My Random Thoughts (James Edition)

2017.aug. 9.
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Random = Funny (?) lol XD rofl roflcopter lmao (dabs) Sorry I don't know what to put here
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  • my fav part is at 3:03

    The Most Incredible Parodies!The Most Incredible Parodies!53 perccel
  • fun fact. Wisconsinites say bathroom. But we do say bubbler so yea also i am 96,000th comment

    Elliot TetzlaffElliot Tetzlaff3 órája
  • About the rain one it’s the devil beating his wife

    NicholasNicholas3 órája
  • rhdsughwaug4tyfueayhgryugefyuw7ufhweuihfuyhg48ueyguiyghqfygfruyewqgfuwegf76qgwt4fgweuoyfg4r6ewygfqyuwegfhqsakgrfuywegfwhejgfuwgf

    John JennetteJohn Jennette4 órája
  • Im o- negative

    Potato PotatoPotato Potato5 órája
  • Im onegative

    Potato PotatoPotato Potato5 órája
  • I'm French 🇫🇷 ( I use subtitles) 7:10 sorry but i not said that, me!

    Mr treeMr tree7 órája
  • i mean we know u donrt do drugz or do you

    Hammad KhalidHammad Khalid8 órája
  • Ûhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ellie And JackEllie And Jack9 órája
  • James : in france they say... " the devil is beating his wife ... and marrying his daughter." ME: *awkwardly types in google's search bar : "what does france call the weather when its raining and its sunny out." GOOOOGL : RANDOOM STUF THAT I DINT ASK 4. Me: ''O_o ...................." my miend : IjakmLkjKNUKJBHGVFDXSFGHJKL:KJHBVDSASDRTYUIO:

    Jeffery GreeneJeffery Greene9 órája
    • ok i need to stop with the comments bye. and i love ur videos james

      Jeffery GreeneJeffery Greene9 órája
    • also i still use google

      Jeffery GreeneJeffery Greene9 órája
    • also i wanted to say you and many other youtubers like jaiden animations , supernanny , and a bunch of other youtuers *-_-* are loved by me also on ibis paint x on my phone i made some fan art buti cant post it on social media cuz im under the age of 13 and i dont have any social media apps. but i did cuz i was watching one of your videos im pretty sure sooub way one and decied "well i havent used this app much sooo... OMYGOOOSH I CAN MAKE PERSONAL FAN ART also this persons 10 yr old daughter made this comment on her comment on sunday january 17th 2021

      Jeffery GreeneJeffery Greene9 órája
  • In lithuania they say orphan tears

    NatalieMarieNatalieMarie12 órája
  • I mix drugs with beer.

    Kween Of CorgisKween Of Corgis13 órája
  • I remember one time it was snowing and as a joke he said “look it’s railing cocaine”

    Jenny DanielsJenny Daniels19 órája
  • The true name of this vid: Shower thoughts.

    Allison PakAllison Pak19 órája
  • In brazil we say "sun and rain, widow wedding". I thing that is a little strange but is more nice than devil beating his wife hahahahahaha

    bruno antoniobruno antonioNapja
  • Ya this is old

    legend nitrolegend nitroNapja
  • Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy. Goddddd

  • James, you aren’t alone in the clock bit. I can’t even read analogue clocks. Please comment if you also can’t so I know i’m not alone here.

    ducky boiducky boiNapja
  • 3:19 "Its 7 hours and 45 minutes you dingus" *jk James is not a dingus*

  • They are hopping that you gave a safe flight

    Aaradhy AgrawalAaradhy AgrawalNapja
  • Teacher: ok today r lesson on math is to make a pie chart and choose ur favorite subject. Me: k My brain: hmmmmm I wonder if there would be a season3 on 1 punch man.....

    victor muivictor muiNapja
  • 2:30 I just noticed he spelt it like “jakes 4 archersdgakl;sdfrgioas”

    Toonmatt 92Toonmatt 92Napja

    Nathania SampouwNathania SampouwNapja
  • who actually googled up 'hairless animals' right after james told us to

    wolf packwolf packNapja
  • Jaiden's original video: 21M views James's stolen video: nearly 42M views

    Amos RavenclawAmos RavenclawNapja
  • The Pokémon shirt you got I have it

    Easton AlomarEaston AlomarNapja
  • James: you put a can of paint in you room and never tock it out. me: no thats not how painting your room works (you put a can of paint in you room and you tock a empty can back out ) so your room got smoler by the paint in the can

    September YearSeptember YearNapja
  • You are a furry 😳 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Sosuke DioSosuke Dio2 napja
  • um i live in tennese put its ok i expect the same behavyor here anyway

