My Girlfriend Acts Like A Dog - And I Love It???

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  • "Don't bring your fetish out in public" THANK YOU!!!!! I don't give a fuck what consenting adults do on their own time, but I've known people with fetishes like this who would literally get off on displaying it in public and would constantly cross social boundaries and make people uncomfortable purposely. BUT as soon as anyone would voice their discomfort you get labeled as being judgemental. Like please fuck off I don't want to be apart of this

    Sean-Rei O'RorkeSean-Rei O'Rorke7 órája
  • It sounds like one of those depravity stories that come straight out of the Bible. This is what pickup artistry was supposed to help with?

    JoseitoEdlVodaoJoseitoEdlVodao11 órája
  • end of add at 3:17

    Charlie CarrCharlie Carr13 órája
  • 7:35, LMAOOO fuck off make your own shit, killeedd meee

    kevin sanchezkevin sanchez13 órája
  • i smashed that dope crib button

    Iris youngIris young16 órája
  • Just imagine how fvcked up her parents must feel. I'm legit scared to have a kid now smh

    HIMMBelljuvoHIMMBelljuvo17 órája
  • This is giving me horse girl flashbacks and I hate it

    L ML M18 órája
  • Subjecting people in public and through social media profiles that aren't private to your fetish is non-consensual and should be prosecutableworldwide. If people search for and then find that content, fine, everyone has fun. But if you're scrolling your For You page and it comes up out of the blue, it can be disturbing!

    Summer ManningSummer ManningNapja
  • I don’t wanna be the one to say it but Jenna has cake 🎂

    Timmy HughesTimmy HughesNapja
  • well good thing i stopped walking like a dog when i was 10

    Amanda VergaraAmanda VergaraNapja
  • It’s so obviously fake bahaha

    Avery TysonAvery TysonNapja
  • It's called unresolved trauma and taking a fetish WAY too far.

    Niklas WarnerNiklas WarnerNapja
  • That's so cringy that I couldn't even watch like half of Cody video.

    Quiet and SunQuiet and SunNapja
  • Im with Cody on this one. This seems hella fake. As soon as the cameras are off she living her life just like the rest of us, guaranteed

    Meyene EtuksMeyene EtuksNapja
  • This was actually hard to watch

    Conner RybkaConner RybkaNapja
  • The amused delivery intrestingly puncture because snail posteriorly grab past a smart clam. jumbled, rampant donald

    Kaws ExpoKaws ExpoNapja
  • I remember when i was going to disney world with my parents an adult girl with her bf dressed up like a child to try to get in for the child price. Thats ok if that is your kink but dont expect people to accept it. Disney definitely didnt lol

  • only kids should be on leashes

    haiszhaisz2 napja
  • Oh gosh. What do her parents think

    Shaymian Te WhauShaymian Te Whau2 napja
  • 50:15 would be less weird

    NobleNormie117NobleNormie1172 napja
  • if youre dog dont forget you cant use toilet paper

    DJ Stress OfficialDJ Stress Official2 napja
  • I wonder if she’ll be apart of the “ dope crib “ tour 🤣

    Tessa BrownTessa Brown2 napja
  • my actual dog growled every time she came on the screen... I think she's offended

    Erika VincolaErika Vincola2 napja
  • I've watched this video for the first time today and all I could think of is I'm so envy of Lorenzo I know you think I should be opposite of everyone be disgusted. But me I support Jenna and her only fans I just wish that I could see her.

    Dusty JonesDusty Jones2 napja
    • I'm not here to fetish shame, but you envy a man who scammed women out of their underwear?

      Larry's potatoLarry's potato9 órája
    • If u paying for onlyfans, ur already loosing bro

      Meyene EtuksMeyene EtuksNapja
  • Cody the liquid death, I am truly convinced we should be friends..

    Julia RunneJulia Runne2 napja
  • if dennis enabled maureen ponderosa

    vamshivamshi2 napja
  • They should have done a scene were she pooped on the floor and then he pushed her nose into it and yell "No! Naughty!"

    Pax AssadiPax Assadi2 napja
  • Clout or not, that is insane

    Tyler HaskellTyler Haskell2 napja
  • Do you think he puts peanut butter on his... 😬😬😬😂

    Vinny GVinny G2 napja
  • her hands must be so dirty

    Chantini DanielsChantini Daniels2 napja
  • 😭imaging being in a argument and you’re gf is just on all fours running around the house

    Aveion AdamsAveion Adams2 napja
  • what does she do when she steps on dog poop being on all fours??? that is essentially on your clothes and and hands.... this is FUCKED UP!!!

    erica wagnererica wagner2 napja
  • there are certain places where people with fetishes go to enjoy their play in whatever way they desire to. I don´t want to judge but I think they are not doing it right.

