MULAN (2020) - Disney's Biggest Bruh Moment

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so..the Mulan live-action remake.. ya, it doesn't get much worse than this...
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0:00 - Intro
0:23 - Part 1: Controversy
4:16 - Part 2: An Alternative
5:14 - Part 3: Mulan (2020)
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  • As an Asian woman, I'm all about being equal. I understood the message that the movie is trying to convey. However, the execution was poor, so as the writing. Women are capable, but we don't have super powers, film makers need to understand that being oppressed by the society doesn't make us better (or worse) than men, it simply means that the society is flawed. This hollywood needs to stop playing the "me too" game, this toxic feminity bull crap has to go. Whatever gender in the leading role, be it men, women, LGBTQ+, whatever race the productions decide to cast, the lead has to earn the viewers' respect, not just because she is a women who is oppressed by the views of the society. Also, you want the hero to shine, give the story a good villain, the witch is hardly a villain, she is just another lost cause, and oppression isn't a villain, full stop!

    Diane MDiane M6 órája
  • Mulan: *dodges tons of arrows in the war scenes* Also Mulan: *has her life saved from an arrow by witch girl*

  • why the fuck is everybody complaining about america. we are one of the few countries with a governmental system that prevents absolute fucking anarchy and actually allows for financial success. we dont have dead cows in our river like india because we are an actual built up country with systems for that. theres literally the holocaust happening in china rn and nobody cares....

  • Mulan in the animation wasn't skilled from childhood. She worked to become a warrior, proving that a woman could do what a man could. The chi thing is stupid. She also cut her hair to feel less feminine not just look it. Shoot dumb.

  • 1:39 Sound kind of like what the US did to Native American children

    Wintermute01001Wintermute010012 napja
  • Didn’t they say that the song “I’ll make a man out of you” too sexist or something, yet they’re also like “wOmAn MuSt HaVe SuPeR pOwEr To Be StRoNg”

    Thea WhitakerThea Whitaker2 napja
  • Raya and the last dragon is one of the best Asian movies Disney has ever made....

    FightMelmaoFightMelmao3 napja
    • Yeah, finally something worth watching.

    • Guess Disney learned their lesson

      Apenas MakotoApenas Makoto2 napja
  • What are we even doing anymore? Why is everything politically correct and woke? It takes all the creativity and fun out of art itself. No one wants to be lectured and preached to in a movie when your watching the movie to be captured in an adventurous story. Like he said, cartoon mulan was incredible that had a diverse cast and it was highly entertaining that gave awesome life lessons that didn't feel forced. This remake... well... all remakes are eye rolled cringy nonsense. Idk its their movie, it's their idea, if it sucks I could find something else to support. Disney will fizzle out eventually with this woke trash sooner or later and I won't be surprised at all. Just sucks how in the 90s when I was a kid Disney released hit after hit after hit of content and now its creativity bankrupt.

    Error InnError Inn3 napja
  • Royal, brave and true. Congratulations! You'll be sorted by GRYFFINDOR!!!

    S.An.TS.An.T4 napja
  • How dare you be a white male (and how dare i assume your gender and race) and have a negative opinion that counters the narrative disney is trying force down ours throats....

    Krakken7DownKrakken7Down4 napja
  • Honestly I could not tell the male soldiers apart like the cartoon

    Legendary LeelandoLegendary Leelando4 napja
  • Am I the only one how hase seen the other Mulan the not friendly one?

    InotBenInotBen4 napja
  • Please have some respect. Disney is trying really hard to be on the right side of history. And all mainstream movie critics rated it positive. It's got 66 on Metacritic so it can't possibly be bad.

    luisgentilluisgentil4 napja
  • Out of all the live actions the best one of them has to be Aladdin. Pretty much every scene with will smith is good

    FaeLock12FaeLock125 napja
  • This is why you shouldn’t remake a movie

    Joseph SmartJoseph Smart5 napja
  • This is your bruh moment.

    Peter ChoPeter Cho5 napja

    Mio ulvinMio ulvin5 napja
  • Great video. So many have no idea what is going on over there

    RhinoRhino7 napja
  • This remake exists. That's the problem. Also the pro-China skank in the lead role.

