morshu, but he sold the rope!

2021.febr. 5.
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A happy ending!
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  • Doobus wasnt wearing the necklace right, so Morshu tightened it.

    Grinder` 74Grinder` 7412 órája
  • Sell the rope to sayori

    rev3nantrev3nant14 órája
  • *le gasp* R U B I E S

    Brown ChocolateBrown Chocolate21 órája
  • Unfortunately by how large his left hand is Morshu has cancer

    Cody AndrewsCody AndrewsNapja
  • Nice sequel

    You_Should_Stop_Now_ Boi_You_Should_Stop_Now_ Boi_Napja

    Connor The GreatConnor The Great2 napja
  • "You know what, keep the change. This is a good necklace." :O *RUBIES*

    Haziq BaikHaziq Baik2 napja
  • Achievement Get! The Good Ending

    CosmicWalrusCosmicWalrus2 napja
  • I like to watch"Morshu, but he only has rope" then watch click on this right after so it's like a sale

    Twirly puppyTwirly puppy2 napja
  • doobus gave morshu rupee :)

    GilgameshGilgamesh2 napja
  • 0:04

    как сказочный патрулькак сказочный патруль3 napja
  • 🙂👌

    Superkneppird KSuperkneppird K3 napja
  • Nice guy

    Some GuySome Guy3 napja
  • Morshu's not such a bad guy, as long as you have enough rubies.

    DiomedesIsHitDiomedesIsHit3 napja
  • rupies :D

    IsMe GamesIsMe Games5 napja
  • R U P E E E S

    T-posing Showa GodzillaT-posing Showa Godzilla5 napja
  • It was fun Been crazy at the same time I watch another video and edit the video titles in Marshall only has one rope rope

    Vanessa ConatserVanessa Conatser5 napja
  • Bonbs

    Davi Miranda FélixDavi Miranda Félix5 napja
  • *Thats all rope* *"i get it"*

    ANGELO NemenzoANGELO Nemenzo5 napja
  • Rubies

    Jaedon RobinsonJaedon Robinson6 napja
  • Me: Wait, it's all rope? ???: Always has been...

    Vinicius ManieriVinicius Manieri6 napja
  • I like how morshu was like :O when he say the rupees

    Deadly DemonDeadly Demon6 napja
  • He then bought bombs with the money

    Riley RobinsonRiley Robinson6 napja
  • 0:06 Thats all rope!

    BaldfoxxBaldfoxx7 napja
  • Luckily he didn't sell bombs (or maybe he still did have bombs)

    vann chauvann chau7 napja
  • That’s all ropes

    ji xuanji xuan7 napja
  • :D is good ending

    Wan AfiqWan Afiq8 napja
  • You should totally make that necklace your merchandise

    Brodie HollandBrodie Holland8 napja
  • New meme in 2021: *ROPE*

    Sans UndermanSans Underman8 napja
  • 0:04

    hospyhospy8 napja
  • The nice ending

    wafflecakewafflecake8 napja
  • Imagine only lamp oil

    MoltE͋ͅn 2010MoltE͋ͅn 20108 napja
  • 0:04 the best word in the world

    FilcerFilcer8 napja
  • Rubies

    B&P company memberB&P company member8 napja
  • *t h a t s a l l r o p e*

  • I love how Morshu has one smol tiny hand and one absolutely fucking massive hand.

    Your local big ladYour local big lad8 napja
  • 0.07 is a cursed image

    Tammie JacksonTammie Jackson9 napja
  • Shots in the head*

    • ;-;

    • MY TEXT

  • Yay

    Sophie ChiaravallotiSophie Chiaravalloti9 napja
  • Rope

    Imagination RafeImagination Rafe9 napja
  • What's the bad ending?

    Jeco75Jeco759 napja
  • subscribed,keep the change my good man

    Nightmarefuel fan ItaNightmarefuel fan Ita9 napja
  • He said RUBIES while he’s holding only one ruby lol

  • Yesssssss

    tem gachatem gacha9 napja
  • what a funny morshu 😅

    DimaLine303 - МайнкрафтDimaLine303 - Майнкрафт9 napja
  • And so he continued to offer bombs...

    SasgoSasgo9 napja
  • good ending

    boserboser10 napja
  • Rupies :3

  • I mean, it was a good necklace

    EPapiEPapi10 napja
  • Rubies

    Bert Lin_YTBert Lin_YT10 napja
  • Radioactive Pelo lol

    SharkOfwallter 3SharkOfwallter 310 napja
  • Wait its been a rope all time ?

