2020.dec. 1.
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Since the demand for the PlayStation 5 has been so high scammers have taken it upon themselves to try and trick people into giving them money on sites like Ebay...
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  • You should of made a second account to bid against the first account and win so you won’t have to pay a pound

    Ricardo DelossantosRicardo DelossantosÓrája
  • This man earned a sub lol

  • They're upselling so yes they're scanning. This is not a car where it may appreciate in value a couple years down the line.

    Know No Good SilvaKnow No Good Silva2 napja

    Spike - Brawl StarsSpike - Brawl Stars3 napja
  • i love this guy’s accent

    JustAlphaJustAlpha3 napja
  • Jkjk, I think all of ur videos are hilarious 🤣😂

    Barnaby BrayBarnaby Bray3 napja
  • As an American, the subtitles in the beginning were very helpful.

    HelljumperHelljumper6 napja
  • 1.2 mil and my kidney that’s a cracking bargain

    PlayingMinecraftPlayingMinecraft6 napja
  • nice 14:11

    Riley SimonsenRiley Simonsen6 napja
  • R.I.P Simon Miniminter For Getting Scammed

    Yasin JamalYasin Jamal7 napja
  • Got mine

    Free LoaderFree Loader7 napja
  • Y eo tt saa le da do t gig bdada eiii ly sket vd

    Tina PerisichTina Perisich8 napja
  • I didn’t sub in 5 seconds because I’m already subscribed... pls don’t clobber me big man George Memeulous

    DL’s Bizarre adventureDL’s Bizarre adventure8 napja
  • Here is a “nice comment”

    Joseph TaylorJoseph Taylor8 napja
  • Every one how did not hit the subscribe button suddenly hears a knock on there doors

    Adam BrownlieAdam Brownlie8 napja
  • Man, why is no one monitoring whats being sold?

    New MemerNew Memer8 napja
  • I sub

    Dprofessr The kingDprofessr The king9 napja
  • they don't bring supply to the market. They TAKE the supply to sell them. 0:27?

    ZeveaiZeveai9 napja
  • They deserve buying a photo of the ps5 for not reading the description ha ha ha that one is hilarious

    Pl3ys NontindePl3ys Nontinde9 napja
  • So George makes videos with his friend James and Joe edits it. hmmm

    Abdul Wahab van ReenenAbdul Wahab van Reenen9 napja
  • Plot twist im in a hotel

    SpringtrapSpringtrap10 napja
  • Hey all I want to say is that anybody seeing this comment I hope you have an amazing day love you 😘

    Da boys Kam and DrakeDa boys Kam and Drake10 napja
  • 7:21 ... The whole he spelled come

    Matthew Moore2020Matthew Moore202011 napja
  • Im everywhere(:

    KrysKrys11 napja
  • Drown

    Lilwilly Vert96Lilwilly Vert9611 napja

    Jacob SmithJacob Smith12 napja
  • U can just paint your ps5

    ColcanutColcanut13 napja

    NJZS GangNJZS Gang13 napja
  • If u dont have a card it uses the card atthached to ur email

    inferno squad fortnite claninferno squad fortnite clan14 napja
  • i want a PS2

    alio 123alio 12314 napja
  • I just love these guys already

    Rolley AppiahRolley Appiah15 napja
  • I subscribed in the 5 seconds

    Sun2751Sun275115 napja
  • Buy from cex and get 600 dollars insted

    Assi BoiAssi Boi15 napja
  • His laugh is kinda fake

    ViperGamezViperGamez15 napja
  • Pogchamp

    DylanDylan15 napja
  • Pogcjamp

    DylanDylan15 napja
  • I hit the subscribe button twice

  • Bruhhh the first person that was selling a photo of the ps5 are scamming the scalpers, bruh moment

    Foxygamer 360Foxygamer 36016 napja
  • Lol this vid is funny

    YoungsterYoungster16 napja
  • 😏😏

    Mohammed IslamMohammed Islam16 napja
  • The dinosaur nugget always have my jumping out my chair and rolling on the floor crying lmao

    Richard PowellRichard Powell16 napja
  • Only how much is the buy ps4 saved call me when you're again funny I just now but because of her I wrong shopee noob

    Rogelio Jr Villa-abrilleRogelio Jr Villa-abrille16 napja
  • LOL when he was counting down for people to sub or he will come to peoples houses just skip back before he gets to five.

    Salty GamingSalty Gaming17 napja
  • Love how he spelled playstation

    agn_gamingagn_gaming17 napja
  • Dino nuggies... mmmmmm

    Pip ThePupPip ThePup17 napja
  • why does james call him (will and then george is it WillNe

    Ruben KRuben K17 napja
  • We’re working on it.

    PlayStation USPlayStation US17 napja
  • Old woman down my street bort 3off them and couple off days later she had a brand new caravan in the garden .

    ShaneShane17 napja
  • im not subscribed george, i will await your arival, i will get the kettle on, cos the only thing you could knock out is a w**k at best

    Chris WhellerChris Wheller18 napja
  • I subbed in the last second

    NotHydroBlizzardNotHydroBlizzard18 napja
  • I was already subbed to ur channel, you told me to press the subscribed button in 5 seconds. congratulations, you lost a subscriber.

    AquamarinesAquamarines18 napja
  • with 1400 pounds you could buy a fairly decent pc setup.

