Mini Crewmate Kills Pixar Animation Characters | Among Us

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Damn, my childhood!
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  • That ending just made me emotional as hell idk why it just did

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  • Poor mouse

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  • Make mini crew mate kills Minecraft characters

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  • But his dad is there

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  • 0:14 тревога тревога на русском

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  • Lose mini impotor red

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  • Wait he say: "тревога!"??? 0:14

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    • Мне тоже послышалось

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    • @Иван Анохин yes.

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  • Can you make the mini crew mate kill Mickey characters?

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  • 0:14 он говорит тревога на русском

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  • 00:09 baby jack jack apear

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  • Kills capiture 2

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  • 0:46 the only time mini crewmate felt an emotion

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  • He only killed mike sooooooo

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  • More like disney characters killing each other

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  • Aww.. Mini Crewmate's mouth when he was eating... So cuuuteee!!!

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  • Make a Mini Crewmate kills half life 2 Characters

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  • Total kill count: 5

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  • Pixar: STOP THAT!!! Mini Crewmate: You Can't Defeat Me! Pixar: No! Mini Crewmate: KILL HIM!!!

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  • It’s sad

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  • 0:28 the lamp is ded

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  • It is so sad when he remember to eat that stuff that his dad made and he cried and I think he misses that now I’m sad

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  • Mini crewmate dad or mom died

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  • I feel bad for the poor mini cremate and I love how he has a mouth normal amung us kills never have a mouth I'm suprised

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  • Pixar: STOP

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