Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog...

2020.jún. 5.
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Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog...
I turned my friend into a Minecraft dog! He had to be by my side and help me fend off mobs attacking me but he could not break or place blocks. This was crazy fun...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15 challenge that we have decided to try.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

  • I want dream to be a fox! 🦊

    Hii. XDHii. XDPerce
  • dog Dream...

    Ihsan yigjumsIhsan yigjums2 perccel
  • or the proximiaty chat

    galaxyender27galaxyender2717 perccel
  • do minecraft but dream is a cat or minecraft but we cant eat meat

    galaxyender27galaxyender2719 perccel
  • tbh i thought gogy was going to say "bite me then white boy" at 23:08

    Xx_rainy _dayz_xXXx_rainy _dayz_xX2 órája
  • Can you make a video where everything looks like *george!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Lba BbaLba Bba3 órája
  • Minecraft but dream is a villager and you can trade him

    Rayan afkirRayan afkir3 órája
  • awwwwww

    romejames urbanoromejames urbano4 órája
  • his british right? When he say “iron” It‘s like his saying my name 😭

    Gxgyn.tfoxndGxgyn.tfoxnd5 órája
  • The available peak neurologically clip because bank universally boast at a shocking search. disastrous, utopian iran

    Ker LozKer Loz5 órája
  • The reason i came is I aM a dOg uNdEr A lOg uNdEr a trEe

    thebifrogthebifrog6 órája
  • It was so sad that dream died

    Jackson WuJackson Wu6 órája
  • Idea time! What about you do a video where a hoard of spiders try and catch you,and one spawns every minute? If you die you lose,but the max number of spiders spawning is 100,i know this idea sucks but it would be entertaining! Bye :)

    Galaxy wolf Gacha :3Galaxy wolf Gacha :37 órája
    • I’m always the unluckiest minecraft player,i barely find iron,only coal which i need for torches and stuff ipbut i ned iron too T^T

      Galaxy wolf Gacha :3Galaxy wolf Gacha :37 órája
  • I Lost It when he george made him sit. Dream Watcha gonna do bout it george i'll make you sit dream nO!

    Rohan SharmaRohan Sharma7 órája
  • George: “stay alive” *makes dream fall half way down*

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth Afton7 órája

    sAsHa AltamiranosAsHa Altamirano8 órája
  • This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!

  • In loving memory of Dream Dog.

    AudiCubAudiCub9 órája
  • Who would agree that the part where dream was hitting the fish was funny and cute

    SophieplayzSophieplayz9 órája
  • I think dream should be a fox next

    SophieplayzSophieplayz9 órája
  • Does George not sound like James chariels like what the heck dream is playing with James chariels 😂😂😂😂😂

    Madelyn GattisMadelyn Gattis10 órája
  • why did i actually cry at the end- *PS* iloveyourvideos

    SophiaSophia11 órája
  • here's and idea try and become a crazy cat person. you will have a certain amount of time (30 min, maybe, or 45) to collect 10 cats and defeat the game in between then. dogs could also work, too.

    Charlotte HmelCharlotte Hmel11 órája
  • Dream: ATTACK HIM! HE TRIED TO KILL OUR BROTHER! George: Wait, I lied about them being your brothers, stop! Some random teacher that comes out nowhere: Dogs descended from wolves, just kill him.

    Mainframe Gaming IncorporatedMainframe Gaming Incorporated11 órája
  • Best singing

    Julianne BasslerJulianne Bassler11 órája
  • 8:35 the skeleton 360 no scoped George lmao

    Jeremy DowninJeremy Downin11 órája
  • Do this again, but with technoblade

    Jeremy DowninJeremy Downin12 órája
  • The delicious shame impressively rush because capital neurophysiologically offer out a forgetful sun. jittery, fluffy radio

    Carmine DonaCarmine Dona12 órája
  • How long do you even have bad omen

    Cristian ArancibiaCristian Arancibia13 órája
  • by his tail you can determine his healthier Cham the lower the less

