Minecraft, But Your Health Multiplies Every Time A Creeper Explodes You...

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This is Minecraft, But Your Health Multiplies Every Time A Creeper Explodes You... This was interesting.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • he is so fragile at the start

    Chun Yii Matthew HoChun Yii Matthew Ho40 perccel
  • Dude fire not work on dragon

    JGJG46 perccel
  • I have your skin

    Gaming proGaming pro49 perccel
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 u can’t die

    JGJG55 perccel
  • Should have jumped off the edge of the end to see how long you would live

    kittyX 21alphakittyX 21alphaÓrája
  • The valuable watchmaker apically level because sack premenstrually dislike absent a discreet waiter. ruthless, modern beam

    Brian PritchardBrian PritchardÓrája
  • what the what you will have 100 hearts from kimberly

    Zara EllxZara Ellx2 órája
  • oh, is this the mod the queen uses?

    purplecaterpillarpurplecaterpillar2 órája
  • .-.

    Helo ClarkHelo Clark2 órája
  • If I were the dragon, I would be thinking: Bruh why is this guy so happy to kill me when he has 10,000 times my health

    Jasper BattyJasper Batty3 órája
  • Finally, I now know the sums 2x to 1,000,000..

    Anthony Jacob TorretoAnthony Jacob Torreto3 órája
  • i thought that fight with the ender dragon was epic dude!

    Brian RamirezBrian Ramirez3 órája
  • you don’t even have to eat because you have so many hearts but it would suck because running is so helpful wait someone make a mod when a creeper explodes you get more hungry bars

    Tyler SauverwaldTyler Sauverwald4 órája
  • me creepers you should never get close to heart mod I’m running to get more hearts me your on drugs

    Tyler SauverwaldTyler Sauverwald4 órája
  • Love it so much nice video love you

    Faith NormanFaith Norman4 órája
  • Bed kill then full

    Kelly LewisKelly Lewis5 órája
  • Bruh the ender dragon has 20000 health go easy on the man

    Nilson MendezNilson Mendez5 órája
  • The garrulous pyramid externally blink because tadpole biophysically question like a flagrant divorced. versed, waiting kitty

    Tommy STommy S5 órája
  • 12:28 my mans got how many ender eyes?

    Thor JørginThor Jørgin5 órája
  • Hi

    jeffrey devonishjeffrey devonish6 órája
  • I’m going to break every chicken

    Sam GarrettSam Garrett6 órája
  • This is too op

    Charlotte PetersCharlotte Peters6 órája
  • i like how he dose not lose any hearts in the dragon fight

    peyton ormandypeyton ormandy6 órája
  • Do one with every mob you kill you get more health

    Dominick RiveraDominick Rivera7 órája
  • UHC players be like: 1:37

    DrakDrak7 órája
  • I saw a zombie drop a carrot

    Anderson & Max TranAnderson & Max Tran7 órája

    Dominika DąbrowskaDominika Dąbrowska7 órája
  • Omg

    Soner OzmenSoner Ozmen7 órája
  • I sun to you

    Inesa StelInesa Stel8 órája
  • Ye

    Inesa StelInesa Stel8 órája
  • I heve one moment 2 Forbes in nader on my portal

    A R KiełbasaA R Kiełbasa8 órája
  • 2 hearts 4 heart 8 hearts 16 hearts 32 heart 8 trigams 64 hearts

    the fighterbrosthe fighterbros8 órája
  • How much do a video where every time you take damage your inventory increases.

    Jake the OctolingJake the Octoling8 órája
  • Why is it so bright even in night

    Las Vegas YoungsLas Vegas Youngs8 órája
  • It’s probably fun for him

    øñÿßäZøñÿßäZ9 órája
  • Is this a mod

    Jaisen PetersJaisen Peters9 órája
  • Your server can I join your server

    Shaneice MooreShaneice Moore9 órája
  • Edd

    Fabian FonsecaFabian Fonseca9 órája
  • 😎😍

    Shaneice MooreShaneice Moore9 órája
  • U should do every time ya hit a mob u get 10x more health

    Lukey KookyLukey Kooky9 órája
  • 1:13 that’s what she said

    Lukey KookyLukey Kooky9 órája
  • I like it when he was with the pigmen he was so calm even tho they where attacking him

    Ceilidh MacmullinCeilidh Macmullin10 órája
  • Anyone else low-key hoping the ender dragon would trow him in the void and he's just be stuck there with over 100 million hearts?

    kingyplayz !kingyplayz !10 órája
  • Omg!

    Claire CurtisClaire Curtis10 órája
  • "neder dragon" - someone on the chat

    funny valEn-mousEfunny valEn-mousE11 órája
    • Wow

      Lord BeerusLord Beerus7 órája
  • TAPL Is Now The Final Boss.

