Miley Cyrus at Final Four Concert NCAA (FULL PERFORMANCE)

2021.ápr. 4.
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0:00​ We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
02:50​ Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen cover)
03:31​ We Can’t Stop
05:56​ Heart Of Glass (Blondie cover)
08:38​ Edge Of Midnight
12:18​ Wrecking Ball
16:04​ American Woman (The Guess Who cover)
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  • Shoutout Freddie for making sure anyone can use his brilliance. That's how to solidify your memory, not being greedy.

    Michael CroninMichael Cronin12 perccel
  • Tá cantando muito. Gostei dessa pegada rock anos 70 e 80. Continue assim, Miley!

    AlinneAlinne5 órája
  • Yes fuck yes

    Jeremy McNeelyJeremy McNeely6 órája
  • such a amazing voice n now she should have been bigger....but her attitude /behavior in music....has been an obstacle....not focused....

    atta1798atta179814 órája
  • I'm sorry , I can't get past her Naked screaming on a Wrecking Ball. The Media sells it and you live the roll. Ozzy couldn't have said it better. I hope she doesn't "Wreck" Crazy Train..

    Scott SilagyiScott Silagyi15 órája
  • Daaamn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    saya benzsaya benz16 órája
  • The quality of film

    MJoe01MJoe0117 órája
  • Young soul here, I thought I will never experience true rock music in my time as my grandfathers had in their time.

    carlcarl18 órája
  • I love this performance of midnight sky for some reason 🤍🕺🕺

    azilia Elsieazilia Elsie22 órája
  • I'm never ready for mileys art and her entire existence . Since I was 9 years old 🙏🙏🙏🙏I've never got tired of hearing her voice. She's blended into whatever she wanted to do at that time 🙌

    azilia Elsieazilia Elsie22 órája
  • You kick it chik AWESOME love your spirit ..keep on goin ..whoop

    Stacey BurgettStacey BurgettNapja
  • Love to billy

    Jayne GoddardJayne GoddardNapja
  • Sweet, nice 🤌🤞💥

    fadhil arieffadhil ariefNapja
  • Uma linda e merecida homenagem. Emocionante demais!!!!

    Madileide de Oliveira DuarteMadileide de Oliveira DuarteNapja
  • madonna 2020

    BB 10BB 10Napja
  • Her band is tight dam! I love the comparisons to Freddie! Miley is def killing it.

  • Miley is the rockstar emoji *cries*

    Michael GalvanMichael GalvanNapja
  • This is the single most mesmorizing artist to audience experience I ever witnessed in my 28 years an 4 months of living on this planet earth. Don't sleep on this. Real fans know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael GalvanMichael GalvanNapja
  • I must admit, the older Miley gets the better she gets.

    Cat GCat GNapja
  • Nice music ◉‿◉

    cowboy RCcowboy RCNapja
  • I love rock and roll but I love more more You Miley Cyrus.

    Roberto AvilésRoberto AvilésNapja
  • I just got chills listening to that rendition of "Wrecking ball" holly smokes!!!!!!

    Kaci Beaver WestbrookKaci Beaver WestbrookNapja
  • I 💕 love the evolution of Miley!!!!

    Kaci Beaver WestbrookKaci Beaver WestbrookNapja

    Kari KukkonenKari KukkonenNapja
  • LOVE ❤️

    Марина НуйдельМарина НуйдельNapja
  • Singing older rock songs really suits mileys voice. I grew up listening to these songs and I think she totally nails them.

    chosen onechosen oneNapja
  • I am personally loving Miley's weight gain. She looks wonderfully gorgeous but probably needs a gym to *keep* things in trim. In the prime of her life. Keep rocking and entertaining people, Miley and I hope the next person you settle with (if you choose) is for keeps.

    Mercedes BlackMercedes BlackNapja
  • Sweet miley beautiful gorgeous charming Yong lady miley I absolutely love it miley 999k times 999k like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

    Raad Raad RaadRaad Raad RaadNapja
  • Me: show me some good shit HUworld: bitch hold my beer

  • 0:21

    Alisson BaronAlisson BaronNapja
  • Simply the Best Ever By Miley

    Gary HughesGary Hughes2 napja
  • Pra quer esse cabelo ????

    daina roamadaina roama2 napja
  • She will forever be a legend! Im glad she found herself through the ups and downs. She's rockin beautiful ❤️😘🦋 keep on keeping on girlfriend 😙💕 your fucking amazing! 💋

    Jessica ChascoJessica Chasco2 napja
  • It seems this woman can do anything.

