Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On...

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This is Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On... this was messy.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • I won't this mod for my minecraft

    mason moremason more26 perccel
  • Everyone gangsta till he boxes himself in bedrock...

    LavornLavorn4 órája
  • You but

    Harper BazaarHarper Bazaar6 órája
  • Hi tapl but

    Harper BazaarHarper Bazaar6 órája
  • Hi tapl

    Harper BazaarHarper Bazaar6 órája
  • YONK

    Triple CrownTriple Crown7 órája
  • Put wii music on this and it’s 100 percent legit

  • POG

    Liam WrightLiam Wright7 órája
  • Me when watching this: *build a mansion👁👄👁*

    Estrella CarmonaEstrella Carmona8 órája
  • can you get a spawner?

    Mason LeeMason Lee12 órája
  • واااااااااأاااااااااااااااااااااو😱😱😱😱😥

    youssef Easyyoussef Easy12 órája
  • What happens if you walk on a Shulker box that has stuff in it?

    JustYourAverageHumanBeingJustYourAverageHumanBeing12 órája
  • water?

    Mason LeeMason Lee13 órája
  • *netherite sitting on the ground* TapL:" Ouuu STRING"

    EnderHubEnderHub15 órája
  • Poo Poo

    Stuart BakerStuart Baker16 órája
  • I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much

    Norah FordNorah Ford16 órája
  • Portalblock!

    Nick StewensNick Stewens17 órája
  • Something only Technoblade should of ever said: my toes are yoinking the the gold

    LAVA PlayZLAVA PlayZ17 órája
  • TapLis he best

    Cute Sylveon!Cute Sylveon!17 órája
  • 7:32 Creeper* I like ya cut G Zombie* ahhhhhhhh

    Odryck SanchezOdryck Sanchez18 órája
  • In the first place

    Hanz DevHanz Dev20 órája
  • You could have made the netherite to a netherite block :/

    Hanz DevHanz Dev20 órája
  • he did not enchant his ARMOR

    Christian LimbChristian Limb20 órája
  • WOW

    John FarquharJohn Farquhar22 órája
  • On to

    John FarquharJohn Farquhar22 órája
  • what is the modpack u used?

    Setharius TelosSetharius TelosNapja
  • Why it say only 20.6% of us is subbed bro is 2.83M subs not enough or what? We cool make the subscribed to a 2.83M lol bc gthats how much subs u got lolololololololol or make it 80%

    Vaniah EsclavosaVaniah EsclavosaNapja
  • To bad ya can't make a block out of pearl's............

    Cass angel lee Beery ulloaCass angel lee Beery ulloaNapja
  • Wait can't you get string from wool?????????????????..................................

    Cass angel lee Beery ulloaCass angel lee Beery ulloaNapja
  • you are a god

    Keleb KreeKeleb KreeNapja
  • And I got a 100000000 fuse and likes and subscribers

    Dov LightsDov LightsNapja
  • If you step on bedrock?

    Los RojasLos RojasNapja
  • Dizhavo

    Syahreza RezaSyahreza RezaNapja
  • Someone please make this for mobile or leave a comment and tell me how to do it

  • why is it that tapL all ways yells when he`s in the end LMAO

  • Will you give link to the data pack?

    Hubert SieniawskiHubert SieniawskiNapja

    Jennette miramontesJennette miramontesNapja
  • if you put stuff in a shulker box and walked over it would it duplicate

    Mason MackieMason MackieNapja
  • Epic

    William TorresWilliam TorresNapja
  • fake

    Prosje 08Prosje 08Napja
  • 5:30 terraria moment

    Hedgehog GamingHedgehog GamingNapja
  • why dont you link the mod? you know people are going to want to play it.

    Xcuesmii WOTXcuesmii WOTNapja
  • Everybody gangsta until people start bridging with monster spawners

    Speedy Comet499Speedy Comet499Napja
  • Yoooooooooooooooo

    عماد الفارعماد الفارNapja
  • 6:00

  • Cole block

    Avedish AnimationsAvedish AnimationsNapja
  • How TapL speedruns minecraft

    Nooby FoobyNooby FoobyNapja
  • Sfygdfhechf

    Jessica StoneJessica StoneNapja
  • Who else saw the villager shake his head

    Jarrett GouldJarrett GouldNapja
  • having bedrock is the most OP thing to me

    Syan LeSyan LeNapja
  • pog

    Erwin UnabiaErwin UnabiaNapja
  • The last one is funny

    Huzimah SaniHuzimah Sani2 napja
  • Pog boy

    Huzimah SaniHuzimah Sani2 napja
  • Can someone give me a link of the mod

    Clive Kyael TrongcoClive Kyael Trongco2 napja
  • Bedrock oh song

    Puja GuptaPuja Gupta2 napja
  • Alternative title: Minecraft, but your feet have silk touch.

