my FASTEST 6500 IQ task speedrun ever....

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Disguised Toast showcases the speed at which he can complete his tasks, if he so chooses to, in Among Us.
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  • Sooooo... I fell out of a tree and broke my back and my hand. Needless to say I’ll be out of commission for the next 2-3 months. I miss you all and can’t wait to get back to woodturning. God is good. I could have become paralyzed or worse. I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Cheers y’all!

    Merlene ChinchillaMerlene Chinchilla7 órája
  • Charlie once said: "Toast is the type of guy who will vent right in front you yet still convince everyone he's the vent cleaner." And he was absolutely right

    Dashe RenewalDashe Renewal12 órája
  • Poor lily😂❤️

    Lokesh paulLokesh paul20 órája
  • Toast: vents next to everyone Toast explaining himself: So anyway, I started cleaning...

    Kevin ChenKevin ChenNapja
  • What is his intro? This guys toast? Disguised toast? I'm so confused.

    Ezio ZanderEzio ZanderNapja
  • When u try this emergency meeting every seconds

    Ruchi DagaRuchi DagaNapja
  • lily annoying asf

    Isaac GehrkeIsaac GehrkeNapja
  • Charlie once said: "Toast is the type of guy who will vent right in front you yet still convince everyone he's the vent cleaner." And he was absolutely right

    Luis FloresLuis FloresNapja
  • Toast: vents next to everyone Toast explaining himself: So anyway, I started cleaning...

    Noble MooreNoble MooreNapja
  • peter: "i dont know either. all i know is that you were there, you were there with me and *we were hugging in the nighttime* "

  • Among us but you have to tell the truth and imposters are allowed to twist there answers

    Offsetnormal 252Offsetnormal 252Napja
  • Toast: *hops in a vent in front of lily* Lily: TOAST HOPPED IN A VENT! Toast: The algorithm for wires is...

    Icy cold pinguIcy cold pinguNapja
  • 23:51?

    Lalala OLalala ONapja
  • Me when I’m a ghost:

  • Am I the only one who saw corpse vent at 1:46

    NiTro_ Cr4zyNiTro_ Cr4zy2 napja
  • Bro i never knew lily was a fucking dude

    Sebastian tweeSebastian twee2 napja
  • 24:11 can someone explain how he knows someone died? trying to get better at this game, so many small tricks and details that can give you an edge it seems like

    uw10isplayauw10isplaya2 napja
    • my guess is that he probably saw the blood splatter through the wall

      Sarkha MixSarkha Mix2 napja
  • 3rd imposter Peter SMH

    matasukimatasuki2 napja
  • What is that song called at start? (while speed running)

    Throzz JrThrozz Jr3 napja
  • Among Us is ruined for me unless I find myself a good group as well. Try to watch these levels of plays and then join random. I dare you...

    TomonTomon3 napja
  • Lily: "Toast vented!" Toast: "Did you know...."

    Timmy NguyenTimmy Nguyen3 napja
    • Me: “Did you know... That stealing comments is a no-no?”

      ArrasLadArrasLad2 órája
  • Who else disowned aria bc usually ray uses the red skin and devil horns

    Bailey JohnsonBailey Johnson3 napja
  • Toast is probably one of the best imposters

    xxAnimeSalad69xxxAnimeSalad69x3 napja
  • The fact that toast got away with that at 14:20 is insane he has mega big brain god damn

    FizzieFizzie3 napja
  • thats me every among us game

    ClasdusClasdus3 napja
  • “I want everyone to know that.” For some reason, I started dying when he said that.

    Noah RamirezNoah Ramirez3 napja
  • Peter exposing toast like a boss 😎🔥🙌🏾

    NoJaVaNoJaVa3 napja
    • ......and then getting convinced that it’s not Toast🤣😪

      NoJaVaNoJaVa3 napja
  • rae's lying was so obvious. what are they on about

    micymicy3 napja
  • Toast lives to tell the tale of his task speed run.