    Barend VorsterBarend Vorster2 napja
  • Wonderfull ❤️

    Nora MartinezNora Martinez2 napja
  • Love you Miley your voice has improved to the point that you are explosive like dynamite.

    Daniel NicholsonDaniel Nicholson2 napja
  • Added to unending joy playlist.

    Diocletian RecordsDiocletian Records2 napja
  • Babe here is maybe a thought, what about NFL for 2021 maybe, people love u girl, Miley u r the real thing, u t so amazing!!❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋🔥🔥🔥☮️

    debbie willsondebbie willson2 napja
  • Amazing!!!!

    Holly McMahonHolly McMahon2 napja

    Astrid Dinora RosalesAstrid Dinora Rosales2 napja
  • Midnight OMG AMOOO

    AndrésAndrés2 napja
  • Goosebumps on wrecking ball mann I love Miley 💘❤

    Toni xToni x2 napja
  • love this

    Mark DanielMark Daniel2 napja

    cliffnailscliffnails2 napja
  • my english is diffucult probiere mal ein bisschen black Sabbath das is deine Stimmlage Ronny James Dio , das deine Stimmlage You are black that is your pitch - Rock’n’Roll Miley - your are Strong

    cliffnailscliffnails2 napja
  • Ich bin ein alt Rocker und Rock Gitarrist die kleine ist der Hit und absolut authentisch ! und jemand von uns Rock’n’Roll - du machst uns stolz - Little Miley for ever - lovely greetings from Berlin Germany

    cliffnailscliffnails2 napja
  • miley haciendo cover de queen es algo que no sabia que necesitaba.

    Gaby ZiffermanGaby Zifferman3 napja
  • can someone tell jayZ to give miley the Half time Show superbowl???

    cedric vincentcedric vincent3 napja

    isackisack3 napja
  • her energy's never ending. a true performer!!! will always stan you.

    RA HernandezRA Hernandez3 napja
  • It breaks my heart having to see how far the CORONA VIRUS CRISIS has taken an impact into our lives now! No longer can Miley perform infront of a happy crowd of thousands of Fans! 😔 No, the few allowed in had to stand within a square and use masks! This must have a great impact on the entire Music Industry worldwide! It breaks my heart, as live performances are the best part of the Art! But Miley gives her best for every single Fan, no matter how few there are! That's just Miley! I love it! But it remains bitter-sweet! Will this ever end and how will the world of music come out on the other side?

    Diane SmithDiane Smith3 napja
  • a queen

    Elina N. CobbElina N. Cobb3 napja
  • Ist schon eine grausige Vorstellung, wenn so die Konzerte sein sollen. Bei sowas möchte und will ich nicht hingehen.

    Christian MollChristian Moll3 napja
  • Would love her to do sanitarium by metallica

    Laura MeekLaura Meek3 napja
  • Amazing!!!! She’s even bigger now! Phenomenal Rock Star!!!

    Laura MeekLaura Meek3 napja
  • Miley me and you need to get together can I tell you why because we are both singers I see that you love to sing Queen songs why just want to tell you that my friends tell me I sing just like Freddie Mercury and I kind of resemblance him I'll be honest I think that if me and Freddie Mercury met we would see eye-to-eye Miley I wish I could meet you so you could see what I'm talking about and I would love to sing with you if you don't mind tonight I'll be singing Love of My Life at karaoke bar in Corpus Christi Texas for one night only well just maybe one day we'll meet take care of Miley

    Albert VillarrealAlbert Villarreal3 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lagoa SarahLagoa Sarah3 napja
  • She's sooooo fucking awesome 🥰🥰 that voice 😍 her presence 😍 she can sing any song and it sounds great 😍 love Miley 🥰

    pink_vienna_austriapink_vienna_austria3 napja
  • Todavía me acuerdo cuando cantaba " party in the USA" ahora se hizo "rocker" en fin.... Huele al club de Disney jajaja

    Carlos SchesslerCarlos Schessler4 napja
  • Hátérzenészeknek elismerésem és minden tiszteletem .

    Rita GuthRita Guth4 napja
  • Yes you did it my favorite band was queen love you miley

    Greg parksGreg parks4 napja
  • Show

    Jose de Ribamar Aprende a deslogar a conta VacilãoJose de Ribamar Aprende a deslogar a conta Vacilão4 napja
  • She's amazing

    Therese HainesTherese Haines4 napja
  • You are the best singer Miley Cyrus and so beautiful 😻🤩

    Maria BenitezMaria Benitez4 napja
  • ¿Se imaginan cuando las rolitas de Miley sean las de los listening en inglés para nuestros hijos, nietos o bisnietos? Será épico

    Gigi MoctezumaGigi Moctezuma4 napja
  • She literally looks like the avatar I created on Rock Band in 2010!!! Go girl!