    NCR veteran rangerNCR veteran ranger10 napja
  • 0:04

    Francesco BrunoFrancesco Bruno10 napja
  • R U P E E S

    DT RailDT Rail10 napja
  • That's all, Link!

    Ростислав НиколаенкоРостислав Николаенко10 napja
  • good for him :)

    IceBerk AnimationsIceBerk Animations10 napja
  • The ending is from Felix The Cat it said "That's all folks

    joanne heysjoanne heys10 napja
  • Rope necklace: Avoid getting near trees 10 DEF 20 style

    Mike NoobMike Noob10 napja
  • ♦️ R o O p E e S ♦️

    Kyran KaraitianaKyran Karaitiana11 napja
  • "The impossible" ending

    Jervy FilmsJervy Films11 napja
  • Well he didn't actually got shoot

    Eza_3541Eza_354111 napja
  • proud of him

    Oven MittsOven Mitts11 napja
  • Rope bombs?

    LoganStudioLoganStudio11 napja
  • lamp oil?

    j1gsvwj1gsvw11 napja
  • 1,000th comment

    epicmememasterxdepicmememasterxd11 napja
  • The good ending:

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez11 napja
  • Why is Morshu’s hand sooooooooooooo big

    MinmassGamingMinmassGaming11 napja
  • Yes

    Kim DruinKim Druin11 napja
  • That’s all ropes

    BupDuppersBupDuppers11 napja
  • Wow he finally got the ruby’s :D

    Brennan ThompsonBrennan Thompson11 napja
  • *Rupees*

    NameName11 napja
  • who is the brocolli-looking drawing?

    iDestroy RebelsiDestroy Rebels11 napja
  • is anybody gonna talk about his extremely big hand

    NoobyBuilderNoobyBuilder11 napja
  • :O R.U.B.I.E.S.

    BingBing12 napja
  • 0:03

    Ayumi Gust-AndersonAyumi Gust-Anderson12 napja
  • I can now listen to looney tunes theme 2.25 faster than I ever could before

    Michael CartwrightMichael Cartwright12 napja
  • The ruby endung

    Happydoggo 735Happydoggo 73512 napja
  • Should' ve said ROPEes

    Classic Guy YTClassic Guy YT12 napja
  • It still suprised me that this video has a million views but can’t even make it to 1000 comments probably because they to busy looking at this masterpiece

    Mario MarioMario Mario12 napja
  • The wholesome ending.

    Ross YantoRoss Yanto12 napja
  • Wait it’s all rope

    Random BoiRandom Boi12 napja
  • This is somehow wholesome and not cursed at all The smile makes everyone feel better

    Anag 9005Anag 900512 napja
  • no hate on morshu but i literally hate how he holds rupees it makes me uncomfortable

    PacificOceanPacificOcean12 napja
  • His hands remind me of nemo

    I'm very hungryI'm very hungry12 napja
  • OMFG A DREAM MONSTER IS N MONSTER LEGENDS (or it’s just a scam to get more people getting their game)

    DuolingoDuolingo12 napja
  • Gasp *”r u p e e s”*

    Hoobie ScoobisonHoobie Scoobison12 napja
  • 0:04 rubbys

    muzaffer6666muzaffer666612 napja
  • wait where's alternative ending of this

    Gustavo GuiomarGustavo Guiomar12 napja
  • *rupees.*

    IISonic // IITailsIISonic // IITails12 napja
  • He has a bri ish smile

    I like BurgersI like Burgers12 napja
  • :O

    Enzo Garcia PetragliaEnzo Garcia Petraglia12 napja
  • 0:04 Why not

    cuphead channel.cuphead channel.12 napja
  • When you come back richer

    DOGSDOGS13 napja
  • Like how morshus left hand is big as a dino and right as small as a ant

    Aryart 14Aryart 1413 napja
  • That smile, that damn smile

    Dominic MathisDominic Mathis13 napja
  • Good end :)

    The MasterThe Master13 napja
  • The ultra perfect ending

    CAVERO MATIAS Alejandro DanielCAVERO MATIAS Alejandro Daniel13 napja
  • "Necklace" You okay dude?

    「Salo」「Salo」13 napja
  • POV: 6 year olds after getting 5 dollars.

    lememe 1234lememe 123413 napja
    • *gasp* r u p e e s!

      pyro terrarianpyro terrarian12 napja

    peacockpeacock13 napja