Most Expensive Cars of 2021

2021.ápr. 7.
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Most Expensive Cars in 2021

  • Harry wants that Bugatti until he sees how much it cost for an oil change and tires.

    Mayo 315Mayo 315Perce
  • Just did 50 sit ups and 100 push-ups feeling good gonna try keep it up!

    Code HarrygmbCode Harrygmb6 perccel
  • The Mercedes Ma.....kkk GLS?

    Fish PieFish Pie47 perccel
  • Josh is my type of dude, if it ain't got vroom vroom it ain't for me

    Samin ZarifSamin Zarif58 perccel
  • It's actually scary how picky and unintrested Simon is when it comes to cars, he choses a model x and thats such an a4 move imo

    NaniNani2 órája
  • 10:33 MY GUY!!

    JoJoJoJo4 órája
  • I gained way more respect for Harry because he loves cars, and especially Koenigsegg

    JoJoJoJo4 órája
  • What they don’t know is that the Centodieci is meant to pay homage to the EB110 with the hole air intake and smaller grille

    Godzilla GarageGodzilla Garage4 órája
  • 1:49 i now hate simon

    JoJoJoJo4 órája
  • 1:10 THANK YOU JOSH!!

    JoJoJoJo4 órája
  • true gta players know where we seen the austin martin valhalla

    malachi alexandermalachi alexander5 órája
  • Respect gained for Josh hating electric cars I agree.

    QuattroLad06QuattroLad065 órája
  • Yall need to get humbled these are all nice and Simon will agree with anyone says hate kids like that😂

    MifMif6 órája
  • Rolls Royce : looks amazing Simon : that’s butters Tesla comes on screen* Josh : that’s butters Simon being a bitch : how dare you

    LoGiiK GamesLoGiiK Games6 órája
  • Simon buys expensive tesla Hates on all cars 🤦‍♂️

    Drowzee YTDrowzee YT7 órája
  • One thing I’ve realised when listening to Simon on almost any video and his podcast is that he has an opinion on everything and he dislikes a lot of things

    Aatif MahmoodAatif Mahmood8 órája
  • Simon has shite taste in everything

    Zaid HajjajZaid Hajjaj8 órája
  • The GT3 cars are amazing

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan10 órája
  • They should react to best jdm cars🤩🤩🤩

    Ryan EddieRyan Eddie10 órája
  • Simon - "That is buff"

    raj meghwalraj meghwal10 órája
  • Hate when people say Porsch instead of Porsche😂

    Bartek LatawiecBartek Latawiec11 órája
  • the 1.3 mil car looks like the GTAV Vagner

    Zand BaltjeZand Baltje13 órája
  • I mean I can name some cars the will easily replace some of those cars in the list cost wise

    z python_z python_14 órája
  • *Laughs in Singapore* expensive??

    Justin seahJustin seah15 órája
  • The number 3 car looks like the Vagner in gta 5

    Jack ThomasJack Thomas17 órája
  • The holes on the centodiece are a throwback from the EB110

    Sammy HampsonSammy Hampson17 órája
  • Im dissapointed with y'all calling some of the most beautiful cars ugly :(

    Archit SinghArchit Singh17 órája
  • Alternate title: Simon says he doesn’t like cars for 13 mins

    BoneheadStratsBoneheadStrats19 órája
  • The Lagonda EV looks like a hot wheel that they made a real car or like something straight from Tron lol

    SaijuhrSaijuhr22 órája
  • 1:02 how dare you disrespect the best car dealership

    A Pimp Named SlickbackA Pimp Named Slickback23 órája
  • I've got Harold taste in cars. I'll take non 1

    Hannah SavageHannah SavageNapja
  • The Bugatti and the number 1 spot looks like venom

    Farhan Rafiq-HussainFarhan Rafiq-HussainNapja
    • *at

      Farhan Rafiq-HussainFarhan Rafiq-HussainNapja
  • Tesla’s are so ugly but Simon likes them. But beautiful excellence in a rolls or Bentley he’s like it’s ugly

    Paul KettnerPaul KettnerNapja

    Paul KettnerPaul KettnerNapja
  • When you realize the sidemen have no taste in cars

    purple facepurple faceNapja
  • Tobby Looks like he got another round of lip filler.

    HUDSON.COTE 102147HUDSON.COTE 102147Napja
  • 4 mins in and Simon is just pissing me off the fookin pencil

  • Was it just me that was trying to figure out what cars they are in gta

  • minter u have a mark from me for not liking porsche

  • I hate non car guys talking about cars and now ppl r gonna think I’m still in the fanboy phase

    Jinx GamingJinx GamingNapja
  • Josh said prius on steroids 😂😂🤣

    musadeq ahmadmusadeq ahmadNapja
  • Josh trying so hard to not be the boring sidemen by showing he has no personality saying he wants a car with a fuel engine 😂😂😂

    Ethan ParryEthan ParryNapja
  • They don't know shit about cars

    Kai WenzelKai WenzelNapja
  • Simon clearly dont know nowt about cars

    Jordan SouthernJordan SouthernNapja
  • U guys rlly need to stay away from the car thing😂

    Samuel WaitSamuel WaitNapja
  • Simon is NOT a car person. 😂

    raahul c graahul c gNapja
  • Finally someone said tesla is butters electric cars are overall shit

    S123. 56S123. 56Napja
  • Simon likes teslas but calls other cars ugly lmao

  • Why’s Simon being the biggest hater

    Noah JibreelNoah JibreelNapja
  • I’ve seen Simons wardrobe so I don’t take his taste in cars too serious 😂

