Mobbed by Raccoons (25) Tuesday Night 03 Nov 2020

2020.nov. 3.
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it was snowing with freezing temperatures and the raccoons were super hungry and knew they had to stock up for the long winter

  • Give tha chubby bois 90000000 hot dogs

    Solar IguanaSolar IguanaPerce
  • Old ladies at a park: Here's some bread crumbs for you birdies! This guy: Here raccoons, have some grapes and hotdogs.

    Connor ClemmonsConnor Clemmons6 perccel
  • It’s really sad that this video has no ads on it ): he isn’t making anymore money to feed his raccoons

    Spastic MonkeySpastic Monkey7 perccel
  • 0:57 Looks like a giant tick on 1 of the Coons.

    Lee ZeaLee Zea14 perccel
  • LOVE IT😍

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  • 👏👏👏👏

    Lee'a Octavia HoetabaratLee'a Octavia Hoetabarat49 perccel
  • What a wonderful human, we all should help our wildlife. This is raccoon heaven. They're too often vilified, so it's great to watch this video.

    S HS HÓrája
  • look at those spoiled chubby raccoons.

    Lovely PieLovely PieÓrája
  • it has the same feeling of the one video of all the cats at the door but instead its a bunch of raccoons

    Shippy WippyShippy WippyÓrája
  • Just don't order any donuts in this city. Cookie for you if ye get the reference. 😂

    AJ DAJ DÓrája
  • How can we send hotdogs to you?

    Below My LevelBelow My LevelÓrája
  • Thank you

    Below My LevelBelow My LevelÓrája
  • Pom poko!

  • I'm here to get slapped by a raccoon Yes, I'd pay

    chile lemme just-chile lemme just-Órája
  • These raccoons eat so well, they’re so big 😭😭💀💀

    MaksimMaksim2 órája
  • So many trash pandas in one location. :v

    The Red Sterling Mc'BaeThe Red Sterling Mc'Bae2 órája
  • i love ur hat james :)

    midtmidt2 órája
  • those are some fatass raccoons

  • raccoon monch asmr

    JojiniChazzJojiniChazz2 órája
  • Mobbed by Raccoons GRATS JAMES on 12 plus mill views...=P

  • My mom and I used to feed the raccoons back when we lived in West Virginia. I miss the way they gently took food from our hands - they're very polite creatures, sometimes! I'm glad you're looking after these ones. Please tell Sammy his tail is gorgeous and HUworld loves him.

    Morgan NaviauxMorgan Naviaux2 órája
  • That's crazy. Pretty well behaved. Raccoons are scrawny here in Georgia 🇺🇸. Enjoy your pack.

    Kc BakosKc Bakos2 órája
  • Look at all those trash pandas

    Peeing ManPeeing Man2 órája
  • That's the darndest thing I've seen in a while! Never before have I heard of so many coons gathering around a human, and on his deck, no less. Truly amazing. But I have a concern. Where I live, there are LOTS of brown bears. Some folks call them grizzlies. If they get used to getting food where there are people around, they will keep coming back to that spot. It's what happens when bears become habituated to human food. They will literally tear into a house if it's a known food spot. I hope those coons don't get any ideas like that. They are smart and can get into all kinds of places. Instant LIKE! What a video. Greetings from Alaska.

    Shipfixer 2006Shipfixer 20063 órája
  • Here from Danny's video.

    NAAGNAAG3 órája
    • Same

      DrizzileDrizzile48 perccel
  • Those are some big bois

    Caustic gamerCaustic gamer3 órája
  • The sound they make eating the grapes is so awesome. This whole vid is awesome. I really enjoyed it!

    Jenn ChycoskiJenn Chycoski3 órája
    • Watched it right to the end. He's such a kind man. Warms my heart :)

      Jenn ChycoskiJenn Chycoski2 órája
  • Dont feed the animals ! Just because you can doesnt make it moral or healthy

    Jills McfarlandJills Mcfarland3 órája
  • coolest thing ever

    keytschkeytsch3 órája
  • James, you're a good man. I wish more people were as kind as you are.

    audrey colmanaudrey colman3 órája
  • Amazing.

    Just ME OnlymeJust ME Onlyme3 órája
  • The raccoon breed started when a fox, a cat and a rat had threesome.