    Daniel WellsDaniel Wells7 napja
  • Wtf is a bruh moment ??

    lellel8 napja
  • Aside from the controversy the movie is just really boring. Mulan is disney equivalent to Alice from the Resident Evil movies. No personality, hardly any development and has little to no flaws.

    An AnomalyAn Anomaly8 napja
  • 24:58 this felt like a commercial.

    Miguel GarciaMiguel Garcia9 napja
  • 1998: Somehow I'll make a man out of you 2020: Somehow I'll make 30 bucks out of you

    NoibatNoibat9 napja
  • Lmao this is literally "Mulan the Second Mul"

    Alex B.Alex B.9 napja
  • I don’t think this movie was god awful as it’s own thing but to compare it to the animated mulan and try to remake it is a disgrace and makes the movie look awful because compared to the animated mulan it is awful it is different enough that it could’ve been it’s own thing just change the name and yeah a girl is still going to war for her father but that’s the like only similarity they should’ve just changed the title and the main characters name and everything would’ve been better

    Night Owl63Night Owl639 napja
    • Not really. It had a TON of problems unrelating to that.

      Indoctrinated TruthIndoctrinated Truth6 órája

    Greg LeVitreGreg LeVitre13 napja
  • Im gald that it flopped

    jjjj13 napja
  • Mulan 2020 creator don't understand what's chi

    wrhammewrhamme13 napja
  • so the cartoon is more grounded in reality than the live action movie ???!!! im glad i haven't watched any of these Disney remakes did we just dump creativity after the 90s because we seem to be relying on the past so much even in video games...

  • So, Mulan is a D&D monk?

    Gabriel MedeirosGabriel Medeiros14 napja
  • if you look at thumbnail closely, corporate rat is very angry at this bruh moment

    javaman7javaman715 napja
  • This is another example, but the critics are f****** stupid . I mean look at the rating 73% that is Just stupid

    Assassin ArnoAssassin Arno15 napja
  • The thing that confuses me is the part where she removes her armor and yeah that makes her more agile but the medieval armor in Europe that knights use are as heavy as the armor that football players use during a game and Mulan's armor looks even lighter so I don't get why removing it is necessary

    Guesto BenitoGuesto Benito16 napja
  • he can us te power of Fabric to Bend Fabric so some HOW HE USES FABRIC TO TANGLE SOMEONE UP SOME HOW HOW HOW HOW IN THE WORLD IS HE STRONG ENOUGH TO BEND A PEICE OF FABRIC WHY IS HE A fabric bender why did they make him bend fabric.

    Johnwater DragonJohnwater Dragon16 napja
  • i think this would all be solved if we strictly banned millennials from being a part of movie production

    roserose16 napja
  • The whole concept of making War and Massacre kid friendly is baffling to me

    SidSid17 napja
  • I feel bad for chen tang the guy who play yao he is so loveable in CINEMAX warrior but his character is so bland and forgotten. What a waste for an actor who is really good at martial art. This should be a good stepping stone for him

    nakonakonie 04nakonakonie 0417 napja
  • I’m not sure but I think their huddle/formation Was a Roman thing

    Colt M16A4Colt M16A418 napja
  • That ridiculous misuse of the MeToo movement was so enraging it made me comment on a 6 months old video Fuck them. Sincerely, a r*pe survivor who likes good storytelling.

    Aurine DiamondflameAurine Diamondflame18 napja
  • Me: I want mu shu >:( Other peeps: their just trying to make it more realistic.... Disney: heh were gonna disappoint everybody

    Jonathan CampeanJonathan Campean18 napja
  • Mulan 2 Electric Bugaloo

    Jeffrey PhillipJeffrey Phillip18 napja
  • My favorite character is the wax faced soldier.

