MORTAL KOMBAT "Sub-Zero VS Scorpion" Trailer (NEW 2021)

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MORTAL KOMBAT "Sub-Zero VS Scorpion" Trailer (NEW 2021) MK Movie
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    • Yeah same here

      Chris MissionChris Mission23 órája
    • Me2

      Starlin GermosenStarlin GermosenNapja

    • @Дара Лионель I AM SUBZERØ

    • Hara kiri

      Johnny KlebitzJohnny Klebitz6 napja
  • Hmm i don't see Johnny Cage.

    Bam BamBam Bam4 órája
  • 0:33 man if that didn't give you the chills than you're a scorpion fan

    Allanplayz01Allanplayz015 órája
  • Subzero is the best

    Jordan WrightJordan Wright6 órája
  • guys! I guess you forgot adding part of "get over here!" !

    gdonepiecegdonepiece6 órája
  • 0:22 Scorpion: *GET THE FUCK OVER HERE* !!

    Ovan TriEdgeOvan TriEdge8 órája
  • A little spoiler: Sub-Zero & Scorpion will work together in the future.

    randomesis channelrandomesis channel10 órája
  • I am here for Duffy-Chan

    MikachunoMikachuno11 órája
  • GeT Over Here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    PAVANKUmarPAVANKUmar13 órája
  • I heard from many that the new mortal Kombat movie was a huge disappointment...rating 3 /10....should have let Micheal bay direct the movie though...

    Muhd FaizMuhd Faiz13 órája
  • Ow man I cant wait

    Jak DumanJak Duman17 órája
  • Scorpion is winner

    Puppet MasterPuppet Master18 órája
  • those contacts are trash just use cgi smh

    EnterTheV01DEnterTheV01D19 órája
  • Iam here for Fatality

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne20 órája
  • Cool trailer 🔥

    candyman111881candyman11188121 órája
  • Rating : 3/5 stars

    仮面ライダー仮面ライダー23 órája
  • I just want to see the original mk story.... That being said Hiroyuki Sanda and Joe taslim as subzero and scorpion has me so hype for this movie!! I'm sure they will fuck the shit out of the story but at least we got that and kung Loa!!! Lol

  • God damn I'm so excited for this movie and it actually looks really really good. No hokey shit as it looks like they are taking this very serious with the tone.

    Doctor LoveDoctor LoveNapja
  • Thank u lord for technology..i am watchn this

    Precious JewelPrecious JewelNapja
  • Joe Taslim anjeenggg 🔥🔥🔥

    JW PromundurrJW PromundurrNapja
  • GORO !!!

    Alip AjipAlip AjipNapja
  • Well i know for sure my POB teacher mr. Rattan go be here 😂

    Absolutely EverythingggAbsolutely EverythingggNapja
  • Finaly a REAL MK Movie!

  • I actually like scorpions “get over here” lol it adds a sense of realism

    blu Eblu ENapja
  • Team scorpion

    El DaniEl DaniNapja
  • I got HBO max for one reason and one reason only. This is it.

    George HuffGeorge HuffNapja

    shshdhdhdhsnsjjens shshushssbwhhwhshshdhdhdhsnsjjens shshushssbwhhwhNapja
  • #TeamSubzero

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  • I had no idea this was happening but I was searching for MK songs for my mp3 player for summer workouts and suddenly see this. I just hope the songs are good and play into the old school feel. The looks already are much better than the past movies from the 90's, but if the music is all oriental and Japanese themed then I fear it won't have the same impact on us millenials, but hey we might not be the target audience anymore so I'm OK with this.

    CelExampleCelExample2 napja
  • SCORPION WINS FATALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why did they let sonya blade kill off kano? Stupid part in movie..

    0070072 napja
  • Scorpions "get over here" is kind of a let down to me. Needed more authority in his voice like there was in the old movie.

    Kerrogrin KerrogrinKerrogrin Kerrogrin2 napja
  • My fave chara : Scorpion

    KASAMAGO networkKASAMAGO network2 napja
  • Get Over Here!