    CharlesGaming HoodCharlesGaming Hood4 napja
  • How did you get all your skins on pc. I just cant

  • 13:18

    Josiah CalejesanJosiah Calejesan4 napja
  • Is it disguised toast or this guys toast?

    • both

      Sarkha MixSarkha Mix2 napja
  • 2020’s best quote. “The Wiring Algorithm” - Disguised Toast

    grade abstractgrade abstract4 napja
  • It took me 10 years to realize pickles was ryan

    Jude MolanoJude Molano4 napja
  • I love that toast just completely deflects in that first meeting. "toast! Where were you!?" "so I need everyone to remember their wires" Bamboozle them and take control. They'll drop their suspicions.

    Angus NobleAngus Noble4 napja
  • The second he said "doing my task," I knew he was 3rd imposter.

    Yeng VueYeng Vue4 napja
  • Bro I got 8 ad marks on this video lmao Toast is making it BIG

    Clay GleasonClay Gleason4 napja
  • sykkuno: "somebody killed her!!" Toast: *drinks out of mug camly and does evil smile thing*

    Carlamarie RodriguezCarlamarie Rodriguez4 napja
  • 2020’s best quote. “The Wiring Algorithm” - Disguised Toast

    Matei Vitalaru-MoruzMatei Vitalaru-Moruz4 napja
  • My guy had no wires

    Jaidan MoralesJaidan Morales5 napja
  • I barely play the game anymore but I still love the videos

    MeriinoMeriino5 napja
  • Why no one talk about the dead body at 23:49

    Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla5 napja
  • 22:05 the one who hit button is dead. Very rare moment

    Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla5 napja
  • It's a red flag that when rae keep insisting on skip, toast

    Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla5 napja
  • Pog champ

    Dedrizal DededDedrizal Deded5 napja
  • It was more dramatic in rae video btw in the last part. With a background music(homura from demon slayer movie) right before and after toast found the body better check it guys.

    Eres SnapEres Snap5 napja
  • I just played among us with you

    JustJadyn EverydayJustJadyn Everyday5 napja
  • I love how good Toast is! Peter at beginning, “I knew it was toast!” Peter at the end, “toast you’ve convinced me”

    Lindsey BLindsey B5 napja
  • Toast mmmmm

    olithedeatholithedeath5 napja
  • 16:01 lmao there was a person in the vent in admin don't know how he didn't see that

    ShellyShelly5 napja
  • Lily: **sees Toast vent** Toast: **stays quiet, knowing Lily will ramble on and not be able to explain herself very well** Toast: **uses 1,738 IQ wires strat** *_*Lily was ejected.*_* And this, my fellow Americans, is why LilyPichu doesn't enjoy Among Us very much.

    DemetriDemetri5 napja
  • 13:32 50 iq is really low

    GavinwtfGavinwtf5 napja
  • Toast: "I hate you" Valkyrae "No you don't, we're friends - skipp" That line was gold

    MadFlourishMadFlourish5 napja
  • Lily: "Toast vented!" Toast: "Did you know...."

    dann menadann mena5 napja
  • im just gonna say that your 1M iq

    Eli ByrdEli Byrd5 napja
  • Petition for toast to unmute and say "me and rae need to get a double kill here" when he is crewmate.

    Matei Vitalaru-MoruzMatei Vitalaru-Moruz5 napja
  • “No you don’t hate me we’re friends.” I thought that was very wholesome:,)

    Ben CheungBen Cheung5 napja
  • ff

    Tim GrecTim Grec5 napja
  • Toast is the dream of among us

    tipTAPtipTAP5 napja
  • 13:17

    Josiah CalejesanJosiah Calejesan5 napja
  • omg, as I finished the video I watched Vinson's montage of the last game and I got goosebumps

    Jhiannie Rae KingJhiannie Rae King6 napja
  • 3M subs😍😍

    Najwa A.halimNajwa A.halim6 napja
  • I’m actually a god at speed running task. I legit get voted out at 10 cause I be the only one done off rip, if I’m not murdered before then

    Blueblaze180Blueblaze1806 napja
  • Tfw hafu compliments are genuine but sound sarcastic

