Naruto vs Karma Mode Boruto - Kawaki Activates Boruto Karma - Kawaki Past

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Naruto vs Karma Mode Boruto - Kawaki Activates Boruto Karma - Kawaki Past

  • Il y a des français

    Wajib sasukeWajib sasuke10 órája
  • Naruto didn't even use sage mode 😁

    In justiceIn justice14 órája
  • Love that we get to see more Jiraiya, even if it's just a glimpse.

    Jerzku'sGamesJerzku'sGames20 órája
  • Kama 😂😂😂 not karma

    Dragon Guesh [U4A]Dragon Guesh [U4A]Napja
  • for me it ended with shippuden, but wanted to see a little of OP NARUTO hahahah

    Andreea ManoliuAndreea ManoliuNapja
  • WTF is wrong with narutos face????

    Jean MoreiraJean Moreira2 napja
  • what episode is this?

    Pierre LoreauPierre Loreau2 napja
    • 196 I think

      Kevin DurantKevin Durant17 órája
  • 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VaLeRiAnO PuEsTa TvVaLeRiAnO PuEsTa Tv2 napja
  • he didn´t go with everything because he has a jougan

    jirka parkanjirka parkan2 napja
  • I thought naruto was going to clap boruto but he went easy on him

    Johnavan UchihaJohnavan Uchiha2 napja
  • I love Naruto and Boruto!

    Erwin TrinidadErwin Trinidad3 napja
  • Ga bisa bahasa japang

    Sakura school SimulatorSakura school Simulator3 napja
  • 1:02

    The helper bestThe helper best3 napja
  • I can’t wait until that fight comes between boruto and kawaki but ik it’s going to be 10 years from now on 😂😂

    Makenzy LMakenzy L3 napja
  • So much hype for Boruto, and I still can't see why. Not yet, anyway. It still rates lower than just the first chunk of OG Naruto episodes. lol

    The Cosmic WolfThe Cosmic Wolf4 napja
  • A "simple" boruto training with Naruto 4.1M views in 1 week, now imagine Naruto vs delta 10M views in 1 week kkkkkkkk

    lucas luislucas luis4 napja
    • @Zed Zed No Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen

    • This is one of the most awaited fights in anime!

      Zed ZedZed Zed4 napja
    • Naruto vs delta will be 12M in 1 week

      Firstblood DoblekillFirstblood Doblekill4 napja
  • For some reason the karma makes me think of the ten tails. If there are 15 karma's then it would be ten tails 5 would be arms legs and head and 10 tails. If there are only 5 then it could be a single body split into 5

    Good SirGood Sir4 napja
  • jougan + karma + senin mode + kyubi... what will happen

    Bayu SankBayu Sank4 napja
  • u can see all animes in english dub in wcostream

    Nir LamaNir Lama4 napja
  • naruto is not using the otsukisuki hand, they want to nerf him on max

    End GameEnd Game4 napja
    • @End Game you were right i forgot about the whole kawaki losing arm.

      Abhiram .SAbhiram .S4 napja
    • @Abhiram .S no, the only thing is not ready is the fact you cannot use to attack, just defense, its ready, and will be kawaki new arm after delta fight. This hand is ultimate defense skill, naruto would be OP with this.

      End GameEnd Game4 napja
    • @End Game you just have answer in your own definition, that was only a prototype and it was later given to katasuke to continue their research.

      Abhiram .SAbhiram .S4 napja
    • @Abhiram .S the god dam hand prosthesis : List of Shinobi-Ware users: Naruto Uzumaki Naruto utilised a prosthetic right hand which was a prototype ninjutsu-absorbing device based on the abilities of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, developed by Katasuke. \o/

      End GameEnd Game4 napja
    • Naruto never had otsusuki arm to start with and what is this otsusuki hand you talk about?

      Abhiram .SAbhiram .S4 napja
  • I haven't watched boruto all I see is videos on yt but are there actually good scenes? I mean like in Naruto? Most of the boruto stuff I have seen is actually boring

    MeexxpowerMeexxpower5 napja
    • 2021 boruto getting good bro ✊

      Anime.malaydubAnime.malaydub4 napja
  • Nooooo!!! You skipped the “you don’t hit do you?” Part. That was emotionally significant on here!! :,(

    Julian CantoriaJulian Cantoria5 napja
  • How he avoided the copy right?!

    Soul KingSoul King5 napja
  • Looks like karma is almost the same as Naruto borrowing kurama's power.

    Ayam GorengAyam Goreng5 napja
  • Dattebayo!

