Mini Crewmate Kills UNDERTALE Characters | Among Us

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Sans - Bad
Red - Worse
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  • Papayur y sans

    Yakeline Cúcuta Silva FlórezYakeline Cúcuta Silva Flórez13 perccel
  • 0:18 pro player in FNF in a nutsell

    Marco UrtubiaMarco Urtubia22 perccel
  • This is quality content

    Miamaria VegovaMiamaria Vegova36 perccel
  • Photoshop Flowey was the best one

    Elpingumanya YoutuberElpingumanya Youtuber38 perccel
  • Sans fight in 12 seconds

    Averyostudios gamingAveryostudios gamingÓrája

    Alice Escolástico lacerdaAlice Escolástico lacerdaÓrája

    Ryan JaquesRyan JaquesÓrája
  • 0:13 :'( no 🍝

  • Mini Crewmate kills regular show characters in my channnel 😉

  • 0:36 the end of omega flowey's fight in a nutshell

    Creative KidCreative Kid2 órája
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Kendrick GranadosKendrick Granados3 órája
  • Every ones spaghetti sucks

    Bluey Best mateBluey Best mate3 órája
  • 0:28 AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

    Hmmm 1573Hmmm 15733 órája
  • Nobody: Flowey: *reincarnates as fricking Cagney carnation*

    Kat JohnsonKat Johnson3 órája
  • What about asriel

    OmegaOmega3 órája
    • also pls don’t kill asriel actually I would then hate your vids forever

      OmegaOmega3 órája
  • *YOUR SPAGETTI SUCKS* *chara crys of music* :me: s o. s a d. p a p y r u s. d i e d.

    jad mohtashamijad mohtashami3 órája
  • Jajaja

    Gaby ZarateGaby Zarate4 órája
  • 0:22

    Yo Boi KingYo Boi King4 órája
  • Sans is the best

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  • Flowers

    Romel MagalongRomel Magalong4 órája
  • The

    Romel MagalongRomel Magalong4 órája
  • Flowey

    Romel MagalongRomel Magalong4 órája
  • Flowey

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  • I’m

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  • Howdy

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  • The is .y i never liked the mini crewmate

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  • Jesus, The Saviour of whole world loves you and waiting for you today. I bless you to come and restore your relationship with Your Heavenly Father through what His son, Jesus did for you on the Cross.

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  • 0:30

    Vinson EdwardsVinson Edwards5 órája
  • Underpants be like

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  • Dont touch the child

    Starflight X sunnyStarflight X sunny6 órája
  • 0:18 friday night funkin be like :

    loklal foxymoksiloklal foxymoksi6 órája
  • ._.XD

  • 0:18 friday night funkin on hard mode be like:

    Gabriel the crystal gemGabriel the crystal gem7 órája
  • Mini red: your spaghetti sucks. Papyrus:

    Giuseppe guicciGiuseppe guicci8 órája
  • Mini crew: help help heeelp!!! Yellow soul: WHO IS TOUCH THE CHILD?! Green soul: DON'T TOUCH THE CHILD!!! All soul: @*#*$&*#?'£#¥@($(×₩-£$*

    Terra HydroTerra Hydro8 órája
  • Sasan XD

    Wiktoria ZbytniewskaWiktoria Zbytniewska8 órája
  • 0:15 song?

    Rasyad 1711Rasyad 17118 órája
  • Mini Crewmate grows even stronger with every kill

    Anonymous YoutuberAnonymous Youtuber8 órája
  • HE TOUCHED THE CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vicent AmongVicent Among8 órája
  • AKA basically geniocide ending

    GamerBoy 7GamerBoy 78 órája
  • 0:24 me when somewon destoy three

    Warlock and pierreWarlock and pierre8 órája
  • 0:28 *what*

    Pacifist MinigunPacifist Minigun9 órája
  • i hate you

    Lorenzo GonzalezLorenzo Gonzalez9 órája
  • wheres Toriel lol

    Juan Pedro MolinaJuan Pedro Molina9 órája
  • Yep papyrus spaghetti sucks

    brobulatbrobulat9 órája
  • Friday night Funkin on undertale be like- Idk

    Gabriela PaezGabriela Paez9 órája
  • 0:18 when you are fnf on undertale

    FúsíonFúsíon10 órája
  • 0:37 "DoNt ToUcH tHe ChIlD"

    WinterBxrryツWinterBxrryツ10 órája
  • 0:00 new task be like

    julianjulian10 órája
  • How and why is the mini crewmate killing

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  • just get pelo's underpant's frisk, he just one shotted omega flowey.

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  • Please pin me for no reason

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  • 0:15 heroes of attacks!