    Деныс ЯнчукДеныс Янчук13 órája
  • Put dream as a cow. He cannot get attacked he could fly

    Francisco Murillo TorrezFrancisco Murillo Torrez13 órája
  • Teacher Saids: Dogs Can't Talk LOL George: My Friend Is A Dog Teacher: Oh George: Hahaha

    Vaughn Playz Gaming YTVaughn Playz Gaming YT14 órája
  • R.I.P dog dream 😖

    Avery FlumAvery Flum14 órája
  • rip: the duke

    TheFunNetwork StudioTheFunNetwork Studio14 órája
  • this made me laugh WAYYYYY too much 🤣

    Avery FlumAvery Flum14 órája
  • Did dream quit HUworld? he hasn’t uploaded in like a month

    Gretchen stop trying to make fetch happenGretchen stop trying to make fetch happen14 órája
  • Minecraft, but my friend is a Ender Dragon

    Josefina CanoJosefina Cano15 órája
  • No rip dog dream :'(

    Snova VergaraSnova Vergara15 órája
  • You need to be Dreams dog next time

    Yelice DavetYelice Davet15 órája
  • He should get a shirt that says, "My other dog is a Dream"

    HillefoozyHillefoozy15 órája
  • u should swap like dream preteks u

    ELB2008 legendELB2008 legend15 órája
  • How about, "Minecraft but my friend is an aquatic animal..." What you have to do is beat Minecraft but Dream is an aquatic animal of your choice. Preferably be a turtle so he can go on land and in water, but on land Dream is really slow if you choose turtle. Thank you if you see this! I don't think it will be the best but it will definitely be a challenge.

    Oomal VlogsOomal Vlogs15 órája
  • RIP dog dream :( we miss you already😭✋

    •latte_ bear••latte_ bear•15 órája
  • You should make every animal be your friend and go against your friend and the ederdragon is your friend see how will be the winner you and your animals or all your friends including your enderdragon

    Patsy KellyPatsy Kelly15 órája
  • 1v1 porpld in bed wars pls george. you and Dream look like a cupol

    Caleb ManaloCaleb Manalo15 órája
  • Dream: hop hop hop Me:are you crazy dream?

    RASTINHD saghayianRASTINHD saghayian15 órája
  • I was waiting for the “Team Work Dream Work”.

    Petit GamingPetit Gaming16 órája
  • I think you should do a video where either you're a dog or dream or you is a horse and they can only ride you and getting other places you can only walk to lights to buy real horses you can jump really high and has a random chance of ever really good health or really bad health

    Wolfgang storyWolfgang story16 órája

    It’s DuckyIt’s Ducky16 órája
  • tutorial plssss ?????????

    Mots gamerMots gamer16 órája
  • George :- ( breaking dirt with pickaxe ) Shovel :- am I joke to you?

    Aditi VaradkarAditi Varadkar16 órája
  • Minecraft dog: skeleton scared of them Dream: help George!!!!!!!!!!

    Tech DYTech DY17 órája
  • dream is shadow wolf

    janred clark molinajanred clark molina17 órája
  • noooooooo dog dream :(

    Audrey WinfieldAudrey Winfield17 órája
  • I feel like George would have been the better dog😂😂

    KUEDynamics !!KUEDynamics !!17 órája
  • make dream a dsnosaur

    Raymond PieterseRaymond Pieterse19 órája
    • dinosaur

      Raymond PieterseRaymond Pieterse18 órája
  • Me when people say George is color blind and I learn that: WHY?! THAT IS SO SAD 😭😭😭😭 George: *getting colorblind glasses* Me: THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 😊!!!!!

    Cocolime Anleo Family ForeverCocolime Anleo Family Forever19 órája
  • If dream dies they lose But if George dies they can still retry

    Bryan HoBryan Ho19 órája

    tRAsH animationstRAsH animations19 órája
  • Dream:WUT WUT.!!

