Mike Tyson (USA) vs Evander Holyfield (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Professional american heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson (45-1, 39 KO - pre-fight record) against skilled and strong undisputed champion at cruiserweight in the late and at heavyweight Evander Holyfield (32-3, 23 KO - pre-fight record). Fight took place in MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, Nevada, at November 9, 1996. Spectacular boxing fight, HD.
Mike Tyson (USA) vs Evander Holyfield (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD
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  • Just one of those punches from either guy would kill the average man.

    Darryl JacksonDarryl Jackson6 hónapja
    • @Darron de Lange om

      Ozival BetcelOzival BetcelÓrája
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    • @Darron de Lange qq1q

      rudy erudy e2 napja
    • @Darron de Lange Ironic that you're South African and you're saying Tyson's rape charge was bullshit. Isn't every rape charge in South Africa regarded as bullshit?

      Charles Edward RenshawCharles Edward Renshaw3 napja
    • @Darron de Lange un

      Carlos LopezCarlos Lopez7 napja
  • ich kann holyfield nicht leiden.. gar nicht !!! ---

    Harry H MHarry H M6 órája
  • Holyfield kämpft unfair.. klammert nur.. und aus der klammerung schlägt er.. ein schlechter boxer !!!!!!!!!! ---

    Harry H MHarry H M6 órája
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  • not as good as the holyfield v bowe fights. Tyson has never won a fight in which he was in trouble he’s a typical bully stand up to him get through the first 4 rounds and he gives up mentally

    Graham PickGraham Pick10 órája
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  • Tyson didn't know Holyfield is also from the hoods.

    Mote Stap Lo FomMote Stap Lo Fom14 órája
  • hai vỏ sy đánh xem ko thấy chán

  • Deadly punches.

    Ma BalyamMa BalyamNapja
  • Thank you for videos.

    Muth LongMuth LongNapja
  • Bring it

    Tommy DorseyTommy DorseyNapja
  • El día que tison comió polvo dela lona..

    Paola VilelaPaola VilelaNapja
  • i like tyson the punchman

    Aldair MatosAldair MatosNapja
  • A melhor de todos os tempos

    pedro diengopedro diengoNapja
  • When the finest of nature's specimens go against each other, this is what we get.. A historic bout!! 😎

    Asish RameshAsish RameshNapja
  • Supakorn TienkornthongSupakorn TienkornthongNapja
  • very good

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  • Look at the referee, he's just standing there knowing he can't do anything to control the fight

    Relja JacimovicRelja JacimovicNapja
  • I remember watching that on PPV...one helluva fight

    Ben BorahBen BorahNapja
  • holifeld super

    Komenti KomentiKomenti Komenti2 napja
  • awesome fight

    randy beckhamrandy beckham2 napja
  • evander did great, as we know, but still, he could not put tyson down. if only tyson had been more careful with his life, the outcome would have been different. we do it to ourselves. no one beats us. we beat ourselves. i truly respect tyson for being brave and holding till the end. 2 great entertainers. great careers. thx

    Kamlin KilgroeKamlin Kilgroe2 napja
  • Tyson ha sempre combattuto contro boxer simili a sacchi di patate.... è miseramente caduto appena ha avuto a che fare con un professionista vero!

    Fulgurius DesignFulgurius Design2 napja
  • Mike's mistake in this fight was that he kept walking straight in and loading up with the same punch over and over. He also needed to throw his uppercut more. He kept looping his punches which is why it was so easy for Holyfield to counter him. Mike's strategy was all wrong in this fight. His corner kept ill advising from the start of the bell. Its almost frustrating to watch.

    Cesar RodriguezCesar Rodriguez2 napja
  • I think Mike Tyson on defensive not offensive incomplete boxer not complete offensive boxer instincts offensive speed footwork good Engel

    Marcus MorningstarMarcus Morningstar2 napja
  • Who starts the fight

    Marcus MorningstarMarcus Morningstar2 napja
  • 7.02 Holyfield's bald head was insolent to start with

  • Esta foi a melhor luta do século 19 / 20 e provavelmente 21 ....dois monstros....sempre fui fã de Tyson....mas estranhamente adorei ver ele perder essa luta....

  • Ai Galera fala serio,imaginem aqui comigo, no Street Fighter ** O Mike Tyson e´ o BALROG e o Evander Hollyfield e´ o SAGAT .***. Cara nao tem como nao lembrar deles.