    Shanee CastaldoShanee Castaldo2 napja
  • We call it a sun shower in Australia

    Warbak MatchWarbak Match2 napja
  • weaboo's be like: yeah! furry is lovable

    Harshit KaushikHarshit Kaushik2 napja
  • Yep plagiarizing

    Manak BasnetManak Basnet2 napja
  • In India when the sun is out while it's raining we say looks there's going to be a rainbow birth today

    kanchan Kulkarnikanchan Kulkarni2 napja
  • I'm from the Tennessee and I've never heard that before 😅

    Hannah LeannHannah Leann2 napja
  • We are have hair so we are not bald so ya

    Grace CallaghanGrace Callaghan2 napja
  • One time my friend said something and I am constantly thinking about it. So let’s say I was raised believing that red is called “purple”. And another person was raised being told that red is called “green” so when I say, “hey look he’s wearing a purple shirt!” The other person would say “no, it’s green!” .... if ur confused let me know,

    HA! no.HA! no.2 napja
  • 'And that phrase is..." "The devil meeting his wife." Um--- About that---- It's probably the devil BEATING his wife, James-- Edit: So I've just been informed the Marshmallow Baymax himself is now aware of his error.

    I love you!!I love you!!2 napja
  • "I'm not stealing it, I'm plagarizing it!" Hhahahahah

    Marcus Latrell FilipinoMarcus Latrell Filipino2 napja
  • Everyone: ew hearses animals are gross🤢🤮 Me:... Awwwwwwwwww THATS SO CUTE (probably because I think every single animal is beautiful and I love them😂) btw i know not everyone hates hearliss animals so no hate

    Emilyrose EllaEmilyrose Ella2 napja
  • Rhode Island- We do call it the Bubbiler 😂💕

    Teens & DollsTeens & Dolls2 napja
  • I live in France

    Shirley RossShirley Ross2 napja
  • There are certain sayings in Canada too, search “Newfie accent” they have a mix of an Irish and British accent with some sayings that are Canadian too. They are the best people to be around too and love to drink beer. They even have their own beer brand only found in Newfoundland called “blue star” what I’ve heard about it, is that it is strong and has at least 40% alc.

    Wolfen The GamerWolfen The Gamer2 napja
  • AArdvark

    Bee DinBee Din2 napja
  • Hello

    sumo chickensumo chicken3 napja
  • 3:03 ha ha ha

    Stefan ApostolovskiStefan Apostolovski3 napja
  • In german the devil beats his grandma, he laughs and she cries. I had to google that cause I was curious. Thats fucked up.

    AimeeAimee3 napja
  • Umm do your research usually it’s called a sub shower and when you say the devil is meeting his wife you’re psychopathic or satanic sooooooooi

    rubystaffy Robloxrubystaffy Roblox3 napja
  • That time one

    Sarita RaoSarita Rao3 napja
  • This video has more views than the original looolll

    Alex JonathanAlex Jonathan3 napja
  • The way he said that hitler joke killed me 🤣🤣

    InfinityInfinity3 napja
  • It's NOT SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE! It's Prawn on the barbie....

    Sasha HessSasha Hess3 napja

    Alexis MaxfieldAlexis Maxfield3 napja
  • Yeeeeeeeee!!!!!! James mentioned my state!!!! Yes we do call them bubblers 😆 no idea why but that’s normal for us lol and yes I’m going through all of the videos on this channel ☺️ we also call sprinkles “jimmies” or at least the chocolate ones... again no clue why 😅😅😅

    Laura Khan CreationsLaura Khan Creations3 napja
  • A Quarter to 8 is 7 : 30

    Ardie CarpenterArdie Carpenter3 napja
  • So I’m just stealing everything from jaiden No James. It’s Plagiarizing

    Emma ChievEmma Chiev3 napja
  • Hairless am=las

    Julianna BabcockJulianna Babcock3 napja
  • i was *YUNG when i saw this, and re watching it now i finally get the snowstorm joke

  • Hey james guess what you got notified

    X brawlerX brawler3 napja
  • I'm in tenasee och

    Janet BrightJanet Bright3 napja
  • James just invented a new way to lose weight just smell yourself.

    •Suñset Bóba••Suñset Bóba•3 napja
  • when it's raining and the suns out I say :OOO it's a sunshower!

    •Suñset Bóba••Suñset Bóba•3 napja
  • "James does intense thinking to know what time it is." "Doesn't turn around even when there are 2 clocks behind him till the very last second."

