MULAN (2020) - Disney's Biggest Bruh Moment

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so..the Mulan live-action remake.. ya, it doesn't get much worse than this...
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0:00 - Intro
0:23 - Part 1: Controversy
4:16 - Part 2: An Alternative
5:14 - Part 3: Mulan (2020)
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  • At the part where they walk up the wall, i think the director watched naruto and was like: "they have good chakra control and can run up walls, totally legit."

    souvlakiman 134souvlakiman 1342 órája
  • I was expecting a review like any other, where the bad quality of the movie is pointed out but damn that intro is hard hitting. I am genuinely hooked to this review now.

    Rahul MistryRahul Mistry3 órája
  • We can't blame the actress for supporting the police She is a Chinese resident and her family resides in Wuhan She can't afford to be skewered by Chinese authorities Chine doesn't have freedom of speech like India, East Asia or western world. They would've tortured them and put them through bureaucratic hassles to no end.

    Tarun ChavaliTarun Chavali3 órája
  • This movie was so stupid. I was the biggest fan of Mulan 1998 but damn this movie ruined everything. AND YES MULAN II WAS BETTER THAN THIS BULL CRAP

    Claudia YeeClaudia Yee3 órája
  • Did not even know it came out until now

    REXREX4 órája
  • 10:38 they totally stole that from iron fist and Kung Fu Panda 3

    gaming is Gucci !gaming is Gucci !11 órája
  • Ahh when will elvis learn that it isn't about the effects, its about what the story is trying to tell Nvm scratch that, this is trash

    ProximityProximity14 órája
  • Haha! "He becomes a fabric bender." 😸 If I had to hear the word "trebuchet" one more time, though... lol

    Kimberly KayonaKimberly Kayona19 órája
  • Mulan was one of the best Disney animated movies. The protagonist was a lateral thinker, who rejected pointless traditions.

    Sam PagetSam Paget19 órája
  • Sorry to say but.... Mulan 2 really was better than this garbage. xD

    Thales DonizettiThales Donizetti20 órája

    Wet Soap McJaggerWet Soap McJaggerNapja
  • Elvis, you’re completely wrong. Putting her hair down DID offer an advantage. The chance of death for her became higher, thus increasing the probability of the movie ending sooner.

  • This movie ruin our childhood...

    Arief AffandieArief AffandieNapja
  • 17:20 this sums up the whole movie basically

    Alexander JustinAlexander JustinNapja
  • The remake of Mulan was good shore they didn't add the sing along or add mushu or the cricket but the movie was good the old one and the new one are better than one but in the trailer I heard the who I am song was there but it was good they add it but then I really want to see if a talking dragon roasting a with into pink turkey and that short bully calling mulan chickenboy but the remake was funny I seen my self I even seen Aladdin the lion king all but the old one is good and the new one

    Live Action ManLive Action ManNapja
  • 9:46 "his character is extremely irrelevant "😂😂

    Less Is MoreLess Is MoreNapja
  • How she’s like a chines trumpist no wonder I was drawn away from this movie

    Herb On the aveHerb On the aveNapja
  • Actually mulan was born with talent or fighting based on the original chinese movies

    John Vince MaculaJohn Vince Macula2 napja
  • Case in point: The movie was garbage.

    SomebodyIn TheUniverseSomebodyIn TheUniverse2 napja
  • So did the film also admit that armor is only for men and if your a women you shouldn't wear it because your not suppose to be in battles? Feminism rules!

    mr. manmr. man3 napja
  • I thought Li Shang was taken out because they thought it would imply he’s bi??

    Zara AZara A3 napja
  • Should have listened to the fans and recast the lead. I mean it would still be shit but at least it wouldn’t be pro cop brutality shit

    Elli SowersElli Sowers3 napja
  • there seems to be a tad too much dues ex machina

    NetraKyramNetraKyram3 napja
  • Yeah. This movie kinda cringe doe.

    Deimos 22Deimos 223 napja
  • Do you see this Disney? Do you see the amount of harm you’re causing with these effortless, controversial, cash grab abominations you call live action remakes? I assume you don’t. What were you thinking filming this garbage in Xinjiang and shout out support to the ones oppressing the people there? Are you trying to get us to hate you more than EA? Did you bribe the critics to give this movie higher ratings? That is not the Disney I knew when I was a kid. One thing’s for certain, Disney was smoking some hard stuff when they made this.

    Jscal 22Jscal 223 napja
  • Wait, is that Nick Cage in the background. I want one.

    Daniel EasterlingDaniel Easterling3 napja
  • Man i hate these pretentious writer trying to change something they don't even understand fully.

    Zaki MubarakZaki Mubarak4 napja
  • *"we removed lee shang bc he acts inappropriate to mulan and it was uncomfortable"* *"so we added a love interest that does nothing but be a simp and doesnt respect boundaries"*

    CasperCasper4 napja
  • El hermano perdido de Juanes :v

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez4 napja
  • "Its stupid" had me dying every damn time😂 I first watch this and have no idea what the original cartoon is about so i ended up liking.