    David RestrepoDavid Restrepo6 napja
  • Toast is exactly like what Charlie said he can kill infront of people and convince people it's a suicide

    Gregory WeirGregory Weir6 napja
  • [re last game] he knew!! he knew!! he so knew!! and yet he skipped!! but like how does he always know?!?!?! he is insanely good at deduction

    redgemredgem6 napja
  • nearly at 3M keep up the good work

    Tyrese GupwellTyrese Gupwell6 napja
  • Lily only got voted off because she's too frantic...also the wires meta is a real thing

    Sam Da ArtistSam Da Artist6 napja
  • when toast sped up the speed of the video while talking it sounded like a animal crossing character speaking 14:57

    george harkinsgeorge harkins6 napja
  • Soooo many adds

    Shit NipsShit Nips6 napja
  • did my man get a haircut between takes

    IIEpicSkillzzIIEpicSkillzz6 napja
  • God I hate how annoying Lily's voice is.

    Don WilliamsDon Williams6 napja
  • The door calls at the end from sykkunos point of view were pretty sick.

    FrostDeezAKAFrostDeezAKA6 napja
  • Anybody else know his channel name and logo is from hearthstone

    Braxton HintonBraxton Hinton6 napja
  • When was that?

    CharlieCharlie6 napja
  • Woww you do task faster than me I just take my time

    Gacha CatKitKat6Gacha CatKitKat67 napja
  • These videos are addicting

    Poor PeoplePoor People7 napja
  • 813 people who Disliked are smallbrain

    King StarKing Star7 napja
  • Lily: "Toast vented!" Toast: "Did you know...."

    Anzhela GrechikhinaAnzhela Grechikhina7 napja
  • Haha you should’ve known it was rae!!! She was in Reactor alone with white and white died

    Itzanami JimenezItzanami Jimenez7 napja
  • Hey look 14:57 Animal Crossing Toast.

    Zomboy_TYTZomboy_TYT7 napja
  • Name of the song 0:01

    ToastyToasty7 napja
  • Weird suspecting Valkyrae was the killer and rooting for her anyway.

    MyThoughtsBelowMyThoughtsBelow7 napja
  • i love how proud he is of himself

    Faagalo CollinsFaagalo Collins7 napja

    Benjamin CheeBenjamin Chee7 napja
  • Am I the only one that fucking hates lilys voice

    The Typical UnitThe Typical Unit7 napja
  • Surely we get corpse to record his intro speech

    Sam WarburtonSam Warburton7 napja
  • The Imposter : DANG THAT GUY IS A PRO : Toast I’m just different

    Timmy JimmyTimmy Jimmy7 napja
  • who else knew it was Rea from the beginning

    AmberAmber7 napja
  • Rae is scary.

    Mad KatMad Kat7 napja
  • it only took him 46 seconds in the vid to finsh all his tasks

    Wolfboy2112Wolfboy21127 napja
  • "if you give me wires..." Toast sounds like a con artist. Perfect for serving under Don Scarra.

    Dugan ChapellDugan Chapell8 napja
  • 1:20 "You're so good toast"

    Archie The StarverArchie The Starver8 napja
  • oop commented on the wrong video

    Eli CalderonEli Calderon8 napja
  • this is a stupid video dosent even work

    Eli CalderonEli Calderon8 napja
  • Micheals voice was like a baby corpse until he started laughing. lol

    J. T.J. T.8 napja
    • The funny thing is, everything he said about wiring was 100% true, he's just bringing it up to cast suspicion on others as impostor.

      Noble MooreNoble MooreNapja
  • Why is every title like: "MY BEST 9999IQ IMPOSTOR GAMEPLAY"?

    Acen MaginAcen Magin8 napja
  • I got killed after 10 seconds and did all my tasks, before they found my body. Does that count,too?

    ColinColin8 napja
    • Sure

      Striked outStriked out8 napja
  • Omg corpse voice hahahhah

    Seth inigoSeth inigo8 napja
  • Lily has the FAKEST VOICE

    L3m0n gamesL3m0n games8 napja