    Mauro Sergio SabinoMauro Sergio Sabino3 napja
  • Luta comprada taysom é bem melhor holinbosta é frangeolino morde ele taysom

    rafão apeludorafão apeludo3 napja
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  • Who said drugs don't work 🤣 and a massive big head comes in quite handy too😉

    Max SMax S3 napja
  • Taiso.kitindi

    John SikweseJohn Sikwese3 napja
  • I'm a die hard tyson fan but holyfield dominated this fight.

    Buddy SingletonBuddy Singleton3 napja
  • Thankyou'smuch....

    yah strongyah strong3 napja
  • So like taison Boxxing.....For Thank.

    Gdcgy GfvggGdcgy Gfvgg3 napja
  • Jaman masih kecil dulu ini tiap mingggu

    Orbit java89Orbit java893 napja
  • Watched it without glasses and seemed to be stone fighting stone

    ZincZinc3 napja
  • God those reflexes and that speed 😱😱

    Barnadhya BarmanBarnadhya Barman3 napja
  • This is real boxing

    Mugisha CalvinMugisha Calvin3 napja
  • Mike tyson😔

    Hamba AllahHamba Allah3 napja
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    nash iyananash iyana3 napja
  • Seré una futura promesa del boxeo soy un niño de 9 años

    Lucas NahuelLucas Nahuel3 napja
  • Jacko correct Evander some over blown cruiser weieght....I don't think so wow

    SistorCarreraSistorCarrera4 napja
  • تايسون المسيطر على اول ٧ جولات وهو المبادر بالهجوم هولتفليد لعبه ممل اغلب الجولات يقوم بوضع راسه على تايسن . رغم خساراته فهو بطل

    محمد ابوحمورمحمد ابوحمور4 napja
  • They clinched like 10000000 times

    John RodriguezJohn Rodriguez4 napja
  • Tyson ❤❤❤

    Fahad 255Fahad 2554 napja
  • Wow !!!

  • Holyfield grabbing mike tyson

    jomar usmanjomar usman4 napja
  • Two mighty T Rex on boxing ring.. Blood...I feel blood all over..

    Nikolai PotapovNikolai Potapov4 napja
  • Devo dire, con 27 anni di carriera nei super welter e medi, che, primo, ci si deve accostare con grande rispetto

    Chicco LeonoriChicco Leonori4 napja
    • a ogni pugile, sprtt ai pesi massimi e ancor più se campioni del calibro di Tyson e Holifield perché se è vero che i cazzotti fanno male in ogni categoria , tuttavia nei pesi massimi ogni pugno può sfigurare un volto, provocare danni fisiologici permanenti e ogni pugno può spedire all'altro mondo, ripeto sia ai livelli stratosferici di questi due campioni ma anche per gli atleti cosiddetti di sotto clou, in generale, ogni pugile ha fondamentalmente una caratteristica, dai piuma dai gallo ai massimi, il coraggio, il coraggio e la caratteristica dell'uomo che sale sul ring, egli sa che l'uomo che ha difronte può essere colui che potrebbe portare via il pane per sé e i propri figli, detto ciò, la prima cosa che deve imparare chi vuol praticare questo bellissimo sport è l'autocontrollo, l'autocontrollo è indispensabile per non commettere scorrettezze che poi conducono alla sconfitta, sul ring ma sprtt nella vita e questo è quello che ha sempre caratterizzato Mike che se fosse stato disciplinato si sarebbe risparmiato nu sacc'e uaie!!!

      Chicco LeonoriChicco Leonori4 napja
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    Ivan EspinozaIvan Espinoza5 napja
  • GO! GO! MIKE!

    loserwolfyloserwolfy5 napja
  • السلام

    alkaram 1889alkaram 18895 napja
  • all those heavy punches and by round 5 not a sinle drop of blood , wow true titans.

  • Let Mike had been younger with cus and kevin evander wouldn't have lasted long

    Lightning GamingLightning Gaming5 napja
  • The best heavy weight fight .

    Kt SinghKt Singh5 napja
  • Tyson fought nothing but overweight bums. This is what happened when he fought someone who actually was good.

    Lucifer SamLucifer Sam5 napja
  • Holyfield was scared to death!!!! That's why he kept grabbing Mike Tyson!!!!!