    Shin_loShin_lo4 napja
  • I've been boycotting Disney for years now, thanks for the content

    Pete MarronPete Marron4 napja
  • "Mulan 2 was better than this movie." *OOF*

    IkindalikemyselfIkindalikemyself4 napja
  • sweep the lance XD

    Lastpoint AbsoluteLastpoint Absolute4 napja
  • But, the Chinese government are good people.

    A LennonA Lennon4 napja
  • This movie sounded pushy as hell. Like were they interrogating their movie when making this movie as well?

    Silver FoxSilver Fox4 napja
  • He was replaced by a beta male.

    hksrb25s16hksrb25s165 napja
  • What about Creekee?! He felt bad that he messed up Mulan's meeting with the Matchmaker and he wanted to make it up to her by helping her stay safe with Mushu.

    Raquel SalazarRaquel Salazar5 napja
  • this is what happen when Hollywood looks up too much for Chinese culture, and even the Chinese hates this crap

    Hieu NguyenHieu Nguyen5 napja
  • This movie is given a bs rating of 10/10

    Crimsonlancer #187Crimsonlancer #1875 napja
  • It’s like they never watched the cartoon Milan , before they made a live action 😡😡

    All powerAll power5 napja
  • Dont want to watch it

    allan bujandaallan bujanda5 napja
  • should have had Ken Jong honestly wouldn't put it pass disney to have done that

    Jude Connor-MacintyreJude Connor-Macintyre5 napja
  • 😂 How dumb. No this has nothing to do with magic - they adapted a wuxia style similar to those old Chinese and Jet li movies

    Kuya AlKuya Al5 napja
    • well that's just one aspect of the movie, it doesn't excuse _everything else_

      KanedaKaneda4 napja
  • 27:50 "I guess it's kinda though to transfer animation into live action" Well there is an easy solution to this problem though. Don't remake the movie.

    Mark ThielMark Thiel5 napja
  • I almost hit the dislike button because of how bad the movie was...

    CrossTheBrijCrossTheBrij6 napja
  • Where the camp?

    Mao StalinMao Stalin6 napja
  • Lool Mulan hit that super Siayan on us xD "Oh snaap I'm no strong enough to defeat this bad guy? WELP, lemme just unlock this secret strength from inside of me real quick"

    Nico NeecoNico Neeco6 napja
  • Plot twist: the witch just had a huge crush on mulan

    Arctic ProwlArctic Prowl6 napja
  • I totally forgot about the remake of Beauty and the Beast

    TheRiddleGamerTheRiddleGamer6 napja
  • Omg the trebuchet scene! What is this? Age of Empires!

    Eman SaladbarEman Saladbar6 napja
  • It's about time that a big company f'd up

    JetStream S76JetStream S766 napja
  • It was a good movie,stop bashing it.

    IH DON YTIH DON YT6 napja
  • Welcome to the mask 3

    Element 115Element 1156 napja
  • Isn't the emperor played by Jet Lee?

    808_Ape808_Ape6 napja
  • The original Mulan is one of my favorite movies. And this just makes me sad.

    ItsProfItsProf7 napja
  • Mulan in cartoon: Use brain and team coordination Mulan 2020: Use legs

    Jack KnightJack Knight7 napja
  • Love watching trash being trashed..🔥

    KevinShultzKevinShultz7 napja
  • Donnie Yen didn't deserve this

    AggietoAggieto7 napja
  • This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The original Mulan was a masterpiece

    Farhanking7864Farhanking78647 napja
  • Damn they really butchered this, this is so fucking terrible

    Farhanking7864Farhanking78647 napja
  • Mushu was my favorite part of the original and I wanted to see that I’m live action

    PCB NitroPCB Nitro7 napja
  • This kind of absurd martial arts media is popularized in chinese films of the 80's and 90's were see people flying and doing absurd martial arts stunts. I remember watching Once Upon a Time in China as a kid and said to myself "Damn Jet Li is waaaay better than Bruce Lee in kung fu". LOL

    Adlib ConstitutionAdlib Constitution7 napja
  • Dont need superpowers to smell a vagin...*cough*

    subtle sedukshunsubtle sedukshun7 napja
  • How is mushu offensive exactly?

    Christopher HillChristopher Hill7 napja
  • They ain’t even doing Mulan dirty, they doing her crusty.

    Checked VibeChecked Vibe8 napja
  • Nice video Elvis

    matt westmatt west8 napja
  • Voice crack ==>14:59

    Fac U meanFac U mean8 napja
  • Best review for this garbage movie on HUworld.

    Jibri TrawickJibri Trawick8 napja
  • Your bit about the trebuchey was was better than the entire movie

    NonamelessNonameless8 napja
  • Mulan new family perks also unlocks her scene in new fast and furious movie

    CubeKACubeKA8 napja
  • I feel happy because this disastrous of a movie should make disney rethink about this remake bullshit lol

    Victor FurtadoVictor Furtado8 napja
  • Just to comment the phase "four ounces can move a thousand pounds" is probably how Disney is trying to use a chinese proverb "四两拨千斤", which means " four 50g can move a thousand 0.5kg". The word 两 and 斤are unit of measurement use in China.

