MrBEAST BURGER Full Menu Challenge **DESTROYED**

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Good Video? You know what to do :)
A bit back Mr. Beast releases his very own restaurant, Mr. Beast Burgers!! Unfortunately I was out of town for the launch and couldn't get my hands on them sooner, but I had to try them out!
Full Order =
1 Beast-Style Burger (triple + extra patty)
1 Chris-Style Burger (extra patty)
1 Chandler-Style Burger (extra patty)
1 Chicken Tender Sandwich
1 Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
1 Karl's Grilled Cheese
1 Seasoned Fries
1 Beast-Style Fries
6 Cookies
1 Water Bottle
1 Can of Coke (diet)
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  • Long time no see! Had to start the year off w/ a BIG Challenge 🍔 Happy 2021 everyone!

    Matt StonieMatt StonieHónapja
    • Kinda Sus

      Kr3atifKr3atif3 napja
    • How much you weigh?!

      Jonah AdlerJonah AdlerHónapja
    • G

    • G

    • O

  • I can't even finish one of those big burgers seems like i have a small stomach 😕

    EmperorEmperor20 perccel
  • I can't even finish a ramen noodle in 10 minutes... Whaaa

    Hailey HawnHailey HawnÓrája
  • Nobody: Me: "Me At The Kitchen When They're All Sleeping*

    Sparkie ZacharySparkie ZacharyÓrája
  • he's oesophagus leaved the chat..

    A.B'S WORLD 7A.B'S WORLD 72 órája
  • Imagine mr beast sees this video.

    FadliahFadliah2 órája
  • Karl sat on the grilled cheese

    Jay JayJay Jay3 órája
  • Those burgers dont look appetizing

    Th5mTh5m3 órája
  • Normal human eats: 1000 to 2000 calories Mat stonie: eats 10,000 to 20,000 calories

    Logan PardeLogan Parde4 órája
  • Mr beast last world record 10:39 Matt Stonie:i even have time to strech

    Rod Cedrich ClimacosaRod Cedrich Climacosa4 órája
  • Did it come to u or did u pick i up

    Armando RodriguezArmando Rodriguez5 órája
  • Is it halal?

    sowlow2008gamingsowlow2008gaming5 órája
  • Captions really did call Karl’s Grilled Cheese Pearls Groceries

    KiroKiro6 órája
  • POV: you are looking for a MrBeast comment

    BaneBane6 órája
  • Does anyone else wonder if he’s ever bitten his finger during a challenge🤔

    Savannah WallisSavannah Wallis7 órája
  • So how much money did you get

    2D 3SB2D 3SB7 órája
  • My mom would say to enjoy it not to just eat it all at once

    Kevin GogoKevin Gogo8 órája
  • My questions are, does Matt have a backup career or is this it? Will he be able to live off of competitive eating his whole life? Will he have a second career in something else?

    S DarbyS Darby9 órája
  • Me: finishes and burger combo and and some nuggets in 10 mins. Matt stonie: finishes the whole mr beast menu in 10 mins.

    Daman bhangalDaman bhangal9 órája
  • The poo he will have...

    Joshua GouldJoshua Gould9 órája
  • I thought mr beast burger was free

    Hadia KHadia K10 órája
  • Not sure if this should make me hungry or sick..

    john smithjohn smith10 órája
  • This shit lookin like school lunch food

    Nicky BlackNicky Black10 órája
  • Shit

    Isaac_HDIsaac_HD10 órája
  • Puppy in my letter grab create electric

    Isaac_HDIsaac_HD10 órája
  • do a drink

    Julie FeterikaJulie Feterika10 órája
  • This looks fuckn Gud..