    Maria Goreti MartinsMaria Goreti Martins19 órája
  • Stop calling mc wolfs dogs

    Gabriel GonzalezGabriel Gonzalez19 órája
  • Make dreams a cow

    Kelci McVeyKelci McVey19 órája
  • Dream I am a superfan of your vids

    Madison LatocheMadison Latoche20 órája

    FineHoldenTheGamerFineHoldenTheGamer20 órája
  • Dream: I am fine Few second later: Feed me! I am on half a heart

    UnknownUnknown21 órája
  • *Cute dog twerking*

    This TreeThis Tree21 órája
  • Great video and also, next video you should turn dream into a horse. It would be harder and u could ride him, but the nether would be hard because, the horse is big and you need path ways like 2 by it side if could fit, but great video!

    Night Mare1234Night Mare123421 órája
  • minecraft but villagers beat minecraft for you

    30 sagniksen 060530 sagniksen 060521 órája
  • evreone pleas

    purple gamer 3223purple gamer 322321 órája
  • The end madden me cry

    MangleMangle21 órája
  • Türkçe montaj yapın bari laaaa

    ンBULLET SLGさンBULLET SLGさ22 órája
  • Turn dream into a fox

    FT GCFT GC22 órája
  • 4:27 George:İ love you!

    Burak AkınBurak Akın22 órája
  • Me when I see dog dream kill a fox: Fundy nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0ooooooooooooooooo

    Kharl KananaKharl Kanana22 órája
  • Please bring back this series, George. Would love to see Dream as Minecraft cat or fox. 😆

    shootingpolarisshootingpolaris23 órája
  • what if dream is a fox lol

    almira fatima montero gesulgaalmira fatima montero gesulga23 órája
  • Minecraft but my *friend* is a dog... Are you sure about the UHM *FRIEND* HM GEORGE? ARE YOU SURE ABT THAT

    • NotMiko •• NotMiko •23 órája
  • This is why they say mans best friend

    gabslayer santosgabslayer santosNapja
  • :awesome:

  • Dream has a voice changer and I know what he looks like

  • Dream: falls down every ravine Geaorge: JUST GET IN THE HOLE!

    Bright Star 2110Bright Star 2110Napja
  • Ohh noo the poor Fox 😢 i love foxes

    Nyen CatNyen CatNapja
  • dream is ploor bear

    Muhammed Salih DoğanMuhammed Salih DoğanNapja
  • Hi

  • *dream Getting mad at george* Meanwhile george is laughing at him XD *2 mins later* Dream:.... George: what was that dream >:) Dream:can you please let me go up George:haha ok you can come up

    Mr PerMr PerNapja
  • Dream is actually a good name for a dog

    Bossmensch PS4 UncutBossmensch PS4 UncutNapja
  • 8:35 faze skelo

  • imagine a dog doing parkour me:its definetly dream are they filming?

  • dreams scream faded away when he got hurt by the creeper

  • 👋

    Mikhaela SisonMikhaela SisonNapja
  • :( rip dog Dream

  • I want a dream POV

    S4ber n1ghtS4ber n1ghtNapja

  • Pls can you tranfom dream into a panda pls🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    GamingZone YTGamingZone YTNapja
  • Dreamt I’m fine feed me feed me😂

    Debra SweetDebra SweetNapja

    • Ace Studios •• Ace Studios •Napja
  • HAHHAHAHHAHAH when he thought the killer dog was dream :D 8:34

    Mykell DupardMykell DupardNapja
  • Why is your name George not found

    ven Teoven TeoNapja
  • POV: u actually cry when Dream dies

    • -Orange_Field- •• -Orange_Field- •Napja
  • George treats Dream like it’s his own child

    Incy PlaysIncy PlaysNapja
    • At the end the music is so sad and the video is sad RIP dog Dream

      Incy PlaysIncy PlaysNapja