrayanna Moaney13 napja
  • You pidoras

    Smuzi 32Smuzi 3214 napja
  • make the impostor duplicate and the clones go for crewmates but are disguised as the closest person to you

    • plz choose mine

      MLA POWERMLA POWER14 napja
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    Lindz PottsLindz Potts14 napja
  • Nice videos, been watching for a while :)

  • This 69 role is sick

    TG AxdyTG Axdy14 napja