    •Suñset Bóba••Suñset Bóba•3 napja
  • Happiness even if you take drugs you uhh will not get happy and yeah I never get happy

    Bruh boy 993Bruh boy 9934 napja
  • in India I live in a state called Kerala there we say its the foxes wedding and I can't believe that's its shown on wiki and James I love ur vids

    BabuCD DevassyBabuCD Devassy4 napja
  • oui

    Jakub SuchánekJakub Suchánek4 napja
  • "Some of those captchas are impossible" *Roblox laughing at the corner

    AAA Zaa handoAAA Zaa hando4 napja
    • Not laughing IN the corner, but laughing AT the corner. Like, "HAHA STUPID CORNER, IMAGINE NOT BEING A STRAIGHT LINE, WHAT AN IDIOT!"

      S TS T3 napja
  • There is Telugu phrase over there

    Nirmala THANVINirmala THANVI4 napja
  • then my blood is second favorite i am O-

    Queen QueenQueen Queen4 napja
  • Bruh I just call it a sun shower

    InfernoTaraInfernoTara4 napja
  • my bff does not have o- blood type

    liliana collierliliana collier4 napja
  • The dysfunctional limit hemperly long because drain corroboratively separate between a uppity circulation. tasteful, long salt

    Thelma DixonThelma Dixon4 napja
  • Im french but i didnt knew this expression 😂

    Tanguy SanchezTanguy Sanchez4 napja

    Doug PrioreDoug Priore4 napja
  • But mosquitoes don't drink blood as food, they use it for reproduction, which is why only female mosquitoes bite you

    ZippiertainmentZippiertainment4 napja
  • Furriers cute ngl

    Dream demon legendDream demon legend4 napja
  • ¬ø¬

    Sisamm BrothersSisamm Brothers4 napja
  • The comic was worth to watch in 0.25x

    Varun SVarun S4 napja
  • Yoyoyoyooyoyo I’m affended I live in Tennessee

    Zon ExroZon Exro4 napja
  • what did tenessee do to deserve that title/

    Rory BairdRory Baird5 napja
  • Why did he say the shaveing thing and the lighter smelling thing that's a story and a fact not a random thought

    golden hackergolden hacker5 napja
  • James even followed jaidens style of the thumbnail

    Abe TFGAbe TFG5 napja
  • The sun and exercise makes you happy. Scientifically proven

    Slytherin SverriaSlytherin Sverria5 napja
  • 6:10 *lip smacking like In the "my feeling on ASMR" video he made*

    NotAPhycologystNotAPhycologyst5 napja
  • He's a furry confirmed

    NotAPhycologystNotAPhycologyst5 napja
  • Yea it's pretty old Iv seen this video and jaidens videos years ago too

    Broughtbutton65 Is backBroughtbutton65 Is back5 napja
  • Nobody says that in Tennessee

    Gavon FranksGavon Franks5 napja
  • What’s 2331548x13809724361x0859763142

    WhyWhy5 napja

    Omar DelgadoOmar Delgado5 napja
    • AHHH

      DeadInsideViDeadInsideVi4 napja
  • I'm not stealing it, I'm plagiarising it I'm not funny, I make ppl laugh

    clinton phangclinton phang5 napja
  • We call them sun showers. I’m in Australia.

    Jacinta TAITJacinta TAIT5 napja
  • Is the devil woody Allen?

    Mr. AshtasticMr. Ashtastic5 napja
  • We are covered in hair

    Mr. AshtasticMr. Ashtastic5 napja
  • Yeah it’s pretty old

    Golfclubber11Golfclubber115 napja
  • Wikipedia: "In the Netherlands and Belgium, they say that there's a funfair going on in hell." Me, dutch: .... Hah? I went and looked it up and its a saying specific to a few areas- none of which I'm in so thats probably why I never heard it.

    EmurelleEmurelle5 napja
  • It’s funny that the video “times I plagiarized” was in the suggested

    LiacassoLiacasso5 napja
  • Before I log in into my roblox account u have to do this annoying captcha and it u get it wrong ONCE, you gotta do like 10 CAPTCHAS!!! I HATE CAPTCHA AND SOMETIMES I DON'T EVEN GET IT!!!

    Maheshika PanditaratneMaheshika Panditaratne6 napja
  • Me and my family are going to france so when its raining should I say the devils beating his wife and marrying his daughter?

    Antonia SkibaAntonia Skiba6 napja
  • Am i too observant or In the subtitles these words are not typed Plagerizing Arrowing Everything Me Seatbelts Its becouse of mat pat

    Erzel OcampoErzel Ocampo6 napja
  • Where did Hitler keeps his armies? In his sleeve ha...ha...ha . XD

    Bn Syah Gamer 1271Bn Syah Gamer 12716 napja
  • Yeah we use that saying all the time I live in Alabama

    Blake TuckerBlake Tucker6 napja