    BCBC4 napja
  • LOL...look at the BITCHES been controlled!!

    Birglinde BeckerBirglinde Becker4 napja
  • ummm yeah, that sucked. She is a has been..

    1963jmr1963jmr4 napja
  • This wrecking Ball, performance gave me friggin amazingly done .🔱🔝

    NightroseNightrose4 napja
  • SO MEGAAAAAA GENIAL ....genau meins ! Die oidn Knochen leben glei wieda

    Werner CechWerner Cech4 napja
  • She my wife that i love foever

    Jason RussellJason Russell5 napja
  • What the Hell?! she can't make any good pop records of her own anymore so she just does covers of better musician's stuff? Pathetic. She can't SING people! it's all media hype and Boob & Leg Pics. WAKE UP!

    Pacer SharkPacer Shark5 napja
    • Go away stupid

      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga AriasBernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias5 napja
  • I took my son to one of her concerts well over 10 years ago now and she was a great performer and singer and I even enjoyed the concert . My son is now 25 and still a fan of hers . I think she has got better and better since turning into a young woman .great voice .

    Becky HepburnBecky Hepburn5 napja
    • I want to meet your son 😂😍

      Sébastien RobicSébastien Robic5 napja
  • Shes a fucking rockstar for real like omfg hanna montana forever i guess 🤘😤🤘

    Ariana MAriana M5 napja
  • the look, the attitude, the music choice - A+++

    Agla66Agla665 napja
  • 05:22 OMG

    Loomie 12Loomie 125 napja
  • WOW!

    isela jassoisela jasso6 napja
  • Miley,I love you 💕Thank you

    Lucky GuyLucky Guy6 napja

    Cura HenCura Hen6 napja
  • Adoroooooooo

    Alba BelvedereAlba Belvedere6 napja
  • 👍👍👐

    TT6 napja
  • Definitivamente este es el estilo que le queda a Miley , nacio para el rock. Un talento enorme que tiene. Una voz. Siempre me ha gustado.

    iriangel lopeziriangel lopez6 napja
  • awesome performance .

    Louis ZimaLouis Zima6 napja
  • Team Miley!😊🦋💕

    prettypinksterloveprettypinksterlove6 napja
  • Wow wow wow impresionante!!! 🤩

    Paola PalaciosPaola Palacios6 napja
  • Please!!! Can you do "Sia- Elastic heart" Acoustic.. Pleeeeasee. You are the best

  • She did great. Period.

    Tatyana SnegirevaTatyana Snegireva7 napja
  • muy controversial esta chica pero canta hermoso sin duda me encanta, se ve guapisima y muy sexy me encantaria vestir asi a mis cincuenta jajajaja, excelente Miley 6:10

    Rosss MéndezRosss Méndez7 napja
  • Beautiful :D ....Fuck off TYPE 2 diabetes, I meant Coca-cola.

    Camila Ruiz RivadeneiraCamila Ruiz Rivadeneira7 napja
  • Phenomenal job Miley so freaking awesome

    Tangela S.Tangela S.7 napja
  • Miley is a true rockstar

    Tangela S.Tangela S.7 napja
  • I love that we're the same age and she's introducing me to all these great rock songs. I'm Mexican American so I grew up listening to my parents 80's 90's Spanish songs lol

    First NameFirst Name7 napja
  • 💕💖💞💗🎶🎵🎼🍓🌷

    Дарья ЖуковаДарья Жукова7 napja
  • Супер👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥💕

    Дарья ЖуковаДарья Жукова7 napja
  • Perfection beautiful Miley!

    Karlee StachuraKarlee Stachura7 napja
  • Holly smoke unbelievable 😉🤘

    Shar BShar B7 napja
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Brasil 💖❤👀

    Celida VelascoCelida Velasco7 napja
  • Hello dear you are beautiful, lovely, Czech show. Motorcycle, Sprite, Spiderman, Pipo, I love you.

    Sanya PatsenSanya Patsen8 napja
  • Love this Gal, She can sing anything ❤❤❤👌👌👌she's on 🔥

    Martin DorrittMartin Dorritt8 napja
  • It’s midnight sky not edge of midnight 😂

    Angelæ LunætiusAngelæ Lunætius8 napja