New Funny Videos 2020 ● People doing stupid things P211

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Hi my friends, please check our new compilation. Here is moments people funny videos and we hope that this video make your life more fun & you enjoy it :))

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  • Hahaha its so funny okey 😳😐😑🙄😐

    Lovely MayLovely May45 perccel
  • Racist


    Inold CruzInold Cruz3 órája
  • Who came here for a laugh but didn’t laugh at all?

    ・Senokir・・Senokir・3 órája
  • Етаошен смишно я пастаблу лайк.

    Жасмина ЭшбаеваЖасмина Эшбаева3 órája
  • 5-2=3

    Reena VatariReena Vatari3 órája
  • I can't find anything to laugh

  • Yes it must be happening with China people like this

  • I promise you of you get thru the beginning without laughing you will fall out laughing at 12:21! That was too funny!!

    KingHu BKingHu B7 órája
    • No

      strong shreya girlstrong shreya girl3 órája
  • These are staged, and the, "laughing" and other sounds are annoying :(

    Jadyn GraceJadyn Grace7 órája
    • Ok💀

      DJ K-3LDJ K-3LÓrája
  • Oi gente

    Antônio Holanda da CostaAntônio Holanda da Costa7 órája
    • Hi

      Antônio Holanda da CostaAntônio Holanda da Costa7 órája
  • Huhaha fake

    Roblox jes RobloxRoblox jes Roblox7 órája
  • Popopkp

    Shari DudleyShari Dudley9 órája
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jenefer RichardJenefer Richard9 órája
  • 2:50 don't be fat

    Ryan Bones RodriguezRyan Bones Rodriguez10 órája
  • 2:38 i was only trying to help but no

    Ubaldo AlvarezUbaldo Alvarez10 órája
  • Ummmmmmmmjmmmjm

    Super pro JashuaSuper pro Jashua10 órája
  • This isn't even funny

    FenzerGamer MendozaFenzerGamer Mendoza11 órája
  • The man couldn’t fit through the door and dropped his food 🤣 😂

    Tonya JoranTonya Joran11 órája
  • 1:16 those aren't even bee stuff there just cardboard boxez bruhh this is so fake im laughing because this stupidness is making me laugh

    randomvidsrandomvids12 órája
  • I can't find this funny at all i did not laugh one bit.

    ​​​​13 órája
    • Same

      Robert GamingRobert Gaming12 órája
  • 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌

    Kolar SandraKolar Sandra14 órája
  • I sorry, but how tf is this supposed to be funny.

    Laura HagerLaura Hager14 órája
  • Ai has a very different experience than the other people in this world and they have to have their own experience and they have

    Thomasdarosa NogueiraThomasdarosa Nogueira14 órája
  • 믐ㄱ디ㅑ

    Thomasdarosa NogueiraThomasdarosa Nogueira14 órája
    • Bir bok olmaz bulardan

      Leyla KocLeyla Koc12 órája
  • 미녀거쳗ㅌ

    Thomasdarosa NogueiraThomasdarosa Nogueira14 órája
  • Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahh. I did such a big laugh when they did the funny thing. Such a good video

    Oscar POscar P14 órája
  • This should be a "try to laugh challenge"

    kostast15 Tkostast15 T15 órája
    • Iam not laughing youre true

    • Djfhdjdgdjrjvdjdvrhsbrjrhhggrbrjrrgrgrcrggrgrgrgrgrgrggrgrhrhrgrgrgrgrgrgggrgrggrg4ggrggrgg4vvrgrvrvvrvvvvvtvfvvvfvfvrvfvfvvvfvvfvfvvfvvvffvfbfbvffbvvfvfbvfbfbfbfbfbbfvbfhfvrgrrhrghrvtgtgrgrhrhthhvtgtvvvtvrhrhrbrhhhbbbbhrhrbrbfhhtgfhfbfbrbhrhrhrgrgrjevrrvejdhjrhrkdghejegrgrvrjeirhrvrvrhvregeurvirdugfrhhrvrejd vrhrdh

      Norismah AnjamNorismah Anjam3 órája
    • @Bencezyeah fffdfdgggdddr

      Norismah AnjamNorismah Anjam3 órája
    • We v HF GB

      Norismah AnjamNorismah Anjam3 órája
    • True

      Vanessza VéróVanessza Véró11 órája
  • poor baby 😂

    super gainasuper gaina15 órája
  • Not funny

    RxT VibrationRxT Vibration15 órája
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    Дильназ СоветДильназ Совет17 órája
  • Hi

