Most searched Boris facts

2018.okt. 6.
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Most searched Boris facts
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I try Googling myself to find out what people search for the most. I check different results from different countries. And also I have a face cam with green screen so you can really see my reactions.
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  • Its good to see you laughing

    Life of ArieqLife of Arieq2 órája
  • are we gonna ignore the fact that on his Twitter page his location says "Chernobyl Power Plant" 8:55

    LEO_1964LEO_19644 órája
  • 10:30 Nice translate this to english or russian: Din kanal är bra som fan och du gjorde så det blev ett ryskt gäng i min Klass som jag och en kompis skapade och vi sitter i squat och lyssnar på din musik dygnet runt! (It was on swedish)

  • you was in Bulgaria aaaaaaaaaaa how i missed you

    Sound FxSound FxNapja
  • Im pretty sure i know where Boris is from. Ive seen some unmistakeable reveals and a slip-up's with few words. Obviously you dont get it when you are not familiar with local language and landscapes but, hey it is what it is!

    Anonymus AlcoholicAnonymus AlcoholicNapja
  • *Hello superhardbass boris*

    Niko BellicNiko Bellic3 napja
  • And that wheeze though

    Mr MisterMr Mister3 napja
  • He is Russian because he changed his search page from Russian to United States

    Mr MisterMr Mister3 napja
  • 11:56 debil accuses Boris of being a western spy, meanwhile he has the thickest german accent ever. He even pronounced VW german, blyat!

    G31M1G31M16 napja
  • He is Putin in disguise.

    Sam DYSam DY7 napja
  • 2:00 lolololol

    papers please animationspapers please animations7 napja
  • Sinep

    Mibrahim HusniMibrahim Husni8 napja
  • I always thought he was Mexican... what with his strong Mexican accent, and continuously referencing Mexican food and Mexican culture. See? I am a fucking detective!

    Christian SwensenChristian Swensen9 napja
  • He lives the town of kurvansk

    Daniel KeshishianDaniel Keshishian9 napja
  • hacc 13:37

    SanitizerSanitizer9 napja
  • U born on 5. of May? Because i am!

    Norwegian MooseNorwegian Moose9 napja
  • why do we still ask who boris really is? that guy said it, he is indian

    Jude CollumbineJude Collumbine9 napja
  • **𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗴𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗱** 2:00

    Brian SantesBrian Santes10 napja
  • Yo why did someone created you and anatoli in a picture of you two holding hands?

    Xian Rupert DalitXian Rupert Dalit11 napja
  • Your income totals show much your getting ripped off by Google Facebook Amazon per year.

    John TvrzJohn Tvrz11 napja
  • I just kinda assumed boris was russian

    percivalpercival12 napja
  • i think he is from motherussia

    Stefan IcatoiuStefan Icatoiu14 napja
  • So he’s maybe Ukrainian Belarusian or Russian

    MR jade JadeMR jade Jade14 napja
  • plot twist: he is actually Indian

    Chinese WonderlandChinese Wonderland15 napja
  • Хорошо, Борис, я буду в России ждать тебя с Ушакой

    Tyriq DaoTyriq Dao16 napja
  • So happy he hasn't discovered the romantic fanfic of him and his cousin

    raphmaster23raphmaster2317 napja
  • "HEHEYY!!! IT IS VADIM-" "..."

    Noah RobertsNoah Roberts18 napja
  • Music?

    Mr. CakeMr. Cake18 napja
  • Why boris hide face maybe Russian mafia

    MessengerMessenger18 napja
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    goose. mp4goose. mp418 napja
  • Boris is DJ Blyatman

    Jack leeJack lee18 napja
  • 11:20 How dare you Boris to call us gypses? There are only 3.6% Gypses from the total population of Romania

    Matei PopescuMatei Popescu19 napja
  • New fans is here! Hello Boris!

