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Wait, IS THAT ... ??!! A SHOCKING American Idol Audition !!
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  • Katy Perry eyes is so beautiful 😍❤️

  • She sounds so much like LeAnn Rimes... just wonderful!❤ I would actually want to hear this song on Spotify! It has a great impact!

    Andreea CoșeruAndreea Coșeru15 órája
  • Who are those people?

    MarquisMarquis18 órája
  • She looks so much like Addison Rae

    asaf virinasaf virinNapja
  • With a fiancee like him WTF is she on America idol for? To show off that she has a successful boyfriend. She sings to old fashioned to make on today's radio

    Tom FosterTom FosterNapja
  • Lauren got robbed in that season. A classic country voice and movie star looks. Doesn't get to top ten?

  • She makes it seem so easy!!! Beautiful!

    Just Nature's MusicJust Nature's MusicNapja
  • What is her name ?

    Anne Coff GanesAnne Coff GanesNapja
  • Why is the girl so beautiful..? For real no lie, she's jzt too preety...

    Cye LinzCye LinzNapja
  • Is it just me, or does anyone hear a little Martina McBride in her voice?

    Becky WinklerBecky Winkler2 napja
  • Gotta be honest. Not a voice to send to Hollywood. She sounds nice and all but she lacks range. There’s no build, no excitement. More proof it’s not about what you know but who you know.

    Matthew GonzalesMatthew Gonzales2 napja
  • Both they are Amazing cuties.💜

    Oltron BenzOltron Benz2 napja
  • when she remind me of Barbie

    CristanlyCristanly2 napja
  • Those are some serious boots!

    Worlds Worst MusicianWorlds Worst Musician2 napja
  • I could listen to this little girl sing all evening , she touched my heart

    Melody DelgadoMelody Delgado4 napja
  • Ooh she is pretty and her fiance is damm amazing man

    Neila TheiinuoNeila Theiinuo4 napja
  • Her voice dont match the way she looks....

    Hailey AleahHailey Aleah5 napja
  • I wish I could I like this sound but it's like faith hill + patsy

    Deanna W.Deanna W.5 napja
  • she is truly beautiful

    Hotoli KinimiHotoli Kinimi6 napja
  • If her man is a professional why does she have to be on American idol ?

    Shaymian Te WhauShaymian Te Whau7 napja
  • Very pretty beautiful voice where is she now

    Gary OwensGary Owens8 napja
  • She reminds me of Crystal Gale. Awsome

    Jeannie WallaceJeannie Wallace8 napja
  • She’s definitely raised properly by her grandparents ...a beautiful singing nurse

    Erle RodriguezErle Rodriguez8 napja
  • Fake shitass program

    MarkMark8 napja
  • she is really beautiful

    Shamiso MasarakufaShamiso Masarakufa8 napja
  • Nurses are always beautiful !!!

    Adonis HodaifaAdonis Hodaifa8 napja
  • I think her bringing her fiance hurt her more then helped. She has a pretty voice, but in my opinion nothing that stands out. I'll admit that country isn't my favorite but I can appreciate it. I hate hate HATE, when folks pull out names, sob stories etc. I want to see the folks sing BEFORE I hear their story as to not confuse voting for their talent, vs their story.

    Nikki ReeceNikki Reece8 napja
  • She gave me chills 🥰

    John PJohn P9 napja
  • Wait did she pronounce it lewis ville instead of leweville?

    Alpha GamingAlpha Gaming9 napja
  • No one mentioned how much older he fiancé is 🤮

    S LkjbhjS Lkjbhj9 napja
  • Shawn Shawn Shawn. Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn. Did I forget to mention Shawn? Oh ok, Shawn Shawn Shawn.........................

    sixth sense ameliasixth sense amelia10 napja
  • He looks like her grandpa

    Alaskan PrideAlaskan Pride10 napja
  • She reminds me of Sandra Bullock at that age

    Sharon LongSharon Long10 napja
  • Is that song a hit now

    DannyDiablaDannyDiabla10 napja
  • She is so so beautiful, absolutely gorgeous

    Shiva and Shakti VlogsShiva and Shakti Vlogs10 napja
  • man is she beautiful

    ima piledriverima piledriver10 napja
  • No recommendation, no illuminati... Noone is feeling awkward... Genuine😂😂😂😂 that's disgusting.