    Liam 9001Liam 900119 napja
  • I got a fake PS5 give away ad on this vid

    PTFS ButteringPTFS Buttering19 napja
  • I am in year4 :(

    Freddie EmeryFreddie Emery19 napja
  • I love how he spells karat wrong xD

    fireb gamingfireb gaming19 napja
  • i hit subscribe button is 6 seconds 😳

    manifymanify19 napja
  • Who else spends hours on their videos and gets 40 views imagine everyone who liked this comment subbed lol that would be crazy

    The DolphinThe Dolphin19 napja
  • isn’t it good that you don’t subscribe because you will meet him and if you sub you don’t meet him

    StenchStench19 napja
    • no point blurring the sellers names if he shows at 5:10

      Gold AnxnymousGold Anxnymous19 napja
  • The picture in the message blew the whole thing

    GunslingaGunslinga20 napja
  • I've seen scams and this person on ebay doing bid and people fell for it and picture said no ps5 it's just chocolates and i bet it's rotten and it's sold and people fell for it

    Mrsuperking Youtube631Mrsuperking Youtube63120 napja
    • I saw that on ebay and i was like what a LASY PILE OF SHIT BECAUSE THEY WERE SCAMMING

      Mrsuperking Youtube631Mrsuperking Youtube63120 napja
    • I saw one saying im broke please bid so i can afford a ps5

      Mrsuperking Youtube631Mrsuperking Youtube63120 napja
    • And i saw one similar to one saying

      Mrsuperking Youtube631Mrsuperking Youtube63120 napja
  • Why don’t you go on CEX? You’ll still get a PS5, and it’s reliable

    Bakari LeonBakari Leon20 napja
  • 7:35 why you in incognito you doing something special???

    Noah SeersNoah Seers21 napja
  • Nice Comment

    SoSo DexSoSo Dex21 napja
  • im not subscribed noise memeulous comes out of the door me: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH memeulouse grabs me and says sleep my child

    Aseronni PlayzAseronni Playz21 napja
  • good i dont have a house

    Willibom7's channelWillibom7's channel21 napja
  • 3:42 a year 4 still draws better then me *plays sad music*

    SpiixSpiix21 napja
  • It's incredible how much morons there are in the world

    Mister ChifMister Chif22 napja
  • 7:29 *cum*

    Pokémon P.O.P / yeetmyheadoff YTPokémon P.O.P / yeetmyheadoff YT22 napja
    • Dirty minded

      Serum PeachSerum Peach20 napja
  • Hi and have a nice day

  • i hope ur not mad, but i subscribed in 6 seconds not 5

    Dylan GirodDylan Girod22 napja
  • Bababoi

    Elias SadikElias Sadik22 napja
  • Hi I can not get the PS5. How can I get it?

    BlueCubs44BlueCubs4423 napja
  • I would give my kidney away 0:09

    It’s your boi CLOYMONTIt’s your boi CLOYMONT23 napja
  • H

    Pirates DaddyPirates Daddy23 napja
  • the spelling of Carat

    King of the UnwantedKing of the Unwanted24 napja
  • haha lmao

    isaac heinerisaac heiner24 napja
  • i got an ad for and AD blocker

    mistplay godmistplay god24 napja
  • My nice comment - Nice

    Fugitivo CODMFugitivo CODM24 napja
  • Dumbells-

    Nicolas DuranNicolas Duran24 napja
  • do it again but this time rick roll them

    xxTDKxxxxTDKxx24 napja
  • Bruhhhhh it says this was posted in December 1 and the PS5 wasn't out yet then so?

    KillerThor12KillerThor1224 napja
  • Ummm the people selling ps5 pics are doing it so that the bots end up buying therefore costing the scalpers a good amount of money lol

    FaZe UnknownFaZe Unknown24 napja
  • i subbed

    Alonzo PowellAlonzo Powell25 napja
  • How do you have have 4M subs and you don’t take out the swears nice one mate shut up and do ya job mate 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    adamtheyeadamtheye25 napja
  • Nice comment

    Caboose Gaming tf2Caboose Gaming tf225 napja
  • If I was planning to get the PS5, I should avoid eBay because of the scalpers with the ridiculous price!

    Austin RowlisonAustin Rowlison25 napja
  • What makes the first one worth is the spiderman

    Alexander BoxerAlexander Boxer25 napja
  • no exiting : -

    xiaoweredxiaowered25 napja
  • 9:08 me: your new morgz (this comment is a joke.)

    MiraxulousYT - Roblox and more!MiraxulousYT - Roblox and more!25 napja
  • LAST I WATCHED A VIDEO ABOUT U REcting to 5 second subs now ur doing it

    Szymon KrupaSzymon Krupa25 napja
  • They should have used my meme page on Insta "_discover_memes_"

    CJ BishopCJ Bishop25 napja
  • with one second left :)

    gilly 260gilly 26025 napja
  • Can I have a PS5 Please

  • I flipping watched this video before I I didn’t even know you existed at the time like I think i suddenly had a disability that day

    The TwinsThe Twins26 napja
  • Look on Amazon i saw a couple there for about 800 dollars

    rocketplayer301rocketplayer30127 napja
  • I haven't subscribed ive been checking under my bed every night for the past 2 months george please visit me

    Boom BoomBoom Boom27 napja
  • 🤣

    Saif.zadjalySaif.zadjaly27 napja
  • #WengerOut

    KygoDragon4KygoDragon427 napja
  • idk why he seems to look like leeyum ...

    Mohammed AmeenMohammed Ameen27 napja
  • memeulous why are u not at my house yet...

    GW_SenGpakPlayzGW_SenGpakPlayz28 napja