    Jeffrey PhillipJeffrey Phillip18 napja
  • Hi, I found your videos a couple weeks ago and I just LOVE THEM! This is my first comment and I'm doing it because I really HAD to. The world we are living in is changing for the worst. THAT'S WHY IM HAPPY TO HAD BEEN BORN IN 1989. Growing up with the original Disney Classics was the best! But now, this stupidity where everyone gets offended by everything is bull@#$% Mulan was a masterpiece! A great female representation! Now it's like, women are only capable of doing men stuff if they only have a magic power on them...Jesus Christ!!! And although I'm gay, I'm so tired of Disney trying to push gay content into kids lives... There's no need for a Bisexual Character! It doesn't help the story in ANYWAY! I was so disappointed with this movie in so many levels. Anyways, have someone ever told you you look and sound like Leonard from The Big Bang Theory? You do, it's amazing!!! Anyways, thanks for you videos. YOU MAKE ME LAUGH and I love it! Take care

    Yeshua FrançoisYeshua François19 napja
  • Imagine being Disney after this thing flopped. They ruined the original message and all aspects that made people love the original to please China and make money from them and then China goes "nope, I don't want it anymore"

    Marielaa UsherMarielaa Usher19 napja
  • U say thats its hard but beauty and the beast at least had that personality

    Megan PackMegan Pack19 napja
  • You are absolutely right about this movie being a soul less remake of a loveable cartoon, but I do not agree that the other remakes are bad, the lion king was in my opinion equally as good as the original, aladdin as well, with a twist of course. They couldve done without beauty and the beast though.

    Hugo RydinHugo Rydin19 napja
  • If they had to remade Mulan at least they could do like a Jackie Chan movie and make it goofy while mainly action, but that would so hard to money hungry Disney.

    DeadbeatJeanDeadbeatJean19 napja
  • Those two shots should be used in film school. In "what not to do 101"

    The Postal dudeThe Postal dude19 napja
  • Tbh, I immediately knew that this movie was gonna be terrible

    Glass AngelGlass Angel20 napja
  • I'm sad cuz nobody had an idea to boycott this movie for presenting wamen as so weak, that without "superpowers" They even can't be compared to MEN. That would enrage community of so little amount of ppl, but loud enough to give this movie even harder time trying to make money

    Nope NopeNope Nope20 napja
  • Pewdiepie sure looks weird in this video

    Nope NopeNope Nope20 napja
  • Huawei logo on their head

    Big ChungglesBig Chunggles20 napja
  • i am so confused they wanted it to be more relistic so they get rid of that awrsome dragon but then they still put a witch and some magic phinix

    Xander Waldie-TempleXander Waldie-Temple21 napja
    • oh wow i can not spell

      Xander Waldie-TempleXander Waldie-Temple21 napja
  • This applies to both movies, but is anyone gonna talk about how she fought a whole ass war with a chest binder on?

    RatRat21 napja
  • a movie with a 200 million dollar budget, but $199,980,000 was just spent on saying "c'mon, c'mooooooon"

    Auul AuulAuul Auul21 napja
  • I almost disliked the video cause you reminded me this dogshit movie fucking exists

    LoxuLoxu21 napja
  • So an asian opressing another type of asians

    little ninja Vangchhialittle ninja Vangchhia21 napja
  • It's like Disney learned NOTHING from their past success like this is the very definition of a cheap cash grab I wanted to see this before but thank you for saving those 2 hours i would've DEFINITLY wanted back Edit: it seems they went the direction they did with this movie cause they were copying those old kung fu films

    BakuBubsBakuBubs23 napja
  • My dad told me that he loved Mulan 2020 and even cried while watching it Help Update: I showed him the original, he didn’t like it because it was an AnImATed movie (he thinks they’re to childish) and he thinks that everyone who dislikes the new one are blind to “good” movies

    Psychotic ToothpickPsychotic Toothpick24 napja
    • @Psychotic Toothpick ah I see. Because I personally kind of liked the movie itself but of course changed my mind once I heard about the bad stuff so I was wondering if he thought the same.

      EphemeralEphemeral19 napja
    • Ephemeral I recently told him about it, but that sadly didn’t change his opinion

      Psychotic ToothpickPsychotic Toothpick19 napja
    • Does he know about the controversy or is he just going off his opinion of the plot and stuff?