    Мощь СолнцаМощь Солнца2 napja
  • Scorpion is dis get over here!!

    Luis BermeoLuis Bermeo2 napja
  • Sub zero be like sub zero

    Luis BermeoLuis Bermeo2 napja
  • Scorpion ❤️🔥

    zOdiac YTzOdiac YT2 napja
  • yesterday I watched a movie, just gorgeous!!!

    Green PanteraGreen Pantera2 napja
    • You sure yeah? BIg fan of MK here.. Wanting to see it badly!

      LegioNNairE`.LegioNNairE`.2 napja
  • Who y’all got? Scorpion or subzero?

    WilsonPlayz 01WilsonPlayz 012 napja
  • The trailer is so badass but some of the clips I’ve seen looks disappointing.

    Yee LoYee Lo2 napja
  • sub zero froze scorpion blood into dagger and then stab scorpion then the wall made of ice and then throw him straight to a wall ice😁

    Margret ValaMargret Vala3 napja
  • Kung lao and cole shao Khan goro Liu Kang Kano Sonya Raiden Jax mileena scorpion and sub zero

    Margret ValaMargret Vala3 napja
  • They fucked scorpions one line...dam!!!!

    Stuart CrosbyStuart Crosby3 napja
  • Mortal failure

    dominic bradydominic brady3 napja
  • this time mortal kombat comity should use tony jaa for liu kang

    HF SnkHF Snk3 napja
  • Special ED Scorpion Getovaerrrrrrr.... Dude sounds like he needs to hop back on the Short Bus..

    T DogT Dog3 napja
  • I know it sounds silly, but if the cheesy soundtrack from Techno Syndrome isn't a part of this movie, its gonna fail.

    Jesper Steen JensenJesper Steen Jensen3 napja
  • I am sub zero

    SanicAnhSanicAnh3 napja
  • i want Joker in this movie

    Shkelqim HoxhaShkelqim Hoxha3 napja

  • Wowowowowowo

    Frankie SumFrankie Sum3 napja
  • Noob siabot

    Alfesh KhokharAlfesh Khokhar3 napja
  • The 2 k dislikes are from street fighter and tekan fans

    Dyls DrumzDyls Drumz3 napja
  • I hope they don't kill each other I love Sub zero and I love scorpion

    Porn Is for losersPorn Is for losers3 napja
  • "the exact same day", because "same day" is too confusing?

    JawnJawn3 napja
  • they are all mortals

    Alex FoxAlex Fox3 napja
    • #joebiden

      Alex FoxAlex Fox3 napja
  • Scropion is the best,,,**Get Over Here** 🙂🙂

    Shuvo AhmedShuvo Ahmed3 napja
  • Why they never use different characters except for the same characters its a no for me

    Damien KnoxDamien Knox3 napja
  • Scorpion will destroy evil sub zero

    Haris GtrHaris Gtr3 napja
  • for every minute I hear you ear

    lerrine kowlerrine kow3 napja
  • Scorpion Forever!

    TBS NotTBS Not3 napja
  • For ice and fire! Fatality!

    ej_ soul_jahej_ soul_jah4 napja
  • Yes Sub Zero is going to show Scorpion who's BOSS

    Rudell HuffRudell Huff4 napja
  • Johnny cage doesn’t have to be in the movie for it to be good like I don’t understand why he has to be in it

    French FriesFrench Fries4 napja
  • Needs reptile and smoke.

    JeffcatbuckeyeJeffcatbuckeye4 napja
  • So this is in theaters and hbo max.... When?

    Elias OrtegaElias Ortega4 napja
    • April 23

      King SharkKing Shark3 napja
  • Scorpion ls like batman Subzero is like joker

    Rahul YouTubeRahul YouTube4 napja
  • Team scorpion

    Rahul OpRahul Op4 napja
  • Note: Trailers are deadly for Sub Zero because he always gets his ass kicked in them

    dethmemeddethmemed4 napja
    • @Lastjustice I think you missed their point/joke

      Kay CarterKay CarterNapja
    • He obviously dies in this fight if it takes place after Scorpion is killed and returns as a spectre. If Scorpion is among the living then he's the one who will bite it. (There's been some talk of this being a prequel to the first game's story.)

