My Worst First Date Ever (animated story time)

2020.nov. 8.
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my dating life is a disaster. lol
HI ANGELS! WELCOME TO MY DATING STORY TIME SERIES - as told by me, in animated cartoon form. I have the worst luck ever with men, and while I do love being single, my love life is hilarious and deserves to be told. So, i'm spilling the tea on my romantic relationships...
...that never end well lol.
3,375,000 kisses!
Amber :)

  • EVERYONE WHO CAME EARLY TO THE CHAT THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER 🥺 I love you all so much and the support and love you show me every day means more than I can ever express, but please know that the privilege and joy of connecting with you on here is the magic of my life. and I am so honored and humbled everyday. I love you so SO much. thank you for watching, and I'll see you soon ❤️ xx

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    • OMG Amber please never stop making animated videos they are AWESOME I’ve been watching my story animated so this is THE BESTTTTTT💗💗😂

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    • PLEASE! make more of these! 👍🥰😍

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    • I was there

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  • If you had a cartoon series for little girls I would have totally been a fan of that and binged x

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  • I love the whole cartoon. Apart from that girls pls don't have such low standards for men, I mean been there done that, dated a bunch of losers coz of my super low BAR, but I mean when you realise you are Amazing you will meet HIM

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  • Loooooving this!!!!!!

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  • I didn't think i would like this series but IM OBSESSED

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  • Can someone please pilot your cartoon you into real series. So good and cute!!! Love it

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  • before the cartoon started I was like "But did you date a drug dealer", but damn sis we both did

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  • Honest mistake. Hilarious cartoon. Judgmental cartoon. Judgmental cartoon dismissing judgments. Hilarious.

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  • I love the yellow dress 🤩🤩🤩

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  • Amber! You are a whole vibe hun. Love the creativity!!

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  • I have to say I LOVED this lol great story and so fun with the animation!

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  • Ohh myyyy this is soooo cuteeee and funnyyy and I love your voice !!

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  • #guyver

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  • omg you and George as cartoons are SO CUTE! love it!

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  • This was super cute!!!

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  • “He doesn’t even know if I’m psycho... which I am” ... GIRL when I tell you I cackled 💀

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  • it’s the” like how are you not meeting the literal nothing i expect from you” for me😭😩

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  • i loooooove the cartoon !!!!

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  • Best video ever

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  • Yes I love the animation

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  • This is the best. It's like MyScene meets Bratz and I absolutely love it

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  • Why is this not on netflix

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    • Not the date, the video & you 😹

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  • I'm sorry wait. 5 million dollar bill ?! wat. Did I hear that right?

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  • HEY AMBER!I know you receive millions of comments but I ashore you this is special so please take 2 min and read this. I wanna say that if you are looking after a real boyfriend who is gonna propose some day is important to know how to find it. First all the people put accent on how you look but the important thing is how is his career because think about it after 20 years o marriage and 2 kinds you will not look so beautiful like in you're 20's and he too. I do not say that he need to be ugly just do not put the looking because the importing thing is his character. And I watch your videos from a while now. A wanna say that you are so beautiful without makeup through your personality you are gloving and thath what true and responsabile men are looking because that person will rase their children not the looking. And again do not understand me rong makeup is not bad use it too but inside in you're heart you know that you have a fear that you will not be accepted with you're face and that's a true courage take place. I hope it will be helping you! Xoxo Ps please leave me an emoji if you read this

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  • Girl I think you’re type is a waiter lol! 🤣😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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  • The first red flag was that he asked Amber to see him immediately tomorrow 🚩

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  • Soooooo cuteeeeeee😍😍😍 I’m literally so happy for you knowing this been on your vision boards now look😍 ugh & ITS YOUR OWN THING I love it so motivational ❤️

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  • who did the animations?

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  • I just started subscribed to you after watching some of your contents. Nobody is perfect, but you got your own charm Amber!! Keep shining ✨

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  • Lol but why does this guy sound exactly like my husband that is seriously the nicest human being? I found his honesty with his past really something to give me something go off of! He literally talked about himself for 4 hours straight ( also in depth about his criminal record which he was very much trying to stay away from) which I found irritating at first but later I learned, he was nervous 🤣 we all deal with things in weird ways lol!

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  • I also went on a date with a blonde haired blue eyed 6'4" guy that I discovered dealed drugs lol we have the same dating life

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  • Haha 😆 awesome cartoon

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  • This was epic, everything I have ever wanted out of an animated series AND a youtube storytime! You are pioneering an entire new genre of youtube storytime videos and it's awesome, I bet everyone is going to be doing this in the future!

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