    Karen DiazKaren Diaz3 napja
  • Its even worse at the start he said "as a puppy" kinda throws a little more shade on the relationship. If he said "as a dog" its already weird. But a puppy????

    Trayson MartinTrayson Martin3 napja
  • when she got up and ran out and cody was like “what you can’t do that” 😂

    lilac loserlilac loser3 napja
  • Of course this is fake. If you’re older than 10 your knees can’t take crawling around on all 4s for longer than a couple of minutes.... especially on hard surfaces. After a day or two you wouldn’t be able to walk

    Carolina FineCarolina Fine3 napja
  • 🙃

    Taylor BurchardTaylor Burchard3 napja
  • Why do hot people always become furries

    zaccwigginszaccwiggins3 napja
  • "on all levels except physical i am a [dog. Woof!]"

    Jp LaurierJp Laurier3 napja
  • Do u guys think when someone goes to shake her hand it take a couple tries for her to give it?

    JD MoultonJD Moulton3 napja
  • This chick needs a pair of knee pads ASAP!

    Mike HortonMike Horton3 napja
  • Someone called her a bitch and she took it wayyy too serious

    Collin SchwartzCollin Schwartz3 napja
  • how does she....err, you know errr shit or like take a piss

    DanielC247 *DanielC247 *3 napja
  • The iguana😭

    Tylah BoschTylah Bosch3 napja
  • Omg this is so beautiful😭

    Tylah BoschTylah Bosch3 napja
    • What 😂

      Ubaid ParvaizUbaid Parvaiz7 órája
  • Know how I know this is a bunch of bullshit? There is NO way in hell you're going to convince me she's going around on all fours outside (wearing paper-thin leggings) just absolutely fucking her knees all up. She did just enough for each take, and then probably complained about how much it hurt after they cut.

    My Mom Says I'm a ChampionMy Mom Says I'm a Champion3 napja
    • @My Mom Says I'm a Champion well, I’m fine with them being mocked. These two just happen to be lying

      Carolina FineCarolina FineNapja
    • @Meyene Etuks If I were actually into kinda taboo kinky shit like this I'd actually be more upset I'm sure because they're clearly just doing it for attention and misrepresenting people who have different kinks.

      My Mom Says I'm a ChampionMy Mom Says I'm a ChampionNapja
    • She has an onlyfans too. So u know she just doing this for money

      Meyene EtuksMeyene EtuksNapja
    • Exactly. As soon as you become a parent and try to play on the ground with your 1 year old you realize how hard this is on your knees.

      Carolina FineCarolina Fine3 napja
  • the public *did not consent* to your fetish lol.

    Claire LyonsClaire Lyons3 napja
  • of course she’s from texas

    AkarionAkarion3 napja
  • Just think: The movie "Idiocracy" didn't go so far as to predict this would happen in the future

    Anonymous UserAnonymous User3 napja
  • The problem isn't that they have puppy fetish, do whatever makes you happy - if mutual consent is given. But the people outside didn't give their consent to be involved in their fetish and that's the real issue here.

    Grim DarkGrim Dark3 napja
  • “Don’t bring your fetish outside” lmao words to live by 😂

    Court GoerzenCourt Goerzen3 napja
  • I fuckin SMASHED that dope crib button

    Logan GoddardLogan Goddard3 napja
  • 6:03 was the most German Shepherd bark I've ever heard.

    scffnsscffns4 napja
  • Scammer offers you chance to win “dope crib” only braindead people would buy it..... Throw her in year 1890 - she would act as a human, because there is no time for foolishness within tough times... Dogs are not living inside the house within the huge metal cage...

  • We don't Fetish shame! But you can't just post it publicly like that and not expect comments

    BmorecraftyBmorecrafty4 napja
  • Liquid death! Kinda fun to drink water out of a can for some reason

    Tyler DeanTyler Dean4 napja
  • Cody at 13:42 - “did you guys hear that? I’m scared idk what was that”

    Siham WahidiSiham Wahidi4 napja
  • People are way to sexual nowadays, not everything is for public areas. My kink doesn’t make me bother people in public so neither should anyone else’s. So ignorant

    Clumsy WebheadClumsy Webhead4 napja
  • This is softcore porn shit disguised as a lifestyle preference so they can garner more views/viewers (which brings them more money) without being censored or labeled as inappropriate in the public social media space. If they were just honest about it and just said "yeah we want to sell the idea of sex through puppy play fetish" I'd be less pissed. Obviously that's not the case and we will continue to see more fetishes normalized.

    j dj d4 napja

    Madelyn HeinemanMadelyn Heineman4 napja
  • But she is kinda thicc tho.