    Raina Rose GamingRaina Rose Gaming2 napja
  • Bruh the fletcher sed thank you bacck

    Rene Jhaye YebraRene Jhaye Yebra2 napja
  • 13:23 tfue bones

    ezra Marcoviciezra Marcovici2 napja
  • When tapl gets bedrock: FBI OPEN UP

  • The efficient train concordantly prefer because mind intraorally sprout amidst a mellow tuba. annoyed, animated fish

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez2 napja
  • him:bridges with netherite

    Blake SwansonBlake Swanson2 napja
  • lol

    nelly alonsonelly alonso2 napja
  • The relieved tuba qualitatively entertain because partner rapidly complain off a childlike quality. mute, awful drain

    Diocles RodriguezDiocles Rodriguez2 napja
  • TapL is basically doing the same thing as Wisp

    Anna YAnna Y2 napja
  • I wanted to play this so badly :(

    GabriellbomGabriellbom2 napja
  • E X T R A C T I O N -TapL 2021

    Skys The LimitSkys The Limit2 napja
  • Make bedrock amor and tools

    Maxwell GuidoMaxwell Guido2 napja
  • Can you please give the modpack

    Deepansh KaulDeepansh Kaul2 napja
  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 lol great idea

    Brooklynn SullivanBrooklynn Sullivan2 napja
  • Pog

    Sabir RajaSabir Raja2 napja
  • Ok

    Galaxy TabGalaxy Tab2 napja
  • Find the Diamond hoe that TapL makes during when he’s in the nether.

    Squishy BlobSquishy Blob2 napja
  • The flat trumpet concurrently request because war preliminarily marry astride a glamorous entrance. hateful, chilly phone

    Inga PradoInga Prado2 napja
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    Chris CrapoChris Crapo2 napja
  • What is the mod you were using called?

    Logicdemon 12Logicdemon 122 napja
  • How to download this mod I also want to play

    Dolly GuptaDolly Gupta2 napja
  • At 13:23 it’s the faze logo

    FlixHD_FlixHD_3 napja
  • Midas in fortnite

    Master GamingMaster Gaming3 napja
  • i would hate to be your neighbor

    The Twingo LordThe Twingo Lord3 napja
  • TapL:Go go go Me:My hands feel so sore! 😢 (I’m playing minecraft to while watching you)

    XxJudaDevilgirlxXXxJudaDevilgirlxX3 napja
  • Ha Imagine NOT being subbed to Tapl

    Abbie GrantAbbie Grant3 napja
  • You know your rich when you have 5 stacks of netherite blocks.

    CarsonCarson3 napja
  • best youtuber in existence

    RobloxKidGamingRobloxKidGaming3 napja
  • That would be so cool if you just step on this dragon egg and then have 64 of it loool

    hypingbtshypingbts3 napja
  • Im blue da ba de da bo die

    Samantha GardnerSamantha Gardner3 napja
  • "I don't think this mod is cheaty at all, what are you talking about?"

    Roodney Felix BorgesRoodney Felix Borges3 napja
  • Bed rock bed rock bed rock

    n3ctarisn3ctaris3 napja
  • 7:30 haaaaaaayyyy

    Florin X34Florin X343 napja
  • How did you get this mod

    Brody LeonardBrody Leonard3 napja
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    Daniel Da RosaDaniel Da Rosa3 napja
  • bdndndndnd

    Andy MikhaelAndy Mikhael3 napja
  • this was on my bday its like u said happy birthday ❤️😭😭

    AaronAaron3 napja
  • Hi

    destroy Crelindestroy Crelin3 napja
  • mmmmm stoooonne donutsssss

    Lucy MauricLucy Mauric3 napja
  • No I didnt read the title cause I click as soon as I see your skin on a videp🤣

    jay dogjay dog3 napja
  • Funfact: you can just bridge forever with one cobbleslab

    Paul05Paul053 napja
  • jump on it

    Nicolas RestrepoNicolas Restrepo3 napja
  • I just realized he never makes a house when he plays mincraft

    Lindsay TurnerLindsay Turner3 napja
  • What she name of ths mod

    Mahmood KhattabMahmood Khattab3 napja
  • me know you can use afk pool to get it when you afk

    eWos MrVeWos MrV3 napja