    Sujatha LicSujatha Lic17 órája
  • 4

    genius Kid 3 yrs oldgenius Kid 3 yrs old18 órája
  • Funny 😂😂

    Carol MugwongoCarol Mugwongo18 órája
  • Sanum

    Marno 123Marno 12319 órája
  • Sanun

    Marno 123Marno 12319 órája
  • gddjhd

    Marno 123Marno 12319 órája
  • 😹😹hhg

    Marno 123Marno 12319 órája
  • Hhhhhhhhhhhh

    alaa aalaa a19 órája
  • Should mention on title that its all Chinese fake videos sick a seeing them begging for likes

    rick rossrick ross20 órája
  • Wao

    Nuh LatifoskiNuh Latifoski20 órája
  • chicago bears

    Diego tapiaDiego tapia20 órája
  • نالتنتاات

    Moaad FalahMoaad Falah20 órája
  • Adding laughs is not funny it will make it worse

    Playgame simulator PgsPlaygame simulator Pgs20 órája
  • Utyyuuyyyy

    Sumaih JavaidSumaih Javaid20 órája
  • Funny 😂😂😂😂

    Molly ScipioMolly Scipio21 órája
  • Hahaha so crazy

    Chad Clowie AñarChad Clowie Añar21 órája
  • f ft dc j lll

    Michael OstonalMichael Ostonal22 órája
  • This is not funny

    Sara ElizabethSara Elizabeth22 órája
  • So rude

    Sara ElizabethSara Elizabeth22 órája
  • 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    Jaseena HamzaJaseena Hamza23 órája
  • Cuteness overload

    We laughWe laughNapja
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    Shakira Andrea Lei orozcoShakira Andrea Lei orozcoNapja
  • Do you like revenge we all like revenge I say we get what we want he broke our bike made us wet and spit seed over our babies let’s get em

    Quan PhamQuan PhamNapja
  • this is called violence, not comedy

  • The fu-

    180005 tis180005 tisNapja
    • Chinees you won’t get it if your not chinses

      jay yuanjay yuanNapja
    • Do you know what kond of comedy this is

      jay yuanjay yuanNapja
    • 🤐 you ok

      Francis Juan FuentesFrancis Juan FuentesNapja
  • It is chinese

    mansoor alhosanimansoor alhosaniNapja
  • Yo wtf is this Chinese knock offf bulshit

    Gavin ManninaGavin ManninaNapja
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    Boy BoyBoy BoyNapja
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    Laura GimenezLaura GimenezNapja
  • wow

    Marissa ManatoMarissa ManatoNapja
  • 😂 hahahahahaha

    Darambazar ErdenebayarDarambazar ErdenebayarNapja
  • What the!

    Emilio RodriguezEmilio RodriguezNapja
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    Jacob night I wa williamsJacob night I wa williamsNapja
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    Elena ClimacoElena ClimacoNapja
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    Rupali KambleRupali KambleNapja
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    Rupali KambleRupali KambleNapja
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    Suky GachaSuky GachaNapja
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    German Lobo LoriaGerman Lobo LoriaNapja
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    وليد الحربيوليد الحربيNapja
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    Gillian GayleGillian GayleNapja
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    Neo KapuasNeo KapuasNapja

    Avan Maulana Endy SahputraAvan Maulana Endy SahputraNapja
  • El peo jajaja

    Yanith Garces bravoYanith Garces bravoNapja
  • 👍👍

  • E yes japao

  • No China no estado Unidos no Brazil no África no América no sweviw

  • Es japao

  • EL funny moment 😂😂😂😆😅😂😆😅😂

  • No es no eu so tabien

  • This is not funny this is anoying

  • Chinese people : hahahahaha so funny English people : wtf is this

    Pin HeadPin HeadNapja
    • I laughed at you comment more than I laughed at the entire video... Chinese people must be really depressed.

      Zoe MoonlightZoe Moonlight4 órája
    • True

      That_other _guyThat_other _guy4 órája
    • ikr

      Laura HagerLaura Hager14 órája
    • You hahaha

      Francis Juan FuentesFrancis Juan FuentesNapja
    • Pin head is now lookin big head

      Anay JaiswalAnay JaiswalNapja
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    Cicero SoaresCicero SoaresNapja
  • Lol

    The one and only SimsThe one and only SimsNapja
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    sam nonsam nonNapja
  • This isen t funny it's mean

    David GrantDavid GrantNapja
    • Don’t worry it’s just acting :)

      Alya HelalAlya Helal16 órája
    • ❄️

      GALACT1C4GALACT1C417 órája
    • 666

      genius Kid 3 yrs oldgenius Kid 3 yrs old18 órája
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    Savas SalcanSavas SalcanNapja
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    Opal ColemanOpal ColemanNapja
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    Danielle AdamsDanielle AdamsNapja
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    Chirila MihaelaChirila MihaelaNapja
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    FELlPE Araújo RibeiroFELlPE Araújo RibeiroNapja
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    Vip CellVip CellNapja
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    StefAngelik BairesStefAngelik BairesNapja
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    StefAngelik BairesStefAngelik BairesNapja
  • -__________________-

  • STUPID !!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎

    To WyTo WyNapja
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    mikheil khergianimikheil khergianiNapja
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    Jorge Hola MayJorge Hola MayNapja
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    Jorge Hola MayJorge Hola MayNapja