    Corrupted MightCorrupted Might10 órája
  • I was hoping to see MrBeast in the comments

    Rubix KyuubRubix Kyuub11 órája
  • 🤔🥴

    ابوالفضل جعفریابوالفضل جعفری11 órája
  • He looks like he is abt to have a Heart Attack🤦🏽‍♂️

    Isaiah KalifaIsaiah Kalifa12 órája
  • im having chest pains watching this

    CatCat12 órája
  • @mr beast

    speiderte_foxyspeiderte_foxy12 órája
  • *you better stop making me hungry in 2 am*

    gordon EA ramsaygordon EA ramsay12 órája
  • She eat 2 familly menü dhis is so good talent

    Mahmut KoknarMahmut Koknar13 órája
  • american burger are definitely not the sorry excuse of MCdonald burger in france

    SpiritofFireSpiritofFire13 órája
  • He finished a burger in 40 seconds bruh

    Catherine RichCatherine Rich14 órája
  • Why am I watching all of these videos when I'm on a diet T^T

    BabiewraithBabiewraith15 órája
  • That guy could feed like a million poor people, but he make a video eating all of them in 10 mins

    Roblox Hitman StoriesRoblox Hitman Stories16 órája
  • Me during the last five minutes of lunchbreak:

    Irza ChouhdaryIrza Chouhdary16 órája
  • Matt: " *That is a lot of food* " Me: *Suicides*

    Roblox Hitman StoriesRoblox Hitman Stories16 órája
  • That burger look like a shit that i yesterday put into my toilet

    StriganStrigan17 órája
  • this is matt’s diet

    realJohanrealJohan18 órája
  • If mr beast commented it will be the best thing that will happen to you

  • howthedamnareyougoingtopoopoutthat?

    PHRKazzyPHRKazzy19 órája
  • Mr beast!!!!!!, here's the man who eats everything!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥

    jason ltpchhangtejason ltpchhangte20 órája
  • Mr beast!!!!!!!!,matt stony is eating you hole entire menu!!!!!,come see it!!!,give him 20 thousand dollars!!!!😀😀😀

    jason ltpchhangtejason ltpchhangte20 órája
  • WoW

    Jonah dEJonah dE20 órája
  • Has these snorlax ever got choked?

    julius dogtajulius dogta20 órája
  • If mr beast comment I will freak out

    dataw_ Gamerdataw_ Gamer20 órája
  • Fun Fact: Mr Beast did Not Comment on This video

    Aimee CruzAimee Cruz20 órája
  • Fun fact: Karl is Short And Thats Why Karls Grilled Cheese Is Flat 😃

    Aimee CruzAimee Cruz20 órája
  • Is it me or does Morgan look like Denisdaily

    LoomianBubLoomianBub21 órája
  • شت

    محمد اتابک زادهمحمد اتابک زاده21 órája
  • Sorry Karl ur burger kinda flat:/


    Saif RahimSaif Rahim22 órája
  • Fact tht he eat alot but always thinn

    Jake frozeJake froze23 órája
  • My head was going with his bite 😅😅😅😅

    ZARZO Y.TZARZO Y.T23 órája
  • This is why I want to live in america

    SunnexSunnex23 órája
  • How much costed you that whole menu 🤔

    Lokesh YadavLokesh YadavNapja
  • Fun fact, I work at a sticker company and I personally made all the stickers for mr beast burger.

    Matt PrenticeMatt PrenticeNapja
  • Yknow I’m not a competitive eater but I’m pretty sure I could handle this challenge myself. Be honest this isn’t even half of your mid-day snack.

    Mac PierceMac PierceNapja
  • damn!!!!!!!🔥🔥


    Ahsan HussainAhsan HussainNapja
  • It is currently exactly 1:29 am and I really want one of those cookies

    Paisley APaisley ANapja
  • How he still not fat???

    Mr FortgodMr FortgodNapja
    • @S Darby and after eating he burns those calories aswell

      SturgesSturges3 órája
    • @S Darby if you work out more you can eat more aswell

      SturgesSturges3 órája
    • @S Darby that what matt said so idk

      SturgesSturges3 órája
    • @Sturges working out doesn't change your weight. Exercise will not make you thin. He's thin because he has a very fast metabolism and a mix of good bacteria in his digestive system. Some people, especially those of Asian descent, have that thin body type. It doesn't mean he is healthy though. He can get plaque build up in his arteries just like anyone else. His diet is awful and so he is in danger of heart disease and other diseases based on lifestyle. I hope he retires before he makes himself sick.