    Cooking My WayCooking My Way11 napja
  • Patsy Kline reborn!

    LimitedGunnerGMLimitedGunnerGM11 napja
  • That's a beautiful song.

    Phenomenal WomanPhenomenal Woman11 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Dark VadorDark Vador11 napja
  • Shes so beautiful i think im inlove

    Ralph ArguellesRalph Arguelles11 napja
  • He is a badass

    Sarthak YadavSarthak Yadav12 napja
  • Katy is always so rude :/

    Alyssa HAlyssa H12 napja
  • Oh my gawd!!! Please tell me there is somewhere I can buy/download this song!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Richelle SmitleyRichelle Smitley13 napja
  • She has a similar story to Katy Perry! She also started out doing gospel!

    Levi StewartLevi Stewart14 napja
  • So Katy Perry reached out and hushed him...

    Mikey DavisMikey Davis14 napja
  • Shes soooo pretty

    PinayinMaldivesPinayinMaldives14 napja
  • I like her! Shes got an old sound.. and thats what I'm all about!

    Brittney Di RenzoBrittney Di Renzo14 napja
  • Why haven't I had a nurse like her???

    michael allenmichael allen14 napja
  • Looks like Lana Judge

    Thug Music BrotherThug Music Brother15 napja
  • Eh.... i was raised in the country and I've heard better . She is OK...

    LoganLogan15 napja
  • Well... why is the artist not tagged while her fiancé is still tagged on the video? 🤣

    AnonymousPiLoverAnonymousPiLover15 napja
  • What a storyteller😭!? Those are my favorite types of singers

    Kholeka NzimandeKholeka Nzimande15 napja
  • Is it me or she has a Celine Dion kinda voice!! Beautiful voice

    Fufu NxumaloFufu Nxumalo15 napja
  • As a songwriter the melody and lyrics goes perfect

    Kai XKai X15 napja
  • Country died with the cowboys, just a culture for pretenders. Just living in woods don't make you country.

    Keith CareyKeith Carey15 napja
  • Brandi Carlile vibes

    Mikayla MossMikayla Moss16 napja
  • As someone from Louisville, what can I sayb

    Zachary CoxZachary Cox16 napja
  • Oh my God you can just tell Katy Perry is a one upper and always makes everything about herself. “Oh my God I am engaged to“. Like no one asked you. 🙄

    Dixie HiltonDixie Hilton16 napja
  • She's got a beautiful voice, face, a good personality and is very talented indeed. I'm sure she'll do well. I just can't help but shut down inside when someone announces they have an original song. Not trying to be a jerk but I've only heard one original song audition where I didn't cringe.

    southrnlvingscsouthrnlvingsc16 napja
  • I love how katy always goes straight to a southern accent when there's someone with an accent on this show 😂 I feel like it just happens

    Clauds BeeClauds Bee16 napja
    • Yeah, so annoying. Cultural appropriation.

    • It's a little fake, since she is famously from California

      George WangGeorge Wang5 napja
    • It's nice, actually

      Rajiv DuggalRajiv Duggal5 napja
    • @Hunnyb45 you know if u don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it cuz rlly no one here cares except me

      Carmela LubongCarmela Lubong11 napja
    • It’s always about her! “Katy” Not a fan of hers AT ALL

      Hunnyb45Hunnyb4513 napja
  • I still don't get why her fiance needed to be there? I mean she plays great guitar

    Rashad ReazRashad Reaz17 napja
  • What a lovely lady

    Not SpecifiedNot Specified17 napja
  • She is very beautiful!!

    Ray RubiaRay Rubia17 napja
  • Love her grandparents supporting her

    Lindsey GinsLindsey Gins17 napja
  • cant wait to listen more of her songs!!!