      EphemeralEphemeral19 napja
  • This movie was so bad. You saying "it hit her in the tits" made me die.

    NextToLegendaryNextToLegendary24 napja
  • Dude do you not know the difference between a hawk and Eagle?

    Fire Queen 80s Synth GirlFire Queen 80s Synth Girl24 napja
  • The emperor is Jet Li.

    Jonathan RichterJonathan Richter24 napja
  • Nuke China

    • Innocent People live there, so that won’t go very well.

      RatRat21 napja
  • I know what the editors did in this movie....weed , it is called weed xD

    BG.Dragon 1BG.Dragon 125 napja
  • just to put an opinio out there elvis ur bias because u dont enjoy this ancient chinese warrior type thing because i liked it

    Master MincraftMaster Mincraft25 napja
  • they should have just used danny debito for mushu

    The G1zm0The G1zm025 napja
  • this movie is ass

    Jaden ClementsJaden Clements25 napja
  • 8:10 no way. You totally voiced that seen there and if you didn't I'll punch my pregnant mom in that stomach

    The boiThe boi26 napja
  • 0:32, you talk to well about politics, i want *more*

    Olha LáOlha Lá26 napja
  • I wish I could smell Mulans vahina

    Rob FigaroRob Figaro26 napja
  • So you're telling me Mulan stole the ending from Scorpion King?

    Shay CaseyShay Casey26 napja
  • Lego handled chi better than Disney And that series is ignored

    el' calibreel' calibre27 napja
  • this video is so well said, I love this

    Goddess neko神喵喵喵Goddess neko神喵喵喵27 napja
  • There’s literally nothing wrong with the movie.....

    sea is coolsea is cool27 napja
    • I take it you didn't watch the video

      Mike PomalMike Pomal24 napja
  • ya wanna know something that's ironic. They wanted to make mulan real(live action remake). Yet, in some scenes they defy the laws of physics.

    Am0niteAm0nite28 napja
  • Its funny how almost the entire comment section is only talking about the movie part and not the whole intro sequence.

    Myname JeffMyname Jeff28 napja
  • Bruh. This is prequel to the last fabric bender.

    devil lonesomedevil lonesome28 napja
  • 8:10 and it gets everywhere.

    Snake godSnake god28 napja

    gravedwellergravedweller28 napja
  • pretending to be a women saving your life... hmm.. just like real china!

    Chris BrandenburgChris Brandenburg28 napja
  • The catterpiller make vid

    thronyone dudethronyone dude28 napja
  • weL ELviSh ChI iS tA GTeaTESt Idae EvVaREr u Is JusT A iDoIT

    Jeff SmithJeff Smith28 napja
    • This is a joke for those who don't understand jokes.

      Jeff SmithJeff Smith28 napja
  • But a couple boomer posts will get you fired off the set of The Mandalorian, and isn't it a little fucked how men seem to be excluded from the Me Too shit, fuck Disney dude.

    Chonky TemmieChonky Temmie28 napja
  • This is more then just calling it a media meh or bruh, I do not think there has been a movie made, that I have hated as much as this film. The last Jedi came close, that movies director needs to be launched into space without a suit, but it had one or two redeeming things from the actors trying their best. This movie however, it does Everything wrong. It has nothing of meaning in it, the acting his awful and wooden, the cinematography is boring and cringe, the mocking parodies of classic songs is soul destroying, and the fact the main actress is happy with following a communist dictatorship and her and the movie sides with China in the murder of minorities in their breath camps.. This movie isn't some kind of so bad it's good news up, it's not even so bad it's bad. This movie is offensive to human decency, it craps on any shred of morality, and it makes watching the original Mulan hard to do now, knowing the cancerous growth of a remake they made decades after it. This is the first movie I've ever seen that deserves a negative score. -5/10. A movie is suppose to give you something, your meant to be given an experience from a movie. All this movie does is take from you, takes your money, takes integrity and decency, take inspiration and beauty, and vomits on it. I want this movie to die

    Mr Orc ShamanMr Orc Shaman28 napja
  • One of my biggest problems with the movie is, Disney hired soooooo many flippin chinese people to star in this movie, aaaaand none of them didnt question anything? None of them thought, hmmm maybe we shouldn't participate until the writing for the movie is done correctly? Like, seriously? They didn't question anything? This just shows me that they didnt care about making a good movie, they only cared about the cash they'll receive from being in it. They didnt even try.