    Malibu IceMalibu Ice4 napja
  • Bih I know her knees hurt 😂

    MeloDropped__62MeloDropped__624 napja
  • I mean i stand by my philosophy that you can do whatever weird shit you want but you cant act like it’s not weird. Its ok to be weird but you cant act like other people should just blindly accept it.

    Oglesby FinlayOglesby Finlay4 napja
  • bro her knees must kill

    Amy Coles-SmithAmy Coles-Smith4 napja
  • I smashed the dope crib button...

    Elodie CutlerElodie Cutler4 napja
  • is this considered beastiality?

    Tom BushTom Bush5 napja
  • you just... can't bring your kinks outside of your private life, you can make other people uncomfortable, you WILL actually and that's really not ok, its like a person walking naked in the street, not everyone wants to see that...

    ChiaraChiara5 napja
  • 12:46 damn bro nice mask

    janosikjanosik5 napja
  • This acting is worse than the shitty porn which he apparently makes 🤣

    no editsno edits5 napja
  • look like joe exotic in this 🙄❤️

    Lucy DoggettLucy Doggett5 napja
  • This is a classic

    grant addisongrant addison5 napja
  • Holy shit I saw the live dont judge video but I did not realize that was can I buy your panties dude

    Lauren WLauren W5 napja
  • this is too good

    franki babyfranki baby5 napja
  • Is this one of the golden retriever girlfriends I’ve been hearing about on tiktok

    Kyla PurcellKyla Purcell5 napja
  • The ramen Jaír comment 💀🤣🤣🤣

    jazminejazmine5 napja
  • Cody you look like a character from lords of dogtown with that long hair, or like a hippy surfer dude that smokes a sh*t tonne of weed and puts this emoji🤙 next to everything he writes. I like it!😁

    Suicidal TendenciesSuicidal Tendencies5 napja
  • She’s saying she’s been doing this since she was a small child, where are the knee pads?? Where are the gloves?? Her palms and knees are probably fucked up dude.

    AnnatoullieAnnatoullie5 napja
  • is this not him openly admitting that he's okay committing beastiality

    Nicholas MahrNicholas Mahr5 napja
  • for the record id be way less creeped out if i saw an iguana at the dog park then if i saw that...

    Im VenMousIm VenMous5 napja
  • i’ve never laughed so hard in my fucking life

    Brandi LoudenbackBrandi Loudenback5 napja
  • German fart porn??

    Enrique DanielEnrique Daniel5 napja
  • On the plus side you can tell that for the most part this is just their claim to fame. Aside from social media I doubt they do this much because in the pic of them and their friends at the beach you can see her back isn’t burned but her shoulders and face are. They’re just clout chasing.

    Jess AJess A5 napja
    • “All publicity is good publicity”

      Jess AJess A5 napja
  • She is doing it for the cash. Anybody really into petplay would at least have kneepads.

    NecrosymNecrosym5 napja
  • I cant tell who is stupider in that relationship

    AnneAnne5 napja
  • Bruh . hardcore Bruh. idk if my stomach got nauseous bc secondhand embarrassment or bc what kind of brain aneurysm do you need to actually live like this

    Peepo ZacaterPeepo Zacater5 napja
  • dont support amazon

    Ab abAb ab5 napja
  • Does her knees not hurt?

    Peter TranPeter Tran5 napja
  • 11:00 I’m pretty sure that big mareep plush costs 500 bucks. They spent their money on that how rich are they

    Bagel FlameBagel Flame5 napja
  • If I saw her at the dog park, I would never return

    Caleb JanssensCaleb Janssens5 napja
  • you hear the distant thudding of an impending doggystyle joke approaching

    hangnalehangnale5 napja
  • not rolling in the dirt with the Lulu leggings....

    Gabby SpiresGabby Spires5 napja
  • She took the song who let the dogs out very seriously

    the running manthe running man5 napja
  • Cody looks like an old man. Cool.

    Ali IdrisAli Idris6 napja
  • 12:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ilhan IshaIlhan Isha6 napja
  • nah man that was too weird

    Noah BarnesNoah Barnes6 napja
  • Imagine when they are old and the people in the town just see an old guy walking an old woman on a leash on all fours

    Nick ThomasNick Thomas6 napja
  • Well, they seem happy 😂

    lincoln dasemalincoln dasema6 napja