    Riece LagcoRiece Lagco17 napja
  • idk but she just gave me that shania twain/sheryl crow vibe

    Riece LagcoRiece Lagco17 napja
  • Ok she’s great, but why can’t her famous fiancé get her into the music industry? Why does she have to go on American idol?

    showercurtainyoshowercurtainyo17 napja
  • I would have had more respect for her audition had she not have brought her already famous husband who happens to know the judges. He didn't need to play the guitar and most contestants font have the luxury of bringing in someone else to play stuff for them.

    Karen FlemingKaren Fleming18 napja
  • The couple should start a band

    Anna KelttoAnna Keltto18 napja
  • Bringing your star partner in an audition is definitely conflict of interest.

    Low FiLow Fi18 napja
  • I’m sure I posted on this before, but she’s just special. I love the tone and timber in her voice. It’s full, gives me goosebumps and makes me do the “stank” face.

    Liz MillinorLiz Millinor19 napja
  • She should have moved on

    Mayra WilsonMayra Wilson19 napja
  • She sounds like LeAnn Rimes 🙂

    Enoch Bryce PandanEnoch Bryce Pandan19 napja
  • Paul Brandt was a nurse in Calgary. Nurses are the most incredible people, no wonder they connect with their audience, they're already so giving.

    Ashley WilliamsAshley Williams20 napja
    • Ashley say that again!! 😍✌🏻

      victoria damiolavictoria damiola16 napja
  • WOW!!!!

    ChosenChosen20 napja
  • Wow that voice .... So beautiful... I'm not crying ....

    stefanie smithstefanie smith21 napja
  • Sugar daddy much....? Lol!!!!

    Bobby BradleyBobby Bradley21 napja
  • I would listen to this on repeat!!!

    Denise VerdugoDenise Verdugo21 napja
  • She doesn't need American Idol Her boyfriend can guide her

    Rick SaundersRick Saunders21 napja
  • She's good

    Elaine GlynnElaine Glynn21 napja
  • To see another fellow RN actually pursue music the way I wish I would've is very inspiring

    Maria SandraMaria Sandra21 napja
  • A

    Arrianne Gayle LebriaArrianne Gayle Lebria22 napja
  • She looks like Jade West hahaa

    Andie Del RosarioAndie Del Rosario22 napja
  • She's beautiful. Shame she's loaded with makeup. Ladies.... please lay off hiding your true beauty. Little will do, a lot will not. A hint of highlight, a few warm tones... But to cake it on.... no.

    Ds MrDs Mr22 napja
  • Heavenly voice

    Alejandro ArvizuAlejandro Arvizu23 napja
  • Wow, she made a few tears

    katbaby53katbaby5323 napja
  • Saw a girl playing guitar in the “Katy Roars and flips the set” she was JUST AS GOOD as this chic!!! Why cuz her bf gotta name?! Please.

    Jennifer MarieJennifer Marie24 napja
  • Lovely couplE..

    Goatrazzi Family TeaGoatrazzi Family Tea24 napja
  • I love her. Her voice. Her look. Beautiful

    Sancha Glasgow-RegisSancha Glasgow-Regis24 napja
  • Shes an angel☺️

    Jamie FJamie F25 napja
  • Sounds and looks like Linda Ronstadt

    Terry LeeTerry Lee25 napja
  • I do not like country music but oh my good god, this is beautiful. I love her voice, wow.

    JourneymansMoonJourneymansMoon25 napja
  • She reminds me of Crystal Gayle!

    L CL C26 napja
  • Her voice reminds me of Joey Feek!

    Julie LarsonJulie Larson26 napja
  • I don't like when they have sob stories and when they mentioned they are related to someone famous. I just looks like she's try to influence the judges. Mind you, she has a good voice. She sounds like K.D. Lang.

    I am sick and tired of being sick and tiredI am sick and tired of being sick and tired27 napja
  • He looks so much older

    User UserUser User27 napja
  • He wrote would you go with me !! That is my favorite song in the whole world!

    Heather KrugHeather Krug27 napja
  • If Linda Rondstadt, Ann Murray and Phoebe Cates had a vocal baby...

    Kellie KeeseeKellie Keesee27 napja
  • OMG Just saw this ... im so glad to be a fellow nurse.. continue what you're doing and reach for your dreams!

    Elie TorresElie Torres27 napja