      S DarbyS Darby9 órája
    • He works out

      SturgesSturges23 órája
  • Mantap la

    saiful adamsaiful adamNapja
  • Matt's mom: don't eat to fast or you will die Adult Matt: AS FAST A FUCK BOY Matt's mom: i wish i did not born you

    Frozen IceFrozen IceNapja
  • Do an eating challenge with carter sharer you will win for sure

    Anthony lolAnthony lolNapja
  • Still, congratulations.

    Pugg 14Pugg 14Napja
  • Dammnnnn

    Pugg 14Pugg 14Napja
  • Some of us dreamt of living this life and he is living it. I can’t eat more than 1 burger but dream of eating 32.

    Amna TanveerAmna TanveerNapja
  • 5:41 me at my grandmas house

  • Matt Stonie is a freakin machine!!!

    Kyle RandellKyle RandellNapja
  • I really want to taste a mrbeast burger I never tried it they look so good

    Saul PerezSaul PerezNapja
  • Yay, muckbag or whatever the fuck these vids are called, my favourite

  • Can you overdose on food??

    Cupcake CookiesCupcake CookiesNapja
    • @S Darby well that’s what he’s gonna do

      Cupcake CookiesCupcake Cookies7 órája
    • Yes

      S DarbyS Darby9 órája
  • Imagine how much mass and strength this dude would build if he was a strong man

    Did IskeDid IskeNapja
  • How the fuck did he not get fat and bulk!!!!!!

    Tech GanTech GanNapja
    • He works out

      SturgesSturges23 órája
  • This man literally has no fear to choked.0

    Ramli HashimRamli HashimNapja
  • I have to ask do u ever enjoy ur food

    Xabdiel DejesusXabdiel DejesusNapja
  • alternate title "Some dude eats a lot a food swiftly and somehow thinks its an accomplishment"

    Fennec FoxFennec FoxNapja
  • That was 10 hours not minutes

    Creative Emma7Creative Emma7Napja
    • I think it was just milliseconds

      ANT BGANT BGNapja
  • 👐🙌👏🤝👍🤛✊👎🏻🙌🤞🏿✌🏿🤟🤜🏿

    Ocean PlayzOcean PlayzNapja
  • I think ik why his girlfriend stayed its because of his mouth nglll

  • I have 86 subs (88 now lmao) I started grinding past couple months for my channel. Please enjoy my content 🙏 😁 thanks

    XR mightyXR mightyNapja
  • **so pefitic*

    born 2 be a gamerborn 2 be a gamerNapja
  • This guy prolly has narley shits

    Thomas HunterThomas HunterNapja
  • Was it free

    Peter ParkerPeter ParkerNapja
  • Beast didn't even acknowledge it. That's fucking bad.

    JAmes BoND 007JAmes BoND 007Napja
  • 0:36 ok badlands chugs

  • your my hero🍲🍗

    Zuzka OrgilZuzka OrgilNapja
  • im pretty sure he got that jawline by chewing so much and so fast

    Rohit SharmaRohit SharmaNapja
  • Pq mange tu salement?????😆

    Darelia MoussoundaDarelia MoussoundaNapja
  • how u not like weigh like 20000 pounds

  • Are you normal?

    شا عرشا عرNapja
  • @mrbeast

  • Mr Beast: .................. THAT IS NOT WHAT OUR BURGERS ARE FOR

    Mcannulty PlaysMcannulty PlaysNapja
  • Don't do u have stomach ache I always have

    dragon hunterdragon hunterNapja
  • Nice

  • this is My favorite Matt Stonie Video I watch it Everyday

    FAZ ChannelFAZ ChannelNapja
    • And My Favorite Burger in Mr. Beast Burger is … The Chandler Style

      FAZ ChannelFAZ ChannelNapja