    Rick RickyRick Ricky4 órája
  • *_Feels great to be popular, and he's named them all._* 👀👀👀👀👀👀

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  • food shortage

    Daniel CarneyDaniel Carney4 órája
  • oh god

    Daniel CarneyDaniel Carney4 órája
  • This is sweet and all but you really shouldn't feed wildlife because it would encourage them not to want to hunt for their own food anymore and it also encourages them to want to stay in the city and we all know what eventually happens to animals that stay in the city they either get hit by cars or shot by animal control, again I know you're trying to be sweet which is good and all but I wouldn't recommend that, regardless you are a sweet old man!

    Nya PaytonNya Payton4 órája
  • I love how each racoon takes just one hotdog at a time. Instead of one racoon hoarding all of the hotdogs and then decides to RESELL THEM FOR DOUBLE OR EVEN TRIPLE THE PRICE!!!!! I MEAN IF EVERYONE JUST BUYS ONE PLAYSTATION 5 THERE WOULD BE PLENTY TO GO AROUND!!!! 😭😭😭😭

    Truth HurtsTruth Hurts4 órája
  • i sware i heard at 6:10 one of them say fart vanilla. lol

    Just a thoughtJust a thought4 órája
  • Love it!!

  • Not one of them said thank you. :-)

    MegaSkills9MegaSkills94 órája
  • I love this so much, I love raccoons and all animals really. And it warms my heart when people treat them well. Even though they are wild animals and can feed themselves, they’re cold and could use some help filling their bellies. What a wonderful man he is.

    Mara M.Mara M.4 órája
  • 0:57 Maximum chewing ferocity

    Zachary K.Zachary K.4 órája
  • His hat 😭

    DD AllinDD Allin4 órája
  • We need to domesticate raccoons IMMEDIATELY.

    alli alli bo ballialli alli bo balli4 órája
  • I'm Team Connor

    Chris CarrChris Carr4 órája
  • Chunky bois

    julienouellet1julienouellet14 órája
  • Con nào con nấy ú nu

    Trân LýTrân Lý4 órája
  • If someone asked me what “chonk” means I would show them this video

    yeppeoyeppeo4 órája
  • The only item on my bucket list now.

    Chris CarrChris Carr4 órája
  • if i ever have stale cookies and bread, i would just chuck them at raccoons and theyd eat them up real quick!

    Sarah JacobsSarah Jacobs4 órája
  • You talk to your raccoons like I talk to my cats. We might be soulmates.

    Sierra WeirSierra Weir5 órája
  • Subscribed today. Me gusta un hombre con un corazón muy grande.

    Santiago GasparSantiago Gaspar5 órája
  • Night of the Living racoons

    She's my PresidentShe's my President5 órája
  • This is my all-time favorite HUworld video. So cute!! =)

    MicheleMichele5 órája
  • You are one with nature

    Link InkLink Ink5 órája
  • Cute big boogers

    musclesmuscles5 órája
  • The only bad thing about this video is it's not monetized..😪

    Jahnny PacfroyJahnny Pacfroy5 órája
  • I have a lot of respect for this man I truly do keep being you sir

    Riley KiedaischRiley Kiedaisch5 órája
  • came here from Danny Gonzalez and CinnamonToastKen XD i hope his family keeps doing this for him once he passes...

    Ashley KennedyAshley Kennedy5 órája
  • I hope to hell that his grandkids/kids come to visit often. If this guy was my grandpa id be there on a daily basis. :0

    Sonya KowalewskaSonya Kowalewska5 órája
  • That’s why I love old people they are so wise and kind

    المخضوبي الهاجريالمخضوبي الهاجري5 órája
  • One day there's a hundred thousand raccoons surrounding his house like yup this is the spot

    Ben BenjaminsBen Benjamins5 órája

    raerae836raerae8365 órája
  • is it just me or did i expect the video to be from like 6 years ago?

    Great HeyGreat Hey5 órája
    • Not just you

  • Weird & disgusting.

  • 1:50 I cant get enough of this!! So awesome

    Chairman MeowChairman Meow5 órája
  • woah. those trash pandas are plump af.

    Jed PabloJed Pablo5 órája
  • Did anyone else see that raccoon just snatch the others food away 🤭

    Woof Crime45Woof Crime456 órája
  • Thank you Danny Gonzalez

    CarrrlyCarrrly6 órája
  • Pokemon

    Robert CheekRobert Cheek6 órája
  • This is great, however I wouldn’t do this because then they’ll keep coming back.

