Most Oddly Satisfying Video To Start The Year

2021.jan. 5.
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  • The amount of paper cuts

  • haha she say the horse ugly

    menteny sosesmenteny soses2 órája
  • a white apple and a blue apple what ''aaaaaaaaaaa''

    Joseph AdamackJoseph Adamack2 órája

    TheRobloxBestiezTheRobloxBestiez2 órája
  • how do you get a white apple

    Joseph AdamackJoseph Adamack2 órája
  • crunnchy path

    anna cecilia limaanna cecilia lima3 órája

    Teofil BulhacTeofil Bulhac3 órája
  • Sssniperwolf says skiing on ice me ahhh it’s ice skating

    Team SloaneTeam Sloane3 órája
  • Her: How do u get a white apple?? Me: U peel the red

    Bella’s BlogBella’s Blog3 órája
  • Crunchlake

    Kittycraft kittyKittycraft kitty3 órája
  • And the first one is the devil

    Landon GabelLandon Gabel3 órája
  • UMM ITS mi pan su su sum su su sum

    Golden experienceGolden experience3 órája
  • Am I the only one that sees the scoop of peanut butter looks like a potato

    Holly EspenhoverHolly Espenhover3 órája
  • me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored me bored

    Critical YoshiCritical Yoshi3 órája
  • 3:52 believe it or not it’s actually Caviar ( caviar lime )

    Random NotsayerRandom Notsayer3 órája
  • Lia:Me BoOT JujUjUjUjU

    Kayleen YanezKayleen Yanez3 órája
  • SSSniperwolf: by the way, while we are here *types bald horse* her after: ew! Its ugly.

    Jennifer DyerJennifer Dyer3 órája
  • Me boot jujuju jujuju

    Kayleen YanezKayleen Yanez3 órája
  • Sssniperwolf: would you rather walk on the crunchy land or the soft land. Me: SOFT BRO

    leah girlleah girl4 órája
  • Wowwww

    Ravyn NelsonRavyn Nelson4 órája
  • The person getting their haircut was probably Alex from Minecraft

    Dante GioDante Gio4 órája
  • Crutcher

    vanilla ice cream cookie chocolate chips gachavanilla ice cream cookie chocolate chips gacha4 órája
  • I would rather step on the crunchy land

    Olungaka ChiliOlungaka Chili4 órája
  • Crunchy ice floor

    Kali BKali B4 órája
  • Me pan nan nan and me boot me boot Khan Khan me pan su su su

    Mason AdamsMason Adams4 órája
  • I love you

    Malhorie MeronvileMalhorie Meronvile4 órája
  • Lall

    Malhorie MeronvileMalhorie Meronvile4 órája
  • It’s actually a Sunday ! :)

    Fire lord ZukoFire lord Zuko4 órája
  • its called a clipped horse

    J BurdJ Burd5 órája
    • your the very last comment

      Juju GJuju G2 órája
  • Country land

    Payton ThackerPayton Thacker5 órája
  • me: oooooh can i try to skate?!?! my sis: no!!!!!

    Jennifer McAllisterJennifer McAllister5 órája
  • Don't be shy - Sssniperwolf

    Shibu VargheseShibu Varghese5 órája

    Angela MorrisAngela Morris5 órája
  • They are called caviar limes

    JBOT GamingJBOT Gaming6 órája
  • I LIKE YO CUT G!!!

    Katelyn HamillKatelyn Hamill6 órája
  • Me booooooooooooot Zu zu zu zu zu

    Katelyn HamillKatelyn Hamill6 órája
  • Me boot zu zu zu zuz zu zu!!!

    Katelyn HamillKatelyn Hamill6 órája
  • If you try ririri on tik tok comments then translate it it will say something scary

    Sophia TorresSophia Torres6 órája
  • I would rather WALK on squshi lan.

    Andělka TranAndělka Tran6 órája
  • Those things you said looked like cucumbers are finger limes they are delicious

  • Those are mini lemons

    Bobby BlueCatBobby BlueCat6 órája
  • The bald horse knocked me off guard. Lol.

    Brighthouse ChallengesBrighthouse Challenges6 órája
  • Crunchy land

    Georgia DavidsonGeorgia Davidson7 órája
  • Crunchy land

    Jennifer PavoliniJennifer Pavolini7 órája
  • Fun fact those grapes look like lime caviar I’m positive it is

    Dax YochamDax Yocham7 órája
  • Not chunk It’s c h o n k

    XOlie XXOlie X7 órája
  • “Corn pimple” lmao

    Ella Is DumbElla Is Dumb8 órája
  • Her says wall papper striper' my mom trying to hold her anger

    Dance pigeonDance pigeon8 órája
  • I would probably go on squishy late

    Jake HarmanJake Harman8 órája
  • Crunchy

    Aubrey ColemanAubrey Coleman9 órája
    • It is sunday

      Aubrey ColemanAubrey Coleman9 órája

    -Aliyah & Storm--Aliyah & Storm-9 órája
  • Crunchy

    Elizabeth StricklandElizabeth Strickland9 órája
  • Its not a dandoe lion

    Sara SloneSara Slone10 órája
  • First one you watched was quicksand believe me because my parents told me

    Aalizabeth PaulsonAalizabeth Paulson10 órája
  • both

    HH10 órája
  • Picking horse hoofs r the best kind of satisfying

    mala0320 mala0320mala0320 mala032010 órája
  • the sand by the water at the beach you keep stomping on it there

    Layla CampbellLayla Campbell11 órája
  • 8:55 Yeah I've seen this before.

