More Jorvik Wild Horses have arrived! 😄😍🐎

170 386 Megtekintés

As Wildwoods lays at your feet to be discovered, five majestic Jorvik WIld Horses will appear by Redwood Point!😍
These horses showcase wild colors and will be great companions on your coming adventures. The horses come in the colors Mantle Striped Bay, Mantle Striped Buckskin, Sapphire Blue Roan, Sapphire White and Mantle Silver Bay.
Just like the other Jorvik Wild Horses, these ones have three unique mane styles, can lie down on command (just press Spacebar when standing still while riding your Jorvik Wild Horse) and even have their own special gait! Keep your horse at a walk and ask it to speed up while holding down the Shift key to ride in this beautiful gait!
Also like the other Jorvik Wild Horses, these horses go for 975 Star Coins.
Have you ever met the Embermane?🧡 You will find this blazing horse in Fort Pinta throughout the remainder of the year.
This unique horse will be available both in the Star Stable Horses App (where it will be added in the upcoming app update!) and in Star Stable Online! You will be able to buy Embermane in Star Stable Online for the remainder of 2020, while it’s a permanent addition to Star Stable Horses. You can download and play Star Stable Horses for free on iOS and Android.
Embermane will be yours for 975 Star Coins no matter if you choose to get it through Star Stable Horses or Star Stable Online.
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