    Marcheravec EftychiaMarcheravec Eftychia8 napja
    • That was one of the most cringest thing ever for me, also in China ppl laughed so hard at this too lmao

      Sherry ChungSherry Chung8 napja
  • Funny isnt it? Walt Disney would fire anyone with a trace of communism. Now they do anything to make a commie happy. "Ironic"

    alex coofalex coof8 napja
  • You dont what their culture is, and what their religion(islam) dictates do you?

    Sven WSven W8 napja
  • this movie is legendary i’m truly sorry, i thought today was opposite day.

    sfuasfua8 napja
  • I like the cartoon Milan but I’m Merican and a child and like cartoon Disney movies

    GrEEnBlade LGrEEnBlade L9 napja
  • They dubbed Jet Li's lines because, well, have you ever heard Jet Li speak? lol Not much bass in his tone.

    CommentCop Badge#666CommentCop Badge#6669 napja
  • Bruh

    Turkey TurkeyTurkey Turkey9 napja
  • So she’s basically a Chinese Mary Sue then?

    Don't ParticipateDon't Participate10 napja
  • the twisted sense of morality of hollywood reminds me of national socialism

    sparrowhead hawkinssparrowhead hawkins10 napja
  • you forgot to mention that chinese mythology never mentioned about pheonix rising from ashes, it is an element from Greek and Egyptian folk lore. What a awful symbol of cultrual appropreation to replace my guy Mushu

    DleDle10 napja
  • disney is stupid

    jasmyn belleyjasmyn belley10 napja
  • Conkers bad fur day music anyone? Lol

    Grey LockhartGrey Lockhart10 napja
  • Disney: let’s get rid of Mushu, he’ll offend the Chinese audience again and will be inaccurate to actual Chinese culture Also Disney: EaGlE wItCh!

    Aiden FergusonAiden Ferguson10 napja
  • I think they should have professional movie analyzers... just a thought

    JK BuffetJK Buffet10 napja
  • But they wanted to be more historically accurate, it would have made even more sense for Chinese warriors to have a love interest. I'd explain it but just live it up for yourself people. I recommend the Gaijin Goomba talking about it cuz he'll explain it way better than me. But if you look at Chinese culture, it wasn't uncommon for women to be soldiers, for them to be married to male soldiers, Efferdent to even life in data together and die in each other's arms according to their culture stories. Again do the research yourself to get more info about it, and it's actually really fuking interesting. Pretty fuking cool actually

    Sol PachecoSol Pacheco11 napja
  • Disney: we want to make Mu Lan more realistic so we’re removing every fun aspect of the original Also Disney: Mu Lan is now a natural Chi master from birth and phoenixes exist now

    Evan HEvan H11 napja
  • That was not an eagle

    Lovro LuketićLovro Luketić11 napja
  • You can catch an arrow mid-flight

    Lovro LuketićLovro Luketić11 napja
  • 15:42 it's because nowadays you can't be subtle anymore, you have to say strong woman, racism is wrong, you can't have a subtle message anymore

    JP SpardaJP Sparda11 napja
  • As a part-Asian female I’m pretty offended and disgusted with this remake.

    Just_NudibranchJust_Nudibranch12 napja
  • Hollywood has a huge hardon for China and will do anything to appease them. After all they're one of the biggest movie markets in the world. To the point where American movies have had Chinese actors film extra scenes to be added in just for more audience appeal. Iron Man 3? The scene where Tony Stark goes in to get the shrapnel removed from his chest, they filmed an extra scene with Chinese actors to make it look like he went all the way to China to get this procedure done. There's pandering and then there's that.

    Uma ChanUma Chan12 napja
  • About the controversy part. That's what capitalism does, state capitalism in China and market capitalism in the rest of the world, fucking over people and destroying human relations. Reject capitalism (run by few in private), reject stalinism (run by few in state), embrace the alternative! Revolution! There, I can enjoy the video now...

    Târgu Of the MureshTârgu Of the Muresh12 napja
  • Thank you I hate the new move I mean they Chang the villain to the bird the bird and he is still in the movie oh and the bird can turn into a human and they got rid of the dragon my mom sed because they want it to be more realistic the bird turns into a fricking human I hate this move shame on you 2020

    Holden AdamsHolden Adams12 napja
  • Hollywood sucks. Like if you agree.

    DJ MuttDJ Mutt12 napja
  • This feels like a parody of monty pythons holy grail

    Quickie QuizizsQuickie Quizizs12 napja
  • It's a FALCON

    calebcarlcrouchcalebcarlcrouch13 napja
  • Lol I honestly started the movie the colour grading and poor acting turned me off, couldn't get past the first scene cos I already knew it would be a waste of precious time... Now here we are lol

    Lj ThesageLj Thesage13 napja
  • I never seen the movie but I saw a Chinese woman (forgot the channel name lol) who made an entire channel because 2020 mulan is so bad And it bothers me that the 1989 one is more Chinese than the 2020 one like the internet exists, you can literally research most of these stuff

    Snowy LemonadeSnowy Lemonade13 napja
  • Mulan can go super chi 3

    Night GoddNight Godd13 napja