    Arina - Roblox [JulySemi01]Arina - Roblox [JulySemi01]21 napja
  • The explosions in the YTP video was very good and laughing 😆

    Yasmine Da Silva MarieauYasmine Da Silva Marieau21 napja
  • I think he lives a little bit of out side of the exclusive zone

    Yasmine Da Silva MarieauYasmine Da Silva Marieau21 napja
  • He is Ukrainian

    Yasmine Da Silva MarieauYasmine Da Silva Marieau21 napja
  • fan theory, boris is all the time from czech republic

    Vojta ŠaríkVojta Šarík22 napja
  • pause on 8:17 his google is russian so hes russian i think

    dgtdgt28 napja

    Adia Romaine-FigueroaAdia Romaine-FigueroaHónapja
  • I mean he has to be Russian like I agree with the guy he watched, aaaand Boris sometimes uses Russian words and has a Russian accent.. better not forget that he also likes vodka

  • his true name is super cheeki breeki slav blyat

  • 1:22 has british flashbacks when I see that boris

  • Thanks.

    Siddharth GautamSiddharth GautamHónapja
  • Me thinks Boris has searched all this before... All the links are purples

    Beefcake SasquatchBeefcake SasquatchHónapja
  • And 6:16 got me like ahhh~ that’s gay

    America’s Mochi Animates :3America’s Mochi Animates :3Hónapja
  • 6:15got me like oh hellllllllllllllll noooooo

    America’s Mochi Animates :3America’s Mochi Animates :3Hónapja
  • He’s from Moscow or Saint Petersburg, 100 percent correct

  • 1:00 you have said you live in chernobyl

    Jay AlexJay AlexHónapja
  • im from Romania! :)

    SFS Gaming!SFS Gaming!Hónapja
  • Oy, who drew the Boris x Anatoli art?

    ɢɪᴘsʏ ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀɢɪᴘsʏ ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀHónapja
  • Boris, the way you laugh at your own videos +edit is so cute

    Chadina CalicoChadina CalicoHónapja
  • Boris doesn't Have Wikipedia but Spoon has an Wikipedia page

  • Boris is undeniably an ethnic Russian, albeit his exact nationality of origin is up for grabs. His pronunciation and knowledge of Russian culture is too extensive, and I've noticed that the majority of people questioning whether he's really a Slav or not are mostly Westerners with no context. He plays the accent and stereotypes up for laughs. In his older videos, his accent was much more natural and subdued, but his later ones play it up for big funni. It's possible he was born in Estonia as it was an Eastern Bloc country, and it has a large minority population of ethnic Russians. I know he lives there now, but it's possible he was born there as well despite not being a "Slavic" country. Same deal with Ukraine. Lots of Russians as an ethnic minority. My guess is that he's from Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Uzbekistan, or Russia. There are some other countries with ethnic Russian minorities in Slav Town, but they're smaller in percentage and number than the above stated so they're less likely to be his nation of origin. His real first name is also probably "Boris" as well, as it's an incredibly common Slavic name akin to being named "John" or "Mark" or some shit. There's no way that would narrow things down to give away his identity, so there'd be no good reason for him to adopt such a common name as a pseudonym. There are even a good number of people here in the West named "Boris." That is, of course, unless his actual first name is something far more distinct and unusual, so he adopted "Boris" as a common pseudonym. We'll probably never learn his last name, as the man values his privacy. Beyond any of that, it's all speculation. He's very, very likely just an ethnic Russian most likely named "Boris" in his mid-to-late twenties, and we'll never know any more than that.

    The Raddest ChadThe Raddest ChadHónapja
  • Vodka?Yes. Vadim?Blyat. Pizdec?Not with him. Hotel? Trivago.

  • boris cooking best cooking I tried most recipes if not all Best I made was kvass and plov for now :D

    Tte Gral Juan Domingo PeronTte Gral Juan Domingo PeronHónapja
  • How the blyat is this video 2 years old?! Like shit, I remember when this came out??? Чэво блять

  • come on its not boristopol its : borisgopnikland

  • 1:58 Boris : ... Me : .... You : this is so bylat art. Me : да.

    Farel Altaf FakhriFarel Altaf FakhriHónapja
  • Um mouth and nose outline is visible, also eyes are visible

    Operator GarkovOperator GarkovHónapja
  • Yugoslavia

    Ree KidRee KidHónapja
  • there is quite a lot of other proof of boris living in estonia but in this video, on the socialblade he opened you can see it says "EE" (country code of Estonia) under "country" soooo ;D

    gabe itchgabe itchHónapja
  • Apartje overdosed?

