My New Favorite Tik Toker

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My New Favorite Tik Toker
Cody Ko

  • I thought at first the Taco Bell sponsor thing was a joke

    Jiji the catJiji the cat3 órája
  • TikTok is pure trash.

    erusantteerusantte16 órája
  • poor little cody he can’t take it 😩

    Sav RudowSav RudowNapja
  • Cody rly acting like he wasn't childhood friends with his great grandfather

    Thealrdy FoxThealrdy FoxNapja
  • It's literally just capitalizing on the internet. Same as the kids review videos. Trash af but they make so much goddamn money

    C WallaceC Wallace2 napja
  • Cody Ko ‘21 “Where are my milkers?!”

    Christy Leigh YesnickChristy Leigh Yesnick2 napja
  • its not a preview but a flash-after

    Joey HoaglandJoey Hoagland3 napja
  • YO cody! sUpeR awEsOme video! Lovin Da content!

    fablefable4 napja
  • No one commented on this for 5 months which is when it was posted

    No name YetNo name Yet6 napja
  • Fuck tick tock. Ps. You’ve officially ruined “lmao” for me

    Megan PenaMegan Pena6 napja
  • idk cody kinnda old sheeeeeeeeeshhh

    gabehavengabehaven6 napja
  • Nc

    Ahmad fathyAhmad fathy9 napja
  • Those tiktoks at the end made me tear up 😭 like how could she 😭💔

    The potato FamilyThe potato Family9 napja
  • Ur old

    Valerie SinghValerie Singh9 napja
  • YoUrE oLd

    Carmen MercedesCarmen Mercedes9 napja
  • Rich of Cody to call this guy old when he’s literally 100 years old

    S MS M11 napja
  • I think its good for us to incentivize things being EVEN MORE CONFUSING on tiktok.

    SentraSentra11 napja
  • You're not you when you're hungry...Grab a snickers...

    Elle McLainElle McLain11 napja
  • Cody: I'M NOT OLD Also Cody: *bAd bOy'S tReAt*

    Eesha G.Eesha G.11 napja
  • Is it me or is Cody looking pretty... Good today.

    My good sirMy good sir11 napja
  • This video is pure gold😂😂😂😂... I’m glad that you included the last bit with your own versions of his TikToks

    Miles WanderedMiles Wandered12 napja
  • You are young

    Jenny TownsendJenny Townsend12 napja
  • 12:23 "brand new pc" bruh that thing was my first computer. I think it's from like 2008 or something

    chobocchoboc12 napja
  • chair

    Cold GuacamoleCold Guacamole12 napja
  • The slow mo 😂 REALLY did make it more interesting.

    MaryMary13 napja
  • I'm creeeeasing

    RoyaRoya13 napja
  • The snickers seen “ your not you when your hungry”

    doilan guilackdoilan guilack13 napja
  • You’re an older guy

    Joshua BensonJoshua Benson14 napja
  • imagne saying someones old but bieng older...

    Emmi DrabekEmmi Drabek14 napja
  • This tiktoks are filmed in my country Latvia🇱🇻 city jelgava that's where I live

    Emanuels CauneEmanuels Caune14 napja
  • old

    Devon VerretDevon Verret15 napja
  • don't pretend that you didn't go to school with this guys great grandfather, Cody.

    just a random personjust a random person15 napja
  • Dednahype is a hard worker broken by the capitalist system and the wrath of his many sons and enimies his only friend is the homeless monster also broken by capitalism and his man sons and enemies together they fight

    Communism is when no iPhone !Communism is when no iPhone !15 napja
  • Are we not gonna talk about how photoshopped cody’s old face is on the thumbnail?

    Jagger SlipJagger Slip15 napja
  • Y'all he 30, you ain't have to do this to 'em 😭

    KrillinKrillin15 napja
  • the son at 12:00 looks like slavic Elon Musk

    Hannibal Utke AcsHannibal Utke Acs16 napja
  • Our mans found a formula and stuck with it

    Melissa CardenasMelissa Cardenas16 napja
  • Made me cr

    DOMODOMO16 napja
  • Old

    Anime N00BAnime N00B16 napja
  • oh it's in Latvia

    Elizabete Kalniņa-LibereElizabete Kalniņa-Libere17 napja
  • just two popular grandpas on the wacky world wide web

    Space CowboySpace Cowboy17 napja
  • Your old

    Hot TrashHot Trash17 napja
  • So...give apples to random creepy looking people around your city so they'll back you up in a fight to the death? Solid advice 8/8.