    SesshomaruSesshomaru28 napja
  • It’s the most minor detail but why did they nagini the antagonist’s hawk- well the emperor wizard answered my question didn’t it 💀 Seriously, thank you for your handling of both the human atrocities situation in China, and the sweet movie recommendation. I’m doing some canon building for a thing, and the Mulan war movie sounds like really promising to learn from as an artist. Thanks man :)

    Swollen ThoothSwollen Thooth29 napja
    • That arrow catch needed like 6 seasons of buildup with exquisite characterization to begin to be okay

      Swollen ThoothSwollen Thooth29 napja
    • I’m gonna live action you Like a Disney Then I’ll raise u like a Phoenix

      Swollen ThoothSwollen Thooth29 napja
    • Why she didn’t just. Grab the arrow

      Swollen ThoothSwollen Thooth29 napja
    • The lesser known elements Fabric (Mulan) Hair (bayonetta)

      Swollen ThoothSwollen Thooth29 napja
    • Disney feminism is either this or like, fasc for she

      Swollen ThoothSwollen Thooth29 napja
  • My parents liked this movie. Let that sink in. I had a fucking aneurysm, as a history nerd, while I watched Shadiversity’s video on this film. It made me want to pull my eyes out! This movie is a god damn disgrace to Walt Disney and the team that was in charge in the 1980s.

    Holden CrossHolden Cross29 napja
  • 21:55 cool it Dr. Strange

    Celeste A.Celeste A.29 napja
  • It would be pretty cool if you collaborated with Schraffilla productions,please read this

    Hoodie animationsHoodie animations29 napja
  • Not even Nick Cage punching a broad could’ve saved this cinematic abortion...and I LOVE Nick Cage punching a broad🤣

    Steven Bacon-CheddarSteven Bacon-CheddarHónapja
    • @SpikeEye LIKE A BOSS!!!

      Steven Bacon-CheddarSteven Bacon-Cheddar28 napja
    • Only thing better is him punching a broad in a bear suit.

      SpikeEyeSpikeEye28 napja
  • Funny thing is, people think it propaganda, it ain't, because those Chinese officials that had to review it to suit their needs would actually know a thing or 2 about Mulan. Instead, even they stay clear of it.

  • This is just a stupid version of star wars it’s to easy to tell the plot

    Aidymar BigioAidymar BigioHónapja
  • This is one of the reasons why I didn't watch any of the remakes. They aren't as good, nor can get away with as much stuff bc they are cartoons. Like how are you to explain the lion king crap that happens irl? How do you get their facial expressions? How the hell do you get a lion to talk at the sky and it make it seem like he was actually talking to his father?

    Array KnightArray KnightHónapja
  • Love the 2009 film, not as much as the original animated feature, but yeah, good film. And yeah, the new one is sooo bad.

  • Surrounding Mulan with a bunch of bland, static characters was just so bad. Li Shang was such a good character in the original. 😔😔 we lost a real one.

  • and the best way to describe the actual meaning of Chi is The Force from Star Wars in the sense that it surrounds and what makes up all beings, so your own energy. and this turns it into the actual force, so Disney can remind us of their other failure and the actress that can't see a Mary Sue or Gray Stu if it hit her in the face

  • Me: oh at least Mulans actor is hot Mulans actor: im a raging communist and racist Me: huh I can't get anymore flacid

    Vollie DVollie DHónapja
    • My exact same thoughts LOL

  • Dang it disney this in not star wars where you can move your hand around for plot convenience

  • The emperor in this movie sounds like a black guy trying to do an Asian accent

    The Lucky PepsiThe Lucky PepsiHónapja
  • Historical accuracy: "So Disney, can you show us how you will tell the story of Mulan in your remake?" Disney: "haha woman power go brrrr"

    Marcus CollinsMarcus CollinsHónapja