  • Кто из России, всем привет

    Владимир ЯщенкоВладимир Ященко4 napja
  • Wow! They got Sgt. Jaka from The Raid to play as Sub-Zero. Nice!

    Matthew Kevin ObispoMatthew Kevin Obispo4 napja
  • It has begun

    Angel GarciaAngel Garcia4 napja

    David LopezDavid Lopez4 napja
  • Is this subzero Bi-han or Kuai liang?

    Gurf GurfGurf Gurf5 napja
  • I’m here for scorpian

    Green Is DripGreen Is Drip5 napja
  • Guys, make sure you do not have high expectations. It might ruin the movie for you. Just saying.

    AdamRee1940AdamRee19405 napja
  • This movie will suck ash. Will never be better than the original.

    Danny LuDanny Lu5 napja
  • Yo it’s shit looks so dope. I hope it lives up to the hype

    Snow LeopardSnow Leopard5 napja
  • Scorpion's chain going too fast that even the camera can do a 180 movement, Sub Zero somehow after a manicure momentum, turn fast by merely luck, to catch the scorpion chain, leaving Scorpion with a Pikachu face. Another beautiful Mortal Kombat Movie, cant wait!.

    WowAroundWowAround5 napja
  • To all you DISLIKERS.... GET OVER HERE!!!!!

    BREDSBREDS5 napja
  • In theatre and hbo max the exact same day but we wont tell you what day.

    Aljussie SmollingAljussie Smolling5 napja
  • If they keep scorpion's " *GET* *OVER* *HERE* " as "ge ova hea" I'm not watching it

    tommy wintertommy winter5 napja
    • Mad because they are from their country n not WHITE with blue eyes 😂 nobody cares if you watch it or not.

      Big Pimping Big No SippingBig Pimping Big No SippingNapja
    • scorpio japaneese, sub zero i chineese

      Jesper Steen JensenJesper Steen Jensen3 napja
  • I’m just hoping raiden does his flying death cry

    Pineapple HeadPineapple Head6 napja
  • This shit literally looks like a HUworld directed movie 😂😂😂 this shit looks so wack. Characters don’t even look and sound the same. They literally have a buff Steve Harvey playing as jax 🤡

    Deez NutzDeez Nutz6 napja
  • Aint no one ever grab Scpoin spear am i right .i know im right

    Johnny RiveraJohnny Rivera6 napja
  • Get over here !!!

    ScorpionX3ScorpionX36 napja
  • I'm going to scream in the theater, "F*** YEAH," the minute I hear that sound: 🎶📣MORTAL KOMBAT🎶🎹🎹🎹🎹

    Andrew ArteagaAndrew Arteaga6 napja
  • team scorpion!!!!!!!

    matias gutierrezmatias gutierrez6 napja
  • This will be the most violent movie I will see in my life (well then I expected)

    Dawn SoberanisDawn Soberanis6 napja
  • They've kept talking about sticking to source and Jax already has cybernetic arms? ...aight.

    LagbaitLagbait6 napja
  • I'm here for scorpion 🔗⛓️🔪🔥🔥🔥

    An Trần HoàngAn Trần Hoàng6 napja
  • Indo ada ga?

    Muhamad Ageng Abdul azizMuhamad Ageng Abdul aziz6 napja
  • Sub Zero🤩😍

    Hammer GammerHammer Gammer6 napja
  • Scorpion 🦂 🔥🦂🔥

    ErnvyErnvy7 napja
  • They just need to give scorpion the same deep monsterious voice cuz that “Get over here” sounded weak ash

    Rave InstinctRave Instinct7 napja
    • That is his accent. Scorpion is Japanese. It has to be authentic and realistic.

      AdamRee1940AdamRee19405 napja

    Raşit SevenRaşit Seven7 napja

    Bryan GarciaBryan Garcia7 napja
  • I want to see friendship !!! 🎂

    KevinKevin7 napja

    Damien WeldDamien Weld7 napja