Meet Umbra and Ayla! 🌓✨

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Jorvegian legend claims...
...that a brooding magical horse used to skulk around the far side of the moon until, one day, the fires of Garnok’s Fury caught its curiosity. The mythical horse fell from the moon into the bubbling volcano, setting its mane ablaze. It is said the Umbra that wander Jorvik are descendants of this mythical creature and that to this day they gaze longingly at the moon they can never return to.
...that a radiant magical horse used to circle the ring of light around the moon, watching over the people of Jorvik, until one day the being alit to Earth to save their dear friend who had fallen into the fires of Garnok’s Fury. It is said that the Ayla that wander Jorvik are descendants from this mythical creature, still seeking to find their lost friend.
These beauties will arrive to Jorvik on March 25th 2020! ❤️

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