    Str8 LackinStr8 Lackin6 órája
  • Откуда столько енотиков? Добрый человек. Спасибо ему! Толстенькие такие!

    Ирина ТимашковаИрина Тимашкова6 órája
  • Those are some chunky raccoons. Down here in Florida their considerably thinner. They seem pretty stupid down here so I'm sure they voted for Trump.

    FDC 1FDC 16 órája
  • ^ this guy^ hey you, why don't you get a dumbwaiter ... or drawbridge/ porch gate? .. you know they won't leave you ever...and they will bring their babies. I know.. I have already done this .. dang monsters had me collecting wasted meat patties in a giant trash bag like some psycho at Wendy's every freaking night. ..

    Julie AdamsJulie Adams6 órája
  • That's so sweet of you to do for the critters

    Kit MillerKit Miller6 órája

    Ryan ChaseRyan Chase6 órája
  • When 30 cute baby hairballs turn into 30 giant and demanding bears.... I gotta beat you to Walmart buddy 😆 🤣 😂

    Julie AdamsJulie Adams6 órája
  • I love my raccoons. MawMaw started out coming up to steal my cats' leftovers and eventually just took to me after figuring out that I bring the food after watching from afar. Now the two mamas bring their kids every new litter and the number that show up multiply every year. It takes the new arrivals a few months to warm up to me but once they do, they're friends for their lives. I don't pet any of them but the one I call MawMaw because she's OLD and I've had her around me for roughly 5 years now and we can trust each other. The only time I never need to be cautious when she has a new litter because her maternal instinct just makes her protective. To the dislikers: trade places with these little guys when there's no food around and see how well you fare when the supply is scarce, as it is in the winter months. This fella is saving a lot of their lives from a slow and painful death from starvation. A lot don't make it thanks to mankind as it is and every creature is part of the ecosystem. So he's just doing his pat to make up for the ones that starve, or get killed by predators, or become roadkill. So to You James Blackwood - Raccoon Whisperer, I say Thank you for helping these little fellers out. They are amazing intelligent creatures and more people need to get that.

    Mike AllenMike Allen6 órája
  • That’s so beautiful what you do for them. ❤️🙏🏼

    Brooke FordBrooke Ford6 órája
  • How did I just find out about this guy he has been feeding raccoons since, and maybe even before, 2011

    the awesome 1the awesome 16 órája
  • Watching your videos is so heartwarming. It reminds me to be a better person and be kinder to others.

    elaknalon23elaknalon236 órája
  • Everyone eats around here

    Treeseason TreeTreeseason Tree6 órája
  • I love the one eating on your shoulder. Is that Buddy?

    Kyon JiKyon Ji6 órája
  • Jim, how long do these guys stay with you?

    Kyon JiKyon Ji6 órája
  • i watched Danny's video and now this was in my recomended..

    coralie leduccoralie leduc6 órája
  • Poor raccoon just sitting and not getting to eat a grape

    Skater EhSkater Eh6 órája
  • You need to monetize your videos

    gladitsnotmegladitsnotme7 órája
  • Those are some fatcoons

    Hyuka Blake AshfordHyuka Blake Ashford7 órája
  • has anyone shown this to Joel

    Mouse RatMouse Rat7 órája
  • Who else is here from danny

    TorontoTheKidTorontoTheKid7 órája
  • Very well behaved animals. Try to feed seagulls in Vancouver and you die for real

    Arseniy TikhonovArseniy Tikhonov7 órája
  • Im voting this dude to be out new prime minister

    K1-B0K1-B07 órája
  • They are so polite!! Love animals ❤️

    Brian OBrian O7 órája
  • love and trust

    Terrie CothamTerrie Cotham7 órája
  • 1:45 when you open a pack of gum at school

    Elizabeth CrossElizabeth Cross7 órája
  • Santa handing out candy canes or presents.

    Alex S.Alex S.7 órája
  • now they're all gonna head over to your neighbors and eat all the cats. Feeding raccoons is considered harassment of wildlife.

    Richard MorseRichard Morse7 órája
    • Racoons Aren't Starving to Desperation. 👹👺

      Susan BirdSusan Bird7 órája
  • Bless you kind sir

    mr destroymr destroy7 órája
  • Soldier be like:

  • Khổ thân nhìn gầy quá😂

    bỏ ra bạn eibỏ ra bạn ei7 órája