    AoyubiAoyubi17 napja
  • Cody with the Cane

    BroadLyteBroadLyte18 napja
  • So foreign

    Daniel ClayDaniel Clay19 napja
  • Oh no old man Cody sad because see no more cookie

    soggy toesoggy toe19 napja
  • Cody is 11 and 60 at the same time

    soggy toesoggy toe19 napja
  • You’re old

    Alyssa PowersAlyssa Powers19 napja
  • I am so sick of that music

    Murren KellyMurren Kelly19 napja
  • Lol 500k streams in Spotify is gold, 69 million streams would be diamond

    Ryder SmithRyder Smith20 napja
  • That channel has bought copyrights for two songs only

    Manuela MontuoriManuela Montuori20 napja
  • Comments were worse than the videos

    Vixzz ØVixzz Ø20 napja
  • He looks like he shit the iphone

    Corrie Hermans-WebsterCorrie Hermans-Webster20 napja
  • Im proud to be a Latvian🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻


    Vincent PrinceVincent Prince20 napja
  • chair😢

    Brianna HacsundaBrianna Hacsunda21 napja
  • ayo dont tease the only competitor of queen elizabeth or else 13:22

    mighty miraclmighty miracl21 napja
  • i feel like if cody didn’t mention the old jokes thing there wouldn’t be as many comments about it

    angelina kangelina k21 napja
  • Ur old lol

    Gasoline ОтстойGasoline Отстой21 napja
  • When he said he was sponsored by Taco Bell I thought he was joking lmao

    Cbk_MiQdAdGaMeRCbk_MiQdAdGaMeR22 napja
  • i've never laughed so hard in my life when he read those comments

    Yen Rae WeeYen Rae Wee22 napja
  • your old

    Matthew ScottMatthew Scott22 napja
  • fun fact: cody in this video just talking about his dear friend

    monstria musicmonstria music22 napja
  • Does anyone know the edm song playing in the old man ticktok? It’s pretty catchy.

    Thomas TThomas T23 napja
  • Cody stop bullying children, jk ilu

    Austyn spradlingAustyn spradling23 napja
  • I honestly thought the taco thing was a joke but holy shit Cody

    intimous GCintimous GC23 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Martina Garcia SantandreuMartina Garcia Santandreu24 napja
  • im sorry cody but "soup"?? "eating some SOUP???" only ancient people will call that cup noodle SOUP

    dontmindmedontmindme24 napja
  • to answer your question I was like what the fuck is happening....?

    niki urquhartniki urquhart25 napja
  • Ok grandpa

    Alex SulmaAlex Sulma25 napja
  • Wait Cody moved?

    SoldierSoldier25 napja
  • sponsored by tacobell (REAL!!!!)

    Funny BunnyFunny Bunny26 napja
  • 12:30 you hear that Cody? He’s on your side😃

    Mars PhoenixMars Phoenix26 napja
  • Hes like the russian rodney dangerfield of tiktok.

    Michael MorrisMichael Morris28 napja
  • He has 9. Whatever million followers because people are stupid and have no taste!

    derek salinasderek salinas28 napja
  • this guy has a video with 62 million views for comparison eddy burbacks entire channel only has 53 million

    superduff1229superduff122929 napja
    • Damn that was a hard diss on poor Eddy

      Shovely JoeShovely Joe27 napja
  • Cody doesn’t know what foreshadowing is

    Collin HagansCollin HagansHónapja
  • Ur old

    Henry RubinHenry RubinHónapja
  • I don't know... I love that grampa!!!😁

    petru van der waltpetru van der waltHónapja
  • I thought I blocked you

  • I'm watching this video on my new Key Lime Pie S360 Platinum.

  • Cody: "After watching THOUSANDS of hours of TikTok over the last couple weeks" My brain: "24 x 7 = 168 x 2 weeks = 336 hours" ...waaait a minute

    Christian B.Christian B.Hónapja
    • He's watching them in 5x speed.

      Khalid Ch.Khalid Ch.27 napja
  • Ur old

    Boy YoiBoy YoiHónapja
  • youre old

  • Chair 😢

  • "Don't bring your son fucking needless calories when he's supposed to be cutting ok ????" LOL

    kendrick thomaskendrick thomasHónapja
  • Cody, your old 🤗😁

    Lovely DayLovely DayHónapja
  • You look like the good version of onision

    Sharky BoyoSharky BoyoHónapja
  • Your Old

    J ,J ,Hónapja
  • I'm pretty sure that was an easy bake oven cake, and I'm also pretty sure this channel is just an excuse for that younger guy be mean to his father.

    Sean TSean THónapja
  • Yes I got the story line the first time Cody. You boomer.

    Nathan YoungNathan YoungHónapja
  • I don't get it...Cody literally makes fun of the level of cringe jokes are...and the old jokes fall into that category.

  • Do not offend old people? So you admit you're an old person..

    Sandtastic videosSandtastic videosHónapja
  • Sponsored by Taco Bell-? Damn, Cody made it.

  • Why didn’t you guys dress up like a little monster and sneak food by the trash can. So disappointed.

    Aimee JonesAimee JonesHónapja
  • Lmao the guy who showed the video to his grandma who's in a hospital🗿

  • I thought i blocked you

    Chelsey SexsonChelsey SexsonHónapja

  • The tasteful doll bailly argue because ptarmigan tellingly chew a a long committee. addicted, jazzy cork

    Roger CRoger CHónapja
  • Hey how do you make your hair stay back like that? mine always falls into my face I guess I could try not showering anymore, maybe that'll work