  • 6:05 hi laugh tho😳

    Casual GamerCasual GamerHónapja
  • who elsed laughed with him at 6:17?

    Mr Levi 27Mr Levi 27Hónapja
  • Them he is Russian me: he has a Facebook them: VPN me: o-o anyways ur good :D like content

    nato_ nurdnato_ nurdHónapja
  • 8:16 pause there. The nationality selected already is russian. Exposed or a red herring?

    Goin AWOLGoin AWOL2 hónapja
  • are you slovakian?

    viktor nowakviktor nowak2 hónapja
  • The Accent at 12:07 sounds like a big souns as if a german tried to speak English with a russian accent

    Sebi TVSebi TV2 hónapja
  • Who committed the murder "that guy with the face"

    Stuart FruchtenichtStuart Fruchtenicht2 hónapja
  • btw i love your vids i wish i was in russia

    NOP YOUNOP YOU2 hónapja
  • im in romania salut bai

    NOP YOUNOP YOU2 hónapja
  • Boris we seriously wanna see your face!

    You don't have to know my nameYou don't have to know my name2 hónapja
  • Oyu was form ukraine

    Armağan DilmeciArmağan Dilmeci2 hónapja
  • Big mistake Boris... Oyu are was ukrainainan

    Armağan DilmeciArmağan Dilmeci2 hónapja
  • Boris is from nowhere in the world cyka, he comes from the stars for he is a god

    Battle Raptor_Battle Raptor_2 hónapja
  • Is he russian

    LaxmiKudvaLaxmiKudva2 hónapja
  • Dudes... Isn't it the most obvious thing that Boris is Russian? OF COURSE HE IS!

    Luiz FellipeLuiz Fellipe2 hónapja
  • Im Australian but I really like the RUSSIAN! SLAV! CULTURE!

    Aussie blokeAussie bloke2 hónapja
  • Boris is Boris

    Luis Angelo D. MendozaLuis Angelo D. Mendoza2 hónapja
  • 2:03 I'm sorry Boris but rule 34 also applies in Russia and all slavic countries.

    Dat catDat cat2 hónapja
  • he should do the same just with nsfw content

  • Ты так смеёшься мило, я не могу)

    Vassilissa GoukVassilissa Gouk2 hónapja
  • When he changed the country of origin it was on Russia

    Ddlc FanDdlc Fan2 hónapja
  • 4:53 He’s not a Slav 😳😳😳😨😱

    Crafty CuberCrafty Cuber2 hónapja
  • Boris, you have the same birthday as me

    Commander UshankaCommander Ushanka2 hónapja
  • "is not as funny as the previous one" also boris: *_w h e e z e_* boris laughing gives me so much internal joy

    Lily HillLily Hill2 hónapja
  • I just love how he constantly sounds surprised about everything.

    Justin HubbardJustin Hubbard2 hónapja
  • 1:58 ummm?

    mr Fredrickson'smr Fredrickson's2 hónapja
  • 8:45 School in a nutshell:

    RuotaRuota2 hónapja
  • We all know he is from India

    Chinese WonderlandChinese Wonderland2 hónapja
  • 6:03 ✨😂😂😂

    Annisa SaraswatiAnnisa Saraswati2 hónapja
  • 1:59 Any Russians know what the closest thing to Alabama you have is?

    Brgon2016Brgon20162 hónapja
  • Borris knew about Covid 19 long before it happened

    Bottle Of WaterBottle Of Water2 hónapja
  • I feel blyated

    The fourth PistolThe fourth Pistol2 hónapja
  • BlYaT this is good

    Jotaro KujioJotaro Kujio2 hónapja
  • Im pretty sure he is Slovakian, he said it in one of his videos.

    Dannygo RoxyDannygo Roxy2 hónapja
  • He comes from slovakia bylat

    kerem erhankerem erhan2 hónapja
  • Boris should react to the one vid I think it's called boris and anatoli car party

    cheeki breeki the thirdcheeki breeki the third2 hónapja
  • Mom: just go to the f***ing store with me Me: 4:39

    Preston IsleibPreston Isleib2 hónapja
  • 1:58 lol

    Krzysztof ParoboczyKrzysztof Paroboczy2 hónapja