    Branden WilsonBranden Wilson5 napja
    • correct

      jomar usmanjomar usman4 napja
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    Josh peckJosh peck5 napja
  • One Classic fight

    David JonesDavid Jones6 napja
  • Mike tayson es un potosino

    rigoberto acosta tarazonarigoberto acosta tarazona6 napja
  • look how much punch mike trow. bro. none of the 5 guys included this guy knocked out mike. bro. i dont care. bro. check it good. in all mike fight, he punch the most. so many punches they all get. king mike!!!🤴🏾

  • Kỳ phùng địch thủ! Một trận đấu quá đẳng cấp.

    I amI am6 napja
  • Tyson lost quickly but Tyson's good shot

    Ali AjaAli Aja6 napja
  • Cuando escucho hombre fuerte se me viene a la cabeza holdfied porq una vez ví un póster dónde Tyson le pegaba en la panza y parecía q no le dolio

    pp6 napja
  • First time i ever saw mike got beat

    Roronoa zoroRoronoa zoro6 napja
  • so glad i lived through this time...not many if any as good as this now adays

    rick66649rick666497 napja
  • biz turklerdede horoz dövüştürler ben bunada karşıyım ama insanlar insan denen mahluklar eğlenirler kedi adlarına.

    turgut kabasakalturgut kabasakal7 napja
  • sizler eğlencesiniz onlara.

    turgut kabasakalturgut kabasakal7 napja
  • kapitalist düzen pra onlarda dövüşen sizler yıkılsın dünya.

    turgut kabasakalturgut kabasakal7 napja
  • My legend

    Petani Siang Dhonny TaonaPetani Siang Dhonny Taona7 napja
  • Evander 'headbutt' Holyfield

    AcadamiaDeluxe ZAcadamiaDeluxe Z7 napja
  • 👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    Акм АксуАкм Аксу7 napja
  • Bu VCR d Bu lagu tembang kenangann daritetikadi

    abizardnabil mutaqiabizardnabil mutaqi7 napja
  • Качественное месиво

    Саня МихалычСаня Михалыч7 napja
  • They are boxing-beasts! Wouldn't want to get hit by any of them, dayum.

    Reindert D.Reindert D.7 napja
  • Тайсон кращий

    Віктор ГрабовськийВіктор Грабовський7 napja
  • Holyfield hugs him because he's afraid of any rocket punch! And Tyson get bored and then he's angry and then he can't control himself and then he gets some hard punches and then the champion is Holyfield!

    Football S SEBOFootball S SEBO7 napja
  • 00:45 Tớ vẫn rất thích cậu, như sin2αCos2α, trước sau như 1 ☀

    Diệu Anh 400K Vào Timbanvn xyzDiệu Anh 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz7 napja
  • I respect Holyfield but objectively I see him use his head a lot

    Bladadow SweatBladadow Sweat7 napja

    راجل على أمكراجل على أمك8 napja
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  • As a mike tyson fan it hurts to see that again! Respect to hollyfield thow!

    Fidan ImeriFidan Imeri8 napja
  • Not inposimble evender best boxer

    Stevan gixer LukicStevan gixer Lukic8 napja
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    Nicole AliceNicole Alice8 napja
  • Tyson was damn good but holyfield was just a whole different type of beast

    Canon TheoryCanon Theory8 napja
  • I like these Guys Salute To Both One of the Best Fights Ever

    Can'tGetRight LifeCan'tGetRight Life8 napja
  • God bless holyfield

    bibdi-babdi-boobibdi-babdi-boo9 napja
  • Mike never couldn't win to Evander sorry... 🙂

    Dadas AlperenDadas Alperen9 napja
  • Holifireld

    Abraar YakoobAbraar Yakoob9 napja
  • Holyfield won this match with his headbutt skills.

    Abid HussainAbid Hussain9 napja
  • Вот это настоящий бокс. Бились как звери, не то что нынешние супер тяжи, боятся зарубиться. Тайсон - машина!! После таких колотух устоял, класс!! Лучший бой в истории супертяжей!!

    Винт КарелВинт Карел9 napja
  • Jahaha verry good

    Naldo PanganibanNaldo Panganiban9 napja
  • Holyfield não luta, só agarra, o Mike mordeu a orelha dele para ele lutar, e parar de agarrar

    Boris o Animal kf6Boris o Animal kf69 napja
  • when vieira meet roy keane

    baddasman in the worldbaddasman in the world10 napja
  • Dos gigantes

    Juan PeresJuan Peres10 napja
  • HBU

    Putri TumbelakaPutri Tumbelaka10 napja
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    Adelson Moreira InstrumentalAdelson Moreira Instrumental10 napja