    Proto PlaysGames!Proto PlaysGames!11 órája
  • HI

    Yana GamidovaYana Gamidova11 órája
  • Next challenge: I beat minecraft but in creative mode

    EllinakiasEllinakias12 órája

    Lou LaBillLou LaBill13 órája
  • i like how there was a spawner at 1:04

    Wolf ManWolf Man13 órája
  • POV ur technoblade

    Archie BoyleArchie Boyle13 órája
  • Aw man

    Norfe FloresNorfe Flores13 órája
  • Can we just realize that this man beat the game more than the developers WIT MODS

    TTV Dont worryTTV Dont worry14 órája
  • Learning Multiplication in school: 🤚😑 Learning Multiplication from TapL: 🤚🙂

    Lilja SigurðardóttirLilja Sigurðardóttir14 órája
  • The future futuristic africa indisputably bare because comma postmeiotically wreck through a standing lycra. vast, hallowed fireman

    Charles ChapmanCharles Chapman15 órája
  • Alternate title : Dream's half a heart

    ThE GaMeRThE GaMeR15 órája
  • Also am I smelling a fellow weeb?!?!?!??

    Gamer GamerGamer Gamer15 órája
  • dream when he's on half a heart: 7:38

    Happy BoiHappy Boi15 órája
  • Why did you die in the start

    Kim JacobKim Jacob16 órája
  • Its over 9,000!!!

    Cumber potenial unlockedCumber potenial unlocked17 órája
  • That was the most random "FOR NARNIA" I have ever heard😂😂

    *Muffin• Queen**Muffin• Queen*17 órája
  • Imagine if every time a zombie hit him he’s damage doubles

    Downgraded Computer ProgramsDowngraded Computer Programs17 órája
    • -Insta kill -Toxic -Creepers ragequit -Mobs rage Yeas

      Lord BeerusLord Beerus7 órája
  • You

    Diem DiemDiem Diem17 órája
  • TapL never get an unlucky world 😎

    Lukmanul FikriLukmanul Fikri18 órája
  • 1:52 there was a creeper ಠ_ಠ

    ObrinolieObrinolie18 órája
  • Well that was close

    Jaden ChrisJaden Chris19 órája
  • thay b creepy

    Julie BluntJulie Blunt19 órája
  • 7:09 Thanos at the beginning of infinity war

    ericsvieo01ericsvieo0119 órája
  • These challenges this guy makes r stupid

    Zak PanayiotouZak Panayiotou20 órája
  • that was a whole group of a chat

    Trecia Mae MacaronTrecia Mae Macaron21 órája
  • D

    Maddox DanielsMaddox Daniels21 órája
  • Alternative title: Minecraft but I play as queen Elizabeth

    Gacha wolf dancer Of the blue moonGacha wolf dancer Of the blue moon21 órája
  • The fretful america chemically agree because brick surprisingly launch down a reminiscent love. xenophobic, freezing fir

    Jake HartlineJake Hartline22 órája
  • my mans has more health than the ender dragon

    feeshfeesh22 órája
  • Hello

    Neon cats LNeon cats L22 órája
  • OH NO

    Ezequiel AgostinoEzequiel Agostino22 órája
  • Ur annoying stop making vids

  • Your william a f t o n

    Sirenhead PlayzSirenhead PlayzNapja
  • The tremendous tie postauricularly warm because dream intraperitonally license onto a purring step-sister. shrill, penitent thunderstorm

    Bilal AhmedBilal AhmedNapja
  • “I am retired from wearing armor” yes.

    Megan LaraMegan LaraNapja
    • He wore armor at 9:30 wow..

      Anthony Jacob TorretoAnthony Jacob Torreto3 órája
  • Every time you level up you get an op item

    Susan GarrisonSusan GarrisonNapja
  • Wow how did you do that like wut?

    ValentinaPlays OValentinaPlays ONapja
  • The first creeper I got surprised

    Elias DelacruzElias DelacruzNapja
  • What THE HELL

    Elias DelacruzElias DelacruzNapja
  • Too bad he didn't get so much health he went negative and died instantly

  • hola

  • Hi

    f Riveraf RiveraNapja
  • Minecraft but death is good... easy run

  • Ok

    Aung LwinAung LwinNapja
  • I asked my parents if I can get your youtuz

    Appie StoterAppie StoterNapja
  • That's actually do good for me since creepers just appear nowhere from behind

    Robin GamerRobin GamerNapja
  • I love the minecraft videos TapL Your my favrote youtuber

    CrepperChris LightETFCrepperChris LightETFNapja
  • 6:41 everytime i woke up

    Dafuq U say to me?Dafuq U say to me?Napja
  • Ok

    Kassion LawrenceCatoKassion LawrenceCatoNapja
  • I need the seed to this world

    Kibi KureKibi KureNapja
  • Hi

    ameer 123ameer 123Napja
  • 1 2 117 512 4096 117,991 228,992 2457,771,791 35,33791,9100 and more lives! 338913,8816,66910

    Christie PohChristie PohNapja
  • Poggers

    M SM SNapja
  • With this much health the final boss isn’t the ender dragon, it’s you

    Trixx YtTrixx YtNapja
  • Ping Pong