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  • Where is Asgore? That's all i'll say.

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  • You forgot some people

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  • it not cool.....

    虎神 白虎TV虎神 白虎TV12 órája

    Roger SunessonRoger Sunesson12 órája
  • 0:02 cuphead flowey haha

    Swap PapyrusSwap Papyrus12 órája
  • Encounter

    NopeNope12 órája
  • 0:24 Sans fight in a nutshell

    Captain LightRightCaptain LightRight12 órája
  • How much imposters if there all trying to kill eachother

    The hybrid squadThe hybrid squad12 órája
  • And this cagney carnation XD

    badacz talloranbadacz talloran12 órája
  • Now undetale is can't die

    GENO_YTGENO_YT13 órája
  • Red is pro gamer

    PatrickFan 1999PatrickFan 199913 órája
  • 0:18 Friday night funking be like

    DanielDaniel13 órája
  • I think Among us hate undertale and everything So Who like undertale ( and hate red 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬) 👇🏼。 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    • I think everyone like undertale and play undertale right ?🙂🙂🙂🙂

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  • Imagine cannon sans here, he would destroy mini impostor

    Valentino AftonValentino Afton15 órája
  • The undertale has new power is an etymologyetybletranser

    Neymer AvenirNeymer Avenir15 órája
  • Mini crew ate has already played fnf

    Battlecatgamer_808Battlecatgamer_80815 órája

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  • 0:09 Isnt this from henry stickmin

    Harsh MenonHarsh Menon16 órája
  • I love undertale

    Dwayne Mateo RosalesDwayne Mateo Rosales16 órája
  • How dare you kill undertale

    Dwayne Mateo RosalesDwayne Mateo Rosales16 órája
  • Flowey is impostor hahahhahahah is eject hahah

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  • 0:22 crewmate was too fast

    Manydkgaming originalManydkgaming original16 órája
  • I feel bad for Papyrus

    xXAPPLE_ PlayzXxxXAPPLE_ PlayzXx16 órája
  • Poggers

    spaghetti catspaghetti cat16 órája
  • 0:18 :what old find be like

    William TomaWilliam Toma16 órája

    Kylie HowardKylie Howard17 órája
  • 0:22 sans fight in nutshell

    Xenon HahaXenon Haha17 órája
  • Papyrus wouldent be sad if u insulted his spaghetti but good video

    JordanIsCool 789JordanIsCool 78918 órája
  • mini: your Spaghetti sucks. papyrus: .n.

    pingoggles C:pingoggles C:18 órája
  • 0:11 ouch, my f e e l i n g s

    Xaeden LewisXaeden Lewis18 órája
  • 0:22 The King of all impostors

    Adrian Damesawara WinandraAdrian Damesawara Winandra18 órája
    • Mini red

      Adrian Damesawara WinandraAdrian Damesawara Winandra18 órája
  • my best part 0:38

    Veronika SedlářováVeronika Sedlářová18 órája
  • Legend say that asriel is still alive

    zahran 0071zahran 007118 órája
  • 뭐얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  • Most fake

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  • 😄😅

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  • No one beat Mini crewmate red

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  • 0:23 hardcore mode sans

    Tomato kingTomato king19 órája
  • You know i hate this

    iamtoxicEdgariamtoxicEdgar20 órája
  • 0:37 , 0:38 Flowey Se enoja y luego vuelve a la normal , y se hace la buena para que la crean que no es mala xd y 0:38 . 😂😹🤣

    Ángelita Ángeles la gatita moradaÁngelita Ángeles la gatita morada21 órája
  • 😂😹🤣 , 0:27 morí se hizo el dormido xd , 0:30 fua no sé si abrió la boca xD

    Ángelita Ángeles la gatita moradaÁngelita Ángeles la gatita morada21 órája
  • 0:22 , 0:24 Morí de risa xD , fua no sé si se enojó Sans Esqueleto xD , 🤣😹😂

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  • i like the part where the mini crewmate kills people

    Sans UndertaleSans Undertale21 órája
  • Lol Hard Sans mode

    Boboiboy SolarBoboiboy Solar21 órája
  • Mario = papirus

    Dawnlee HigginbothamDawnlee Higginbotham21 órája
  • Omega flowey: touches the child" ALL THE SOULS BE LIKE: WTH!!!!" mini crewmate:call an emergency meeting" all the souls be like: IM VOTING FLOWEY

    Jash Luis AponJash Luis Apon21 órája
    • 0:36


    • :P

      Jash Luis AponJash Luis Apon13 órája
  • Do mini crewmate vs deltarune next

    LISOR TLISOR T22 órája