  • This video pisses me off no taste In cars😅

  • The word ‘butters’ count - 54

    Nath RossNath RossNapja
  • An F1 car is 10million

    Andres FernandezAndres FernandezNapja
  • The cluttered footnote intralysosomally camp because gray unsurprisingly deliver an a living line. tacky, half lion

    Kristofer EscalanteKristofer EscalanteNapja
  • The average shop trivially choke because vegetarian typically dust astride a awesome squash. tacit, alleged lizard

    Claude PowellClaude PowellNapja
  • Amazing video love channel

    Chowder !Chowder !Napja
  • Spurs fans clicking off at 4:10

    ATP SynthaseATP SynthaseNapja
  • the mercedes uc seems cool never heard of it

    Nik ANik ANapja
  • simon: i dont like it He doesnt like ANY car on the vid like wtf

    Nader AlsadiNader AlsadiNapja
  • the tesla model x is fucking clapped hahaha yuck

    adam bassuniadam bassuniNapja
  • simon: that is ugly harry: its hideous simon shut up fam

    Nader AlsadiNader AlsadiNapja
  • My last name is Bentley They are actually the fastest car in snow

    Gunnerific GamingGunnerific GamingNapja
  • Valhalla looks like a gumpert

    Kotuku MackyKotuku MackyNapja
  • "most expensive cars" Simon: a tesla 🤦‍♂️Lmao

    Hippity HoppityHippity HoppityNapja
  • I love that Koenigsegg so much I made a shirt with it on it

    Matthew RiveraMatthew RiveraNapja
  • The price for to Ferrari sf90 in Singapore is roughly 1.35mil in US dollars while the 2020 Bugatti centodieci is already 8.97mil, can’t find how much the 2021 version costs

  • harry looking at the ceiling like that sent me 😭😭

    lianne sellslianne sellsNapja
  • Shut up

    Den 13Den 13Napja
  • The GLS is fucking beautiful interior and exterior

    Daily OffenderDaily OffenderNapja
  • Not josh calling a Tesla butters 🔪🔪

    Shawnta AndersonShawnta Anderson2 napja
  • 8:31 Sid from ice age

    Joshua NeillJoshua Neill2 napja
  • People really dont like anything new huh? I wanna live in a world with badass sci-fi designed cars and everyone keeps saying they’re shit? Wtf?!?!😂😂

    ValoxValox2 napja
  • No one gonna talk about how the narrator sounds like Technoblade?? Okay.. Just me?

    lollol2 napja
  • Great video. ☺️

    Joshua Hall a.k.a. ControllaJoshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla2 napja
  • Bro, car companies now all have the same dude who’s like “let’s take the front bumper of our sports car and put it on the body of an suv” 🥴

    _ Søulless_ Søulless2 napja
  • Confirmed: The sidemen have car taste of a 8 year old toddler

    Chenyung emperorChenyung emperor2 napja
  • I feel like the mercedes is the best

    Ali JogićAli Jogić2 napja
  • Bro Simon is Gordon Ramsay secret brother

    Carlos BoomerCarlos Boomer2 napja
  • The bugatti centodieci has the 5 holes in the side to commemorate the bugatti eb110 as wel Las the rest of the car, it was a car that was brought out for bugattis 110 year anniversary and that's why its called centodieci which 110 in French (the country where bugatti is from)

    joka745joka7452 napja
  • Ive been in a super sport it is insane not normal i dont have any word to discribe how it feels lije

    Michael AlbrechtMichael Albrecht2 napja
  • You can just tell they ain't car guys

    RoffelcoppterRoffelcoppter2 napja
  • I feel like such a poser but i prefer older cars idk why. F40, lancer evo, supra, ford gt40

    Cedric PetersCedric Peters2 napja
  • Tobcumizzle

    Fin The HumanFin The Human2 napja
  • Lmao Harry at 8:06 onwards 🤣🤣 💀

    Marty BrydeMarty Bryde2 napja
  • That's future of cars

    Viraj ChogaleViraj Chogale2 napja
  • (:The Homer Simpson car futuristic version is like ksi's Forehead :)

    DestructionAzul1 ProDestructionAzul1 Pro2 napja
  • as a car guy, this video made me die inside

    Shaurya SShaurya S2 napja
  • These man got no taste in cars lmao

    Alexander DiazAlexander Diaz2 napja
  • Man what about lamborgini urus ????? Wtf

    Az FAz F2 napja
  • dont like simon anymore that hes a tesla wanker

    Will MooreWill Moore2 napja
  • My respect for Simon📉📉📉 My respect for Josh 📈📈📈

    Abu AmodAbu Amod2 napja
  • Simon likes Tesla’s Smh

    GaaraGaara2 napja
  • My Dad has that Porsche

    2smooth2smooth2 napja
  • Prius on steroids 😂😂😭😭

    TaherTaher2 napja
  • React to Ideal Media Most expensive cars

    Glen DiasGlen Dias2 napja
  • How on earth did simon call a porsche taychan stinky

    SA4045SA40452 napja
  • Unpopular Opinion: The Aston Martin Valhalla looks like the Dewbawchee Vagner from GTA V

    WingzWingz2 napja
  • For these cars to be most expensive, I would’ve thought the cost would’ve been way higher

    Matthew LloydMatthew Lloyd2 napja
  • For these cars to be most expensive, I would’ve thought the cost would’ve been way higher

    Matthew LloydMatthew Lloyd2 napja
  • All the cars that I saw in this video are very ugly and impractical And very expensive Only fools With a lot of bloody money will buy it

    Adil AchahbarAdil Achahbar2 napja