    ZenMCgamerZenMCgamer11 órája
  • 5:46 oh my gosh. I used to do this alot.

    ZenMCgamerZenMCgamer11 órája
  • Crunshy

    Lulwa I love Lea ashLulwa I love Lea ash11 órája
  • that is quicksand

    Tag20 Melbourne ModulesTag20 Melbourne Modules12 órája
  • That cucumber looking thing is called a finger lime and you put it in salads and things like that

    Emily BillingsEmily Billings12 órája
  • 1:38 teachers: your walking on thin ice here Samantha sit down Me: well uh...

    Pati TrawaPati Trawa13 órája
  • I rather have the crunchy land

    Abiona GoodnessAbiona Goodness14 órája
  • Oh yeah, and Lia.. I hate to break it to you, but those clouds are deadly. RUN IF YOU ARE NEAR THEM

    The Zodiacs :DThe Zodiacs :D15 órája
  • M. There’s some thick mud like sand down at a lake in Victoria. Forget what it’s called, but it’s near westmont, the private school.

    The Zodiacs :DThe Zodiacs :D15 órája
  • Wow it’s actually Sunday for me lol

    Undertale PlayerUndertale Player15 órája
  • For me it's both I want squishy and crunchy

    madyll powaomadyll powao16 órája
  • Crunchy

    Galaxy BoyGalaxy Boy16 órája
  • 1:16 thats from football from the Colts or something

    J DanielJ Daniel16 órája
  • We got eat those green pea things when we went to go visit my high school it’s called a finger lime

    Ava LillieAva Lillie17 órája
  • It's sanday

    Marcyline KeruboMarcyline Kerubo17 órája
  • Nobody: literally nobody: SSSniperwolf DoNt Be ShY

    My cat MeowMy cat Meow17 órája
  • 3:13 *Me boop zoo zoo zoe zoe*

    PurpleNuts & MarkyPurpleNuts & Marky18 órája
  • Me seeing thee horse foot: Boi when was the last time that hoof was cleaned- Also me: Being a horse back rider and horse groomer-

    Sushi_ChuSushi_Chu19 órája
  • 5:47 the board is not board anymore because he went on a roller coaster 🎢

    Ninja GamersNinja Gamers19 órája
  • Sqishy because when I went in the snow I almost died because I was on a frozen lake and I almost Ed died

    Uraka Ochoaco HewoUraka Ochoaco Hewo19 órája
  • Love Love Love Love Love Love

    Peewee QueseaPeewee Quesea19 órája
  • You are most satisfying 🤤

    # include# include19 órája
  • OMG I own a Shetland pony and I clean his hoofs every week and its really satisfieing

    deva gamer YouTubedeva gamer YouTube19 órája
  • Me boot jujuju jujuju 😀 this is my moms tablet

    Santos I ContrerasSantos I Contreras21 órája
  • Hi

    Sophia McgheeSophia Mcghee21 órája
  • Everyone: Watermelon Sssniperwolf: WATERMELONE

    Literally_thats_ capLiterally_thats_ cap21 órája
  • mE BoOt zEo ZeO ZeO zEO ZeO ZeO

    Nataly PalominoNataly Palomino21 órája
  • I Was Bored So Why Not ?

    I Am Obsessed With Undertale and Gravity FallsI Am Obsessed With Undertale and Gravity Falls21 órája
  • I need the Soda Destroyer/Cookie Monster for my brother.

    I Am Obsessed With Undertale and Gravity FallsI Am Obsessed With Undertale and Gravity Falls21 órája
  • "What does it taste like? MySteRy FlAvOuR?" Me: Thinking of AirHeads...

    Lemon TubeLemon Tube21 órája
  • In my family we don't talk about trees because a tree fell on my house

    Henry - RobloxHenry - Roblox21 órája

      J DanielJ Daniel16 órája
  • Id walk on the crunchy land sooooooooooooooooooooooooo satisfying ☺

    Ayana KhanAyana Khan23 órája
  • hold up. she said "satisfying sunday" but it shows this was posted on jan 5 on a Tuesday.

    Teresa DecarloTeresa Decarlo23 órája
  • SHE DUN SAID FOR ME 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    LunarAltLunarAlt23 órája
  • 3:14 me and my nephew sing that all the time when he comes over Btw I’m on my dads acount

    Sean TidwellSean Tidwell23 órája
  • This video. Was on. Tuesday

    Ariana PerezAriana PerezNapja
  • Lady finger lemons I think there in austrailia mostly

    Faze Lachlan on Instagram 1Faze Lachlan on Instagram 1Napja
    • Very very expensive too

      Faze Lachlan on Instagram 1Faze Lachlan on Instagram 1Napja
  • it deepends like if the ice can support me if it can then i would choose ice

  • !

    Erika ZambranoErika ZambranoNapja
  • I would pick crunchy$

    Erika ZambranoErika ZambranoNapja
  • Me:it's a tractor.

    Haedyn HoslerHaedyn HoslerNapja
  • Sniperwolf:look at the truck.

    Haedyn HoslerHaedyn HoslerNapja
  • Why do you always say ooooooooohhhhooooooooooooooooooooooo

    stella and fluffystella and fluffyNapja