    Shinobi ni ToonzShinobi ni Toonz5 napja
  • damn when will Naruto use his multi shadow clone jutsu

    dragon xxxdragon xxx5 napja
  • 4M views in a week🔥🔥🔥

    Agus DimasAgus Dimas5 napja
  • he can defeat boruto, but that punch fron himawari nearly kills him

    SnipersAreDaBest1255 roblox PlayzSnipersAreDaBest1255 roblox Playz5 napja
  • Damn. Jiraya Sam'aàa

  • what ep is this

    JuniorMsbJuniorMsb5 napja
    • Ep 1

      Agus DimasAgus Dimas5 napja
  • love naruto always

    G-VecomG-Vecom6 napja
  • You can make Boruto star level, it still wont make this show better than what came before it. I think nearly 200 episodes is “giving it a chance to get better”. Enough is enough

    Cinema MadnessCinema Madness6 napja
  • Hello 💗💗😎😎😎😎😎💗💖💖💗💖💖💖💖💖

    Jessa SalesJessa Sales6 napja
  • Wow, Boruto’s dad is really strong!

    Coby NganCoby Ngan6 napja
  • Jigen vs jiren Who wins?!?

    62 Nichols62 Nichols6 napja
    • Jiben

      Midoriya PutassoMidoriya Putasso6 napja
    • Jiden

      Aljon Samson HerrasAljon Samson Herras6 napja
  • Jsjsi

    Lo qie sea JajaLo qie sea Jaja6 napja
  • Karma mode, huh? Is Baruto going to give Naruto a bad time?

    SpairSpair6 napja
  • Zzz

    kenneth Fuenteskenneth Fuentes6 napja
  • And kawaki says to sarada nosy

    Melvin ManalaysayMelvin Manalaysay6 napja
  • Mitsuki says "We Came To Spy Kawaki"

    Melvin ManalaysayMelvin Manalaysay6 napja
  • Brroo i want those gadgets

    Melnevich SoguilonMelnevich Soguilon6 napja
  • That’s so dumb what you said 😒😒😒😒😒😒

    The Ag FamilyThe Ag Family7 napja
  • 😍🥰

    aryan nouryaryan noury7 napja
  • Boruto using karma : still no hit Naruto in his base mode : lmao noob 😂😂😂

    Anandsagar GaikwadAnandsagar Gaikwad7 napja
    • Bro boruto would beat the crap out of kid naruto

      Gold___erGold___er6 napja
  • Naruto tanked that shit with his shadow clone he too powerful in the anime

    Heru SamuelHeru Samuel7 napja
  • 0:03 Visual Studio

    HeriansyahHeriansyah7 napja
  • Himawari is cutie

    KleveRKleveR7 napja
  • I hate Kawaki Boruto and Mitsuki they are so empty and plastic characters xD Less kids talking, more Hachimon Tonkou ;)

    CzechmateCzechmate7 napja
    • @theprinceton I don't get the makers' choice to go this way with the Boruto story... It was hard and I'll be a lil bit pissed forever.

      CzechmateCzechmate6 napja
    • Meanwhile sauske was like naruto has gotten stronger than me i have to beat him

      Hagasaki TgHagasaki Tg7 napja
    • cry more

      theprincetontheprinceton7 napja
  • imagine using shadow clones against naruto... Itachi would have a deja vu if he saw this xD

    DawidDawid7 napja
  • when i saw naruto only use ONE{1} shadow clone i was suprised guess he was really holding back

    Joshua OnyelomeJoshua Onyelome7 napja
  • Animes are weird.

    HannesHannes7 napja
  • Hey after boruto it will be saruto boruto next generation 😂😂😂😂

    • You are cringe

  • Wow

    Creeper_pro12Creeper_pro127 napja
  • Boruto was playing pubg

    Mighty Dragon GamingMighty Dragon Gaming7 napja
    • A game like Mario actually

      Hagasaki TgHagasaki Tg7 napja
  • I've been abandoned this anime and now Boruto can throw Chidori? I'm revved up.

    Rizky Damarjati SiregarRizky Damarjati Siregar7 napja
  • then training shadow clones with kawaki but explaining like on konohamaru.."DOOWAH!!!"..😂😂😂

    Ephraim Rick JaroEphraim Rick Jaro7 napja
  • 3:22 zekrom vs reshiram

    Lavar BallLavar Ball7 napja
  • bruh imagine if naruto went all out like he did on konohamaru 😂

    Digital _Digital _7 napja
  • Himawari's face looks so weird st 1:49

    Blue_Tiger_8Blue_Tiger_87 napja
    • Sarada 03:04

      Agus DimasAgus Dimas5 napja
  • Naruto in the older days: actually badass fighting Boruto: karma mode robot thingy 🤣

    Impain.Impain.7 napja
    • Karma looks wayyyyy badass than a glowing yellow cloack naruto had

      Hagasaki TgHagasaki Tg7 napja
  • At the first naruto used just shadow clone and rasengan...

    Sasuke UchiaSasuke Uchia7 napja
  • *Himawari scares me..*

    DripGokuWrldddDripGokuWrlddd7 napja
  • Awww soo cute Kawaki and Himawari together ❤️

    Roshni KumariRoshni Kumari7 napja
  • To all those haters of the series.... The shits haven't started yet.... It's all gonna happen in the timeskip... All these going right now is just a setting for the timeskip... The writer himself said the MC himself won't have much role in his own show... But that has likely ended... He... With the new gen cast are gonna step up their game now... U will see the real boruto then

    M v JoyM v Joy8 napja
  • Hi

  • Sarada: "I can't afford to fall behind" Sakura: *nostalgia*

    Sumantri HariantoSumantri Harianto8 napja
  • thats probably the lamest thing ive waatched all day

    Marian MechkovMarian Mechkov8 napja
    • The lamest thing you watched was yourself

      Hagasaki TgHagasaki Tg8 napja
  • Is this a fan art or it's actually an episode in Boruto?

    Josué PaulinoJosué Paulino8 napja
    • Bro wtf

      Anime.malaydubAnime.malaydub4 napja
    • @Winds your freedom of speech... Give it to me 👉✋

      Gold___erGold___er6 napja
    • Boruto animation >>>>> any anime

      WindsWinds7 napja
    • its outsourced so animation doesnt look that good

      OtsutsukiOtsutsuki8 napja
  • I love seeing Boruto train with his dad. I hope we get more of that. I always think about if only Naruto got to train with his father whenever I see these sparring matches between Naruto and his son. That’s a nice way to see Boruto progress.

    Lightning GamerLightning Gamer8 napja
  • What is happening to animation bad pacing

    Marco PhoenixMarco Phoenix8 napja
    • Theyre saving time for more bigger episodes especially on new team 7 vs boro

      Meme ミームMeme ミーム8 napja
    • Ohhh maybe but still they did their best to do that

      Marco PhoenixMarco Phoenix8 napja
    • They must be tired

      Marco PhoenixMarco Phoenix8 napja
  • Remember naruto technically only has two jutsu

    JoancenalopezJoancenalopez8 napja
  • Ini eps berapa anjir

    Amazing ShirooAmazing Shiroo8 napja
    • Episode 1

      Agus DimasAgus Dimas5 napja
  • Naruto lowkey has hands

    Kalen RossKalen Ross8 napja
  • why does naruto sound like a cigarette-smoking lesbian teenager? Could they not find a normal adult male voice?

    RIP MambaRIP Mamba8 napja
  • Although I haven’t watch boruto yet, ill say the joke 0:33 xxtentacion anime version

    DrtrongamersteamDrtrongamersteam8 napja
  • Naruto didnt even flex

    Raptor EliteRaptor Elite8 napja
  • The goofys that called boruto shit for the last 2-3 years are suddenly “fans” now

    YaboiSkyYaboiSky8 napja
    • i knew it they are too predictable

      Sinister99Sinister998 napja
  • 2:43 I think Naruto just love kicking Baruto at this point

    Jamarii BurgessJamarii Burgess8 napja
  • Amazing work

    Zeus SenpaiZeus Senpai8 napja
  • is that eASY to make ads like this?

    randy2 septianrandy2 septian8 napja
  • why the fuck hinata is always stuck in that damn sink

    Shannen AckermanShannen Ackerman8 napja
  • Batebio

  • Wooooo. No ma

  • What episode this was

    Joshua MyersJoshua Myers8 napja
  • The animation feels like fan animation

    Jérémy LaflammeJérémy Laflamme8 napja
  • Nice

    Uchiha ObitoUchiha Obito8 napja
  • They're probably gonna kill off sasuke for Sarada to get the Mangekyo Sharingan

    The PhantomThe Phantom9 napja
  • Im happy boruto is sorting out his relationship with naruto

    HakeemHakeem9 napja
  • so the karma is like a imperfect or mini sage mode amp when you think about it.

    33_M2_Rahul Krishna menon33_M2_Rahul Krishna menon9 napja
  • Don’t spoil

    JoJo FJoJo F9 napja
  • This Is fucking horrible

    zerosoul gingerzerosoul ginger9 napja
    • Nah bruh. You just have bad tastes

      Gold___erGold___er6 napja
  • You video got to suck!!👎👎👎👎 cut and cut.

    West MingWest Ming9 napja
  • I watch Boruto not naruto

    Maricar CloradoMaricar Clorado9 napja
  • おやそみな あか め 麩 御

    Prince Yohan AndalizaPrince Yohan Andaliza9 napja
    • レ 巣 ほl 画

      Prince Yohan AndalizaPrince Yohan Andaliza9 napja
    • オヘ

      Prince Yohan AndalizaPrince Yohan Andaliza9 napja
    • おまい 瀬 後 歯 宝飯

      Prince Yohan AndalizaPrince Yohan Andaliza9 napja
  • Himawari at 1:48 🥺

    krissy hokrissy ho9 napja
  • Porque los graficos de boruto estan tan mierdas?

    intra sloidintra sloid9 napja
  • The Fuck Naruto Got Monkey Ears For?

    The Random S M I L EThe Random S M I L E9 napja
  • Sarada: "Shouldn't we stop? "Well No"

    KisameKisame9 napja
  • Boruto series, disgrace to naruto.

    Ajay NathAjay Nath9 napja
  • what episode

    im not cokieninjaim not cokieninja9 napja